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                   CIGAR MENU
The richest, and most sought after cigar leaf in the world comes from
a particular seed grown in the Vuelta Abajo area of Cuba. The cigars
are named "Havanas" (spelt Habana in Spanish) after the capital of
Cuba. A true Havana cigar is rolled in Cuba from leaf grown
entirely in Cuba, and has a magnificent distinctive, spicy flavour.
Cohiba Siglo I                                     R

(Half Corona, 102mm x Ring 40) Considered the pride of the Havanas, Cohiba is the flagship brand of Cuba
- originally created for the personal use of Fidel Castro. Made from a selection of the best tobaccos from the
Vuelta Abajo region, Cohiba’s special third fermentation process gives it a unique aroma and flavour. The
cigars are totally handmade and very smooth. Generally slightly more full-bodied than Montecristo with more
ligero leaf in their blend. This cigar is totally handmade, with a remarkable flavour for its ring size and very
Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta is probably the best known Havana brand. The balanced and aromatic blend makes it the
classic medium-bodied Cuban cigar.
Romeo y Julieta No.3 Al.Tubes (Long Half Corona, 117mm x Ring 40)
A more slender cigar, machine-made for economy. Probably not as smooth as many handmade cigars – but
many smokers prefer a cigar with a bit of “bite”, just as many diners like a curry. But make sure it lasts 30
minutes or it may be too hot.
Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro (Slim Corona, Ring 40 x 129mm) (Cedar wrapped)
This cigar is machine bunched, hand finished - good Cuban flavour, excellent value, enjoyable as a casual
Partagas Serie D #4

– (Robusto, 124mm x Ring 50)
Second oldest Cuban brand, established 1845. Immediately recognised by its deep character and rich earthy
flavour. Rich, full flavour, spicy aroma – for the connoisseur. The Robusto size is probably the most desirable
in any brand in which it is made – Cuban and non-Cuban. The draw is easy; the flavour is full and the length
of smoking time comfortable. In the Premier issue of Cigar Aficionado (Autumn 1992) the “Robusto /
Rothschild” size was selected for the first tasting – in a fine article they described the size as the “perfect
power lunch smoke”.


Totally handmade, classic Cuban flavour, Montecristo is one of the top premium brands from Cuba - its
biggest in terms of sales and probably the most appreciated. Its distinctive medium to full flavour forms for
many Cuban cigar smokers the benchmark for size and flavour. Theo Rudman wrote: “Brand’s success has
a lot to do with unique tangy flavour. This partly created by storing ligero leaves for filler in special type of
cedar wood boxes, partly because of unique technique of arranging filler leaf. Generally slightly milder than
Cohiba with less ligero leaf in their blend.”
Montecristo No.4 (Petit Corona, 129mm x Ring 42) - Totally handmade, classic Cuban flavour – the
benchmark for all Cuban cigars of this size. The No.4 is Cuba’s single biggest selling cigar.
Hoyo de Monterrey - Established 1867, the flavour of this blend makes it an attractive choice for those who
seek a delicate yet aromatic Cuban cigar that is lighter to the taste but with great elegance and complexity.
Petit Robusto (Petit Robusto - 102mm x Ring 50) In 2004 Hoyo introduced their short, thick Petit Robusto.
The comfortable draw is there, while the shorter length reduces the smoking time. Nevertheless the cigar is
full of flavour – almost a concentrated version of its longer, big brother, the Epicure No.2.

            Davidoff–                            excellence
Dominican – Davidoff– a tribute to the quest for excellence.

Davidoff became disenchanted with his cigars from Cuba in the 80's and moved production of cigars bearing
his name to a Dominican factory - he did not want to sacrifice his reputation for excellence. Even during the
boom of the early 90’s the cigars never wavered from their high standards. The leaf grown in Dominican soil
is slow burning and mellow and naturally lighter than Cuban – so the traditional Davidoff cigar is a blend of
subtle, light tobaccos. The flavour of Dominican cigars may be enhanced by a Java, Cameroon or Maduro
wrapper, but they are not as full-bodied as Cuban.
Davidoff Exquisitos (Cigarillo, 93mm x Ring 22).
Because even the most dedicated aficionados cannot always find time to enjoy a cigar in its entire length,
Davidoff created the "Exquisitos" for briefer interludes of smoking pleasure. These small cigars are rolled
exclusively from full leaves, making them the smallest handmade cigars worldwide, yet offering the same
superb enjoyment as a premium cigar - with a mild and well-balanced taste. Ideal to start an evening,
preparing the taste buds for the fuller flavours to follow.
Sometimes a short filler cigar is appropriate for those who are not regular cigar smokers:
European blended short-filler cigars - Vasco da Gama

The short-cut filler leaf allows the natural aromatic oils to spread and blend, creating a more complex yet
light, easy-burning, flavourful cigar. The short filler ensures an easy draw. The filler in each case is a
carefully selected blend of several harmonious tobaccos from the former Dutch East Indies and Brazil, but
the character and flavour of each cigar is defined by its wrapper. The result is a fine fusion of the distinct
natural flavours.
An extra nice touch is that each cigar is wrapped in cedar wood, which enhances the flavour and also
provides a spill for lighting the cigar.
Vasco da Gama Corona No.2 Capa de Cuba (Corona, 153mm x Ring 42).
The filler is a carefully selected blend of several tobaccos from the former Dutch East Indies and Brazil, with
a strong Java binder and - a Cuban wrapper (capa): Rick Hacker says: “In many ways the wrapper is the
most important part of the cigar, not just because it provides 30% to 60% of the flavour, but also because it is
the embodiment of the cigar’s total character”. The cigar is ideal for the casual smoker as it offers the true
Cuban flavour, but is relatively light.

A Note on Smoking Cigars
For all cigar smoking the rule is: sip the cigar, like a wine-tasting, roll the smoke around in your mouth to
savour the flavour, then gently let it out. If you draw too fast the smoke becomes hot and bitter. A cigar that
has gone out can simply be re-lit. Cigars do not contain additives to keep them burning so if/when your cigar
goes out, gently tap off the loose ash, blow through to expel stale smoke, re-light and continue to enjoy it.
A cigar can be “doggy-bagged”. Allow it to go out, then cut off the ash end (about 1cm, for cleanliness) and
store in a glass tube until you are ready for it.
Blow through before re-lighting to expel stale smoke. On re-lighting it will taste stronger.

Approximate smoking times (depending on speed of smoking / how often it goes out)
       10-30min.      mini cigarillo / cigarillo / demi-tasse or senorita
       30-60min       ½ corona / petit robusto / petit corona / corona / corona extra / robusto
       1-2 hour               churchill / double corona