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					                              THE GOAT
     Volume 12, Issue 3                                                                              July, August, September 2007
                              The official publication of the Pacific Northwest Region’s 5th Division of the NMRA

Phil Everett Appointed 5th Divi-                Superintendent’s Report                               will be a subject for discussions
sion Achievement Program Chair                                                                        among your 5th Division Officers
                                                Jim Trunzo, 5th Division Superin-
Sarah Park, Editor                                                                                    before presentation to the general
                                                tendent                                               membership.
     With recommen-                                  If you are reading this it must
dations from several                                                                                       Other communications: We will
                                                mean that you received your post
people in the divi-                                                                                   work on improving our site on the
                                                card telling you where to find the
sion, Phil Everett                                                                                    NMRA website, and we will also use
                                                latest edition of The Goat. In the last
(right) was appointed                                                                                 our Yahoo Group. Please consider
                                                issue we explained the reasons for
the PNR 5th Division                                                                                  signing up. Another issue is current
                                                making this change, the most sig-
Achievement Pro-                                                                                      e-mail addresses. Please let us
                                                nificant being that this move allows
gram Chair on                                                                                         know if your e-mail address has
                                                us to spend our limited funds on the
August 1.                                                                                             changed so we can get it into the
                                                members instead of printing and                       system. Another good method of
     Shortly after accepting the posi-          postage.                                              communication is by mass e-mail.
tion, Phil started thinking about the                Now, if you’ve gone this far,
best way to meet with individuals                                                                          You will also notice that our
                                                maybe you’re willing to go a little
interested in the Achievement Pro-                                                                    newsletter has taken a big jump up-
                                                further. The PNR newsletter, The
gram. Due to the large size of the                                                                    ward. The layout and edit quality is
                                                Switchlist is now on line at
5th Division, meeting with people is                                                                  the best ever. For this, you can
quite a challenge. Though Phil will                                                                   thank our new editor, Sarah Park.
                                                consider visiting the NMRA Regions
be working predominantly in the                                                                       I’ve asked Sarah to include a little
                                                p            a           g            e
Spokane area for the remainder of                                                                     information about her self in this
the year, he plans to divide the re-                                                                  issue.
                                                ions/, and look at some of the other
maining areas of the division into              publications. The current newsletter                       The 1st Annual Traveling Fall
three parts, allowing for easier con-           of the Southeaster Region                             Meet was held in Kalispell, MT the
tact with members.                                        last weekend in September. It was
     “I hope to see a lot of participa-         n3.5.pdf is 64 pages! You will come                   an unqualified success with 52
tion [in the 5th Division] as the PNR           to the conclusion that the move to                    members, spouses, and significant
AP Chair says nothing has come                  electronic newsletters is not a 5th                   others attending. See the report in
from our area in a long time,” Phil             Division “fad” but the general direc-                 this issue.
said.                                           tion of the NMRA in general.                               I want to personally thank
     If you are interested in partici-               All of these electronic newslet-                 PF&S, Sunset Hobbies, and Whea-
pating in the Achievement Program,              ters have embedded web ad-                            ton’s for their generous donations
you can visit the NMRA website                  dresses, color, and other features                    for door prizes. The event was en-
(               not available in black and white                      tirely funded by attendee registra-
or       contact         Phil        at         printed form.                                         tions, with some money left over for Remember to                                                                        future events.
                                                     The question in front of us now
put “AP” in the subject of your email           is to determine how to address                             We are working on the 2nd An-
otherwise it may be deleted.                    those who would rather have a                         nual Traveling Fall Meet, and John
                                                mailed copy. You should know that                     Decker will determine if there is
                                                the NMRA dues you pay do not                          enough interest to hold it in the Tri
Two Awarded                                     support the mailing of Division                       Cities. Stay tuned.
Golden Spike!                                   newsletters. Except for the Region                         We have set the date for the
    Congratulations are in                      convention in Spokane in 2005, the                    annual meeting for April 19, 2008 in
order for Chuck Colville from                   Division has not had any income                       Spokane. Spokane was chosen be-
Moses Lake and Rick Stoneman                    producing events in some time. In                     cause of the close proximity to a
from Spokane. Their hard work and               looking at what others are doing, it                  majority of our members. More in-
dedication has paid off. Excellent              seems that a $10.00 fee per year (or                  formation to follow as the plan de-
work, gentlemen!                                for 4 issues) is the “going rate”. This               velops.

