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              Your PAst!

Interactive School Programs
                                  SchOOL PROGRAMS

                             HERITAGE PARK HISTORICAL VILLAGE
                             We are very pleased to offer teachers and educators some of the most innovative
                             and memorable field trip experiences available in Southern Alberta. Our variety of
                             curriculum based school programs give you choices and options for Kindergarten
                             to Grade Six and beyond!

                             Whether you are looking for role playing experiences or discovery opportunities, we
                             deliver in style and in time. You and your students will step back to a different way
                             of life and a unique day away from the classroom. These adventures in education
                             have been popular with students, teachers, and parents for over twenty years due to
                             their highly interactive activities and their capacity to inspire curiosity and wonder.

                             Our school programming takes you right into our heritage homes and buildings to
                             introduce you to the captivating and intriguing lives of Western Canada’s pioneers.
                             Explore, discover, and learn how people lived off the land, and how families grew
                             and prospered. Understand how humble and hearty settlers created the city and
                             province where we live, and the way of life that has brought us admiration the
                             world over.

                                           LET US TAKE YOUR CLASS BACK
                                           TO HOw THE wEST wAS ONCE!

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                                                LIVING hISTORY

               weekdays September 13 – December 10, 2010 & January 17 – April 29, 2011
               If you are wondering how our love affair with the automobile started, you need only to visit the Gasoline Alley
               Museum for a moment to know why. Featuring vintage cars, trucks, gas pumps and auto memorabilia, your
               class will find more than history to discover. This world class collection displays the culture and the evolution of
               the horseless carriage - from its early days as playthings for the rich, to the workhorse and cheap transport of the
               masses. Program modules allow you to explore the museum’s collection from a variety of curricula perspectives,
               and to suit the needs and interests of your class. Costumed interpreters are on hand to assist your students with
               their questions, curiosity, and to provide activities and challenges to guide their enquiry.
                                                                         Class size: Maximum 32 students. Cost: $125.00 per class

               LIVING HISTORY
               May 24 – September 4, 2011
               Once the Historical Village opens to the public in May, our regular school programming ends for the season.
               You can still enjoy the Park with a self guided tour through our historic sites and meet our costumed staff who
               will bring the past to life through interpretation and demonstrations. Inquire about our Scavenger Hunt that
               will help to direct your discovery of the Park’s fascinating exhibits.
                                                                     Cost: $8.25 + GST (includes entrance to the Historical Village,
                                                                               Gasoline Alley Museum and a stamp to ride the train)
                            No charge for accompanying Adult Supervisors up to required ratios, additional Adults $8.25 + GST each.

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                                SPEcIALTY PROGRAMS

        wETLANDS AND THE wEST -                                     GRADE 5 SCIENCE
        Available Tuesdays through Thursdays, September 7 – October 7, 2010 & May 17 – June 9, 2011
        9:30am – 2:00pm

        The newly developed Bissett Wetlands at Heritage Park offers the chance to discover the history and significance of
        wetlands and their role in the settlement of the West. In this science exploration program, your class will have the chance
        to observe and identify plants and animals that thrive in this unique habitat. With hands-on activities like sketching,
        pond sampling, examination and observation, students will see the signs of health and wealth in these ecosystems and
        discover how nature deals with sediment, pollutants and improves the quality of water before it reaches our rivers.
        The investigation continues in the Newalta Learning Lab, with close up examination of the samples collected in the field.
        From there, students will illustrate their understanding of adaptations by creating their own organisms in the creative
        “build a bug” activity. At the end of the day, students will leave with a new found respect for living creatures and an
        appreciation of the importance of our precious water resources.
                   Class size: This program can accommodate two classes of 30 at the same time. Cost: $175.00 per class (full day).

        PLAINS, TRAINS & IMMIGRANTS -                                         GRADE 7 SOCIAL STUDIES
        Available on select dates May 24 – June 17, 2011

        Plains, Trains & Immigrants is an innovative, curriculum based program that puts your students into the boots of
        newly arrived immigrants facing the challenges and obstacles of settling on the lone prairie in 1910. Using an interactive
        game book, students will assume one of several possible identities of a newly arrived settler, and tour the Park collecting
        points that correspond to their health, wealth and survival. They will discover how luck, opportunity, hard work, relative
        prosperity, ethnicity and racism combined to create the immigrant’s experience, and further understand the changing
        perspectives that have occurred in Western Canada’s political, social, and economic landscape. Whether packing their
        prized possessions or tackling routine chores, your class will face a series of critical thinking, decision making, and
        problem solving challenges that will test their initiative and develop their leadership skills. Costumed interpreters
        participate at selected sites to add to the historical reality and context of this program. Contact the Education
        Coordinator at 403 268-8583 to get more details on this limited offering.
                                 Class size: This program can accommodate up to 120 students. Cost: $11.00 per student (full day).

