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      Research is usually defined as the search for answers to questions.
         At THRIP, however, it is defined as possibility and promise –
   the promise of a more competitive economy, a more skilled workforce,
                      and ultimately a better life for all.

       Every morning, scientific researchers wake up to the possibility
      that the work they do today could change our world tomorrow,
          whether it be through medical treatments that save lives,
       the creation of new export markets, or technologies that bring
                basic infrastructure to South Africans in need.

   This is how THRIP supports our country’s growth and development –
   by helping to transform today’s knowledge into tomorrow’s wisdom.

This annual report highlights the programme’s performance over the past year,
      and its unique contribution to the creation of this knowledge base.
                                             How                                                       Annual
The power of            About               THRIP            Performance            People             financial
partnerships            THRIP               works              overview            at THRIP          statements
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The Technology and Human Resources for Industry              collaboration that addresses the technology and human

Programme (THRIP) is a partnership programme funded          resource needs of South African business.

by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti),

managed by the National Research Foundation (NRF)            THRIP’s mission is to improve the competitiveness

and guided by a board comprising representatives from        of South African industry by supporting research

industry, government, higher education, labour and science   and technology development activities and

councils. On a cost-sharing basis with industry, THRIP       enhancing the quality and quantity of appropriately

supports science, engineering and technology research        skilled people.

                                       THRIP Annual Report 2005                1
The power of partnerships
                                                           THRIP is unique in that it combines scientific and technological
                                                           research with human resource development, in this way tackling
                                                           one of South Africa’s most pressing challenges – skills creation
                                                           and retention. Rather than supporting technology for technology’s
                                                           sake, THRIP uses it as a means to achieve equity, redress and a
                                                           more competitive economy.

                                                           The THRIP formula is simple, and it works. By challenging
                          Mr Mandisi Mpahlwa,              companies to match government funding for innovative research
                          Minister of Trade and Industry   and development, THRIP puts participants in a position to
                                                           improve the quality of their products, services and people. This
“Funding from the dti to THRIP reached the                 year, total funding from the dti to THRIP since its inception has
billion Rand mark by 2005. This is evidence of             reached the billion Rand mark – a figure matched, if not exceeded,
our commitment to the programme and our                    by industry.

faith in its continued ability to contribute much-
needed skills and human resources to the South             The relationship between THRIP and the dti is proof of how
                                                           government departments can add real value to South Africa’s
African scientific community.”
                                                           development, rather than just being administrators. The
                                                           involvement of the private sector not only gives researchers the
                                                           benefit of real-world experience and perspective, but it also
                                                           gives local industry a means to develop specific solutions to their
                                                           own technological challenges. THRIP then leverages the strength
                                                           of these partnerships to enrich our human resources potential,
                                                           especially among previously disadvantaged groups.

                                                           Government is committed to science and technology
                                                           development as a crucial driver of economic growth, and
                                                           the THRIP successes captured in this annual report are evidence
                                                           of the return on this investment.

                                    THRIP Annual Report 2005                   2
THRIP aims to improve the competitiveness of South African                 science and technology. This should, in particular, promote
industry through the development of technology and highly-                 the mobility of trained people among relevant sectors.
skilled human resources. What distinguishes THRIP from other           •   To stimulate industry and government to increase their
human resource development initiatives is its goal of providing            investment in research and technology development and
new and enhanced educational experiences within the context of             diffusion, and the promotion of innovation.
technology development and/or diffusion, as a result of customised
participation by students in collaborative projects.                 Industry and the dti share the cost – and therefore the risk – of
                                                                     developing commercial technology on a R2 to R1 basis (industry:
The programme is also designed to foster collaborations among        the dti). However, the dti’s support may be doubled if a project
industry, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Science,          supports any of THRIP’s key priorities. These priorities are:
Engineering and Technology Institutions (SETIs) as a means of          1. To support an increase in the number of black and
contributing to the removal of past inhibitions to joint activity          female students who intend to pursue technological and
among these sectors.                                                       engineering careers.
                                                                       2. To promote technological know-how within the small,
Through THRIP, on a cost-sharing basis with industry, government           medium and micro enterprise (SMME) sector through the
helps to create long-term partnerships that combine an interest            deployment of skills vested in HEIs and SETIs.
in finding solutions to identified technological problems with           3. To facilitate and support multi-firm projects in which
the provision of high-level training and education relating to             firms (including at least one black-empowered enterprise)
technology development. THRIP also encourages and facilitates              collaborate and share in the project outcomes.
the mobility of research personnel and students among                  4. To facilitate and support the improved competitiveness
participating organisations.                                               of black-empowered enterprises through technology and
                                                                           human resources development.
The specific objectives of the programme are:
  •   To help increase the quantity and quality of people with       During the period under review, THRIP translated these
      appropriate skills in the development and management of        objectives into the following set of activities, which have helped to
      technology for industry.                                       guide its work over the past 12 months and which will continue to
  •   To promote increased interaction among researchers and         move the programme closer towards its long-term goals:
      technology managers in industry, HEIs and SETIs, with the        •   Improving participation in THRIP by SMMEs and black-
      aim of developing skills for the commercial exploitation of          empowered enterprises, while finding ways to contribute to

                                                THRIP Annual Report 2005                 3
                                                          the second economy in general.
                                                     •    Improving participation in THRIP by black researchers and
                                                          students, especially black women.
                                                     •    Building research capacity at Universities of Technology, as
                                                          well as building human capital in science, engineering and
                                                          technology in general.
                                                     •    Improving communication to keep stakeholders informed of
                                                          changes and developments in THRIP.
                        Dr Khotso Mokhele,           •    Reducing unspent funds at the end of the financial year.
                        NRF President                •    Coordinating THRIP with other NRF programmes.

“On average, over 2 400 students are supported     As a partnership programme, THRIP actively supports the notion
through THRIP-funded research each year. This      that the State can leverage greater outcomes and impact by
human resource development remains a key           forging partnerships with other economic actors than it can by

measure of THRIP’s success, and a cornerstone      acting alone. It also supports the principle that macroeconomic

of the NRF’s strategy for creating a South         stability alone is not sufficient to achieve growth and equity in
                                                   the South Africa economy. THRIP therefore focuses on cross-
African knowledge society that can compete
                                                   cutting issues such as technology, human resources development
effectively in the global economy.”
                                                   and access to finance and infrastructure. This supports the dti’s
                                                   Medium Term Strategic Framework (2004-2007), which argues
                                                   that an integrated and advanced manufacturing sector in South
                                                   Africa can be leveraged to generate higher levels of economic
                                                   growth, employment creation and the reduction of economic

                                 THRIP Annual Report 2005               4
How THRIP works
Application process
The project leader is responsible for:
                                                        1           Approval process
                                                                    THRIP is responsible for:
  •   Registering and applying online at                                •     Organising independent external reviewers, in various                                             technical fields, to assess the applications. Assessment

The designated authority at the institution is responsible for:               is guided by the Multi-Criteria Decision Model

  •   Validating all online applications.                                     (MCDM). THRIP management makes the final decision
                                                                              on support.
THRIP is responsible for:
                                                                        •     Communicating outcomes to the designated authority
  •   Final quality control of received applications.
                                                                              at the institution by email.
  •   Disqualification of non-THRIPable costs.
                                                                        •     Preparing and mailing allocation and regret letters to
                                                                              individual project leaders and their industrial partners.

Disbursement process
The project leader is responsible for:                              •
                                                                            Collating and sending the signed CoG to THRIP before
  •   Signing acceptance of the Conditions of Grant (CoG) and               money can be disbursed.
      submitting it to the designated authority.                    •       Validating PoPs and that expenditure will be project-
  •   Submitting Proof of Payments (PoPs) to the designated                 related.
      authority within three weeks of receiving industry            •       Collating and sending validated PoPs to THRIP on a
      payment.                                                              monthly basis.

The institution’s designated authority and financial officer are    The industry partner is responsible for:
responsible for:                                                    •       Approving the industry contribution online.

                                             THRIP Annual Report 2005                     5
How THRIP works

                                                                    Reporting process
                                                                    THRIP has three types of reporting: the annual progress
                                                                    report, the final report and the post-funding report.

                                                                    A) ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT
                                    Mr Tshediso Matona,
                                                                    The project leader is responsible for:
                                    Director-General: the dti
                                                                      •   Reporting progress using the online system at
“It is rewarding to see THRIP’s efforts reflected
in its performance figures this year. The                            The industry partner is responsible for:
                                                                      •   Evaluating the progress report online at
involvement of black women has more than
doubled, while the number of funded projects
                                                                    IMPORTANT: THRIP requires this information in order to approve
in this sector has grown by over 40%. We look
                                                                    continued support.
forward to seeing this trend continue.”

 Proof of Expenditure (PoE) process
 The project leader is responsible for:
                                                       4            B) FINAL REPORT
                                                                       (submitted six months after completing the project)
                                                                    The project leader is responsible for:
                                                                      •   Reporting on the overall success of the project.
   •   Reporting expenditure of THRIP funds against the
                                                                    IMPORTANT: The final report is done in addition to the last
       project budget (as found in the annual progress report)
                                                                    annual progress report.
       using the online system at

 The institution’s designated authority and financial officer are
 responsible for:                                                   C) POST-FUNDING REPORT
   •   Validating the PoE report.                                      (submitted two years after completing the project)
   •   External auditing of the expenditure of THRIP funds.         The project leader is responsible for:
   •   Collating and submitting financial audit reports to THRIP.      •   Reporting on the impact of the project.

