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					                                                              PURE ADVENTURE
                                                              PO BOX 12439

                                                              Adrian Saffy - 0825665668
                                                              Erika Meeding – 082 646 9551 /
                                                                               (051) 405 8460
                                                              Fax: (051) 405 8136

                                                              9TH JULY 2009

Dear mountain runners / adventurers / free spirits

        Four Peaks Mountain Challenge: 26 September 2009
We have exciting news. The Thule 4Peaks Mountain Challenge in association with Salomon
has had a facelift and is now a weekend festival of fun and adventure for the whole family. We
want this event to become the Woodstock of Adventure activities in the Central region.

Adrian Saffy has joined up with Mike De Haast to form Pure Adventures with the intention of
bringing you the athlete, your family and friends an outdoor experiences that you will cherish for
years to come.

In addition to the 24km Mountain run on the Saturday we have included a family FUN
walk/run so the other halves and kids can have some fun as well as a 35 KM Mountain Bike
Rally for Sunday Morning. These two events will take place simultaneously so that we can be
finished early enough for the journey home.
This event, taking place in the Witteberg mountain range near Ficksburg in the Eastern Free
State, will be presented for the 8th time this year.

The event is presented in collaboration with the management of the Moolmanshoek Guest
Lodge and Private Nature Reserve.
Thanks to the involvement and sponsorship of Thule in association with Salomon we have
secured a deal whereby this event will grow into one of the premier weekend adventure festivals
whereby the hard work of the events will be celebrated with a great vibe and social atmosphere
in the evenings when everyone will share and experience the excitement of your fellow

With prize money to the value of R30 000.00 (THIRTY THOUSAND RAND) up for grabs for
category winners as well as the usual fun prizes that is the tradition of the event and lucky draw
prizes; the event promises to attract the usual faithful as well as the top athletes.

1.    VENUE

The event will take place in the Moolmanshoek Private Nature Reserve, situated near
Visierskerf, the highest peak in the Witteberg mountain range, approximately 30 km to the north-
east of Ficksburg. Moolmanshoek is situated 360 km from Johannesburg, 96 km from
Bethlehem and 230 km from Bloemfontein.

The start of the race will be at 06h00 (serious athletes) and 06h10 (social athletes) on Saturday,
26 September 2009 at the Moolmanshoek Guest Lodge. Participants will have to be at
Moolmanshoek on Friday 25-09-2009 to register between 16h00 and 19h00 with the
compulsory race breifing to be held at 19h30.


The Mountain Run is a challenging unsupported off road run in the nature of British "fell
running". Anyone wanting to challenge the slopes and high ridges of the highest part of the
Witteberg can participate – from berg runners, adventure racers and marathon athletes to
serious hikers and others with strong legs.

The route covers a distance of 24 km, traversing parts of the Witteberg mountain range and
following the high skyline and ridges for most of the distance. It is a circular route, starting at an
altitude of 1720 m above sea level and going up as high as 2312 m above sea level. The total
ascent along the route is more than 1300 meters. The terrain is very rough over sections of the
route. The route is not marked (GPS route download will be available).

From the start, the route takes you to the summit of the First Pyramid (2167 m) and continues
past the Second Pyramid to the beacon at Die Hoek (2227 m). From here it goes to the east
and south east, following the ridges, over Jacobsberg (2258 m), down through The Neck (2030
m) and up towards Visierskerf, traversing below the cliffs of this peak on the eastern slopes.
With the rough slopes of Visierskerf behind you, it follows the ridges again to the summit of
Sikonyelle’s Hat (2312 m) and then it goes all the way down the mountain to the west and
north west, and then back along farm roads to Moolmanshoek.

While the top competitors manage to finish the race in less than 3 ½ hours, the challenge for the
more average people is to do it in less than 9 hours. Each participant completing the distance
in less than this, will get the Four Peaks medal. The first men and the first woman home, will
receive a trophy. Participants must be totally self-sustainable and carry his/her own water/fluids
for the total distance. There is no water along the route. This is part of the challenge.

We have decided to have a staggered start to the 24km Mountain run with serious athletes
wishing to compete for positions in their categories starting 10 minutes before the more social
athletes that just wish to conquer the route (like me). This will reduce the bottle necks at the
technical ascent up to the First Pyramid

There will be 4 checkpoints along the route. They will have basic first aid kit and will be in
contact with the base at the starting point.

The following items will be compulsory for all participants: All-terrain shoes/boots, a
daypack, water fluid container (3 to 4 litre capacity), high energy food for the duration of the
race, a hat and sun block, light rain jacket, whistle, plasters, bandage and a cell phone.

A 1: 50 000 map of the area, indicating the route, will be provided to all participants and must
also be taken along.

The route will be approximately 35 km of Mountain Biking heaven following route cards to find
check points. It will be fun exiting and a challenge to complete.

The route will be unsupported.

