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LG Phones

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LG Phones help to marry technology that is at the forefront of the
cellphone industry with unique and cutting edge designs.

LG Phones

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LG Phones help to marry technology that is at the forefront of the
cellphone industry with unique and cutting edge designs. The cellphones
and various accessories are very advanced compared to some other
cellphone companies. They are popular within the United States and
abroad. LG is working to bring its customer base connectivity at high
rates of speed utilizing EVDO and HSPDA technology. At this time it is in
the lead as the quickest growing cellphone company in the country. LG
holds over twenty-seven percent of the domestic market in cellphones with
sales of over nineteen million cellphones just within the CDMA market.
Another 2.2 million GSM cellphones have been sold for use. Their
cellphones are offered in a variety of colors, styles, and platforms by
which to be used.

Benefits Offered to Customers by LG

Customers that are unsure about their next cellphone purchase are able to
take the cell phone chooser test. The test will choose the five top
choice in cellphones based on the customers answers on the test. There
are twenty questions that ask what the customer is looking for in their
next cellphone. LG stays on the cutting edge by offering special interest
phones to customer such as the Iron Man phone and Prada phone. Automatic
touch sensitive screens are a popular feature of LG phones. The goal of
LG is to intermingle entertainment with a classy case.

Some Current LG phones being Offered

The Chocolate by LG has become a favorite of LG customers everywhere. The
Chocolate is filled with features and has a slender design to it. The
keypad is sensitive to the user's touch, a top notch music and video
player, and 1.3 megapixel camera with camcorder round out the phones

LG Fusic allows the user to carry along music to any destination. It is
the only cellphone in America to utilize an FM transmitter. It's speed is
perpetuated by EVDO connection with quick download times and the ability
to get the most up to date music. Added features to the phone are
Bluetooth capability and it is a one stop entertainment system all within
the packaging of a cellphone.
V by LG offer the most up to date in strides in cellphone technology. The
V by LG uses V Stream for allowing users to view video footage from their
phone and the capability of download. The V comes equipped with a cutting
edge MP3 player and speakers. A miniSD storage card allows the user to
file away pictures and videos to watch at a later date. The VZ navigator
employs GPS technology to let the user know where they are and give
directions when requested.

The LG Migo keeps parents in kids in touch throughout the school and work
day. There are a host of speed dialing features along with an emergency
key in interest of child safety. The child is able to get through to
someone in case of an emergency. Parents can determine the range children
can travel with their MIGO phone. If a child moves beyond that range the
parent is alerted.

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