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									                                 TRINITY ALIVE
                    “Trinity Lutheran Church is a caring community that welcomes, prepares and
                             encourages all people to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ”

January 2011                                                                                     Newsletter

TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                         A Message from Pastor Tom
120 Sunset Drive
Butler PA 16001
Phone: 724-287-1977
Fax:     724-283-8711
Website:          As I look back on 2010, I am thankful for many things. On the top of
-----------------------                that list is my gratitude for the prayers of the congregation which have
OFFICE HOURS:                          been lifted up every week for me and the congregation as we have
Mon-Fri          9:00 am – 1:00 pm     been in a time of discernment about my call and the call of a new
WORSHIP SERVICES:                      pastor. This has been a great comfort and I do indeed feel that these
Saturday                 6:30 pm       prayers have led to the plan which the Council, the Bishop and I
Sunday           8:30 & 11:00 am       agreed to earlier in the fall. The congregation will have an opportunity
Sunday School     9:45 –10:45 am       to affirm this plan which would modify my call upon the calling of a new
(September through May)                Senior Pastor. This will happen at the annual meeting of the
All services include Communion         congregation on January 30th.
PASTOR:                                I am also thankful that our congregation has been able to continue and
Rev. Thomas M. Pierotti                even thrive in the midst of some significant pressures that have caused
Senior Pastor                          great pain in other Lutheran congregations in our area. When the
724-355-9933 or 724-287-9066           accounting has been done we will find that Trinity finished the year well
Email:      in the black financially. It is a great blessing to be free from concern
AARON’S MINISTER:                      about making ends meet so that we can support as fully as possible
Diane Petrak                           the many ministries by which we share God’s love with those around
724-355-1003                           us.
-------------------                    It is also a great blessing that we have not suffered from the anxiety
STAFF:                                 that has led some congregations to consider leaving the Evangelical
Lynne Hasychak                         Lutheran Church in America. We are the ELCA and, although we are
..…………..Administrative Assistant       far from perfect, through our national church body we are part of the
Dean & Elsie Sarvey                    ministries of 250 missionaries in 50 countries, 8 seminaries (three of
.……………..………………Sextons                  which have provided interns for us in the past several years), 26 ELCA
Karen O’Donnell                        colleges and universities, 145 outdoor ministries, including Lutherlyn,
……………..Chancel Choir Director          over 300 social ministry organizations of the church, including Lutheran
Jessica Sanzotti .……………………             Senior Life, and LSS of Western Pennsylvania and Concordia Lutheran
                  Choir Accompanist    Ministries in our immediate area, and countless other ministries that
Patsy Ann Johnson                      are supported by our prayers and financial contributions through the
……….……...…..Bell Choir Director        Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod of the ELCA. Together we are able
Saturday Organist                      to do God’s work in ways that we never could on our own.
…………………………..Pam Scott
Sunday Organist                        We do indeed have much for which to be thankful as we begin 2011.
……………………..….Ingrid Beute               And thankfulness always produces hope for the days to come.
            2010-11 Council Members                                      Council Minute Highlights
                                                                             Dec. 20, 2010
Jerry Markle         President          724-282-6475
                                                               Call Committee Update:
                                                               Council approved the contents of a letter to be
Keith Harvey         Vice President     724-287-5067           sent to the congregation in preparation for the
                     & Personnel                               annual meeting in January. That Sunday, we will
                                                               have one service at 10:30 AM (Sunday School at
Scott Petrak         Secretary          724-482-2039           9:15 AM). First interviews will be conducted for a
                                                               next set of two candidates in January.
Sandra Huey          Treasurer          724-283-0427
                                                               2011 Budget:
Scott Michael        Fellowship         724-283-6787           A motion passed to accept the draft budget as
                                                               proposed by the Finance committee.
 Joe Rothbauer       Finance            724-789-7320
                                                               The Council Secretary received a letter from the
                                                               Synod, thanking TLC for our Mission Support
David Hanford        Outreach           724-355-1080           commitment for 2011.