 THRIP is responsible for:                                          IMPORTANT: All three reports are compulsory. Failure to submit
                                                                    any of these might result in the recall of funds. Allocated funds
   •   Acting on the audit reports.
                                                                    that are not disbursed within the THRIP financial year (April to
 IMPORTANT: Failure to report against expenditure might result in   March) are returned to the National Treasury. Re-allocations can
 the recall of funds that are unaccounted for.                      only be made within a financial year.

                                              THRIP Annual Report 2005                 6
Performance overview
THRIP’s commitment to partnerships between industry
stakeholders, researchers and academia is realised through
                                                                                    Grant funding history (Rm)

an equally strong commitment to a culture of continuous
                                                                       THRIP funds from the dti decreased by almost 4%
improvement. Over the years, the team has made significant
                                                                       compared to the previous year, as a result of cuts in
improvements in areas such as turnaround times, the employment         government funding. Industry funds increased to their
of independent expert panels for rigorous and consistent               highest level ever – R218,7 million.

evaluation process, and stakeholder engagements.

Although faced with a great deal of change and challenges                1997

over the past year, most notably the need to grow small
business involvement in the programme, THRIP has strived to              1998

maintain operational efficiencies, and has succeeded in keeping
administration costs to below 5% of the total fund grant.

Challenges for the year ahead include stricter control of deadlines,
improved communication of new developments and changes
to stakeholders, the use of the e-granting system to fast-track
the grant process, and improved interaction with other NRF

In 2005 THRIP experienced a slight decrease (almost 4%) in
funding from the dti. Total government funding to THRIP since            2004
its inception has surpassed the billion Rand mark. Industry funds
have increased consistently year-on-year, and now comprise               2005
around 60% of the total funds available to approved research
                                                                                0       50       100        150     200        250
projects. This is testament to the value that THRIP’s industrial
                                                                                       n THRIP         n Industry
partners place in the programme.

                                              THRIP Annual Report 2005                  7
Performance overview

                                                                          Funds requested vs awarded (Rm)


                                    Dr Willem Barnard,                    180

                                    Chairperson: THRIP
                                    Advisory Board

“In the past year THRIP disbursed over
R27 million to 85 SMME-based projects. By
increasing this allocation substantially, we
hope to encourage more participation from a
sector that we believe holds huge potential for
economic growth.”

Funding in priority areas grew in 2005, although THRIP is
still some way from achieving its targets in this regard. The
number of projects that were awarded 1:1 funding on the basis              60
of black/women student involvement grew by 42% to 148
projects. Together, these received a quarter of the total funds
allocated in 2005.

The number of projects that received 1:1 funding on the basis of
SMME-only involvement grew by 37% to 85 projects. Together,
they received over R27 million of the funds released.                       0
                                                                                  Requested     Awarded      Released

SMME involvement has been identified as a top priority, and
THRIP’s marketing strategy for the year ahead includes helping
institutions to find SMME partners. THRIP has also developed a      The discrepancy between the funds awarded and those
                                                                   eventually released is due to the withdrawal or reduction of
database of SMMEs, which has been made available to institutions   industry partner contributions.
to assist them in this regard.

                                               THRIP Annual Report 2005             8
                                                                                                                                          Performance overview

                                                                                                                                               Funds released
                                                                                                                                                 per type of

                                                                                                                                            Combined funding to
                                                                                                                                            Universities of Technology
                                                                                                                                                 and Historically Black
                                                                                                                                        ������������� (HBUs) totalled
   ���                                                ���                                             ����
                                                                                                                                       ������������� over R11,45
����������                                          �����������                                    �����������
                                                                                                                                                      million, which
                                                                                                                                                     builds on the
                                                                                                                                            increase that was achieved
                                                                                                                                            in 2004. However,
                                                                                                                                            Historically White
                                                                                                                                            Universities (HWUs) still
                                                                                                                                            receive the bulk of funds,
                                                                                                                                            and HBU funding remains
                                                                                                                                            an important priority area.

                                                                  Funding in priority areas

    Some 148 projects involving a significant number of black/
    women students received funding on a 1:1 basis (R83,55 million
    in total). Similarly 85 projects received 1:1 funding based on
    SMME-only involvement (R27,13 million).
                             Black/women students

                                                                                                            Black/women students
                             148 projects

                                                                                                            R83 558 202
                                                                                    SMME-only involvement
     SMME-only involvement

                                                                                    R27 133 886
     85 projects

                                                             THRIP Annual Report 2005                                              9
Performance overview

The number of black women students involved in THRIP-funded
research more than doubled, from 158 in 2004 (almost 7% of
                                                                                Number of students graduating in 2005

the total students supported) to 351 (over 13%) in 2005. The
number of black men students increased from 658 in 2004
                                                                            �����                                                                        2 619
(almost 29% of the total students supported) to 822 (31%) in
2005. This can be attributed to the improved visibililty of THRIP
in these areas.

                                                                            �����                                 1 236
Black men now comprise more than half of all the male students
supported through THRIP, while black women comprise 32% of                                                                     760
                                                                                 ���               517
all the female students supported.                                                                                                                          353 314
                                                                                                                     160 160         53 119
                                                                                        50 40 0          86 13                                56 14 22
The majority of students supported are at Master’s and doctoral                         ������ ������� �������� �������� �����   �����
                                                                                       ���������                        ��������
level, with a far higher proportion of honours students than in 2004
(517 compared to 169). This could be an indication that more                                                     ������������������
students are starting to pursue postgraduate qualifications in the                                                ����������������

science field. However, the relatively low number of undergraduate

      Breakdown of

 Despite consistent growth
 over the past few years, the                                             ���
 smallest group of students
 receiving THRIP support                                                                                                                         ��
 remains that of black                                                 �����                                                                     ��
 women. Growing the                                                      Black
                                                                         White                                                                  ���
 number of women
 involved in THRIP
 – both black and                                                                                                                               ���
 white – is an
 ongoing challenge.                                                                                                                            �����
                                          ���                                                     Postdoctoral
                                                                       ���                        Honours
                                          ���                            White                    Master’s
                                                                         Black                    Doctoral

                                             THRIP Annual Report 2005                             10
                                                                                                                                      Performance overview

                                                                                                 students highlights the ongoing need to boost the number of
                 Breakdown of researchers                                                        students enrolling for science and mathematical degrees.

                                 Black                     White                                 THRIP’s most important responsibility is to strengthen and expand

                                                                               Grand total
                                                                                                 in number the core of highly qualified people who consititute the


                                                                                                 platform on which South Africa’s technology-driven industry can

                                                                                                 be built. In particular, this means increasing the number of THRIP
   Grant-holders            22        0      22      175      47      222      244
                                                                                                 researchers who are black and/or female.
   Team members             72        5      77      376      89      465      542
   Total                    94        5      99      551    136       687      786
                                                                                                 THRIP made good progress in 2005, increasing the total number
                                                                                                 of women grant-holders by 114%, from 22 to 47. The total
  Almost 13% of all the researchers supported by THRIP are
  black. These figures reflect the urgent need for young, black                                    number of black grant-holders grew by 47%, from 15 to 22.
  and female researchers to establish themselves in the field
  of scientific research.
                                                                                                 This is in part due to stronger marketing efforts, but is also the
                                                                                                 cumulative effect of efforts over the past few years to improve
                                                                                                 THRIP’s performance in this regard.

    Field                                  No. of projects           THRIP funds                 Industry funds        Total           Grouping of THRIP
    Agricultural sciences                                                                                                               projects according
                                                    28                    5 909 630                  9 637 140       15 546 770
    and forestry                                                                                                                       to industry category
    Biological sciences                             17                    9 652 042                 22 319 035       31 971 077
    Engineering                                     210                88 483 903                  163 287 385      251 771 288        Figures are based on the
                                                                                                                                       actual funds released to
    Health sciences                                  8                    3 503 051                  6 193 103         9 696 154
                                                                                                                                       2005 applications.
    Mathematical sciences                            2                        508 800                  653 000         1 161 800
    Physical sciences                               19                    3 779 731                  7 411 297       11 091 028
    Social sciences,
                                                     0                                       0                0                 0
    humanities and others
    Technology                                      15                    4 864 376                  8 584 312       13 448 688
    Other                                            1                        450 000                  600 000         1 050 000
                                                    300               117 151 533                  218 585 272      335 736 805

Note: A single project may be categorised into more than one industry sector.

                                                           THRIP Annual Report 2005                                  11
Performance overview

                                            Key Performance Indicators (%)

 The beige bar indicates the percentage by which THRIP            (Technology and Innovation Promotion through Transfer
 exceeded or fell short of its target for 2005. For example,      of People) by 45%. Targets in five areas were exceeded in
 the total funding to HBUs fell short of target (by 69%), while   2005/6. Increased visibility and marketing will be made a
 THRIP exceeded its target for the number of TIPTOPs              priority in areas where targets are still to be met.


