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Is EDC Gold a SCAM?   |   The TRUTH Revealed

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If you are like many people, you have been searching for a real home
based business…a way to make money from home with an Internet business.
A home based business that actually works.

is edc gold a scam

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A Candid Review of EDC, EDC Gold and EDC Diamond.

Don’t even THINK about joining EDC Gold until you read this.

If you are like many people, you have been searching for a real home
based business…a way to make money from home with an Internet business.
A home based business that actually works. And you desperately do not
want to get SCAMMED! You don’t want to get sucked into an online money
making program… that does NOT WORK and DOES NOT MAKE MONEY. But how do
you know if these online business programs really work?

In your Google searches for, (home based businesses, make money from
home, work from home, etc.)… you have probably heard of EDC, EDC Gold,
EDC Diamond, Craig Garcia & Michael Corcoran. EDC is known to be a
popular Internet home business money earning opportunity. But is it

I must admit, I was very skeptical at first because of all the claims of
people earning more money than their doctors. People claiming to earn
fantastic incomes of $20,000 to over $100,000 PER MONTH! It really
sounds way too good to be true.

After doing tons of research on this company and talking with many people
inside and outside of the company…I came to this conclusion…

EDC, EDC Gold and EDC Diamond is NOT A SCAM. It is an honest, real
business. However...they do have some glaring shortcomings!

There are tons of members who have yet to make their first dime with the
program! They have a pretty high failure rate of people who have signed
up, invested the money, invested in marketing...and given up due to not
being able to get a single person to sign up with them and making NO

EDC, (Easy Daily Cash), is not a MLM program. It’s direct sales on the
Internet. The company offers complete access to almost 3,000 different
software downloads. They promote the software as being "valuable".
There are several dozen really good software titles, can
find most of the software titles on the Internet for FREE if you are
willing to search around a bit. I have found the majority of their
downloads to be tired, low value ebooks, etc. that have very little
valuable information. Certainly not worth the cost of admission!

Training--- Unless you are already an Internet marketing expert…the odds
of you succeeding in your own home based Internet business without the
PROPER training are slim to none. So…the TRAINING you receive is
EVERYTHING and should be the most important factor in deciding which home
based Internet business to join!

FIRST…EDC does offer training for their online business. However, I have
found it to be a mile wide and an inch deep. I think this is the most
lacking issue with EDC. If their members are not properly trained to
successfully market online, they will not succeed. And that is why many
of them do not.

I was on a "training call" one night listening to the president of EDC,
Craig Garcia, teach his members how to sell new members. He had a list
of "hot leads" of "prospective opportunity seekers" that they had
purchased and he was cold calling them on the phone... at home... at
night... with several hundred EDC members quietly listening in on the
calls. It was PAINFULL!

Either no one was home or… when he did reach people at home, every single
one of them… without exception… was just a rude as they could be. "Why
are you calling me at home? Where did you get my number? No, I am not
interested in a business opportunity. Don't call this number again."
Not even one of them… was even remotely interested. Ugggg. It was
really ugly.

I don't know about you...but if you are looking to join a home based
business that operates want the ONLINE SYSTEM working for
you and doing the majority of the work. If it is truly an online
business...why are you calling prospects on the phone? Why not use the
Internet??? I thought that was the idea??

So, make no mistake about it, there are people who succeed with EDC, EDC
Gold and EDC Diamond…but there are a great deal more who really struggle
and fail.

Through my searching for the past 5 years for the perfect home based,
online business, I have discovered a much, much better way. It’s a
SYSTEM created by Derrick Harper called the Wealth Funnel System.      It
was created to address many of the short coming of businesses like EDC,
EDC Gold and EDC Diamond.

Derrick Harper has 12 years of extensive Internet Marketing experience
working with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies helping them generate
untold millions of dollars of profits. He is not an "over-night wonder".
Derrick Harper REALLY knows his stuff! He has now taken his vast
experience and applied it to a program that can help you realize your
Here are Derrick's own words about The Wealth Funnel System: The only
home based business system that teaches you the fundamentals of starting,
marketing, and growing your own online business. I've taken my vast
knowledge of generating a serious income using the Internet to allow you
to work from anywhere on the planet.

And I've made it "paint-by-number" simple with a how to start and grow
your own online business method. It's 100% duplicative and within
6months you'll be a successful online Internet Marketing specialist.

PLUS… "The Wealth Funnel System is the ONLY Home Based Business I have
found with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The guarantee states; You will
make a minimum of $5,000 Per Month within 90 days or they will give you
100% of Your Money Back." How's that for believing in your program?

Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you become successful
marketing online at home with your own home based business.

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