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									The importance of chardham yatra among Hindus is high. This place is visited by around 25000 visitors
around the year. The auspicious yatra is considered to be a must for the Hindus to reach moksha. “Adi
Shankaracharya”, a reformer of Hindu Traditions and philosopher is the creator of the word “chardham”.
This means the four abodes of goddess in India calling “Dev Bhoomi”. The four places are Badrinath,
Kedarnath, Gangotri and Sri Yamunotri Dham. This is called the tranquility of mind and body. The believe
that a trip to all the four places wipe away all the life’s sin have made peoples from around India to gather
The chardham is located in the Himalayan region of Garhwal and the yatra begins in May and continuous
up to early October. The yatra may be completed in one go or in separate trips or in two parts. The two
parts are better to take the Badrinath Kedarnath tour in one go and Gangotri Yamunotri in the other. This
will make you cover the whole trip successfully.
Start your journey of the chardham with Yamunotri it is situated beside the sacred Yamuna River. The
temple of Yamunotri is at a distance of 13 km from Hanuman Chatti town and staying in the town hotels
you will be able to successfully cover the journey. The traditional pujas in the Yamuna River are one of the
must to see. You next step is to the Gangotri. It is a place where the holy Ganga originates. The aarti
ceremony in the river is really fascinating one to fill your journey with divinity. Staying and
accommodation facilities are excellent with the guesthouses and restaurants nearby.
The next is the journey to the Kedarnath. Hotels in Guptkashi falls in the way and staying with them you
will be able to visit the Kedarnath the dwelling place for Shiva and considered to be the most divine
among the four dhams. The city of Guptakashi falls in the way and after having a journey of already two
dhams you will rest down in the city hotels with ease. The Hotels in Guptkashi are ready with modern
amenities and can be booked online easily. Your last stoppage is Badrinath. It is the abode of Vishnu. The
wall of the temple is full of bright and beautiful paintings. These 4 dhams are for that divine journey which
will make you realize the tradition of the Hindus. Come and enjoy them with all the modern facilities and
make the sins of your life vanish away giving you the “ashirbad” or blessings of a life time.

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