Janet Flecken        Parish Ed          724-285-4182           Pastor’s report:
                                                               Pr. Pierotti noted that White Oak Lutheran church
Jim Osche            Property           724-482-2107           will be installing a columbarium.

Steve Rodgers        Social Ministry    724-282-2501           Treasurer’s Report:
                                                               The treasurer’s report      was   reviewed    and
Jim Klein            Stewardship        724-865-2603           accepted.

                                                               Committee Reports:
Donna Baughman       Worship & Music    724-283-4128
                                                               Youth Ministry: S. Slezak asked each member
Stephanie Slezak     Youth Ministry     724-421-7562           to fill out a survey regarding youth ministry.
                                                               Finance: Jehoiada Chest has collected $5,000
                                                               for mortgage reduction that will be applied in
                 Annual Meeting                                2011.
                                                               Property: Temporary patch applied to roof.
This year’s Annual Meeting will be held on Sun. Jan.           Social Ministry: Responses to Christmas
30th. There will be only one Sunday Worship Service            present donations were excellent.
this weekend at 10:30 am. The meeting will be                  Worship & Music: Council approved a motion to
immediately following the 10:30 am service.                    allocate approximately $2,000 for blinds behind
                                                               the organ area. Funding will come from Memorial
                                                               Fund, offset by donations, if any are received.

                                         Month      Same
                                          End       Month
Income & Expenses thru >>>>>>>          11/30/10   Last Year
Income                  We Budgeted:    296,322
                        We Received:    298,942    292,757
             Received OVER Budget:      $ 2,620
Expense                We Budgeted:     305,108
                            We Spent:   302,066    306,448
           Spent is UNDER Budget by:    $ 3,043
Gain/Loss We Budgeted a LOSS of:        $ 8,786    $13,691
                      Actual LOSS:      $ 3,124    BEHIND
Actual Gain/Loss                        $ 5,662
       (AHEAD or BEHIND) of Budget:     AHEAD

                                                                    Worship Schedule Change
           Chancel Choir Recruiting                                    Sun. Jan. 30, 2011

The Chancel Choir is recruiting new members for the                  Sunday School 9:15 am
Lenten and Easter season. Please consider joining                         One Sunday
us. We practice once a week at 7:30 pm, Wed. or                         Worship Service
Thursday evenings.     Contact the church office,
                                                                            10:30 am
Karen O’Donnell or a choir member if you are
interested                                                           Annual Meeting to follow

            There will be no McCandless Bell
             Choir Rehearsals in January.

            Holden Evening Prayer
Holden Evening Prayer Services will be held the        Chairman: Day Calls…….……....8 am – 6 pm
 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.                  Carole Henderson………….724-283-7585
     These services will include incense.              Co-Chairman: Evening Call…....…..6 – 11 pm
                                                         Pam Miller…….…………......724-482-4105
                                                       Email Chairman:……...………………..Anytime
                                                         Lisa Blackburn…
                                                         Pastor Tom………………..…724-355-9933

              Flower Dedications                       Don’t forget prayer requests can also be put on
                                                       the board in the Narthex.
The flower dedication sign-up sheet for 2011 is now
posted on the bulleting board in the Narthex. Please
sign-up to dedicate flowers in memory or in honor of
your loved ones. Cost is $15 per dedication.