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                                                                                                                 October 2010 – April 2011

                                   VILLAGE PROGRAMS
       SCHOOLHOUSE CHRISTMAS -                                      KINDERGARTEN & GRADE 1
       November 22 – December 10, 2010

       In the popular Schoolhouse Christmas program, your class will be guided through a program of wholesome fun and seasonal
       charm by one of our experienced Educational Interpreters. The winter season brings out excitement and imagination in
       children of all ages. Put away the textbooks and test papers – it’s time to put on an old-time, rural school concert. Students
       will be thrilled to create their own decorations and hang them from our prairie Christmas tree. With festive storytelling and
       traditional songs taking centre stage you’ll see why the local schoolhouse was the social center of every community. The
       program is topped off with a horse drawn wagon ride through the village (weather permitting). This program will delight and
       brighten all who attend, regardless of religious or cultural background, highlighting community fellowship at this special
       time of year.
                                                                          Class size: Maximum 30 students. Cost: $125.00 per class.

       A PATCHwORK OF THE PAST -                                      GRADE 1
       October 18 – November 19, 2010 & February 7 – April 21, 2011

       A Patchwork of the Past will give your students insight and understanding of how families lived back in the early days of Calgary.
       From one of the wealthiest and most prominent, to one of the most humble and hardest working families, your class will see
       how two different households lived, worked, and played. Your class will participate in artifact handling, role playing, and ‘quilt
       journaling’ as you discover the fun and fascinating people who lived in these two beautiful heritage homes. Through exploration
       and comparison of home, traditions, and family roles and responsibilities, students will gain an understanding and appreciation of
       how social and cultural relationships have changed over time, influencing how their family and community are today.
                                                                          Class size: Maximum 32 students. Cost: $125.00 per class.

       SETTLING OUR PRAIRIE FRONTIER -                                            GRADE 2 SOCIAL STUDIES
       OCTOBER 18 – OCTOBER 29, 2010 & APRIL 7 – APRIL 21, 2011
       Discover what the western frontier was like before there were roads, grocery stores, and even trees! Settling Our Prairie
       Frontier is a great way to introduce your students to the epic story of Canada and the individuals and groups who wrote it. A
       visit to the Hudson’s Bay Fur Trading Fort will acquaint your class to trappers, traders, and voyageurs. They will learn how the
       beaver pelt brought Europeans and Aboriginals together, and how both communities benefitted from trade and friendship,
       while our Educational Interpreter prepares a fresh batch of bannock for everyone to share. Explore legendary Sam and Jane
       Livingston’s original home to see how Calgary’s first pioneers lived. Stay for a story, make a rag doll, play with wooden toys, or
       dress up in old fashioned clothes. Your class will delight in the chores and pleasures of frontier life.
                                                                          Class size: Maximum 32 students. Cost: $125.00 per class.
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              BUILDING CONNECTIONS TO OUR PAST -                                               GRADE 3 MATH & SCIENCE
                                                                                               GRADE 4 SOCIAL STUDIES
              October 18 – November 19, 2010 & February 7 – April 21, 2011

              Building Connections to Our Past is a fun, hands-on, interactive program for your students to literally put
              things together. Beginning with a tour of the 1910 Village, students will discover how the first settlers built
              their homes and how they embraced new materials, new tools, and new methods of construction to create the
              places where we now live, work, study, and play. Your class will draw, communicate concepts, and cooperatively
              construct model log cabins to further understand how people turn abstract ideas into useful things. They
              will delight in using old fashioned tools to make a wooden toy to take home. Your class will further explore
              the design and building process through storytelling and by participating in a quilting bee. Using simple
              shapes, geometric patterns, and mathematics, they will identify patterns to create complex designs to create a
              personalized quilt block for your own classroom community quilt.

                                                                   Class size: Maximum 30 students. Cost: $125.00 per class.

              ACROSS THE SEA OF GRASS -                                   GRADE 4 & 5 SOCIAL STUDIES
              October 18 – November 19, 2010 & February 7 – April 21, 2011

              As the colonist trains came west, immigrants were greeted by endless stretches of grass waving in the wind, and
              dubbed the prairies the “Sea of Grass”. In this hands-on introduction to immigration and settlement, your
              class will hear the stories of the people who built the railroad and of the diverse people who rode it to settle
              a land of great resources and extreme geography. You will tour our collection of rare and significant rail cars,
              visit a “soddie”, and explore a ranch house plucked from the 1890s. From observation, comparison and artifact
              handling, students will learn how and why agriculture ruled the day, how kids their age used to live, and the
              many ways our province has grown and changed over the last 100 years. They will also have a chance to taste the
              farming life by learning how to churn butter and sampling the results of their efforts.

