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Online Faxing - A Dream Come True

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Online faxing, long thought to be a technology myth, finally arrives and
proves itself to be the perfect solution for both businesses and

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Advances in technology have increased our work and business-related
capabilities. The everyday tools of the modern business owner were
unheard of twenty years ago.

Remember seeing your first fax machine? You just knew you had to have
one. Although it would and did bring your business operations into the
new age of highly resourceful technology, it also presented a new set of

But then came e-mail, the answer to instant communication making the fax
seem obsolete ... until the discovery that e-mail isn't exactly perfect
for forwarding certain documents such as maps, off-line magazine
articles, documents with editing marks, photos, etc.

What about a solution that features the best of both worlds ... the
capacity of faxing, minus the headaches, with the simplicity of e-mail,
and without the troubles of sending attachments?

Thank goodness technology is constantly evolving and at last online
faxing has arrived!

Say it ain't so! Yes, online faxing is now a reality and is the perfect
solution for sending documents of all kinds. Consider the advantages of
online faxing compared to traditional faxing.

Disadvantages of traditional faxing:

* Equipment requirements - fax machines cost money and have to be
maintained ... not to mention the monthly expense of a designated phone
line and more extra wires running through your office.

And heaven forbid if the cables come unplugged or get tangled. No power
or phone connection means no faxing. More than one professional has been
spotted down on all fours tracing wires and cables ... not a very
flattering sight for clients and customers.
* Cost of incidentals - incidentals aren't actually incidentals but
definite requirements to fax. You have to have toner, which can cost
almost as much as the fax machine and has to be replaced frequently.

Toner never runs out unless you're faxing. It always runs out in the
middle of receiving an important document, just after your local officer
supply store sells the last one in stock that fits your fax. Then add the
cost of paper, wasted by junk faxes.

Advantages of online faxing:

* Minimal start-up cost - you can set up an online fax account for as
little as $0 to $15, depending upon the service package you select.

* No Monthly Fee - One online faxing service, even has a
"No Monthly Fee" option that totally dispenses with the monthly fee
allowing you to pay as you go.

* Supply costs - on average, about .09 cents per page for ink and paper
to print a hardcopy of faxes.

* Mobility/Portability - send a fax from any computer in the world with
online faxing without being chained to a fax machine.

* Free storage - online faxing archives your faxes for viewing later as
often as you need.

* Automatic file conversion - send files of multiple formats with online
faxing ... advanced technology converts your files for you.

* Direct to your inbox - online faxes are sent directly to your e-mail
address, so you can see it as soon as it arrives.

* Online support - get help from a pro, usually for free with online

Let's see, minimal start-up cost, low monthly fees, an average of less
than .10 cents per fax for supplies, mobility, free storage, automatic
file conversion, faxes direct to your e-mail and online support. What's
not to love?

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