volume 12, issue 3
 THE GOAT is the official publication of the 5th Division of the Pacific Northwest Region, National Model Railroad
 Association. The Goat is published quarterly. Deadlines for material input are: Mar 15, June 15, Sept. 15 and
 December 15. Publication dates are April 5, July 5, October 5, and January 5. Publication is the date The Goat is ready
 for photocopying and mailing. Normally you should receive The Goat around the 15th. Special events may alter this timing.
 All material and correspondence should be forwarded to the Editor.

 Editor – Sarah Park ........................... 402 Roycroft Ct, Coeur D'Alene, ID 83815                            208-660-6802
 Publisher – Jim Trunzo ..................... 2291 Grand Ave., East Wenatchee, WA 90082                              509-884-2199

 Superintendent - Jim Trunzo ............. 2291 Grand Ave., East Wenatchee, WA 90082 509-884-2199                                
 Ass’t Superintendent - Jerry Quinn .. 2208 S. Conklin Ct., Spokane Valley, WA 99037 509-927-5039                                
 Chief Clerk - Don Locke ................... 3404 Alice St., Helena, MT 59601                                               406-449-3491
 Paymaster - Tom Jennings ................. 2311 W 16th Ave. Lot 78, Spokane, WA 99224 509-456-5482                              
 Past Superintendent - Shirley Sample 13217 E. Nelson Rd., Elk, WA 99009                                                    509-292-8332
 Achievement Program Chair - Phil Everett* .................................................................... 509-443-2457     
 Membership Chair - Jerry Quinn ..................................................................................... 509-927-5039
 Webmaster - Steve Prevette ............................................................................................... 509-544-9475

 * Put “AP” in the subject of your email.

     Our 5th Division AP program has                         Target Kalispell
gone “active” See Phil Everett’s
                                                             A report on the grand event.
                                                                  A brief review of why we did the
     In summary, the 5th Division is
                                                             traveling meet was to expand the
on the move and we’re trying to add
                                                             influence of the Pacific Northwest
interesting things to do and further
                                                             region of the NMRA. We had too
your interest and skills in the hobby.
                                                             much Spokane and not enough eve-
The more people that pitch in, the
                                                             rywhere else.
better it gets!
                                                                  When Superintendent Jim and I
     “May your tracks be in gauge
                                                             signed up to run the 5th Division we
and your switches smooth”
                                                             agreed that we need to spread the
     jet                                                     activities into the hinderlands.
                                                                   We picked Kalispell because                                   Rich Worisek and Mark Lustig
                                                             Mike Applegate was heavy into the                                   present their brass car sides
                                                             GN convention and had a lot of the                              Friday Evening
                                                             contacts for the home and club                                      Most of us arrived around 6 pm
                                                             tours. Finding the brand new Holi-                             and a slide show broke out. Jerry
                                                             day Inn Express in Kalispell was a                             Quinn brought in a number of reels
                                                             pretty good start as they had a nice                           on the Spokane International, Ya-
                                                             large room to have the entertain-                              kima Valley Transportation, Great
                                                             ment and clinics for our group. The                            Northern, Milwaukee Road and a
                                                             rooms were pretty good too. Break-                             reel on the Eastern part of the US.
                                                             fast was a nice bonus as well for                              We had 52 people attend in which a
                                                                                           t h o s e                        lot of locals showed up, a large
                                                                                           w h o                            group from River City Modelers plus
                                                                                           stayed                           a few couples from Wenatchee, Tri-
                                                                                           there.                           Cities and Helena.