  Universities of Technology

              No. of SA firms

   No. of projects involved in
           multi-partner firms

             No. of SMMEs

        Total no. of students

       No. of black students

      No. of female students

             No. of TIPTOPs

           No. of researchers

               No. of patents

   No. of products & artifacts

          No. of publications

                                 -100   0     100   200    300    400     500    600     700     800   900     1000   1100   1200

                                              n Target (100%)     n Actual (% over or under target)    n Gap

                                            THRIP Annual Report 2005                   12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Performance overview

Projects supported and outputs per institution for 2005/6
                                                                 FUNDS RELEASED                                                                                  HUMAN RESOURCES                                                                       RESEARCH OUTPUTS

                                                                                                                                                                           per student (THRIP +

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Research publications
                                                                THRIP actual (R’000)
                                          Number of projects

                                                                                                                                                  Students supported
                                                                                                                                                                           Average investment

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   TIPTOP candidates

                                                                                                                               % of total THRIP

                                                                                                                                                                           industry) (R’000)
                                                                                            Industry (R’000)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Team members
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Project leaders
                                                                                                               Total (R’000)


ARC                                         10                     1 379                       9 409           10 788                  1,18                   28                      385                       9              5                   0                         22                           38             2
CSIR                                        13                  11 006                      18 262             29 268                  9,39             144                           203                       7         20                       1                         10                           87             0
Elsenburg Agricultural Research Centre         2                   1 151                       1 677             2 828                 0,98                   12                      236                       2              0                   0                         0                            14             0
Medical Research Council (SA)                  1                               126                      361             487            0,11                            1              487                       1              2                   0                         0                            0              0
MINTEK                                         3                   3 969                       6 451           10 420                  3,39                   43                      242                       3              0                   2                         1                            15             0
Port Elizabeth Museum (Bayworld)               2                               961             1 445             2 406                 0,82                            9              267                       2              7                   0                         2                            8              0
Sub total SETIs                             31                  18 592                      37 605             56 197               15,87               237                           237                 24              34                       3                         35                  162                     2
Cape Peninsula University of Technology        5                               626             2 021             2 647                 0,53                   23                      115                       4              6                   3                         1                            12             10
Durban University of Technology                1                               500                      850      1 350                 0,43                            7              193                       1              4                   8                         0                            2              0
Technikon Mangosuthu                           1                                       75               100             175            0,06                            5                 35                     1              0                   0                         0                            6              0
Tshwane University of Technology            14                     4 085                       9 120           13 205                  3,49                   84                      157                       5              5            37                               0                            43             0
Vaal University of Technology                  2                               520                      938      1 458                 0,44                   12                      122                       2              0                   0                         0                            14             0
Sub total technikons                        23                     5 806                    13 029             18 835                  4,96             131                           144                 13              15                48                               1                            77             10
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University 10                          2 368                       4 095             6 463                 2,02                   77                         84                     5         12                       0                         7                   136                     22
North-West University                       13                     7 096                    12 660             19 756                  6,06             131                           151                 10              39                30                               16                           90             23
Rhodes University                              5                   1 487                       2 288             3 775                 1,27                   66                         57                     5         10                       1                         9                            93             3
University of Cape Town                     42                  18 828                      32 905             51 733               16,07               421                           123                 33          115                   13                               30                  697                     10
University of Fort Hare                        1                               450                      600      1 050                 0,38                   27                         39                     1              1                   0                         0                            16             0
University of Johannesburg                     8                   2 080                       3 464             5 544                 1,78                   54                      103                       8         12                       2                         25                  119                     13
University of KwaZulu-Natal                 23                     6 994                    16 324             23 318                  5,97             161                           145                 21              21                12                               11                  409                     5
University of Limpopo                          1                               397                      610      1 007                 0,34                            3              336                       1              0                   1                         0                            1              0
University of Pretoria                      54                  16 098                      27 667             43 765               13,74               457                              96               46              65                28                               34                  434                     9
University of Stellenbosch                  43                  18 361                      31 714             50 075               15,67               410                           122                 39          117                   25                               45                  496                     5
University of the Free State                   4                               417             3 161             3 578                 0,36                   20                      179                       4              7                   7                         0                            3              0
University of the Western Cape                 5                   3 865                       6 721           10 586                  3,30                   71                      149                       5         12                       0                         19                           92             0
University of the Witwatersrand             35                  13 384                      24 464             37 848               11,42               335                           113                 27              74                       2                         0                   201                     15
University of Venda                            1                                       33               175             208            0,03                            3                 69                     1              4                   2                         0                            4              0
University of Zululand                         1                               896             1 203             2 099                 0,76                   15                      140                       1              4                   0                         4                            22             0
Sub total universities                    246                   92 754 168 051 260 805                                              79,17 2 251                                       116            207              493             123                            200              2 813                         105
Total                                     300                  117 152 218 685 335 837                                           100,00 2 619                                         128            244              542             174                            236              3 052                         117

This table is based on information available at the end of April 2006. Funding reflects the amounts released, whereas the financial
statements in this report include all carry forwards and PoEs received.

                                                               THRIP Annual Report 2005                                                                                              13
People at THRIP
             Dr Prins                      Refilwe Ngoato                      Rhyné de Bruyn                  Marinky Tshepe
             Nevhutalu                     Professional                       Coordinator                     Liaison Officer
             Director                      Officer

             Dr Mphekgo                    Clement                            Collins Mangena                 Tebatso Leduka
             Maila                         Matasane                           Liaison Officer                  Liaison Officer
             Manager                       Professional

             Steyn Maseema                 Etresia du Plessis                 Ayanda Zondi                    Diana de Clerq
             Financial                     Marketing and                      Liaison Officer                  Senior
             Controller                    Communications                                                     Administrative
                                           Officer                                                             Officer

Board members
CHAIRPERSON                   COTII                             INDUSTRY                        SCIENCE COUNCILS
Dr Willem Barnard             Ms Wawa Damane                    Mr Barney Tsita                 Dr Molefi Motuku
Managing Director: KWV        CEO: Small Enterprise             Executive Director:             MINTEK: General Manager –
                              Development Agency                Shikisha/Goodyear Tyre &        Research & Development
GOVERNMENT                    Dr Dave Walwyn                    Rubber Company
Mr Masizakhe Zimela           CSIR Corporate:                   Mr David Moshapalo              HIGHER EDUCATION
Chief Director:               CSIR Group Research Manager       Deputy Chairman: Strategic      Professor Hubert E Hanrahan
Resource-based Industries                                       Partners Group                  Dept. of Electrical
Dept. of Trade and Industry   NRF                               Ms Tumisang Zondo               Engineering: University of the
Dr Molapo Qhobela             Dr Rocky Skeef                    HR Manager: Total SA            Witwatersrand
Chief Director:               Executive Director:
Education Development,        New Business Development          ORGANISED LABOUR
Dept. of Education                                              Ms Tanya van Meelis
Dr Phil Mjwara                                                  COSATU:
Director-General: Dept. of                                      Trade and Industry Policy
Science and Technology                                          Coordinator

                                       THRIP Annual Report 2005                    14
   financial                            for the year ended

                                        31 March 2006

       THRIP Annual Report 2005   15
Report of the Auditor-General to THRIP
for the year ended 31 March 2006

1. Audit assignment                                                   An audit includes:
The financial statements set out on pages 18 to 25, for the year         •   examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts
ended 31 March 2006, have been audited in terms of section                  and disclosures in the financial statements;
188 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996           •   assessing the accounting principles used and significant
(Act No. 108 of 1996), read with sections 4 and 20 of the Public            estimates made by management; and
Audit Act, 2004 (Act No. 25 of 2004). These financial statements,        •   evaluating the overall financial statement presentation.
the maintenance of effective control measures and compliance
with relevant laws and regulations are the responsibility of the      I believe that the audit provides a reasonable basis for my opinion.
accounting authority. My responsibility is to express an opinion on
these financial statements, based on the audit.                        3. Audit opinion
                                                                      In my opinion, the financial statements fairly present, in all material
2. Nature and scope                                                   respects, the financial position of THRIP at 31 March 2006 and
The audit was conducted in accordance with the International          the results of its operations and cash flows for the year then
Standards on Auditing read with General Notice 544 of 2006,           ended in accordance with South African Statements of Generally
issued in Government Gazette no. 28723 of 10 April 2006 and           Accepted Accounting Practice, and in the manner required by the
General Notice 808 of 2006, issued in Government Gazette no.          Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999).
28954 of 23 June 2006. Those standards require that I plan and
perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance that the financial    4. Appreciation
statements are free of material misstatement.                         The assistance rendered by the staff of the NRF with regard to
                                                                      the THRIP audit is sincerely appreciated.

                                                                      N Manik
                                                                      for the Auditor-General
                                                                      Pretoria, 11 July 2006

                                              THRIP Annual Report 2005                     16
                                                                                                              Board report
                                                                                            for the year ended 31 March 2006

Introduction                                                            Amounts received from the dti
The Board has pleasure in presenting its report on the activities       Contributions received from the dti for the payment of grants
of THRIP for the year ended 31 March 2006.                              amounted to R127 518 000 (2005: R130 000 000). Contributions
                                                                        received from the dti towards management fees amounted to
Principal activities of THRIP                                           R5 582 000 (2005: R5 000 000).
The principal activity of THRIP is to award and manage grants for
research projects on behalf of the dti.                                 Events subsequent to year-end
                                                                        The Board is not aware of any matter or circumstances arising
Financial results                                                       since the end of the financial year not otherwise dealt with in the
The financial results of THRIP are set out in the financial statements.   financial statements that would affect the operations of THRIP or
                                                                        the results of operations significantly.
Performance information
The deficit of R10 916 000 for the year (2005: surplus of                Contact persons
R8 529 000) reflects the fact that, in addition to utilising funds       The NRF has appointed the manager of THRIP as the official
received in the current year, THRIP was able to utilise funding         contact person between the dti and the NRF. The registered
carried forward from the previous year. This reflects the sustained      address of THRIP is PO Box 2600, Pretoria 0001.
increased effectiveness of the administration processes and
improved efficiency in processing THRIP grants. The balance of           The financial statements set out on pages 18 to 25 were
the dti account also decreased due to the significant increase in        approved by the NRF Board on 28 June 2006 and are signed on
cash outflow for grant expenditure for the year.                         its behalf by:

                                                                        Professor BD Reddy                   Dr K Mokhele
                                                                        Chairperson: NRF Board               President: NRF

                                              THRIP Annual Report 2005                      17
Statement of financial performance
for the year ended 31 March 2006

