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									                       SELECTION CRITERIA
                      FOR THE

The development of women’s golf in Ireland and around the world has been
progressing at a great rate over the past number of years. The increasing
professionalisation in the sport and the rising standard of the younger players, in
addition to the age at which the players are playing at a high level, is a challenge
for all golfing Associations and Unions around the world.

In Ireland, structures have been put in place to encourage and support players by
providing improved facilities, resources and coaching. These supports combined
the improvement in standard means that competition for places on National teams
is increasing all the time. The ILGU is challenging itself to improve the support for
players and in so doing, provide an open and transparent method of selection for
national representation.

The Irish selectors know the importance of selection to the players. They know that
selection provides the player with a number of psychologically supports:

     Affirmation of her success in competitions
     Affirmation of the hard work, commitment, dedication that she has given to
      the sport.
     Confirmation of self belief, confidence, motivation and self evaluation.
     Affirmation to all external personnel who have helped the player gain
      success on her journey.

The remit of the selection committee remains the same; to select the best players to
represent Ireland at international level. However, 2006 has brought about a change
in the formation of the selection committee structure for the ILGU. The new
structure hopes to incorporate increased responsibility for District committees and
the National committee. For the selection process to be comprehensive it is
necessary, therefore, that there is a unified selection process based on specific
criteria. The selection criteria suggested will be as follows:

Selection process for Districts selectors will be based on the following:

      Observation of players
      Information gained from the database of competition results
      Result of performance in District championships
      Training camp for example, player’s personal profile
      Report from District Captain and Coach.
      Performance in different types of events; Strokeplay, Matchplay, Foursomes,
      Past performance
      Handicap profile
      Order of merit placement
Selection process for National Selection Committee

The District committees’ views on players’ performances will be communicated to
the National selection committee through one of the National Selectors who will
attend a meeting of the District selection committee. There should be continuous
communication throughout the season between district selectors and national
selectors attending the same events.

The National selection committee will base their considerations on the following;:

      Review of District committee’s proposals
      Observation of players
      Information gained from the database on competition results
      Training camp for example, player’s personal profile
      Report from captain and coach.
      Past performance
      Order of merit placement
      Handicap profile

Taking each of these criterions in detail a clear strategy will be evident on which
the ILGU will base international team selections. It is necessary to point out that
the selection of small teams or panels or Team Award Teams (TAT) have a slightly
different selection criteria to that detailed below. Some of these teams with less
than 4 players may be used to encourage or ‘blood’’ emerging talent as opposed to
putting the most in-form players on the team.

Observation of players:

      Observe player during tournament play, both matchplay and strokeplay.
      Technical ability to be identified
      Look for positive course management for example, decision making, shot
       making, club selection, and approach to difficult shots
      Personal management on the course for example, demonstration of qualities
       such as: patience, single-mindedness, determined calm, confident, self
       belief, attitude to poor shot, to being ‘down’ in match, attitude to winning
       and losing
      Personal management off and on the course
      Interaction with peers
      Preparation for training, competition, travel
      Practice at tournaments, both long/short game and putting
      Etiquette off and on the course
      Knowledge of the rules of golf.
Information database:

Statistics on all players are held on database by selectors, from all tournaments
played. Statistics on players based in United States and elsewhere, are held in the
same way. Some competitions are nominated such as those detailed in ILGU
Handbook section 12.3.
Matchplay profile in Interprovincial tournaments with a points system developed
for the position of play and result of game counting.

Training inputs:

Captains and coaches report to be based on the following topics:
           Results on battery of physical tests
           Mental preparation self-preparation and maturity
           Organisational abilities
           Attitude and commitment to training
           Technical improvements in training following receipt of individual
           Ability to practice

Technical abilities covered in full by coach in the reports to include
                   Set up
                   Full swing
                   Short shots
                   Sand play
                   Putting

Report from Captains and Coach:

All the above training inputs will be monitored by captains at international events
and by the coach at training and competitions. The selectors will incorporate the
details in these reports along with the other headings above.

Past Performance:

Results of past performance will be maintained in the ILGU database along with
the captain and coaches respective reports during the player’s career.

Order of Merit:

The main purpose of the present ILGU Order of Merit is to allocate Grants to
It is considered by selectors in their deliberations. As it is a mixed record of
matchplay and strokeplay without ‘weighting’, it can not be used exclusively for
selection. Until a credit system is developed in relation to the status/weighting of
competitions, the order of merit can only be used as an indication for selection. In
strokeplay, particularly Scratch Cups, a rating for the difficulty of the course and
weather conditions and the score returned in relation to Standard Scratch needs to
be developed. In match play the result of the game and where the individual won
the match and the rating of the individual whom they beat needs to be developed.
See under team selections, different disciplines are required for different types of

Handicap profile:

Handicap limits have to be adhered to for entry to some international events.
Handicap profiles, showing rate of reduction, are monitored by national selectors.

International Teams Selected:

Ladies Home International Team

As this is a match play tournament, the primary focus is on match play results.
Results in match play rounds of the following championships are important;

Irish Ladies/Girls Close Championships
Provincial Championship/s
British Amateur Championship
Interprovincial Matches if selected
Senior Cup

Also results in the following would confirm a player’s form;
Irish Open Strokeplay
Helen Holm
St. Rule Trophy.

There is no handicap or age limit for selection.

European Teams – Ladies, Junior (under 21) and Girls (under 18)

As these are stroke qualifying tournaments followed by match play, the ability to
produce good strokeplay scores is very important as a team has to qualify in the
top flight to have a chance of winning. While the primary focus is on strokeplay,
players selected have to have a combination of both disciplines. Results in
strokeplay rounds of the following, as far as are available, followed by the match
play results will inform the selection process:

Irish Ladies/Girls Close Championships
District Ladies/Girls Championships as applicable.
British Amateur Championship
Irish Open Strokeplay, Helen Holm, St Rule.

Age restrictions as at the 1st January in year of competition apply.
Girls Home International Team – under 18 on 1st January in year of tournament.

Again like the Ladies HIM Team this is a match play tournament and selection will
be primarily based on match play results from the following:

Irish Girls Close Championship.
Girls District Championships (match play)
Girls Interprovincial matches.

Results achieved in ladies match play events while taken into account, it must be
understood that there is a different premise operating when playing against one’s
peers as distinct from playing against older players. Naturally as a player gets
older her results in ladies tournaments carry greater significance.

While all the above are used to select the best Irish national teams, there is always a
subjective element to selection. This document is published in an effort to give all
those working with our players a better understanding of how teams are selected.

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