    214 First Avenue West
      Kalispell, MT 59901
   Toll Free: 1-877-943-2829                                 Brent Schmidt tells the                                     tale of how his caboose
                                                               (right) came to life

volume 12, issue 3
Saturday Morning
     Superintendent Jim Trunzo
started the show with introduc-
tions and a brief overview of the
5th Division. The first clinic pre-
sented by Rich Worisek and
Mark Lustig was on brass car
sides with many examples were
passed around the group.
     Jerry Quinn brought a model
of a bridge crossing with a heavy
dose of plaster and foam rock
outcroppings. Colorations of the
rock and applications of same
were discussed and displayed.         Chris Gower shows
                                         off his prize       The Isaak Walton Inn
     Next, Brent Schmidt pre-
sented a clinic on a number of               Saturday Afternoon                          Sunday
Great Northern models. One ca-                     To split up the visitors going to          Most of us departed the Holiday
boose he built from scratch and won          home layouts, three groups were             Inn Express around 9 am and
a few awards. Other models were              given alternate routes so we didn't         headed east towards Marias Pass. It
locos and a highly detailed GN               arrive at the same place at the same        was done as small groups in cars
crane and gondola loads.                     time. Five home layouts and one             with the only timeline was to be at
     To top it all off, Bob Sample           club layout were on the list: Mike          the Isaak Walton Inn where 28 of
brought his famous Kadee coupler             Lustig, Don McGlothlin, Jim Ruffing,        the group gathered for lunch. Sev-
clinic with him with advice on how to        Wes Tintinger, Chris Gower, and the         eral grain trains were photographed
make them work better.                       Flathead Model RR Club. They var-           by some of the group before lunch
     At the end of the clinics, a draw-      ied in size and completion so a visit       and some made it to the Summit of
ing was held. Chris Gower was the            in the future will show plenty of pro-      the pass.
lucky winner of the grand prize.             gress, especially in the scenery                 The Hotel is special to railfans
Prizes were donated by PF&S,                 category. Jim Ruffing's layout was          as its history is deeply involved in
Wheaton’s, Sunset Junction, and              the most impressive as he has a 6           the Great Northern as a helper dis-
Jerry Quinn.                                 car building where he is modeling a         trict where crews lived at the hotel.
                                             good portion of the GN in Montana.          The Pass has all the scenery you
                                                                                         could ask for… snowsheds, tunnels,
                                          Marias Pass   Saturday Evening                 mountains... big mountains plus
                                                        After dinner, the group          trees by the millions in all sorts of
                                                        gathered for a presenta-         colors in green, yellow and orange.
                                                        tion by Jim Ruffing on
                                                        Great Northern covered                Around 1 pm on Sunday after-
                                                        hoppers where he de-             noon, it was time to head back
                                                        tailed the differences in        home and we all hope everyone had
                                                        the 2 bay and 3 bay              a good time visiting Kalispell and
                                                        styles and their uses.           Marias Pass. We are now discuss-
                                                        That show was followed           ing next year's target and we are
                                                        up with 8 mm movies of           looking at the Tri Cities with the fa-
                                                        the Great Northern from          mous Pasco Hump Yard. Stay
                                                        one of their own who shot        tuned.
                                                        activities, wrecks and                Jerry Quinn
                                                        wildlife on Marias Pass.

   Parkade Hobbies                    Sunset Junction
  223 W. Kennewick Ave.
                           419 E. Sprague Ave.
 Kennewick, WA 99336                                                                   YOUR AD HERE
                           Spokane, WA 99202                          Advertise your business to your customers.
 Bob Jekel, 509-585-2510
                         Jim Smith, 509-838-2379
    NEW Store Hours:                                                  Contact THE GOAT for further information.
    W-F 11:30A-5:30P,                                          
                              Call for hours
       Sat 10A-4P,
                             Closed Sundays
  Closed Sun, Mon, Tue

volume 12, issue 3
                      Fall Meet 2007 Kalispell, MT

                                              See you next year!!!