                                      Class size: This program can accommodate two classes of 30 students at the same time.
                                                                                                        Cost: $125.00 per class.

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              PIONEER POLITICS -                        GRADE 6 SOCIAL STUDIES
              October 18 – November 19, 2010 & February 7 – April 21, 2011

              Fire, garbage, clean water…these aren’t issues from Calgary’s last municipal election, but our first civic election
              in 1884! Centred in our reconstruction of Calgary’s first town hall, your class will learn that these issues were no
              less important to a town of 500 citizens than they are to a city of a million. In Pioneer Politics, your students will
              contrast and compare to see how a small frontier town council has grown and changed to tackle modern, big
              city problems. Through interactive role playing the first civic election, students will define and debate the issues,
              discern fact from opinion, and gain an understanding of both municipal responsibilities and limitations. Your
              class will further participate in the democratic process by creating their own by-law, and see how compromise
              and consensus are needed to solve our common problems.

                                                                     Class size: Maximum 30 students. Cost: $125.00 per class.

              ONE ROOM SCHOOL HOUSE -                                    KINDERGARTEN – GRADE 6 ALL SUBJECTS
              October 18 – November 19, 2010 & February 7 – April 21, 2011

              Let the sights and smells of the Weedon School House carry your students back in time as you assume the role
              of a pioneer teacher. One Room School House offers teachers and students a chance to dress for the part and
              role play a school day from a century ago. Bring a stick pony and ride to the Pony Barn, just like the farm kids
              did 100 years ago. The wood burning stove adds warmth and atmosphere to your pioneer school experience. You
              can design your day around the “three R’s”, have your students use chalk and slates to show their work, and cap
              it off with a spelling bee. Or if you prefer - just bring in your regular class work to deliver in this unique and
              inspiring environment. Our free Teacher In-Service will help you prepare for your day.

                                                                                                Class size: Maximum 30 students.
                                                Half day program: 9:30am to 11:30am, or 12:00pm to 2:00pm. Cost: $65.00.
                                                                           Full day program: 9:30am to 2:00pm. Cost: $125.00.

                                                       PROGRAM TIMES
                                         Monday – Friday 9:30am – 11:30am & 12:00pm – 2:00pm

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                             GASOLINE ALLEY MUSEUM

               TEDDY BEAR’S PICNIC -                           PRE-SCHOOL – KINDERGARTEN
               September 13 – December 10, 2010 & January 17 – April 21, 2011
               In this new, fun-filled, activity based program, your class will sing, draw, make crafts and share stories as you
               go on a delightful picnic adventure. Your students will learn about the history of the Teddy Bear, compare and
               contrast what to pack for a healthy picnic lunch, and learn why sharing is fun. And no ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’
               would be complete without a story and some songs. The children will also make teddy bear cut out dolls to
               take home or on a picnic of their own.
                                                                               Class size: Maximum 25 students. Cost: $125.00.

               AUTO MOTION -                   GRADE 4 SCIENCE
               September 13 – December 10, 2010 & January 17 – April 21, 2011
               Come to the Gasoline Alley Museum for a new Grade 4 science program featuring vehicles that move! In Auto
               Motion, your students will work in small groups to design, build, and race their own rubber-band vehicles.
               Students will have the opportunity to see how different materials, construction methods, and ideas come
               together with a variety of results. Observations of vehicle performance will enable them to propose inferences,
               generalizations, and predictions. They will see how physics and physical factors affect the design and function of
               vehicles, gaining insight of how engineers in the real world must trade off one quality against another.
                                                                               Class size: Maximum 30 students. Cost: $125.00.

