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Real Estate Investing- How to Create Killer Headlines to Attract Private Money


									When marketing to find Private Lenders you need to apply the same formulas and
techniques to your marketing to attract attention and get potential lenders to want to
know more about you and your program. Let's go through headlines in terms of what
they're trying to do and how to apply a few simple formulas to create attention
grabbing headlines.


One of them is a classic formula called the AIDA formula, which is Attention, Interest,
Desire, and Action.

Attention is a key word. Free is obviously going to get attention. 100% will get
attention. Sex will get attention. Guaranteed will get attention. Cash will get attention.
All these words are really designed to grab somebody's attention.

After you have their attention you must keep their interest. They must be interested in
your product or services before they will ever buy. You generally keep interest in the
body of your advertsment by telling a story or laying out your private lending

Next is Action. They must take a desire to action. You must move them from interest
to desire. You must move them along that scale to where at the end they're going to
take action. That's what you want them to do.

The action may be simply emailing you back. They may be saying, "Hey, I'm
interested." You need them to take some action but that action does not have to be
buying and can be to join your mailing list or attend a seminar.

Problem - Agitate - Solve

This is where you would highlight a problem. That's not very hard today with what's
going on in the financial markets. You'd say, "Are you tired of losing 30-50% in your
stock portfolio?" You would agitate that.

You might make some further comments about it. "The financial crisis is continuing
to devastate people's portfolios." Now you've agitated that problem a little bit. Then
you solve the problem.

"If you're interested in a higher returning investment in the 9-12% range, please attend
our free seminar."

Do you see what I did there? There's a problem - losing 40% on your stock portfolio.
You've agitated it - the world's coming to an end, do you hear all the press releases,
etc. Solve - "Come to our free seminar and learn how to get 9-12% on your

So problem, agitate, solve. That is a classic formula. It works extremely well. Any
time you can incorporate that into your marketing pieces absolutely do that.

Before and After

Kind of similar is the before and after. You can talk about before the financial crisis
maybe what you should have done and didn't do it. Then you can talk about after the
financial crisis and what they should do is attend your free seminar, coffee, or free
report or whatever.

It would be, "Before what you were doing was fine. Now it's after and what worked
then doesn't work today so you need to attend my seminar." Again, you can see what's
happening here, we're kind of going through this.


You can work on testimonials. You can have other private lenders who have been
successful with you. Providing testimonials you can even to a certain extent make that
one of your headlines if that person said something particularly compelling. If it looks
like it would be a nice headlines and you can put in quotes - "As said by so-and-so, a
private investor of mine," testimonials work.

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