volume 12, issue 3
 Boy Scouts Visit Burnt                                                                 From Your Editor
Hills and Big Flats                                                                     Sarah Park
Steve Prevette, PNR Vice President                                            
and Office Manager                                                                             Hello PNR 5th Division mem-
Pasco, WA                                                                               bers! Welcome to The *new* Goat.
     I’ve hosted many operating ses-                                                    You may be wondering why it has
sions over the years on my N scale                                                      taken me so long to finish this edi-
Burnt Hills and Big Flats, but on July                                                  tion. Then again, maybe you saw
11 we had a special session. Alan                                                       the last edition.
Nielsen, one of my regular opera-                                                              I’ve put a lot of time into this
tors, asked if boys from his Boy                  Each of the adults paired up          issue, probably around 40-50
Scout troop could come and do an            with a scout, except Shawn, who             hours---time I didn’t know I had
operating session. Jeff Stewart (the        took the Main Yard. I operated the          and usually didn’t have. There
scout master) and Alan came to a            Coal Yard, dispatched, and gener-           were some days that I thought this
regular session prior to the 11th and       ally coached. We operated for a             job was too much. It’s not easy to
this gave Jeff a chance to preview          little over two hours, getting seven        make all this information fit nicely
what would be happening. On the             through trains and five locals over         on a few pages. More on that later.
11th, we had Jeff and Doug Bird as          the line. Everyone got to experi-
                                            ence some amount of local switch-                  My name is Sarah Park. I re-
adults from the troop, and Josh                                                         cently graduated from University of
Wilde and Ryan Stewart from Troop           ing, though we did not run the most
                                            difficult of the locals. It took a little   Idaho in May of 2007, got a job as
173, and a visiting scout from Texas.                                                   a Software Engineer with Chief
Mark Ingalls, Troop 250.         Chris      while for the new folks to become
                                            adept at uncoupling and coupling            Architect in Coeur d’Alene, and
Blankenship and Shawn Siebold                                                           joined the River City Modelers.
helped out as regular operators.            cars, but the kids thought it was a lot
                                            of fun.                                     Model railroading is a hobby I’ve
                                                                                        always been interested in but have
                                                  The whole experience was very         never had the time or the money to
                                            worthwhile for everyone involved.           really get into it. Officially, I’ve only
                                            Both adults were impressed with the         been model railroading for 9
                                            DCC capability; they had not seen           months. Needless to say, I have
                                            anything like it before.       Jeff had     much to learn.
                                            some experience with HO trains, but
                                            had not been involved with opera-                  Jerry Quinn is the culprit be-
                                            tions. This may have introduced             hind why I’m your editor now.
                                            some new folks to the hobby, and            “We’ll send you the stuff and you
                                            perhaps developed some regular              put it together.” It sounds easy
                                            operators.                                  enough, but let me tell you. It’s no
                                                                                        simple task.
     Everyone took to the layout                                                               My only hope is that you feel
quickly and immersed into the expe-                                                     this edition was well worth the wait.
rience. The BH&BF is patterned                                                          I’ll try my best to get the next one
after the New York Ontario and                                                          out in a more timely manner.
Western in Pennsylvania and New                                                                If you have any ideas, pictures,
York in 1970. There are 286 cars on                                                     stories, how-to articles, or random
the layout, and each have a color                                                       thoughts you’d like to see in this
coded tack designating their desti-                                                     newsletter, feel free to send Jim
nation. It takes two sequential op-                                                     Trunzo or myself an email! This is
erating sessions (or shifts) to deliver                                                 your newsletter, not mine. Don’t be
all of the cars, and 20 trains are run                                                  surprised if
in each shift. Instructions for each                                                    I corner
train are on laminated 3 by 5 cards,                                                    you one
                                                 For more information on the
and that is all of the paperwork the                                                    day and
                                            Burnt Hills and Big Flats, visit
crews need as the waybills are on                                                       ask for an
                                   I’ll also be pre-
the cars. One advantage of tack on                                                      article.
                                            senting a clinic at Boise on an intro-
car is that it is very user friendly, and                                               M a n y
                                            duction to switching and local freight
the visitors picked up on it fairly                                                     thanks and
quickly.                                                                                enjoy the
                                                                                        Sarah Park