                                                                                          2006       2005
                                                                              Notes      R’000       R’000
Contributions received from the dti:
  Grant funding                                                                 2     127 518     130 000
  Management fee                                                                         5 582       5 000
  Additional funding                                                                         -       4 000
Repayment of grants                                                                       112         397
Interest received                                                                        1 996       2 449
Total income                                                                          135 208     141 846
Grant expenditure                                                               3     (110 153)   (126 114)
Operating expenditure                                                                   (5 222)     (4 754)
Overprovision prior year prepayments                                                    (4 059)          -
Interest received to be returned to the dti                                             (1 996)     (2 449)
Unused contributions repaid to the dti                                          4      (24 694)          -
Funds held in trust returned                                                                 -           -
Net (deficit) surplus for the year                                               5      (10 916)      8 529

                                              THRIP Annual Report 2005   18
                                              Statement of financial position
                                                                      as at 31 March 2006

                                                                          2006      2005
                                                              Notes      R’000      R’000
Current assets
Funds on call and deposit                                               15 512     49 035
Grants paid in advance                                          6       29 572     50 249
Grants recoverable                                              7         810        896
Sundry debtor – NRF                                             8         123           -
Total assets                                                            46 017    100 180

Current liabilities
Interest payable to the dti                                              1 080      6 462
Accrued grants                                                  9       38 040     74 930
the dti account                                                10        5 566     16 482
Creditor – NRF                                                 11        1 331      2 306
Total liabilities                                                       46 017    100 180

                              THRIP Annual Report 2005   19
Statement of changes in the dti account
for the year ended 31 March 2006

                                                              Notes     R’000
Balance at 31 March 2004                                               7 953
Net surplus for the year                                               8 529
Balance at 31 March 2005                                              16 482
Net deficit for the year                                         5     (10 916)
Balance at 31 March 2006                                       10      5 566

                              THRIP Annual Report 2005   20
                                                                      Cash flow statement
                                                                      for the year ended 31 March 2006

                                                                                       2006       2005
                                                                           Note       R’000       R’000
Cash receipts from the dti                                                          133 100    139 000
Cash receipts from grant-holders                                                          -        397
Cash paid to the dti                                                                (24 694)          -
Cash paid to grant-holders                                                         (131 359)   (117 344)
Cash (used in) generated from operations                                    A       (22 953)    22 053
Interest received                                                                     1 996       2 449
Interest paid to the dti                                                             (7 334)          -
Management fee paid                                                                  (5 232)     (4 022)
Net cash (used in) generated from operating activities                              (33 523)    20 480

Net (decrease) increase in cash and cash equivalents                                (33 523)    20 480
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the year                               49 035     28 555
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year                                     15 512     49 035

                                           THRIP Annual Report 2005   21
Note to the cash flow statement
for the year ended 31 March 2006

                                                                               2006      2005
                                                                              R’000      R’000
(Deficit) surplus for the year                                               (10 916)    8 529
Adjusted for:
  Management fee paid                                                        5 232      4 022
  Interest received                                                          (1 996)    (2 449)
  Interest paid to the dti                                                   7 334           -

Deficit before working capital changes                                         (346)    10 102
Working capital changes                                                     (22 607)   (11 951)
  Decrease (increase) in grants paid in advance                             20 763      (6 302)
  Increase in sundry debtor                                                   (123)          -
  (Decrease) increase in interest payable                                    (5 382)    2 449
  (Decrease) increase in funds owing to NRF                                   (975)       731
  (Decrease) increase in accrued grants                                     (36 890)   15 073
Cash (used in) generated from operations                                    (22 953)   22 053

                                            THRIP Annual Report 2005   22
                                            Notes to the annual financial statements
                                                                                          for the year ended 31 March 2006

1. Accounting policies                                                its carrying amount, the carrying amount of the asset is reduced
Basis of preparation – The annual financial statements are pre-        to its recoverable amount. An impairment loss is recognised as
pared on the historical cost basis and incorporate the following      an expense immediately, unless the relevant asset is carried at a
principal accounting policies, which have been consistently applied   revalued amount, in which case the impairment loss is treated as a
in all material respects unless stated otherwise. The financial        revaluation decrease.
statements have been prepared in accordance with South African
Statements of Generally Accepted Accounting Practice and the          Where an impairment loss subsequently reverses, the carrying
Public Finance Management Act in all material respects.               amount of the asset is increased to the revised estimate of its
                                                                      recoverable amount, but so that the increased carrying amount
Government grants and contributions – Government grants               does not exceed the carrying amount that would have been
and contributions are recognised in the statement of financial         determined had no impairment loss been recognised for the asset
performance in the period to which the grant or contribution          in prior years. A reversal of an impairment loss is recognised
relates.                                                              as income immediately, unless the relevant asset is carried at a
                                                                      revalued amount, in which case the reversal of the impairment
Impairment of assets – At each reporting date, THRIP reviews          loss is treated as a revaluation increase.
the carrying amounts of its assets to determine whether there is
any indication that those assets have suffered an impairment loss.    Financial instruments
If any such indication exists, the recoverable amount of the asset    Recognition – THRIP’s financial assets and financial liabilities are
is estimated in order to determine the extent of the impairment       recognised in the statement of financial position when THRIP
loss (if any).                                                        becomes a party to the contractual provisions of the
                                                                      instrument. All “regular way” purchases and sales of financial assets
Recoverable amount is the higher of fair value less costs to sell     are initially recognised using trade date accounting.
and value in use. In assessing value in use, the estimated future
cash flows are discounted to their present value using a pre-tax       Measurement – THRIP’s financial instruments are initially
discount rate that reflects current market assessments of the time     measured at cost, which includes transaction costs. Subsequent
value of money and the risks specific to the asset for which the       to initial recognition, these instruments are measured as set out
estimates of future cash flows have not been adjusted.                 overleaf.

If the recoverable amount of an asset is estimated to be less than

                                              THRIP Annual Report 2005                    23
Notes to the annual financial statements

Financial assets – THRIP’s principal financial assets are bank            •   a reasonable estimate of the obligation can be made.
balances and cash and trade receivables. Trade receivables
are stated at their nominal value as reduced by appropriate            A present obligation is considered to exist when THRIP has
allowances for estimated irrecoverable amounts. Each receivable is     no realistic alternative but to make the transfer of economic
reviewed individually at year-end.                                     benefits. The amount recognised as a provision is the best
                                                                       estimate at the reporting date of the expenditure required to
Financial liabilities and equity instruments – Financial liabilities   settle the obligation. Only expenditure related to the purpose for
and equity instruments are classified according to the substance        which the provision is raised is charged against the provision.
of the contractual arrangements entered into. Significant financial
liabilities include trade and other payables.                          Comparative figures
                                                                       When necessary, comparative figures have been adjusted to
Fair value considerations – The fair values at which financial          conform to changes in presentation in the current period.
instruments are carried at the reporting date have been
determined using available market values. Where market values          2. Grant funding
are not available, fair values have been calculated by discounting     A total of R127 518 000 grant-budget was allocated to THRIP for
expected future cash flows at prevailing interest rates. The fair       the current financial year.
values have been estimated using available market information
and appropriate valuation methodologies, but are not necessarily       3. Grant expenditure
indicative of the amounts that THRIP could realise in the normal       Grant expenditure relates to grants paid as well as committed in
course of business.                                                    the current financial year from funding received from the dti in
                                                                       the current and previous financial years.
Grants and bursaries – Grants and bursaries are recognised in
the statement of financial performance in the period to which the       4. Contributions paid to the dti
commitments relate.                                                    Contributions paid to the dti consist of grant funds received from
                                                                       the dti that were committed as grants but subsequently cancelled,
Taxation – THRIP is exempt from paying normal taxation.                as well as interest received.

Provisions – Provisions are recognised when the following              5. Net deficit for the year
conditions have been met:                                              The deficit for the year is covered by accumulated funds in the dti
  •    THRIP has a present legal or constructive obligation to         account.
       transfer economic benefits as a result of past events; and

                                                THRIP Annual Report 2005                   24
                                                                     Notes to the annual financial statements

6. Grants paid in advance                                              11. Creditor – NRF
This balance includes all grant payments made in the past three        This balance includes THRIP’s operational and service fee
years for which PoE was still outstanding as at 31 March 2006.         expenditure that was incurred by the NRF, but not yet paid over
                                                                       to the NRF.
7. Grants recoverable
This amount relates to grants paid more than three years ago for       12. Related party transactions
which no PoE has been received as at 31 March 2006.                    The NRF manages THRIP on behalf of the dti. The operating
                                                                       expenditure for THRIP that was charged by the NRF as well as
8. Sundry debtor – NRF                                                 the balance of the money held in trust by the NRF on behalf of
Sundry debtor includes grant repayments transferred into the           the dti are as follows:
NRF bank account instead of the THRIP bank account.                                                                    2006         2005
                                                                                                                      R’000         R’000
                                                                        Operating expenditure for the year            5 222         4 754
9. Accrued grants
                                                                        Balance on trust creditor account             6 141        23 892
Accrued grants include all grants committed for which no PoE has
been received as at 31 March 2006.
                                                                       13. Events subsequent to year-end
                                                                       PoEs amounting to R20,2 million were received from grantholders
10. the dti account
                                                                       during May 2006 after the closure of the financial system. These
The balance on the dti account of R5 566 000
                                                                       expenses have not been included in the financial statements, as
(2005: R16 482 000) is made up as follows:
                                                                       audit certificates from the institutions had not accompanied these
                                                2006       2005
                                               R’000       R’000       expenses.
 Grant funds received from the dti, not
 committed as at 31 March                      5 094       3 685
 Repayments of grant funds from
 grant-holders                                   112           397
 Unspent operating expenditure                   360           238
 Prior year unspent funds                           -     12 162
 Balance as at 31 March                        5 566      16 482