      To Sue & Jeff Rapp and families
    on the passing of both of their mothers                            Sarah Braden
                 in December.                                           Joe DiTullio
                   and to the                                          Joe Menchyk
       Allison Family on the passing of                                Esther Turner
      Wayne Allison on Christmas Day.                                   Tom Brown
           TLC Call Committee Update                    Thirdly, Bishop Kusserow has indicated that
                                                        generally speaking, the seminaries and the synods
The Call Committee has been very busy in the last       do not encourage a seminarian to return to their
few months. As we’ve communicated before, the           intern site.
committee interviewed the first two candidates that
we received from the Synod, and elected to not          In summary, Bishop Kusserow has strongly
advance either one of them for further consideration.   suggested that we continue to work through the call
                                                        process as it is designed, and not spend further time
The committee made several minor changes to our         and energy focusing on any one person. We all
profile in early October. The most important of         firmly believe that this is a process led by the Holy
these changes is that we are now willing to consider    Spirit, and that by working through the process with
a Pastor with less than three years experience. The     that in mind, the best possible outcome for TLC will
rationale for this decision is our awareness of the     occur.
number of seminarians with previous careers that
might lend themselves well to pastoral leadership at    If you have any questions or comments about the
a large congregation like Trinity.                      call process, please do not hesitate to speak with
                                                        any member of the Call Committee.
In late November, we received profiles for four
additional candidates.      Of these four, we have      Scott Petrak, John Burglund, Dave Carlson, Terri
decided to offer an interview to one candidate, and     Laborie, Jen McIntyre, Bob Wilson, and Don Wyman.
may possibly interview another, depending on the
receipt of additional information.                      -----------------------------------------------------------
                                                                            Warm Up on a cold
The Committee has received many questions from
the congregation regarding the possibility of calling                             winter day…
our previous intern, Scott Schul. There are several                           Katie’s Kitchen will be
issues that factor into this complex issue.                                   making and selling soup.

First, it is important to recognize that the Call       Choose between:                 $6.00 per Quart
Committee must follow a very precise and defined        Turkey Noodle – 32 oz.
procedure through the call process. This procedure      Beef Vegetable – 32 oz.          Checks payable to:
is directed and guided by the Bishop’s office. The      Potato Leek – 32 oz.             Katie’s Kitchen
TLC Call Committee has been diligent in following
this procedure. We have intentionally cast a wide
                                                        Order Deadline is Jan. 16, 2011. Please place
net in hope of identifying the best candidate to lead
                                                        completed order forms in the offering plate or
Trinity, and have avoided the temptation to focus on
a single candidate.                                     drop off at the church office. The soup can be
                                                        picked up at Trinity on Sat. Jan. 22 or Sun.
Secondly, the call process is designed to match         Jan. 23 after Worship.
congregations with ordained pastors.       It is not
designed to match congregations with seminarians.       Name: ___________________________
Bishop Kusserow has indicated that the process of
matching a seminarian with a congregation is quite      Phone #: _________________________
complex. The seminarian is first matched with a
region (in our case, eight Synods), who then work to    Email Address: _____________________
discern where the best fit for that person exists.
Congregations have no say in this part of the
                                                        Quantity of each: ____ Turkey Noodle
process, but may only become involved when a
seminarian is actually assigned to their Synod.
Therefore, setting our sites on a particular                                    ____ Beef Vegetable
seminarian now would be premature because there
is no way to tell if they would be assigned to our                               ____ Potato Leek
                                                         Total Quarts x $6.00 =
                                                               Total Amount Due: ________
                Ushers Needed

We are in need of ushers for all services, but
especially the Sat. 6:30 pm services. If you are                 Sunday School Pageant
interested in helping with this important ministry       Thank you to everyone who helped with this year’s
please contact the office at 724-287-1977 or by                      Sunday School Pageant!
email at Ushers will now
be scheduled by the office.                                      Sunday School Teachers – Crafts
                                                             Adult Sunday School Class – Refreshments
A very special thank you to Polly Bachman for                        9th–12th Grade SS – Posters
                                                              th    th
her many years of scheduling the ushers.                     7 & 8 Grade SS – Stage Crew & Helpers
                                                                      Dawn Grochalski – Actors
                                                                       Jim Northrop – Scenery
                                                                        Pianist – Leslie Osche

