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Collectible Dolls

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									Make Money Buying and Selling Collectible Antique Dolls

There are a lot of people interested in collectible antique dolls. Aside
from the ones that are still being produced, the ones that really go for
a lot of money are the limited edition collections and some of the first
which are no longer being sold.

If you are business minded, you can make money by buying them from
someone and then selling it to interested buyers. To help you along, here
are a few things to help you out.

First, you have to ask yourself whether you are selling what you have
meaning your own collection or starting from scratch which means you will
outsource for these goods in order to make a profit. The first one is
easy but if you run out, then you have to go to option 2 which is to
acquire these from a distributor or wholesaler.

The nice thing about dealing with a distributor or wholesaler is that
they will sell these to you at a low price and sometimes give a discount
but only you have in large quantities.

Another option is for you to attend trade shows or estate auctions that
although will cost a little more, has a sure chance of fetching a higher
price from an interested buyer.

So how do you sell it? Well, since we are living in the digital age, why
not use the Internet. You can create your own website to sell these
products but if you don’t know how, this can still be sold by uploading
it into an auction site.

A good example is eBay because it is one of the more popular ones around.
But when you do sell your collectible antique doll, make sure you have
some photos so people will be able to see. It is best to take a few shots
from various angles since they are unable to hold like you could when you
are in a store.

You should also provide a description of the collectible antique doll you
are selling. A brief history of the item, what materials were used, when
and where it was made. You should also mention the doll’s condition so
they know if this is brand new or pre owned.

For those who will order, make sure you select the payment option. A lot
of auction sites use Paypal aside from the credit card. You don’t have to
worry about shipping policies because this is already controlled by the
web provider but again if this is your own, you better be sure that the
item they selected will be delivered in good condition and on time.

The biggest challenge of having your own website selling collectible
antique dolls or any other product for that matter is after sales
service. What if the customer is not happy with what was delivered? If
you want these people to purchase from you again, you have to be true to
your word. This can be achieved by responding to any queries they may
have or offering a money back guarantee if they are not satisfied.
If you are able to make this work out, you can make a lot of money buying
and selling collectible antique dolls. The question you have to ask
yourself is whether you have what it takes to run a successful online

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