                                             THRIP Annual Report 2005                      25
Grants awarded for 2005/6
THRIP projects – based on 2005 provisionally-approved and approved applications

 Institution/project leader      Project title                                      Industry partner

 Agricultural Research Council
Dr L Frylinck                 Model: stress, ES, age, breed and beef quality       Red Meat Development Trust of South Africa
Dr CA de Klerk                Biological root growth optimisation                  Deciduous Fruit Producers’ Trust
Dr HJ du Plessis              Evaluation of grapevine genes and promoters          Winetech
Dr DE Goszczynski             Characterisation of two variants of GLRaV-3          Winetech
Dr E Joubert                  Winemaking procedures for optimum antioxidants       Winetech
Dr EL Mansvelt                Plum Pox Virus-resistant stone fruit                 Deciduous Fruit Producers’ Trust
Dr WA Smit                    Disease-resistant table grape cultivars              Deciduous Fruit Producers’ Trust
Dr J Steenkamp                Manipulation of the taste of Regal Seedless          Deciduous Fruit Producers’ Trust
Dr HE Theron                  Breeding value technology for beef cattle            Bonsmara Cattle Breeders’ Society, Red Meat Development Trust of South Africa
                              Breeding value technology for dairy cattle           Milk Business Information System Incorporated, Taurus Stock Improvement Cooperative Ltd
 Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Mr RG Neilson                 Signal integrity                                     Peralex Electronics (Pty) Ltd
Mr AB Nesbitt                 Gravity separation                                   AMIRA International Ltd, De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd/ DEBTECH Division, Gekko Systems
                                                                                   SA (Pty) Ltd, Namakwa Sands Ltd
Prof PT Slatter               Emulsion pumping                                     African Explosives Ltd
                              High concentration suspension pumping                AMIRA International Ltd
Prof EA Uken                  Domestic use of energy                               Eskom Holdings Ltd
Ms SE Farnworth               Beneficiation of terpentine oil                       Clive Teubes (Pty) Ltd
Dr GJ Marais                  Maize resistance to mycotoxigenic fungi              The Maize Trust
Dr T Bush                     Physico-chemical traits of dissolving pulp           SAPPI SAICCOR (Pty) Ltd
Dr JP Maree                   Treatment of sulphur wastes                          Anglo Platinum Rustenburg, Key Structure Holdings, Petrex, SOMCHEM, Division of Denel (Pty)
                                                                                   Ltd, South African Coal Estates, Thuthuka Project Managers (Pty) Ltd, Ticor (Pty) Ltd
                              Sulphur wastes manufacturing                         Eskom Holdings Ltd, Key Structure Holdings, Key Structure Holdings Australia, Thuthuka
                                                                                   Project Managers (Pty) Ltd, Ticor (Pty) Ltd
Dr HM Venter                  Fertility control mechanisms of forestry trees       NCT Forestry Co-op., Northern Timbers, TWK Agriculture Ltd
Mr JS Beukes                  COALTECH 2020: Mine closure and rehabilitation       Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Chamber of Mines, Eskom, Eyesizwe Coal (Pty) Ltd,
                                                                                   Ingwe Coal Corp., Kumba Resources Ltd, Sasol, SA (Pty) Ltd, Total SA (Pty) Ltd, Xstrata
                              COALTECH 2020: Optimal reserve utilisation           Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Chamber of Mines, Eskom, Eyesizwe Coal (Pty) Ltd,
                                                                                   Ingwe Coal Corp., Kumba Resources Ltd, Sasol, SA (Pty) Ltd, Total SA (Pty) Ltd, Xstrata
                              COALTECH 2020: Sustainable extraction of pillars     Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Chamber of Mines, Eskom, Eyesizwe Coal (Pty) Ltd,
                                                                                   Ingwe Coal Corp., Kumba Resources Ltd, Sasol, SA (Pty) Ltd, Total SA (Pty) Ltd, Xstrata
                              COALTECH 2020: Beneficiate and briquette fine coal     Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Chamber of Mines, Eskom, Eyesizwe Coal (Pty) Ltd,
                                                                                   Ingwe Coal Corp., Kumba Resources Ltd, Sasol, SA (Pty) Ltd, Total SA (Pty) Ltd, Xstrata
                              COALTECH 2020: Prevent environmental contamination   Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Chamber of Mines, Eskom, Eyesizwe Coal (Pty) Ltd,
                                                                                   Ingwe Coal Corp., Kumba Resources Ltd, Sasol, SA (Pty) Ltd, Total SA (Pty) Ltd, Xstrata
                              COALTECH 2020: Irrigation with waste water           Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Ingwe Coal Corp., Sasol, Total SA (Pty) Ltd, Xstrata
Mr AF Botha                   Non-destructive detection of contaminants in wool    BKB
 Durban Institute of Technology
Mr GF d’Almaine               Expansion and customisation of a Real-Time Power S   Alectrix, Eskom
 Elsenburg Agricultural Research Centre
Prof TS Brand                 Ostrich growth and optimising model                  Klein Karoo Co-op., Ostrich Business Chamber, Western Cape Animal Production Trust,
                                                                                   Western Cape Ostrich Producers’ Organisation
Prof SWP Cloete               A breeding plan for ostriches                        Klein Karoo Co-op., Mosstrich Ltd, Ostrich Business Chamber, W.Cape Animal Production Trust
 Medical Research Council (South Africa)
Dr WCA Gelderblom             Biological properties – Rooibos and Honeybush tea    Cancer Assoc. of South Africa, Rooibos Ltd
Dr BR Green                   Risk control in use of cyanide in gold processing    AngloGold Ashanti Ltd
Mr AD McKenzie                PGM smelting                                         Anglo Platinum, Impala Platinum (Pty) Ltd, Lonmin (Pty) Ltd

                                                              THRIP Annual Report 2005                           26
 Institution/project leader    Project title                                           Industry partner
MINTEK continued
Dr E van der Lingen           R&D of industrial applications for precious metals      Anglo Platinum, AngloGold Ashanti Ltd, Goldfields Ltd, Harmony Gold Mining Co Ltd, Impala
                                                                                      Platinum Ltd Refineries, Lonmin (Pty) Ltd
 North-West University
Prof PJ de Jongh              Risk/reward management and analysis                     ABSA Bank
Prof RC Everson               Coal technology for power generation                    Eskom Holdings Ltd
Prof GP Greyvenstein          2604 Extension and validation of Flownex                M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd
Prof LJ Grobler               Development of a integrated PEO and DSM controller      Aspentech Ltd, Eskom
                              Multi-process modular twin screw extruder               African Products, International Paint (Pty) Ltd
                              The GHG reduction verification system                    Aspentech Ltd, Eskom
Prof JM Hattingh              Modelling Applications in Telecom Systems (MATS)        Grintek Telecom, a division of Grintek Group Ltd, Telkom SA Ltd
Prof AJ Hoffman               Intelligent agents applied to RFID data                 IP and Innovation Company Holdings (Pty) Ltd
                              Intelligent decision support systems                    Crusader Systems (Pty) LTd, Eskom
Mr AS Jonker                  Large wind turbine blade manufacturing                  Advanced Materials Technology (Pty) Ltd, Aero Energy cc
                              Wind turbine generator manufacturing                    Aero Energy cc
Dr HM Krieg                   Novel zeolite membranes for selective removal of H20    Sasol Technology
Prof JJ Pienaar               Atmospheric pollution                                   Eskom Holdings Ltd, Sasol Technology
Prof HCM Vosloo               Theory and applications of olefin metathesis             Sasol Technology
 Port Elizabeth Museum (Bayworld)
Mr MJ Roberts                 Satellite ocean and weather drifter buoy                Consultative Advisory Forum, Startrack Communications
                              Online squid information system                         Consultative Advisory Forum, South African Squid Management Industrial Assoc.
 Nelson Mandela Metrpolitan University
Prof B Zeelie                 Agrochemical processing                                 Dow AgroSciences
                              Glycoside synthesis                                     Aspen Pharmacare Ltd
                              Phthalic dicarboxaldehyde acetals                       Durotec, E-Chem
                              Production of phenol-derived chemical products          Merisol RSA (Pty) Ltd
 University of Johannesburg
Prof HJ Annegarn              Highveld air emission monitoring and characterisation   Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Eskom
Prof NJ Beukes                Ferrous and base metal commodities                      Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Assmang
Prof GJ Kruger                Carbide structures                                      Sasol Technology
Prof PL Swart                 Optical communications and sensors                      ATC, Marconi Communications South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA Ltd
Prof JE van Zyl               Pressure management in water distribution systems       Infraconsult Engineering, Rand Water, VGC Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd
Prof V Wepener                ERA in the paper and pulp industry                      SAPPI Management Services (Pty) Ltd
Prof DBG Williams             Catalytic transformations of chemical feedstocks        Sasol Technology
Ms S Eagleton                 Shoe fit – a podometric study                            Michelle Footwear (Pty) Ltd, SA Footwear & Leather Industries Assn (SAFLIA)
Mr RWM Krause                 Nanosponge polymers for water purification               Eskom, Rand Water
 Rhodes University
Prof PJ Britz                 Development of low pollution abalone diet               Aquafarm, Marifeed (Pty) Ltd
Prof PG Clayton               Softswitch multimedia architecture and services         Business Connection (Comparex Africa), Comverse, Telkom SA Ltd, Verso
Prof JR Duncan                Metal recovery by biological systems                    Anglo Platinum
Prof PT Kaye                  Development of novel metathesis catalysts               Sasol Technology
Dr AWV Poole                  Ionospheric model III                                   Grintek Ewation, a division of the Grintek Group Ltd
 Technikon Mangosuthu
Mr MJ Brooks                  Solar thermal technologies                              Eskom
 Tshwane University of Technology
Prof BM BOTHA                 SF extraction from mango                                SA Mango Growers’ Assocation
Prof OD Dintchev              Centre for sustainable load management                  Boipelo Engineering, Eskom, Eskom Development Foundation, Eskom Holdings Ltd, Gundo-Dgz
                                                                                      Services, SEF (Pty) Ltd, Selected Energy (Pty) Ltd, Solar Beam (Pty) Ltd, Willi’s Energy Savers
Mr AG Hattingh                Wireless towing hitch                                   Failsafe systems
                              RF drying                                               Thermtron Projects (Pty) Ltd
                              Overhead cable theft detection system                   Interference Testing and Consultancy Services (Pty) Ltd, Sediba Technology Network (Pty) Ltd
                              Smart geyser R&D                                        Energy Cybernetics cc
                              Smart vehicle harness                                   Periseo cc
                              Automated tracking head                                 Netshield (Pty) Ltd