volume 12, issue 3
                                                Here's the secret. I
                                           used the building blueprints
                                           for the size of the building.
                                           Using clear plastic, not
                                           glass, I cut pieces to the
                                           size of the plan, allowing
                                           the thickness of the plastic
                                           to be accounted for on two
Make Any Size Building                     sides to maintain scale. Did
With This Amazing Concept                  you follow that? Next, I
                                           glued the building together,
Jerry Quinn, Ass’t                         creating a glass house, sort
Superintendent                             of, as you can see through
The Beginning                              it! The structure was accu-
                                           rate in size and strong in construc-      would be a better way to sell the
    They say peo-                                                                    idea. She asked who builds models
                                           tion. The building then needed a
ple in glass                                                                         of these things. I said I did, without
                                           coat of clothes. I used wood panel
houses... well... I                                                                  thinking that I was about to be vol-
                                           sheets with lap siding for my basic
was given a project                                                                  unteered for the job.
                                           cover, allowing for doors and win-
to build a model of
                                           dows and leaving room for window               The Ronald McDonald House
a small Baptist Church that was
                                           trim and corner trim.                     was a lot more complicated than the
more like a house and it had to be
                                                                                     Church as it was 3 buildings on a hill
big in size. When I was given the
                                                                                     and I had to find a common level
plans, I thought to myself that I bet-
                                                                                     from the foundation up for the
ter build it strong since it was going
                                                                                     pieces to fit. They raised
to be moved to many places as a
                                                                                     $350,000.00 to complete the job.
fund-raising tool for people to see
what they were investing in.                                                         Skyscrapers Are Possible
The Foundation                                                                            I never used this technique at
     As you can see in the photo, I             Another amazing trick is you         River City Modelers but I thought
built a 24" square box with 1x4" ma-       can paint the pieces before you in-       about it many times to hide a post in
terial. I gave the interior of the box a   stall them so you don't get paint on      the middle of the room. My oldest
ledge for a thin sheet of plywood to       the "glass windows" which is what         son did it for his Lionel city layout
sit on. I then found a discarded ceil-     you will have as you glue the pieces      with lighting in the skyscraper, so I
                                           on the model.                             know it works. Commercial pieces
                                                                                     can also be used to make any size
                                           Repeat the Same Trick                     building you want to create. Try one
                                                I use the same technique again       and see for yourself. Add floors as
                                           for a Rotary Club project some 25         well if you plan to light it and you
                                           years ago when The Ronald                 don't want every light on at the
                                           McDonald house was being pro-             same time. It's fast, OSHA ap-
                                           posed here in Spokane. The pre-           proved, and very satisfying. Be the
                                           senter for the fund-raising had an        first on your block to have a sky-
ing tile, cut it down to size, and cre-    architect drawing of the building that    scraper named after yourself, your
ated a slope on the tile for where the     was very obscure. I commented on          wife, or kids.
building base would be placed.             it, as I usually do, and said that they        I don't recommend this system
                                           should have a model of it as that
The Building                                                                         for real building construction.

                                     Chilliwack Interchange 2008
                                      PNR Regional Convention
                                        June 12th-15th, 2008
                                                   Hosted by the
                                            Chilliwack Model Railway Club
                                                 of the 7th Division
                      Visit for more information

volume 12, issue 3
                                                                                            T        !
                                                                                      E GOA
                                                                                 THSend your club news to Sarah Park at
What’s Going On At The Club?                                              Tell