                                                                        Costumes & Props:
                                                                      Tasha & Jusin Ponteous
                                                                      Michele & Steve Green
                                                                          Dana Laskowski
            Women’s Bible Study
                                                         We couldn’t have done it without all of your help.
         Thurs. Jan. 6th at 10:00 am                                    God Bless you all!
  We will be starting a New Study in January.
                                                             Council Member Nominations
              A BIG THANK YOU                        It’s not too late to volunteer! At the Congregational
 To everyone who baked for Meals on Wheels.          Meeting in January 2011, we will be electing 4 new
  The Staff & I really appreciate the time and       council members. The Nominating Committee is
    caring given to this Community Service.          looking for persons interested in the life of Trinity to
                                                     serve our congregation in this very important way.
                            ~ Linda Cunningham       Please prayerfully consider becoming involved in this
                                                     part of the church, and if you have interest, please
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                           fill out the attached slip and return it to the church

                                                     The nominating committee thanks you for your

                                                     Name __________________________________
         Council Member Reminders
                                                     Telephone Number ________________________
   •   Annual Council Reports are due to the
                                                     E-mail Address ____________________________
       office by Wed. Jan. 12th.
                                                     _____ I am interested in running for Church Council
   •   The January Council meeting will be
                                                     in 2011.
       held on Mon. Jan. 24th instead of Mon.        ______I have a few questions and would like
       Jan. 17th.                                    someone from the Nominating Committee to contact
                                                        Wellness Quote: “Attitudes are contagious. Are
                                                        yours worth catching.”
                                                                               Dennis & Wendy Mannering

                                                        Daily appointment with God for prayer and Bible
                                                        study. Start out with 15 minutes a day and you may
                                                        find yourself being able to increase that time. It
                                                        takes commitment and discipline, but I promise you
                                                        that once you start scheduling God into your life
                                                        daily, you will wonder how you ever functioned any
                                                        other way.
    Health and Wellness Ministry Minutes
      January 2011 Happy New Year!
                                                        Next Health & Wellness Meeting: Wednesday,
                                                        January 26, 2011 at 11 AM at TLC
    “You are delivered from the power of
    darkness and transformed into God’s
    kingdom.”           ~ Colossians 1:13               Blood pressure screenings continue as follows on
                                                        the second full weekend of the month:
                                                            Following 6:30 PM service, Sat., Jan. 8, 2011
                                                            Between 8:30 & 11 AM services on Sun., Jan.
                                                            9, 2011
          God’s Christmas present to us is found
in the above scripture!             Even after the      Health & Wellness Ministers are: Linda
decorations are down, the celebrations over and         Cunningham, Paula Jesteadt, Kathy Madden, Jan
the presents all unwrapped and forgotten…we             Staggers, Jane Titley, Marlies von Laufer, Janice
still have the gift of eternal life that started with   West, Barb Wick and Becky Klein with Pastor
the birth of Baby Jesus. Accept this gift and           Pierotti.
turn your ways toward our Heavenly Father.
                                                        Becky Klein
2010-2011 Flu season. We are not hearing the
‘hype’ over the flu that we heard last year, but,
that does not mean that the flu viruses
magically cannot threaten us this year. They
are still out there which means we still need to
make wise health decisions.
       Wash your hands after going to the
       bathroom, before handling food, and
       when you get home from work, school or
       Wipe off your shopping cart handle with
       the antibacterial wipes the stores are
       STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK. BE                    Dear Members & Friends of Trinity ~
       Cover coughs and sneezes.                        Thank you very much for all of the Christmas
       Consult with your PCP about the flu              cards, gifts and greetings. May the joy of our
       vaccine.                                         Lord’s birth fill you with joy this Christmas
Please continue to remember Our Troops by               season!
letting them know you care. Send an email or letter               ~ Pastor Tom, Lynn & Sarah Pierotti
via or
                                                                      Jehoiada Chest

                                                   The special Jehoiada Chest offerings for January will
                                                   be for the purchase of window blinds for the
        Youth Group Christmas Party
                                                   sanctuary. Blinds will be purchased for the lower
          at Ci-Ci’s, Moraine Pointe
                                                   windows behind and beside the organ and the choir
                                                   areas of the sanctuary.
               Sun. Jan. 9, 2011
                   6 – 8 pm                        Please remember that gifts to the Jehoiada Chest
                                                   must be above and beyond our regular giving.
           Cost is $7.25 per person                Although you may designate various purposes for
                                                   these special gifts.    Undesignated gifts will be
   Bring a White Elephant Christmas Gift           applied to the purchase of the window blinds.

