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					    Opening Sales Call
     for solution sales

      Prepared by:
  Biswa Prakash Nayak,
    Twitter: razabpn
    Why opening sales call is important?
     Psychology says, it takes less than 8 seconds for a person to make a
        judgment on another person. i.e. yes or no. After that it’s a ‘reverse-
        adherence’. Which means, after the initial judgment, people find reasons to
        supplement that already made decision.
     So when you a meet a customer first time, within 8 seconds flat, he has made
        a decision to either accept you or reject you. After that, its just a matter of
        supplementing the decision.
     Psychology also says that, it takes another 45 seconds for a person to make
        that justification.
     So we have about 50-55 seconds to MAKE the person accept us or like us or
        say yes to us.

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2                                                           1/25/2011
    What must we do for that 8 seconds:
     Dress well
     Neatly groomed
     Walk in to the room smartly
     Greet firmly with a smile

     Have a positive posture/positive body language

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3                                  1/25/2011
    What we must do for that 45 seconds:

                      Introduce your company

                      Outline your objective

                      Ask Open Neutral Questions

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4                              1/25/2011
    Introduce your company

        I’m < your name > from <XYZ Co>– <XYZ Division> part of <XYZ ltd>,
         <world’s/Asia’s/country’s>    largest    <Training/Education/whatever>
         Company. Spanning < n years and m countries> with Headquarters at <xyz>
         branches in <xyz> Serving <n> customers as on date.

        What we do is provide <end-users> with powerful <benefit of solution>,
         built in collaboration with the <industry leaders/benchmarks>, to help
         <another end-users>experience a <another benefit of solution>. This will
         help the <another end-user>to perform well <benefit> and thus meet <stake
         holder’s expectation> and also enhance the standing of the<customer

        The purpose of this meeting is to explore areas where we can be value to you
         and your <company>. To understand a little more about your <company>
         and requirements, may I ask for a few details please.

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5                                                       1/25/2011
    Open Neutral Questions

          What infrastructure do you currently have for….

          What are your plans towards enhancing…

          What are <end-users>’ expectation from the…

          What are the norms that you need to comply with…

          What pointers do you see to enhance your <customers> performance ….

          What aids are the <users>expecting from the company…

          Ask as many open what, how questions and listen carefully.

          Probe by asking how/why when needed

          Note down if required

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6                                                   1/25/2011
    Some Important Questions to Ask Towards The End Of The ‘Conversation’

                  What is your estimated spend in enhancing <Solution specific area>?

                  Apart from you, [pause] who else will be in the decision making

                  What is the time frame?

                  Apart from this, is there anything else I need to know?

                  Remember to gather BANT (Budget, Authority/decision makers,
                  Need/Requirement, Time/closure possibility) details

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7                                                         1/25/2011
    Thank you

     Biswa Prakash Nayak
     Tweet me @ razabpn

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8                     1/25/2011

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