                                                           THRIP Annual Report 2005                                 27
Grants awarded for 2005/6

 Institution/project leader  Project title                                       Industry partner
Tshwane University of Technology continued
Mr AG Hattingh             W.U.R.M.S.                                           Corporate Facilities Management (Pty) Ltd
                           Smart guitar pickup                                  Guitar Invention (Pty) Ltd
                           IntelliCAM                                           Periseo cc
                           Engine management systems                            ADEPT (Pty) Ltd, Xstream Flow (Pty) Ltd
Prof BJ van Wyk            Low-cost ad hoc wireless networks for rural access   Alcatel SA, Molapo Technology (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA Ltd
Prof OC Vorster            Polyolefins with enhanced properties                  Sasol Polymers
 University of Cape Town
Prof MG Alexander          Cement-based materials technology (Wits-UCT)         Cement and Concrete Institute, Eskom, Pretoria Portland Cement, SIKA South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Prof KF Bennett            Fundamental combustion and future fuels research     Sasol Oil (Pty) Ltd
Prof EH Blake              Applications of broadband and wireless technology    Siemens Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA Ltd
Prof SG Burton             Development of a novel biostatic incise film          Priontex
Dr VE Coyne                Probiotics for hatchery-reared abalone               Global Ocean Marine Technology
Prof MD Cramer             Indigenous floriculture                               Molteno Brothers Trust, SA Protea Producers and Exporters’ Assoc, WWF (T/A Protea Heights)
Prof G de Jager            Computer vision systems                              De Beers Consolidated Mines
Prof RF del Mistro         DSS for upgrading informal settlements               Iliso Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Prof GA Ekama              External nitrification in BNR WWT systems             Water and Sanitation Services SA
Prof JCQ Fletcher          Catalysis and catalytic processing                   Intervet South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Johnson Matthey (Pty) Ltd, Merisol RSA (Pty) Ltd, PetroSA,
                                                                                Sasol Technology, Süd-Chemie Zeolites (Pty) Ltd
Prof KA Folly              Power system stability and control                   Eskom
Prof CT Gaunt              Electricity distribution network improvement         Eskom, Eskom Holdings Ltd
Prof STL Harrison          Mineral bioleaching                                  AMIRA International Ltd, BHP Billiton
Prof MR Inggs              Imaging radar technology project                     De Beers Consolidated Mines, Denel (Pty) Ltd, Fisheries Resource Surveys, IQS Solutions (Pty)
                                                                                Ltd, Peralex Electronics (Pty) Ltd, Sunspace and Information Systems (Pty) Ltd
Dr MF Jeebay               Occupational asthma interventions in bakeries        Pick ‘n Pay
Prof RD Knutsen            High temperature stainless steels                    Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd
                           Thermomechanical processing of metal alloys          Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd
                           Tribology of wear-resistant materials                Eskom Holdings Ltd
Prof PS Kritzinger         Modelling, building and securing SOA                 Siemens Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA Ltd
Dr AE Lewis                Precipitation in mineral processing                  AMIRA International Ltd, Eskom, Illovo Sugar Ltd, Impala Platinum Ltd Refineries, Manganese
                                                                                Metal Company, One Eighty Degrees Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Paarl Gravure,
                                                                                SOMCHEM, a division of Denel (Pty) Ltd, Zincor (Pty) Ltd
Mr M Malengret             Wind generator and related technology                EOLTEC, Eskom Enterprises (Pty) Ltd – TSI, Eskom Holdings Ltd
                           VCF compensators                                     Eskom Holdings Ltd, Spoornet, W Gardner & Son (Pty) Ltd
Dr DIJE Mashao             Speech technology                                    Siemens Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA Ltd
Prof JR Moss               Transition metal compounds with applications         Anglo Platinum, Sasol Polymers, Sasol Technology
Prof TD Noakes             Biofeedback to optimise performance and health       Sygade Solutions (Pty) Ltd
                           Developing ergogenic aids for sport                  Bromor Food (Pty) Ltd
                           Health through physical activity                     Discovery Vitality
                           The Body iQ Zone                                     Winning Wellness (Pty) Ltd
Prof GN Nurick             Landmine protection and crew survivability           Armscor
Prof CT O’Connor           Flotation and comminution                            Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Anglo Platinum, AngloGold Ashanti Ltd, Bateman
                                                                                Engineered Technologies, Grinaker LTA Process Engineering Ltd, Impala Platinum Ltd
                                                                                Refineries, Krupp Polysius Corp., Lonmin (Pty) Ltd, Magotteaux (Pty) Ltd, Senmin, a division of
                                                                                Sentrachem Ltd
                           Flotation chemistry                                  Anglo Platinum, Cytec Industries Inc, Falconbridge Ltd, Impala Platinum Ltd Refineries, Lonmin
                                                                                (Pty) Ltd, Rio Tinto, Senmin, a division of Sentrachem Ltd, Trade Imports & Exports (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                (Marex SA)
Prof JG Petrie             Sustainability analysis of business networks         AGAMA Energy (Pty) Ltd, Beco Institute for Sustainable Business, Eskom, Eskom Holdings Ltd,
                                                                                Omnia Fertilizers
Prof P Pillay              Drives for industrial amp; renewable applications    Eskom
Prof RS Ramesar            Management of cancers using molecular genetics       Cancer Assoc. of South Africa, De Beers Consolidated Mines, National Starch and Chemical
Dr UK Rivett               Integrated antiretroviral management system          Toga Laboratories (Pty) Ltd
Prof JC Tapson             Industrialisation of PCLT sensor                     Engineering Acoustics Incorporated

                                                        THRIP Annual Report 2005                              28
                                                                                                                                Grants awarded for 2005/6

 Institution/project leader   Project title                                          Industry partner
University of Cape Town continued
Prof JC Tapson                 Instrumentation for mineral processing               De Beers Consolidated Mines
Prof EWJ van Steen             Nano-engineered Fischer-Tropsch catalysts            Sasol Technology
Prof CL VAUGHAN                Low dose X-rays for medical imaging                  Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd
Mr MJ Ventura                  Broadband wireless communications and networking     Intel Corp., Siemens Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA Ltd
Prof PP Zilla                  A biocompatible bioprosthetic heart valve            Medtronic
                               Tissue regeneration scaffolds for vascular grafts    Medtronic
 University of Fort Hare
Prof NH Muyingi                Support systems for developmental e-commerce         Grintek Telecom, a division of Grintek Group Ltd, Telkom SA Ltd, Tellabs SA (Pty) Ltd
 University of KwaZulu-Natal
Prof CA Buckley                Phytoremediation                                     BHP Billiton
Mr G Diana                     Smart embedded systems                               Envirovision
Dr HB Friedrich                Second generation oxidation catalysts                Sasol Technology
Prof RG Harley                 Control/monitoring of machines, power electronics    Eskom, Tandem Lawn Industries
Prof P Turner                  Eucalyptus wood traits important to pulp mills       Mondi Forests, SAPPI Management Services (Pty) Ltd
                               SA wood fibre processing                              Mondi Ltd, Nampak Tissue (Pty) Ltd, SAPPI Management Services (Pty) Ltd
Dr D Conlong                   Genetic variation in sugarcane pests                 CIRAD, SA Sugar Assoc.
Prof RM Gous                   Broiler breeder productivity                         Alltech Biotechnology (Pty) Ltd, Aviagen, Cobb Vantress, Ross Poultry Breeders (Pty) Ltd
Prof D Jaganyi                 Double bond isomerisation                            Sasol Technology
Prof MD Laing                  Novel bioreactors for bioremediation of wastewater   Steffen Robertson & Kirsten SA (Pty) Ltd
                               Nutgrass biocontrol                                  Plant Health Products (Pty) Ltd
Prof RE Schulze                Sugarcane atlas of agrohydrology amp; climatology    SA Sugar Assoc.
Prof J Zwolinsky               Nursery container                                    Mondi Forests, NCT Forestry Co-op., SAPPI Forests
Dr FE Ahmed                    Remote sensing in forestry                           Mondi Forests, NCT Forestry Co-op., SAPPI Research
Dr DA Hoch                     Reliability of high voltage equipment                Eskom
Prof N Ijumba                  Centre for HVDC studies                              Eskom
Mr ALL Jarvis                  Tomographical study of clarifier                      Sugar Milling Research Assoc.
Dr MAE Kaunda                  Non-linear vibration research and testing centre     Eskom
Prof D Ramjugernath            Phase equilibria measurement                         Necsa, Sasol Technology
Dr BS Rigby                    Real-time simulation for power system stability      Eskom
Mr R Sewsunker                 Rural telecommunications solutions                   Alcatel SA, Telkom SA
Prof F Takawira                IP-based wireless networks                           Alcatel SA, Telkom SA
Dr AH Wilson                   Platinum mineralisation in the bushveld complex      Anglo Platinum
 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Prof JGH du Preez              Platinum anticancer agents                           Platco Technologies
                               Selective removal of gold                            Impala Platinum Ltd Refineries
Prof AWR Leitch                Optical fibre characterisation                        Aberdare Fibre Optic Cables, Corning Optical Fibre, Ingoma Communications Services, Telkom
                                                                                    SA Ltd
                               Solar energy for the telecoms industry               Telkom SA Ltd, TFMC (Pty) Ltd
Dr M van de Venter             Optimisation of a herbal product for diabetics       Value Added Life Health Products (Pty) Ltd
Prof JL Wesson                 Visualisation of Telkom network performance          Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd, Sun Microsystems, Telkom SA Ltd
 University of Pretoria
Prof JG Annandale              Sustainable sewage sludge and wastewater use         East Rand Water Care Company (Erwat), Sasol Synfuels (Secunda)
Dr Z Apostolides               Instant green tea                                    Mitsui Norin Co Ltd
Prof JM Bishop                 Serba: service-based global software systems         E-Logics (Pty) Ltd, Microsoft SA
Prof AM Botha-Oberholster      Fast screening in breeding                           Winter Cereal Trust
                               Improved wood products                               Komatiland Forests (Pty) Ltd
Prof LP Christopher            Biobleaching and bioremediation                      SAPPI Management Services (Pty) Ltd
Prof I Cukrowski               Development of Sasol electroanalytical tools         Sasol Technology
                               New technologies for CrO3 production                 Chrome International South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Mr DJ de Kock                  Design platform to optimise heat sink design         Anchor Devices (Pty) Ltd
Prof PL de Vaal                Non-linear control of chemical processes             Alpret Control Specialists, Anglo Platinum, Sasol Technology
Mr BJGW du Plessis             Nanostructured materials – Nastrum                   African Explosives Ltd, Bayer (Pty) Ltd, Evergreen Environmental Ltd, Kumba Resources Ltd,
                                                                                    Xyris Technology cc