      Please sign-up on the bulletin board         So far the congregation is responding quite well to
                                                   this effort. Regular giving remains above what was
                in the Narthex.
                                                   expected! It is a joy to know that our congregation
                                                   is responding so positively to this giving opportunity.

                                                   Thank you to everyone who participated in Trinity’s
                                                   Christmas Pageant, “Ornaments of Christmas”! A
                                                   special thanks to Lynne Hasychak, who organized
                                                   and coordinated the pageant, and Leslie Osche, who
                                                   volunteered her musical gift by playing the piano.

                                                                                  ~ Stephanie Slezak
                                                                        Sunday School Superintendent
                                                   Dear Trinity Members ~

              YOUTH QUAKE                          Thank you so much for the Christmas care package!
                                                   What a nice surprise during my preparation for finals.
Please pray for Trinity’s youth and chaperones
who will be attending Youth Quake in Pittsburgh    Sincerely,
                                                   Sarah Pierotti
from Friday, January 28th through Sunday,
January 30th. Children & Youth Ministry is         Dear Members of Trinity ~
asking you to keep our youth and adults in your
prayers, as they travel, experience God’s grace,   Thank you for your generosity and gift to my family
fellowship with other youth and walk along their   & I. There is no way for me to express how much it
faith journey. Children & Youth Ministry thanks    means.
Trinity for your unending support of our youth.
You are a great blessing to us all.                Thank you,
                                                   Sandy Morra
        Daily Prayers and Scripture                                   stories of mission and ministry
               January 2011                                        from members and congregations of the
                                                                         southwestern Pennsylvania synod

                                                      From a member of St. Paul’s Highfield…

                                                      St. Paul’s Highfield and New Hope Ministries had
           Daily Lectionary Texts                     decided to hold joint services on occasion. At a get
                                                      acquainted progressive dinner, one of the pastors
Sat. Jan. 1           Philippians 2:5-11              gave a tour of the food bank at St. Paul’s,
Sun. Jan. 2           John 1:1-18                     Vandergrift, and expecting to see shelves laden with
Mon. Jan. 3           Psalm 72                        food, I was appalled at the lack their of. I asked
Tues. Jan. 4          Exodus 3:1-5                    what one of the most requested items was and one
Wed. Jan. 5           Hebrews 11:32-12:2              of the ladies said, “Peanut butter.”
Thurs. Jan. 6         Matthew 2:1-12
Fri. Jan. 7           1 Kings 10:1-13                 We have always told people and posted in the
Sat. Jan. 8           Ephesians 4:7, 11-16            bulletins about the food bank, but the response was
Sun. Jan. 9           Matthew 3:13-17                 not enough. I told both pastors I was at the point of
Mon. Jan. 10          Psalm 89:5-37                   just standing up and saying, “Bring in peanut
Tues. Jan. 11         Jeremiah 1:4-10
                                                      butter,” so Sunday at church I did. The ladies in
Wed. Jan. 12          Isaiah 51:1-16
                                                      charge of the food bank said they were inundated
Thurs. Jan. 13        Psalm 40:1-11
                                                      with it. Sticking with the new plan, each week I
Fri. Jan. 14          Acts 1:1-5
Sat. Jan. 15          1 Kings 19:19-21                stood up and announced the specific item of the
Sun. Jan. 16          John 1:29-42                    week. We have gone through cereal, canned
Mon. Jan. 17          Psalm 40:6-17                   vegetables, soaps, etc. Last week one of the pastors
Tues. Jan. 18         Matthew 16:13-19                announced that the women in charge of the food
Wed. Jan. 19          Isaiah 48:12-21                 bank were overwhelmed at our generosity.
Thurs. Jan. 20        Psalm 27:1-6
Fri. Jan. 21          Galatians 2:1-10                We decided in September to form a sub-committee
Sat. Jan. 22          1 Samuel 15:34-16:13            from the three churches to take on World Hunger.
Sun. Jan. 23          Matthew 4:12-23                 And, working through the ELCA Good Gifts, we have
Mon. Jan. 24          Psalm 27:7-14                   decided to go for the entire barnyard and are over a
Tues. Jan. 25         Galatians 1:11-24               third of the way to our goal. Never underestimate
Wed. Jan. 26          Luke 1:67-79                    the power of the simplest of ideas…along with
Thurs. Jan. 27        Psalm 15                        clearly and specifically stating the need.
Fri. Jan. 28          1 Timothy 5:17-24
Sat. Jan. 29          Micah 3:1-4                         What’s the mission and ministry of your congregation?
Sun. Jan. 30          Matthew 5:1-12                                    What does your offering make possible?
Mon. Jan. 31          Psalm 37:1-17                             Send your stories to: The Rev. Dr. Blair Morgan
                                                                               Director for Evangelical Outreach
                                                                              Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod
                                                                     9625 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

