Email Marketing Segmentation Strategies

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					Email Marketing Segmentation Strategies

Every business employing email marketing should know the classification of
their subscribers. Why email segmentation? First of all, it helps you clearly
define your objectives for each classification of those you are marketing to.
Without clearly defined goals, you cannot hope to develop finely targeted
campaigns, with a personalized message that will engage a specific group with a
specific need.

The second and most important point to make is that the main objective of
segmenting is to convert the greatest number of prospects and subscribers from
browsers to buyers. Below are a few straightforward guidelines to promote this
transition as quickly as possible.

New Subscribers

Acquiring a brand new reader is simply the starting point when making the
most of the return responses you receive from your email marketing
promotions. The next phase is to ensure they take action. Your goal is to cause
them to click on your call to action – leading to your landing page, and
hopefully, upon their landing, they will make a purchase.

Be creative. Have a special discount in place intended for welcoming brand-
new online subscribers, including a promotional code monitored by your
website analytics. This will enable you to follow what they click on and what
they buy. Follow up with a welcome email message to your new subscriber.
Include a link back to your promotional landing page. As soon as they click this
link, you will be able to trace exactly where they browse and what they click on.
 In this way, you not only boost the possibility of more sales, you also gain a
behavioral profile of this new subscriber's personal interests, enabling you to
create a more finely tuned targeted future campaign.

Activate your Inactive Prospects

We all have lists filled with prospects that receive, but never open our email
campaigns. At some point, you will need to delete them from your database in
order to save precious time, effort, and money. However, it couldn't hurt to give
it one more try before deleting this email from your database forever. Why not
send out a verification reminder, asking them whether they still wish to continue
receiving your email or newsletters. Make sure that your subject line clearly
states the reason for the communication so it is not perceived as spam. If they
are interested in maintaining their subscription, they will open the email and
click the link. If not, then you can remove them without any hesitation.

The Unclickables
These are recipients that have opened your email messages but have never
clicked the call to action. Send them an Internet survey to find out what they
would be interested in seeing, or which services and products are looking for.
Obtaining any kind of live data from potential subscribers is extremely valuable.
 This data can guide and assist as you move forward to developing future
campaigns designed to get this particular targeted group to eventually click on
your call to action, and make their first initial purchase.

The Coveted Client
Once a browser becomes a buyer, they fall into another category. Clients need
to be nurtured, acknowledged, noticed, and appreciated. Set up campaigns with
special offers and deals just for them. Follow their future clicks and purchases.
 Let them know you value their patronage. NEVER take them for granted or
think they represent an automatic repurchase behavioral pattern.

Email marketing is a highly competitive field. Although no one has the keys to
unlocking the full potential of any campaign, we can all take the steps towards
that goal with each and every new strategy.

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