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The Kanderlane Group corporate profile

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The Kanderlane Group
corporate profile
The Kanderlane Group (Pty)
Limited, is a wholly owned
South African investment
company, with interests in the
electronic payment sector in
Southern Africa. It was
established in August 2000.
       The Group, which is head-
quartered in South Africa’s commercial
hub in Johannesburg, has three
subsidiaries: ATM Solutions (Pty) Ltd,
EFTPOS (Pty) Ltd and DrawCard (Pty)
       ATM Solutions, the flagship of
the Group, is the leading provider of
off-premise Automated Teller
Machines (ATMs) in Southern Africa.           Above from left to right: David Frank, MD, EFTPOS; Steven Kark, CEO, The
       The company, which controls            Kanderlane Group & ATM Solutions; and Philip Froom, MD, DrawCard.
more than 40 percent of the off-
premise ATM market in South Africa,               ATM Solutions offers clients two service options – a fully cashed ATM or
provides in-store and off-premise            a merchant – cashed ATM.
ATMs to retailers and provide a fully             EFTPOS is a leading player in the electronic transfer space in Southern
outsourced ATM programme to                  Africa.
banks.                                            The company delivers a complete card payment terminal, network access
       The in-store cash withdrawal          and server and transaction solutions that help merchants generate revenue
facility is a banking solution that offers   and increase profit.
convenience to retailers and                      EFTPOS has a strategic partnership with Hypercom Corporation, the US-
customers. The retailer rents the            based global payments technology innovator.
machine while ATM Solutions                       DrawCard is a leading player in the issuing and processing of stored
manages the entire deployment,               value gift and Visa debit & credit cards to a number of blue-chip retailers and
service and maintenance process,             corporates in South Africa. DrawCard is a Visa certified third party card
fulfilling a function the banks would        processor for Investec Bank Limited and also has a strategic partnership with
normally perform. The retailer receives      Stored Value Systems, the world’s pioneer and largest issuer of electronic gift
a share of the transaction revenue.          cards.

in this issue
                                             Page 2 • ATM Solutions

                                             Page 3 • EFTPOS

                                             Page 4 • DrawCard
                                                                                       Issue 1 • 2006
                              ATM Solutions
                              ATM Solutions has become the market leader in ATM operations,
        A member of
                              after only 7 years market exposure. With over 2700 independent,
                              off-site ATM machines installed predominantly in retail outlets
                              and forecourts throughout South Africa, the company has
                              become a force to be reckoned with in the industry.
                                   “ATM Solutions fulfills and supports both social and economic needs in the
CONTACT DETAILS               country by taking banking services to the mass market and under-serviced
                              areas,” says Steven Kark, CEO at ATM Solutions.
Tel:   0861 00 44 44
                                   ATM Solutions’ strategic partnership with US-based Triton, provides the
Fax:   +27 11 444 7086        company with the ability to offer hardware that processes transactions directly
E-mail:     via the company’s own transaction switch. An internally devised back-office
Web:       system means that the company has less reliance on traditional banking
                              infrastructure and can offer its customers superior reporting and record-keeping.

Spa Filling Station Testimonial
‘Having an ATM inside my store, allows my customers immediate access to cash
and enables them to buy something in the store. This benefits us directly as the
ATM draws buyers into the shop. ATM Solutions is brilliant - right from their
friendly and helpful staff to their personalised attention and exceptional ser vice.’
                                                                             Alida Le Grange, Manager

                              Latest news
                              Over whelming response
                              to Best Merchant Competition
                              ATM Solutions recently held                To win, merchants had to adhere          business partners for their commitment
                              i t s s e c o n d B e s t M e rc h a n t   to, and attain, these standards:         to the ATM Solutions product and
                              Competition, which received                • To keep the ATM cashed                 service.
                              an overwhelming response,                  • To keep the area around the ATM            The winners of the competition,
                              and widespread participation,                  clean and presentable                and a weekend at Sun City, are Mr
                              with merchants across the                  • To achieve the biggest percentage      and Mrs Kalil of Engen’s Ally Motors
                              country entering.                              increase in transaction volumes      from KwaZulu Natal.
                                                                             through the ATM                          We would like to congratulate them
                                                                         The competition was created to not       and look forward to publishing more
                                                                         only spark activity and pride, but the   winners in future editions of this
                                                                         intent was to also reward our loyal      newsletter.

ATM Solutions extends a helping hand to Cosmos
                              Cosmos Children’s Haven in Mpumalanga came alive, when                              outside the Cosmos facility. In a
                              ATM Solutions staff members visited the home to hand out an                         moving handover ceremony,
                              assortment of necessities that will make the lives of the children                  Cosmos authorities thanked ATM
                               just a little easier.                                                              Solutions for its generosity. The
                                  Housing seventy two mostly abused and neglected children, Cosmos                haven’s budget only caters for
                              Children’s Haven is a halfway house for children whose court cases are              60 children, hence, with its
                              awaiting determination. The haven does not only provide a home-like                 current capacity it has had to
                              environment for these extremely vulnerable children, but also assists them          scout for donations to
                              in securing places at adjoining schools, and ensures that the fees are              supplement its already-stretched
                              settled.                                                                            financial situation.
                                  The Children’s Haven was overjoyed with the crockery and cutlery                    If any one would like to
                              donation from ATM Solutions, which it had been battling to acquire for              contribute, in any way, to this
                              some time.                                                                          worthy initiative, please contact
                                  ATM Solutions also donated two Encarta Software packages, hoping                Cosmos Children’s Haven direct
                              that they will afford some of the older children a glimpse at the world             on (017) 648 3064/4168

          page 2
EFTPOS overview
Closing the transactional loop, EFTPOS is the newest addition
to The Kanderlane Group.                                                                                            A member of