                                    The story above inspired me to take on their suggestion.
                                    Each month in 2011 the Newsletter will list specific items to be
                                    donated to our Food Cupboard. So when you read your monthly
                                    Newsletter add the requested items to your grocery list and bring
                                    them to Trinity and place them in the shopping cart in the
                                    Narthex. They will then be donated to the Covenant Food Bank.
           January 2011
                                                                           Thank you for your support,
           Peanut Butter                                                                        Lynne
              & Jelly
                                     PARISH EDUCATION PAGE
                                                            †    Open your heart each day and invite the
                                                                 Spirit to use you as an instrument of
                                                                 God’s will. Pray that God will inspire your
                                                                 words and deeds.
                                                            †    Be yourself. Let your language and
          January Faith Practice: INVITE
                                                                 lifestyle reflect God’s love to & for others.
                                                            †    Around the dinner table, identify some
“Go Tell it on the Mountain, Over the Hills &
                                                                 friends or neighbors you might invite to
Everywhere… Go Tell it on the Mountain that Jesus
Christ is Born”
                                                            †    Having a sleepover? Invite your friend to
                                                                 Sunday School!
Listening to “Go Tell it on the Mountain”, you can feel
                                                            †    Look over upcoming events and church
the excitement, the happiness one has about the
                                                                 activities. Identify occasions that might
birth of Christ! The singer has just found out
                                                                 be natural entry points for unchurched
something amazing and wonderful – the birth of our
                                                                 friends – like day care providers,
Savior, Jesus Christ! He’s sharing his joy over this
                                                                 coaches, co-workers, or teachers.
good news and wants you to tell others, passing the
                                                            †    Invite neighbors & friends to come for an
good news along. How true is this in our own lives?
                                                                 evening of experiencing God’s presence
When you receive good news, what do you do? Do
                                                                 in your home as you provide friendship &
you run to the phone and call your best friend? Do
you post it on Facebook? Twitter? Scream for the
                                                            †    Make God connections in daily events.
whole world to hear? The point is, when we receive
                                                                      Nature’s amazing scenery and
good news we can’t hold it inside. It’s bursting to
                                                                      strength: Only God can design the
come out! We’ll tell anyone who will listen. We
                                                                      starry nights, the snow covered pines,
invite others to share in our good news and
                                                                      the beautiful sunsets, the deer in the
happiness. When they respond with enthusiasm and
                                                                      meadow, etc.
support,    we form bonds           and strengthen
                                                                      Amazing doctors, nurses & medicine:
                                                                      God made our bodies to fight disease,
                                                                      but God gifts people with skills that
So then, why do some of us struggle with telling
                                                                      help keep us healthy.
others about the good news of Jesus? Why is it
                                                                      Gas Stations: Who fills our “tank” with
easier to pass on those slightly naughty emails
                                                                      all the things we need – like love, joy
rather than the ones that mention God? Think about
                                                                      and hope?
all the people you come into contact with each day,
whether it’s those you’re close with or those you           ~Portions taken from 2000 ELCA-wide Call to
pass by in the grocery store. Do you let God’s love                                        Discipleship
shine through your actions and words? A smile or
“Good Morning” could make a huge difference in
one’s day. These simple actions lets a person know
you see them, you recognize them and you wish
them well.

