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					Computer Forensic Investigation Service: Leave it to the Experts

Technology has greatly influenced the way we work. All established
companies have their own IT departments to keep systems and networks
secure. Computers have become an important part of our lives and have
been used for a variety of purposes. Unfortunately this does not stop
criminals and offenders.

Cyber crimes are now becoming more and more common. Millions of dollars
are lost due to sabotage, fraud and employee theft. Fortunately there are
computer forensic investigation organizations that offer consulting

As an entrepreneur we all want to reduce cost as much as possible. Some
of may even send our own IT professionals to do some digging for us to
investigate. Unfortunately even though these professionals mean well and
they are well informed about your company's system they will compromise
the whole situation without intending to do so.

Leave it to the experts

Any employee can turn into an offender and before you know someone has
hacked into your company's network. In this situations, and other wherein
the company's security have been breached most of us would usually send
in their own people. Unfortunately in computer crimes this is not a good

In fact these well meaning employees that are there to do their job may
unintentionally make matters worse. Computer forensic experts do their
job in a way that complies with the standards of evidence so that it will
be admissible in the court of law.

If the electronic evidence is tampered in anyway it will be inadmissible
in court. Your IT professional may know what to do but they do not have
the legal qualifications for this job. It is always advisable to hire
professional help from the outside. If a computer forensic analyst is not
able to address the situation at the start of the problem the operating
system will randomly overwrite the data on the hard drive. The longer
that the involved computer system is used there's more possibility that
the evidence will be lost.

In this situation no matter how much we want to do it ourselves, we have
to hire professionals. Computer forensics analysts don't just collect
data but they also thoroughly examine and analyze the information

They can also obtain relevant evidence from an opposing party which works
the same way as requesting for production of documents and determine if
the computer was used for a criminal act or violation of policy. They can
also retrieve deleted data from an operating system and preserve it.

The internal cost, time and pulling out employees from their jobs will
also affect the outcome of the situation. Paying for a computer forensic
expert will be considerably less compared to time and money you will
spend in making your own investigation. The price of a computer forensic
expert can cost from $250 to $350 per hour.

Their work involves three phases: acquisition, investigation and
reporting. Acquisition costs about $500. Investigation and reporting will
depend upon the nature of the case. Usually it can be completed in 15
hours. The total analysis will cost around $4,500. Business will not be
interrupted while the investigation is going on.

There are computer forensic companies that offer a quick analysis. They
will examine a hard drive and send you the report. You can then examine
if there is substantial evidence that warrants further examination.

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