   EFTPOS (Pty) Ltd enables merchants to accept payment from
   their customers using credit cards and debit cards. EFTPOS
   (“Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale”) provides                                                 CONTACT DETAILS
   merchants with point-of-sale card terminals which connect to                                            Tel:   0861 338 767
   our transaction processing switch. These terminals can further                                          Fax:   +27 11 444 7086
   benefit the merchants’ businesses by dispensing additional
   products such as prepaid telephone and electricity vouchers.

       EFTPOS offers very competitive pricing and top quality dedicated
   service to our nation-wide customer base. Our POS terminals include
   traditional counter-top devices, Bluetooth and fully mobile units. We only
   provide systems that are fully compliant with the latest security
   requirements, protecting our merchants from fraud and future costly
       EFTPOS is also the African and Indian Ocean Islands distributor for
   Hypercom, a global leader in card point-of-sale hardware. The strong
   commercial and technical team can customise solutions to merchants’
   specific needs.

                                      Latest news

EMV compliant devices are

It is of critical         Help is at hand...
importance for            EFTPOS recently announced that it is deploying EMV (Europay, MasterCard
                          and Visa) certified devices and processing services, in line with the card
merchants to switch to associations’ dictate for all local banks and merchants to move to this safer
EMV compliant credit card transactional platform.
and debit card devices.       The EFTPOS terminals, consequently, are able to accommodate both chip
                          and magstripe credit and debit card transactions.
If they don’t, they could Other benefits to merchants of all sizes include:
be liable to the banks    • No hidden or expensive costs when upgrading to EMV compliance with
for chip-card purchases       EFTPOS
                          • The ability to take advantage of EFTPOS’ latest-in-functionality technology,
made by their                 regardless of whom you bank with
customers.                • EFTPOS’ highly competitive merchant services rates
                                      Prevention is better than cure. Talk to EFTPOS today and let’s
                                      see how we can build your business together.

                                                                                                              page 3
                              DrawCard Profile
                              DrawCard provides            DrawCard’s exclusive partnerships with industry leaders,
                                                           coupled with its extensive understanding of the South African
        A member of           cutting-edge technology      card and payment industry has enabled DrawCard to offer its
                              together with a full suite   clients innovative and specialised card solutions tailored to
                              of back-end ser vices and    their specific needs.
                                                                 Whether you’re a retailer looking to increase foot-traffic or a corporate
                              support.                     seeking higher brand recognition contact DrawCard on 011 531 5408 for a
                                                           tailored card solution that’s right for you.
Tel:   086 111 1234
Fax:   +27 11 444 2827
E-mail:   Naartjie Testimonial
                              ‘We have found the implementation of the new cards almost trouble free.
                                Drawcard offers excellent training and the back up ser vice has been
                                                             excellent.’       Michael Elliot, MD, Naartjie

                              Latest news
                              DrawCard launches
                              Toys R US gift card
                              Toys R US joins DrawCard’s growing base of retail clients that
                              includes Incredible Connection, The Pro Shop, Naartjie, La Senza,
                              Golfers Club and many more.
                                                                                       D r a w C a rd re c e n t l y a n n o u n c e d t h e
                                                                                       successful launch of the Toys R US gift
                                                                                             “I can say that the service, professional advice,
                                                                                       activation and training we have received from
                                                                                       Drawcard has been exemplary. I cannot fault them.”
                                                                                       - Izzy Zimmerman, Senior Executive, Redgwoods.
                                                                                            “Gift cards are a growing phenomenon in South
                                                                                       Africa and are being used as a replacement for
                                                                                       traditional paper gift vouchers,” says Philip Froom,
                                                                                       co-founder and Managing Director of DrawCard.
                                                                                            Gift cards can be issued in any amount and
                                                                                       are perfect for any occasion from a birthday,
                                                                                       anniversary or wedding gift to customer and
                                                                                       employee incentives. These gift cards are also
                                                                                       used as a replacement of paper credit notes for
                                                                                       merchandise returns.
                                                                                            DrawCard's robust gift card solution and
                                                                                       innovative approach empower retailers, shopping
                                                                                       centres and corporates to enhance their existing
                                                                                       brand, increase foot traffic and sales, create
                                                                                       customer loyalty and improve the shopping
                                                                                       experience for their customers!

                              Toys R US                 ‘I can say that the ser vice, professional advice,
                                                        activation and training we have received from
                              Testimonial              Drawcard has been exemplar y. I cannot fault them.’
                                                                        Issy Zimmerman, Senior Executive, Redgwoods

          page 4

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