This month, Parish Education encourages Trinity to
break through its insecurities and focus on some
ways it can creatively and naturally invite others to
                                                                There will also be NO SUNDAY
follow Jesus. The experience of God’s loving touch                SCHOOL Sun. Jan. 2, 2011
in our lives is a gift maturing disciples feel compelled
to share with others. Words of witness and acts of           Sun. Jan. 9 – Epiphany SS Event
genuine hospitality towards friends, family and
neighbors create the opportunity through which the          Sun. Jan. 30 – Sunday School will be
Holy Spirit brings others into a relationship with                   from 9:15 to 10:15
Christ and his church.                                     (There will be only one worship service
                                                                on Sun. Jan. 30th at 10:30 am)
               Ornaments of Christmas
                                   2010 Sunday School Program

Jade Stepanian, Emily Sarver, Shane McIntire         Pre-K & Kindergarten “Candy Canes”

             2nd Grade Angels                                   Singing Carols

             1st Grade “Bells”                                   Our Nativity
January 2011 Birthdays
Jan. 1    Noah Delano, Bill Grupp, Ken Jesteadt, Carl Snyder
Jan. 3    Cheryl Allison, Zach Ellison, Tarrah Kapsin, Heather Mikita
Jan. 4    Carol Musko
Jan. 5    Josh Lineman
Jan. 6    Mason Northrop, Ethan Sarver, John Schlotter, Betty Wobb
Jan. 7    Jan Elliott, Joe Herold, Craig Smith
Jan. 8    Christina Pollock, Mike Slupe
Jan. 9    David Gold, Elsie Sarvey
Jan. 10   Charlene Edwards, Evan Kapsin, Debbie Spencer
Jan. 11   Alyssa Garcia
Jan. 12   Luke Bowser, Hunter Prementine
Jan. 13   Alexandra Arbanas, Sue Elsass, Jordan Hammer, Heidi Sarver, John Stitt
Jan. 14   Jeff Dunn, Rick Gladd Jr., Kristina Mulig, Roger Smith
Jan. 15   Mike Demayo
Jan. 16   Mara Davanzati, Colton Dero, Linda Swain, Wallace Zulick
Jan. 17   Noah Ernst
Jan. 19   Anna Timko
Jan. 20   Elizabeth Goetz, Sonny Hassler, Dawson Pfabe, Beverly Snyder, Bill Watson
Jan. 22   Clayton Grabb, June Zulick
Jan. 23   Karl Cheeks, Robyn Tynan, Ron West
Jan. 25   Emma Burglund, Pam McKinney, Trisha Montag, Bill Olszewski
Jan. 26   Keith Blackburn, Bill Gabriel, Lynne Hasychak, Ron McKinney, Esther Stewart, Bob Wilson
Jan. 31   Tom Della Santa

January 2011 Anniversaries
Jan. 13   Ken & Judy Scott-Rhodaberger
Jan. 17   Scott & Diane Petrak
Jan. 19   George & Pamela Miller
Jan. 20   Gregg & Krista West
Jan. 21   Bud & June Daum
Jan. 23   Dave & Mary McFarland
TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                  Non-Profit
120 Sunset Drive                                      U.S. Postage Paid
Butler PA 16001                                        Permit No. 105
                                                            Butler, PA

Trinity Lutheran Church
January 2011

                            Watch for copies of the
                             Annual Report in the
                           Narthex & pick up a copy

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