Spokane International Rail-             ers ignored the SI in favor of the big     cult to do to keep masking lines ex-
                                        railroads like the GN, Santa Fe and        actly in line. It takes an expert de-
road Is Mascot to River City            Pennsylvania. In those days that           caler to get the 2 yellow lines run-
Modelers                                was smart marketing as the produc-         ning straight around the model.
Jerry Quinn                             tion costs of doing small railroads             The bottom line to all of this is
     Did you ever notice that the       was out of the economical means of         there are thousands of SI models
River City Modelers logo is very        doing business. I would state that         out there that would not be available
similar to the Spokane International    people would buy SI stuff if it was        to modelers were it not for Larry
Railroad? That's because it is the      available to them and I saw a way          Shauver's desire to see the SI in
same with different words. The story    that River City Modelers could make        model form.
goes back some thirty years ago         this a fundraiser for our fledgling
                                        model railroad club.                            The SI was merged into the
when I would meet with a fellow                                                    mighty UP system in 1959, and the
named Larry Shauver for coffee at            We started with the SI boxcar. I      RS-1s scattered around the system
his home. Larry was a WW2 vet and       did the art, and the club brought the      were repainted yellow and grey with
when he got back from the service       decals. We sold decals and made            SI letters, but not on the old Spo-
he photographed and recorded eve-       dozens of boxcar models to sell to         kane International rails.
rything about the Spokane Interna-      the faithful in and around Spokane.
                                        We advertised them in the model                 That reminds me of Atlas Tool
tional, a 130 mile short line. The SI
                                        magazines and away we went. We             announcing the SI would be avail-
connected the railroads of Spokane
                                        added the covered hopper and flat          able in HO but when they arrived at
to the Canadian Pacific at Eastport,
                                        car to the roster, but until a plastic     Sunset Junction Hobby Shop in yel-
                                        RS1 was available, modeling the            low and gray, Jim called the com-
     Larry would bemoan the fact                                                   pany in inform them of the wrong
that the model railroad manufactur-     railroad was not possible. Then one
                                        day, around 1990, Altas made plas-         colors. They did not know of the
                                        tic RS1s available, and we added           original black, red and yellow sche-
                                        the RS-1 decals along with the ca-         me and were disappointed. A trip to
                                        boose and passenger cars.                  New Jersey several years ago moti-
                                                                                   vated me to do a slide show on the
                                             We also did some N scale and          SI at the Susquehanna RR Histori-
                                        O scale decals on different equip-         cal Society. Upon completion of the
                                        ment over the years, but they are s-       show, a man named Rob came up
                                        low sellers in the minority scales.        to me and asked if he could get cop-
Decals are
                                             The most recent addition to SI        ies of some of my RS-1 slides from
available from River City
                                        modelers is the availability of HO         the Larry Shauver collection. He
Modelers, 2208 S. Conklin Court,
                                        and O scale red and yellow stripes.        was the sales manager for Atlas
Spokane Valley, WA 99037
                                        This allows the modeler to paint the       and, as you might remember, Atlas
                                        model in a basic gloss black so the        came out with the RS-1 last year in
HO scale decals:
                                        stripes go on together in a parallel       the right colors.
   Boxcar................... $2.25
                                        format. That means there is no need
   Covered Hopper.... $3.25
                                        for masking out which is very diffi-
   Flat car.................. $3.25     

   Baggage/ coach .... $5.50

                                              W. A . N . T. E . D
   RS-1...................... $7.50
O Scale decals:
   RS-1...................... $15.00

Photos of SI Railroad are available                             Website Mistro!
through Signal Signs. Photos include                                     From Jim Trunzo:
70 color & black and white photos             The 5th Division website, has had the con-
from Larry plus some models made              tent maintained by Steve Prevette, who also now also serves as PNR
by Jerry Quinn. 3 articles of the SI
                                            Vice President. Your 5th leaders would like to completely modernize the
from IERHS, Model Railroader and
Trains magazine are also included            site and add to its content, which I think requires someone well versed
with the images. The cost is $22.00           in web site design, and probably other issues most of us don’t under-
from Signal Signs, 727 W. Garland             stand. This is beyond what we ought to ask Steve to do, and I’d like to
Ave, Spokane, WA 99205                       spread out the fun anyway. Is there an expert out there who would be
Questions should be directed to Jerry         willing to help out on this? If so, please contact Jim Trunzo or Jerry
Quinn at (509) 939-5845                                                        Quinn.