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                         IMPORTANT INFORMATION
BOOKING INFORMATION                                                           FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
Booking Your Program: Complete the attached form and fax to                   Food Services: Most of Heritage Park’s food outlets operate on a
403 268-8574. Each program requires a separate booking form.                  seasonal basis. It is recommended that students and teachers bring
Registration is based on a first-come, first served basis. If after reading   their own lunch. During the peak operating season several venues
this brochure you still have questions, please contact the Education          are available for lunches and snacks. Please refer to Your Guide to the
Coordinator at 403 268-8583.                                                  Past for more information and hours. To help preserve our historical
                                                                              collections, food and beverages are not permitted in the exhibits.
Confirmation: A confirmation package will be sent to you within
two weeks of receipt of your booking request. If you do not receive           Lost and Found: Found items are turned into the Park’s Security
this confirmation within three weeks of making your booking, call             Office and may be claimed there.
403 268-8583. This confirmation will also act as your invoice. Fees           Pony Barn: When attending the One Room School House, why not
are payable upon arrival to Heritage Park either by school cheque or          ride into town like the farm kids of yesteryear. Bring your own stick
credit card.                                                                  ponies to school and we’ll make sure the barn doors are open and
Bilingual / French Programs: Ask about our programs delivered in              there’s plenty of straw for them too!
French. Please contact the Education Coordinator for details and              Students with Annual Passes: Heritage Park Annual Passes cannot be
scheduling information.                                                       used in conjunction with directed programs as fees are based on a per
Cancellations: Two weeks notice is required for program cancellation.         program rate. Students holding a valid Annual Pass and attending the
Failure to notify Heritage Park of a cancellation at least two weeks in       Living History program are admitted free, providing they present their
advance will result in a $75 per program cancellation fee (inclement          pass upon entry.
weather excluded).                                                            Washrooms: All programs have access to nearby, wheelchair accessible
VISITING HERITAGE PARK                                                        Weather: School programs can take place in most weather situations.

HISTORICAL VILLAGE                                                            If there is excessive cold, snow, or climactic factors that may adversely
                                                                              affect your day, programs may be cancelled, or portions curtailed to
Accessibility & Special Needs: Please inform us of students’ special          ensure the safety and comfort of participants.
needs and we will do all that we can to accommodate them. The

Gasoline Alley Museum is fully accessible, however, not all of the
historic buildings are wheelchair accessible.
Clothing: We recommend that all children and adults attending                    Thank you to our School Program Sponsors. Without the
educational programs come properly dressed for the weather. Expect               support of these corporations and individuals, the delivery
to spend some of your program outdoors.                                          of these special programs to thousands of students each year
                                                                                 would not be feasible.
Educational Interpreters: Experienced Educational Interpreters are
your guides and instructors for all the directed programs. If you
know someone who would make a good addition to our team, please
contact us for details on how they can make history come alive!
Supervision: We require the following ratios for supervision:                         David & Leslie
Kindergarten: 1 adult/5 students                                                         Bissett
Grates 1-3: 1 adult/8 students
Grades 4+: 1 adult/10 students
* For directed programs offered in the Village from October – April,                                                        Dick & Lois
  please note that our exhibits and facilities are not open to the public.                                                   Haskayne
  Parent supervisors are expected to remain with the class.

Transportation: Village Programs (October – April): Buses
are permitted to drop students off in the Village at the program
venue. Please enter the Park via the Security Entrance (next to the
Clock Tower). For all other programs, including those in the
Gasoline Alley Museum, buses will unload in the lane in front of
the Heritage Town Square. Bus Parking is available in Parking
Lot D. If you choose to car pool, the same guidelines apply;
however, parking is also available in Parking Lot A and B.
                                                                                                                Our Partners:
                                         BOOKING FORM
FAx cOMPLETEd FORM(S) TO 403 268-8574
        • Each program requires a separate booking form.
        • Select a first, second and third choice of dates and times.
        • When you receive your confirmation package, the booking process is complete.

School:                                                                                  Grade:

Address:                                                                                 Number of Students:

City:                                                 Postal Code:                       Number of Adults:

Attending Teacher:                                                                       Travelling By: q Bus q Car Pool

Phone:                                                                     Fax:


Secondary Contact Name:                                                                   Phone:

Special Needs:

PROGRAM REQUESTEd One program booking per form, please photocopy form for additional bookings.

Program Name:

date Requested        1st Choice:                                                          Time:

                      2nd Choice:                                                          Time:

                      3rd Choice:                                                          Time:
Would you prefer to have your program delivered in French? (Based on availability)                             q Yes   q No
If booking One-Room School House, have you attended the required Teacher In-Service within the last 3 years?   q Yes   q No
Do you require the use of our Lunch Room?                                                                      q Yes   q No

                                     BOOKING CONFIRMATION (HERITAGE PARK USE ONLY)

Program:                                                                          Program Date:

Start Time:                            End Time:                                  Date Confirmed:


Program Fee: $                                                                    Total Fees for day: $

                                                   1900 Heritage Drive S.W. Calgary, AB T2V 2X3
                       Phone: 403 268-8583 | Fax: 403 268-8574 | Email: schools@heritagepark.ab.ca | www.HeritagePark.ca
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