                                                               THRIP Annual Report 2005                           29
Grants awarded for 2005/6

 Institution/project leader    Project title                                        Industry partner
University of Pretoria continued
Prof JN Eloff                 Phytomedicine in human and animal health             Bioextracts (Pty) Ltd, Biomox Pharmaceuticals, Healthtech Laboratories (Pty) Ltd, Organic Aloe
Prof LJ Erasmus               Supplementary feeding for ruminants                  KK Animal Nutrition (Pty) Ltd, Phibro Animal Health, Voermeester
Prof WW Focke                 Nuclear graphite                                     Iscor Coke & Chemicals, Kumba Resources Ltd, PBMR (Pty) Ltd
Prof AA Groenwold             Mini UAV technologies                                Denel Aerospace Systems, Diomedes Innovations (Pty) Ltd, Ractech (Pty) Ltd
Prof AJ Guthrie               Equine piroplasmosis molecular epidemiology          The Thoroughbred Racing Trust, Thoroughbred Breeders Assoc. of SA
                              Horse genotyping validation                          The Jockey Club of South Africa
Prof GP Hancke                Emerging technologies for industrial communication   Ciphertec, ElectroSoft cc, Namitech, TCE (TeleControlExperts) GmbH
Prof PS Heyns                 Fault identification and monitoring methods           Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Eskom
Prof IG Horak                 Acaricide resistance in the former Transkei region   Bayer (Pty) Ltd
Mr J Joubert                  Primary transport optimisation process and system    E-Logics (Pty) Ltd, Volition
Prof EP Kearsley              Fibre-reinforced concrete products                   Grinaker-LTA Mining Products
                              Testing and modelling of fibre-reinforced concrete    Concrete Society of Southern Africa, Infraset Infrastructure Products
Prof JF Kirsten               Food and agricultural policy analysis                ABSA Bank, South African Wine and Brandy Company, The Maize Trust
Prof L Korsten                Alternatives for mushroom casings                    South African Mushroom Farmers’ Assoc.
                              Citrus fruit quality                                 Citrus Research International
                              Litchi fruit quality                                 SA Litchi Growers’ Assoc.
Dr K Krüger                   Control of grapevine leafroll disease                Winetech
                              Silicon effects on phytophthora in avocados          SA Avocado Growers’ Assoc.
Prof T Majozi                 Effluent reduction                                    African Explosives Ltd
Prof CE Medlen                Innovative chemotherapeutic agents                   Cancer Assoc. of South Africa
Prof JP Meyer                 Enhanced heat transfer in transition flow             ASHRAE, Denel Aerospace Systems, Eskom
Dr AA Myburg                  Biotechnology for superior wood and fibre products    Mondi Ltd, SAPPI Forests
Prof LH Nel                   BSV incidence and transmission in South Africa       Banana Growers’ Assoc. of SA, Invitro (Pty) Ltd (T/A Du Roi Laboratory)
                              Establish a citrus virus diagnostic capability       Citrus Growers’ Assoc. of Southern Africa
Dr W Nicol                    Computer model for optimising trickle bed reactors   Sasol Technology
Prof W T Penzhorn             Multi-service NGNs                                   Intelleca Voice & Mobile (Pty) Ltd, IST Data, Telkom SA Ltd, Unisys Africa
Prof PC Pistorius             Piquant – pyrometallurgical quantification            Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd, Ex Mente Technologies (Pty) Ltd, Iscor Ltd, Kumba Resources Ltd,
                                                                                   Sasol Technology
Prof L Prozesky               Immunisation of Roan Antelope against theileriosis   Bidrest Farms (Pty) Ltd, Sterklewies (Pty) Ltd, VetPath
                              Molasses and endocrine disruption in cattle          SA Sugar Assoc.
Dr E Rust                     Towards sustainable tailings disposal                Strategic Environmental Focus
Prof CH Scholtz               Dung beetles in agro-ecosystems                      Natlam (Pty) Ltd
Dr P Soundy                   Essential oil of rose geranium                       Biosys Plant Extracts (Pty) Ltd, Clive Teubes (Pty) Ltd
Prof JJ Strasheim             New vehicle retail inventory diagnostics system      E-Logics (Pty) Ltd, Volition
Prof WE Stumpf                Process optimisation in the metals industry          Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd, Eskom Holdings Ltd, Hulett Aluminium (Pty) Ltd, Iscor Ltd
Prof RJ Thompson              Blasthole stemming performance testing               African Explosives Ltd
Mr AJ van Wyk                 Drug screening liver cell culture                    Schalk van der Merwe cc
Mr MKG Vermaak                Process models and tools in minerals beneficiation    De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd/ DEBTECH Division, Kumba Resources Ltd, Pesco, Samancor
Dr A Viljoen                  Improvement of bananas for disease resistance        Banana Growers’ Assoc. of SA, Invitro (Pty) Ltd t/a Du Roi Laboratory
Prof JA Visser                Diagnostics in turbo machinery                       Anchor Devices (Pty) Ltd
                              Sub-base erosion of concrete roads                   Cement and Concrete Institute
Prof MJ Wingfield              Sustainable fibre production/enhanced wood quality    Central Timber Co-op.. Ltd (CTC), Forestry South Africa, Global Forestry Products, Hans
                                                                                   Merensky, Komatiland Forests (Pty) Ltd, Mondi Forests, NCT Forestry Co-op., SAPPI
                                                                                   Research, TWK
Dr F Wolfaardt                Enzymatic fibre improvement                           SAPPI Management Services (Pty) Ltd
Prof X Xia                    Close-loop control of trains                         Knorr-Bremse SA (Pty) Ltd, Spoornet
 University of Stellenbosch
Prof Gaagenbag                Technological package for Canola production          Oil and Protein Seeds Development Trust, Protein Research Foundation
Dr DM Barry                   Conservation of Cape Buffaloes through ART           Bergsig Game Farm
Prof AH Basson                Rating application                                   Lomotek Polymers (Pty) Ltd
Prof DU Bellstedt             Enzyme-linked immunoassay kits for potato viruses    Potatoes South Africa
Prof FC Botha                 Promoters and alternative selection systems          Winetech

                                                             THRIP Annual Report 2005                            30
                                                                                                                                           Grants awarded for 2005/6