The following items will be compulsory for all participants: Mountain Bike and approved
cycling helmet; spares and puncture repair kit and pump; water and energy food for duration of


The route will be approximately 5 km and suitable for children and the not so fit. It will be fun
and guarantees to bring you to closer to nature in a way that you would otherwise not

Wet your appetite for the longer events by taking part in this fun challenge.

The following items will be compulsory for all participants: suitable walking or running
shoes; hat/sun peak; bottle of water or fluid for you and your child.


There are different types of basic accommodation available to participants and their
companions in the Moolmanshoek Private Nature Reserve, which have all been reserved for the
weekend. All of these are at Langesnek, which is about two kilometres from the Guest House
and starting point. There are two group dormitories, one backpacker hut (old farm house), and
a number of double rooms (all without bedding), while you can also pitch your own tent on the
large lawns at Langesnek, using the ablution facilities of the dormitories.

Moolmanshoek has made the accommodation available at special tariffs:
Tent camping: R55 per person per night; Dormitories: R75 per person per night; Backpacker
hut: R90 per person per night; Double rooms (two persons in each) with communal ablution
facilities: R110 per person per night.

Should you prefer luxurious and more private accommodation, the Moolmanshoek Guest Lodge
offer upmarket guest rooms. These are offered at a 25% discount for the weekend and will cost
between R355 and R480 per person per night (sharing).

For all accommodation, please arrange directly with Moolmanshoek: Tel. (051) 933 2220
or e-mail


The Moolmanshoek Guest Lodge is supplying three meals during the weekend to all
participants and their companions. On Friday night, you can enjoy a nice pasta-rich meal during
the registration and briefing session. On Saturday night a delicious sheep spitbraai will be
supplied during the prize-giving event. After completion of the event athletes will be supplied a
"worsbroodjie" and a cool drink. A bar service will be available on both nights. The cost of
these meals are included in the entry fee. For non participants wishing to make use of the
meal offer an additional fee as per the entry form must be paid. The rest of the weekend will be
self catering. Any further info re possible breakfast sponsors will be forwarded to athletes
should this materialize. People staying in the lodge, must arrange for specific additional meals.

Per attachment you will find the ENTRY FORM for the event. The completed form must be e-
mailed/faxed/mailed to reach the organisers not later than 1st September 2009. The entry fee
is R500 per participant. This fee includes: three meals as above; event memorial shirt;
medal . Payment by direct deposit will be preferred. And remember: only 200 entries can be
accepted this will be on a first come first serve basis with full payment securing entry.

We hope to receive your entry form in due time, and please be so kind as to pass this
information on to other people who may also be interested in the event.


Come join us and...
feel the tempo of your breathing within the rhythm of nature…
                                 INDEMNITY AND WAIVER of CLAIMS
                          Moolmanshoek Private Game Reserve
                              district, FREE STATE

Persons who take part in any activities on the farms MOOLMANSHOEK 151, WATERKLOOF 602,
LANGESNEK 153, ADDERSHOEK 705, HERTZOG 857, WONDERKLIP 722, such as hikers, mountain-
bike riders, farm holiday makers, visitors or 4X4 participants, agree to do so completely at their own risk*
where such risks are inherent and relevant to aforementioned activities. (*e.g. damage/ injuries
sustained in any way while swimming, hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, horse riding, tree climbing,
behaviour of farm-and veld animals and fellow visitors, veld fires, vehicle damage, faulty handling of gas
equipment, paraffin lamps, candles and electrical equipment.)

Persons in charge of children (parents, supervisors, organizers and such) take complete responsibility
for control of the children, their behaviour and the children’s participation in any activities (e.g. swimming,
hiking, horseback riding, tree climbing, games etc.) on the farm and shall relay and explain the contents
of the notice and the consequences thereof to the children. 4X4 drives are responsible for the
passengers on their vehicles.

HERTZOG, WONDERKLIP either hikers, horseback riders, farm holiday-makers, as organizer of
/supervisors of children, or 4X4 participants, indemnify the owner, MOOLMANSHOEK PRIVATE GAME
RESERVE (Pty) Ltd, its staff management from any liability for claims of damage and personnel injury, in
whichever way suffered during his/her visit, and waive the right to any claim for material damage to
property or person, and/or for reparation , pain and suffering as a result of injuries. The above-mentioned
owner, staff and management of MOOLMANSHOEK PRIVATE GAME RESERVE (Pty) Ltd, hereby
accept indemnity and waiver of any claims.

Take note due to the new veld fire laws persons will only be allowed to smoke in vehicles and

that all garbage and cigarette buds must be kept inside vehicles. No open flames are permitted

except in designated areas which will be provided. Persons will be held accountable for the

starting of veld fires.

The abovementioned visitors hereby declare that they have read, understood and accepted the content

and effect of the indemnity and waiver of liability and the conditions for admission to the farm.

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                                      REG NO: 98/03547/07
                               DIRECTORS WH NEL LWA NEL MS NEL

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