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                                   Winter Newsletter
                                    December 2010

             OUR MEMBERS & FRIENDS

Hi Everyone

Can’t believe how time flies, we are nearly half way through the season and all looks well,

At the moment our teams in the NMTTL league are doing well:

Premier League:     Ellenborough    1      in 1st position

                    Ellenborough    2          2nd

The young guns of Ellenborough      5          3rd

Division 2          Ellenborough    6          3rd

Division 3          Ellenborough    9      in 1st position

                    Ellenborough 10            3rd

Division 4          No team in the top 3 as yet, but we are only
                    half way through the season

Cheshunt League

Division 1          Ellenborough is currently 3rd only play 2
                    games so far

Division 2          Ellenborough A is 2nd and had played 4
                    games to date
We have been very busy and lots have been going on in the background.


We have finally agreed on a new sponsor for the club, thanks to all the hard work the
Committee has put in. We had tenders from Tees Sport, Bribar, Thorntons and Topspin. The
committee eventually decided to go with Bribar as they offered us the best deal for the club. We
are just about ready to sign a contract. We also intend to have a Club Shop selling mainly
everyday items and will also take orders. Hopefully this will start in the new year, so watch this
Christmas Opening times
The last Junior coaching and evening sessions will be on 22 December and resume on 2
January 2011. (Please see the whiteboard for any changes for evening openings).
For the over 50s, the last session will be 23 December and resume on 28 December 2010.
Urfi our head coach is also running a Junior camp between Christmas and New Year see notice board for

Jack Petchey
Many thanks to Sue Sparry for all her hard work in getting this off the ground for the last few
years, managing this project and getting well needed funding for juniors. Unfortunately, Sue can
no longer continue to look after this project so we have now taken it over. We had a visit from
Jack Petchey Foundation, and Julie did a great job of tidying up the Jack Petchey board and
also has made an album of all past winners. The latest winner for this term is Beau Durham and
he decided that the £200 award for the club should to go towards the Junior Christmas
Celebration. This will be held on Sat 11th Dec from 4 to 7.30 pm. Ticket cost is £2. This
contribution will go towards helping with the costs of the party. There will also be another
presentation for a child voted by juniors at the party.
We had good feed back from Jack Petchey inspector and had advised that if our numbers
continue to grow we will qualify for the Gold Scheme. This will mean that the club will get more
money for juniors. So please ensure that any non members, visitors (those who pay and play for
£1 per session) to sign in our signing in book to enable us to monitor numbers. Please note that
any juniors who will like to nominate a boy/girl to receive the award, please let us know and we
will put their names on the board for next round of voting. We also welcome any ideas as to how
the money should be spent.
Quiz night
We are still hoping to do a quiz night soon just need to check fixture list to get a suitable date.
75th Anniversary
For those of you who are unaware, 2011 will be Ellenborough’s 75th Anniversary! we imagine
there are very few clubs who would be able to say that. We are planning to have a big
celebration to mark this occasion. Just got to confirm a date, we think it will be sometime in
June 2011. We hope all members will support this event and ticket prices will be kept to a
minimum just need to cover the costs. We will appreciate volunteers to help on the day, please
let Julie know if you can help.
Christina put another application to YOFE and Cash4Club recently unfortunately we were
declined this year due to cut backs. Christina is now looking for any other fundings, if anyone
knows of any (there may be some that Christina is not aware of) please let Christina know.

Just to let you know, we now have Wi Fi at the club for members to use. Thanks to Keith
Williams for organising it. Bernie Kelly is currently updating our website getting us into the 21 st
centaury. He is doing this for free! Many thanks to Bernie he will be liaising with Keith so if there
is anything you would like to see on Ellenborough’s website please advise Keith. We hope to
get the latest news and events on the website.
Sainsbury & Tesco vouchers
We will continue to collect Sainsbury & Tesco again this year, so when it starts up again please
can we have your vouchers. Please put them in the red box by bar.
We will like to take this opportunity to thank Tesco for donating a voucher for our Juniors.

Child Protection Officer
Roger Close has resigned from the committee as Child Protection Officer due to family &
personal reasons. He will however continue to run Cadet & Junior League for this year. Many
thanks to Roger for all his hard work, we know it’s not been an easy job. Anyone who is
interested in taking over as Child Protection Officer please contact any committee members as
soon as possible.

Finally, we like to thank all those who volunteer their time freely in whatever capacity to enable
the club to function. Have a good Christmas.

Julie & Christina

From The Chair

I’m please to report that the Club is still thriving with well over 200 members on it’s list. The junior
section is flourishing and a small number of them play for the Club in our local league teams. At the
other end of the spectrum our over 50s group is always well attended with usually more than 25
enthusiastic members at each session.

100 Club

Sadly Sylvia Tyler who has been running the100 Club for a number of years is giving up this job. She is
now living in the wilds of Lincolnshire and feels she is too remote to be able to give the job the attention
it needs. I would like to offer Sylvia our thanks for all the fundraising she has done for the Club over the

We think a replacement has been found to take over from Sylvia but at this stage the name has to be
kept under wraps as we still await final confirmation.

Junior British League

The first half of the competition was played on 23rd October and our boys team consisted of Bradley
Tuttle, Sam Cowan, Daniel Wright and Mikael Papantoniou.

Of the 5 matches played we won 3 , drew 1 and lost 1. This gives the team a total of 7 points so at the
half way stage they stand in second place. Hopes are high for the second half of the competition as the
team is steadily improving.

The girls competition was played over the same weekend but unfortunately the team was short of it’s
highest ranking player. The team representing the Club consisted of Eda Aydin, Samantha Lai and Pooga
Sharma. 5 matches were played of which the team won 3 and lost 2. This also puts our girls team in
second place and considering none of them have played in a British league competition before is a fine


Nothing to do with membership

Did anyone see Michael Buble on Saturday 4th Dec. Well for the benefit of those of you who didn’t it
seems that he shares our enthusiasm for table tennis. Apparently he does daily battle with his trombone
player and they both love the game. In the programme we saw them knocking backstage at the Sheffield
Arena where he was doing a show. Then surprise surprise in comes Darius Knight and the British number
one Paul Drinkell who proceeded to show Michael how the game was really played. He even had a
knock with them. All very entertaining but I think Michael will have to stick to singing. He certainly
wouldn’t make any money out of playing table tennis.

Whilst on the subject of money I would like to thank everyone who has renewed membership and paid
their subs. To anyone who is planning on renewing but has not yet done so now is the time.

Well I’d like to say that I’ll be sending you all a nice expensive Christmas present but the best I can
manage is your own personal registration number. These will be sent to me from our masters at the
ETTA sometime in the next few weeks and I will be passing them to you as soon as I get them.

100 Club News

I’ve just been speaking to to Sylvia and she’s asked me to let you know the names of the lucky winners
of the October -December 100 club draw. The first prise of £100 was won by Jack Melnick (no 36) one
of the Club’s vice presidents. The second prise of £50 was won by Sheila Hemmingway (no94) an old
friend of Ellinborough the third prise of £25 went to John Leary.

Finally I’d like to thank all of the local league team captains for their fine work in organising the teams
and keeping things running smoothly


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