 Institution/project leader      Project title                                                Industry partner
University of Stellenbosch continued
Prof JT Burger                  Genetic improvement of grapevine                              Winetech
Ms VA Carey                     Terroir characterisation: Stellenbosch                        Winetech
Prof AM Crouch                  Electro- and pressure-driven separations                      Eskom
Prof DM Dimitrov                PLM implementation research                                   Automated Reasoning, Ops Logik Systems (Pty) Ltd, Zealous Pressure Castings (Pty) Ltd
                                Afri-Tooling 21                                               AZtech – CNC Programming Solutions, Cinqplast Plastop (Pty) Ltd, Finite Element Analysis
                                                                                              Services (Pty) Ltd, Medical Innovations, Product One Solutions, Sasol Polymers, Xactics (Pty) Ltd,
                                                                                              Zealous Pressure Castings (Pty) Ltd
                                BioCAD-modelling                                              Automated Reasoning, Ti-tamed (Pty) Ltd
                                Reverse engineering process improvement                       Product One Solutions, RGC Engineering
Prof PE Dunaiski                AMDESS                                                        BKS (Pty) Ltd, Hatch Africa, Iscor Ltd, Southern African Institute of Steel Construction
Dr JJ Eksteen                   Metallurgical accounting and reconciliation systems           Anglo American Corp. of South Africa, Anglo Platinum, BHP Billiton, Namakwa Sands Ltd,
                                                                                              Zincor (Pty) Ltd
Mr DNJ Els                      Dragline bucket analysis                                      Van Reenen Steel (Pty) Ltd
Dr PH Fourie                    Trunk diseases of grapevines                                  Deciduous Fruit Producers Trust, Winetech
Prof H Geertsema                Studies of tortricid moths on export fruit                    Citrus Growers’ Assoc. of Southern Africa, Deciduous Fruit Producers Trust
Dr JF Görgens                   Improvement of coffee production                              National Brands Ltd
Dr R Hillermann Rebello         Genetic analysis of pre-eclampsia                             Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research INC
Prof LC Hoffman                 Optimal utilisation of the SA tuna resource                   Export Inc, New Farmers Development Company Ltd, Worldfish (SA) (Pty) Ltd
Dr T Jones                      SASciSat                                                      Advanced Technologies and Engineering Co (Pty) Ltd, Denel (Pty) Ltd, Sunspace and
                                                                                              Information Systems (Pty) Ltd
Prof JH Knoetze                 Product and process development for coatings                  Plascon Paints (Pty) Ltd
Prof KR Koch                    Precious (platinum) metal speciation, analysis and separation Anglo Platinum, Sasol Technology
Ms JM Kossmann                  Enhanced sucrose production                                   SA Sugar Assoc.
Prof AE Krzesinski              Embedded system development                                   SAN People (Pty) Ltd
                                Managing the quality of service in IP networks                Siemens Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA
Prof JG Lourens                 Mobile telecommunication platforms                            Hughes Network Systems, Inc, Telkom SA
Prof GF Marais                  Recurrent mass selection                                      Winter Cereal Trust
Dr A McLeod                     The role of oomycetes in decline of grapevines                Deciduous Fruit Producers’ Trust, Winetech
Prof P Meyer                    HF components and systems                                     EMSS Antennas (Pty) Ltd, Etse Electronics cc, Reutech Radar Systems (Pty) Ltd
Prof H duT Mouton               Power electronic converters                                   Eskom Holdings Ltd
Prof KD Palmer                  Components and tools for communication systems                Electromagnetic Software and Systems SA (Pty) Ltd, Omni Pless
Prof HG Raubenheimer            Value enhancement of alpha olefins                             Sasol Technology
Prof HC Reader                  3032 EMC and EM metrology for industry                        Eskom Holdings Ltd
Mr HCR Reuter                   Optimising of natural draft wet cooling towers                GEA Nilenca (Pty) Ltd
Prof RD Sanderson               Advanced materials                                            Accent Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, BASF AG, Dutch Polymer Institute, Eskom Holdings Ltd,
                                                                                              Kuehl Technology cc, Mondi Ltd, Plascon Paints (Pty) Ltd, Roediger Agencies cc, Sasol Polymers
Mr G Sigge                      UASB and ozone treatment of distillery wastewater             Distell
Prof P Swart                    Breeding a more hardy Angora Goat                             Mohair SA
Prof KI Theron                  Competitive horticulture                                      Citrus Growers Assoc. of Southern Africa, Deciduous Fruit Producers Trust, Safmarine, Valent
Prof JL van Niekerk             Sound quality expertise                                       Bosal Afrika (Pty) Ltd (Industrial Division), Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd,
                                                                                              JH Consulting
Dr DP van Velden                Production of healthy wine                                    Winetech
Prof GPAG van Zijl              APERC structures                                              Africon Engineering International (Pty) Ltd, BKS (Pty) Ltd, Cement and Concrete Institute,
                                                                                              Element Consulting Engineers, Grinaker-LTA Civil Engineering, Holcim, Infraset Infrastructure
                                                                                              Products, Volkswagen Stiftung
Prof MA Vivier                  New biotechnologies for grape and wine production             Agrifutur, Anchor Yeast (see Rymco), Deciduous Fruit Producers’ Trust, Lallemand Inc (Danstar
                                                                                              Ferment AG Trading), Thales Wine Cellar Services (Pty) Ltd, Winetech
Mr KH von Leipzig               Integrated knowledge networks for competitiveness             Collaborative Transformation Solutions (CTS), Indutech Development (Pty) Ltd
 University of the Free State
Prof MT Labuschagne             Kenaf development                                            Sustainable Fibre Solutions
Ms M Lategan                    Platinum-bearing potential of the MG1 chromitite             Xstrata
Mr MB van den Heever            A sedimentological study of the B-reef at Masimong           ARMgold/Harmony Freegold Joint Venture Company (Pty) Ltd

                                                              THRIP Annual Report 2005                                       31
Grants awarded for 2005/6

 Institution/project leader    Project title                                        Industry partner
University of the Free State continued
Prof JH van der Westhuizen    Synthesis of internal standards for spectroscopy     Farmovs-Parexel International (Pty) Ltd
 University of the North
Prof HJ Oosthuizen            Automatic speech recognition                         HP SA, MarPless Communication Technologies (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA
 University of the Western Cape
Mr J Connan                   South African sign language translation              Cisco Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA
Dr J Klaasen                  Plant-Enabling Potentiation Technologies (PEPTECH)   Deciduous Fruit Producers’ Trust
Prof VM Linkov                Fuel cell and hydrogen devices                       Eskom Holdings Ltd, South African Power Engineering and Consultancy
Prof DJG Rees                 Fruit tree genetics                                  Deciduous Fruit Producers’ Trust
Mr WD Tucker                  Multi-modal sSemi-synchronous communications         Cisco Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA
 University of the Witwatersrand
Dr SH Connel                  A novel photon-induced diamond detection system      Bateman Minerals (Pty) Ltd
Prof NJ Coville               Catalysts for industrial processes                   Johnson Matthey (Pty) Ltd, Sasol Technology
Prof WA Cronje                Condition monitoring for power generation            Eskom Holdings Ltd
Prof EM Cukrowska             Chromium speciation in varied matrices               Anglo Platinum, Chrome International South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Eskom, Holcim, Sasol Technology,
Prof B Dwolatzky              Mobile computing to support field personnel           Eskom
Prof RH Eric                  Modelling CLU reactors                               Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd
Dr V Gray                     Biogas production from waste water                   Eskom Holdings Ltd
Prof HE Hanrahan              ICT convergence issues                               Siemens Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA
Prof D Hildebrandt            Development of a CTL plant                           Golden Nest International Group
Prof IR Jandrell              Development of an image-based diagnostic system      DiagnovIS (Pty) Ltd, Plascon Paints (Pty) Ltd
Mr S Kauchali                 Development of a paraffin distribution network        Pasasa
Prof Jakinnaird               Understanding the formation of the Platreef          Anglo Platinum, Platreef Resources (Pty) Ltd
Prof BM Lacquet               Photonics in power engineering                       Eskom Holdings Ltd, TLC Software cc
Prof S Luyckx                 Hard materials manufacture and assessment            Element 6 (Pty) Ltd
Prof T Marwala                Application of image processing to engineering       Denel (Pty) Ltd
Prof MH Moys                  Modelling chutes for design and control              Eskom
Prof R Paskaramoorthy         New composite materials and techniques               Amitech South Africa, Denel Aerospace Systems, Eskom, Nivitex, Sasol Polymers
Dr S Piketh                   Air quality monitoring technology evaluation         Ero Electronic SA (Pty) Ltd
                              Biofuel burning and cloud processes                  Eskom
                              Elandsfontein atmospheric sulphur study              Eskom
                              Matimba environmental research                       Eskom
                              UAE rainfall enhancement assessment                  Orsmond Aviation
Prof MEC Rey                  Biotechnology for the improvement of cassava         CS Manufacturing Co (Pty) Ltd
Prof MC Scholes               Indicators of forest sustainability                  Sappi Research
Dr M Sephton                  Corrosion evaluation of exhaust materials            Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd
Prof T J Sheer                Energy efficiency improvement in thermal systems      Eskom
Ms S Webb                     Bushveld palaeomagnetism                             Anglo Platinum
Prof ETF Witkowski            SCAW landfill                                         Scaw Metals
                              The gold mine phytoremediation project               AngloGold Ashanti Ltd
Prof MJ Byrne                 IPM of stem borers in South Africa                   SA Sugar Assoc., Superlawn cc
Prof RH Eric                  Development and research into ferroalloys            Ferro Alloy Producers’ Assoc.
Prof IR Jandrell              Lightning/EMC protection                             Eskom
Prof MH Moys                  Modelling grinding mills for design and control      AngloGold Ashanti Ltd, Eskom
Dr L Otter                    Determination of air quality impact                  African Products
 University of Venda for Science and Technology
Dr LC Chimuka                 Phytoremediation in the PGM industry                 Anglo Platinum
 University of Zululand
Prof MO Adigun                Wireless Internet software and services research     Huawei Technologies SA (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA
 Vaal University of Technology
Dr E B Naidoo                 Flow analysis in the platinum industry               Anglo Platinum
Dr HC vanZ Pienaar            Development of affordable telephone facilities       Malesela Taihan Electric Cables (Pty) Ltd, Telkom SA , TFMC (Pty) Ltd

                                                           THRIP Annual Report 2005                               32
List of acronyms
ARC    Agricultural Research Council                     PoP         Proof of Payment
BEE    Black Economic Empowerment                        SETI        Science, Engineering and Technology Institution
CoG    Conditions of Grant                               SMME        Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise
CSIR   Council for Scientific and Industrial Research     the dti     Department of Trade and Industry
HBU    Historically Black University                     THRIP       Technology and Human Resources for Industry
HEI    Higher Education Institution                                  Programme
HWU    Historically White University                     TIPTOP      Technology and Innovation Promotion through
NRF    National Research Foundation                                  Transfer of People
PoE    Proof of Expenditure

                                       THRIP Management: NRF
                                        PO Box 2600, Pretoria 0001
                                         Tel: +27 (0)12 481-4078
                                         Fax: +27 (0)12 481-4197


                                              ISBN: 1-86868-060-6
For more information on the long-term impacts of
     THRIP-funded research in South Africa,
   please see the THRIP Impact Report 2005.

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