volume 12, issue 3
Budget Report                                                                                     The Ledger
    The 5th Division saw a small increase in funding after the
Kalispell meet. With the savings from distributing The Goat                     Check Book Balance as of 09/31/07      1171.69
online, the 5th Division will be able to save most of that
money for use on other things, such as door prizes at annual                    Deposit from NINI meet 10/01/07      +570.00
meetings. To summarize Jim Trunzo, wouldn’t you rather
walk away from the next meeting with a brand new locomo-
                                                                                Balance in check book 10/01/07         1714.69

                                                                                PF&S Proto A&B Units                  -165.00

                                                                                Mike Applegate Printing                -14.70

                                                                                Total in check book as of 10/01/07    1562.26

Image from:

                                    Spokane Area Club Information
@ the U City Mall---use the Rear Entrance
Contact Larry Nelson (509) 924-5891 or Rick Stoneman (509) 535-2120. The group is still meeting every Friday night
around 6 PM to work on the modules.

Meets every Thursday @ 7:30 PM
Contact Jerry Quinn (509) 939-5845. Operating sessions for members are still being held most Sunday mornings.

Meets on Wednesday @ 7:30 PM
Contact John Henry (509) 534-9347

Contact Mike McMackin (509) 924-9781. Work is continuing on the site at Reardan.

Contact Jim Newsom Club has not been very active since we don’t have a club layout now.

Contact Steve Hughes (509) 891-1695 or Chuck Inlow (208) 772-7031

Contact Jon Kettner (509) 924-2024,

@ Lewiston, ID
Contact Chuck Angell 509-758-0988 or Lee Knapp (509) 758-6368. Club meets on the first Wednesday of the month for
business meetings and every Friday & Saturday mornings for work sessions. Public is welcome on these days.

September 28-30 (Friday – Sunday), KALISPEL, MT
   5th Division Fall Meet - Holiday Inn Express, 275 Treeline Street, Kalispel Mt.
   Contact Jerry Quinn, (509) 927-5039, for additional details.

volume 12, issue 3
Sep 29-30 (Sat-Sun), CALGARY , AB
   Heritage Park Railway Days 21st Anniversary. Two operating 0-6-0's, streetcar, and model railway exhibits.
   1900 Heritage Dr. SW. Info: - (403) 268-8500,
Oct 21 (Sun), SPOKANE, WA
   Spokane Railroad Show 10AM-3:30PM, Spokane Community College, ALAIR Student Activities Building.
   Adult $5, 12-16 $1, under 12 free. Table $20, setup 8-10AM. Info:- 509-535-7186
Nov 9-12, BURNABY, BC
   TRAINS 2007, 25th Annual 7th Div Fall Meet, Cameron Recreation Center, 9523 Cameron St.
   Trains Meet Registrar, Bill, P.O. Box 52224, North Vancouver BC V7J 3V5, (604) 987-4237,, Info: - Dick, (604) 467-4301,
Nov 11-12, BURNABY, BC
   TRAINS 2007, 25th Annual Public Show, Cameron Recreation Center, 9523 Cameron St. 10am-4pm.
   Info: - Trains Show Registrar, Bill, P.O. Box 52224, North Vancouver BC V7J 3V5, (604) 987-4237,,
April 19, SPOKANE, WA
   PNR 5th Division Annual Meet. More information to come in the following months.
Apr 26-27, PUYALLUP, WA
   April 26 & 27, 2008 Trains, Trains and More Trains Train Show and 4dPNR Spring Meet
   Puyallup Fairgrounds, Puyallup, WA
   Further details on the "Train Show" link for 4dPNR website (

   Call For Clinics: Annual                                 Jun 12-15, CHILLIWACK, BC
                                                            PNR 2008 Regional Convention
  Bay Area PCR/LD/OP SIG                                    Best Western Rainbow Country Inn.
                                                            Fall, TRI CITIES, WA
             meet                                           Annual Fall Meet. More information to come in the following
    We're kicking off the Bay Area PCR/LD/OP                To add your activities to the Switchlist Timetable or PNR web
SIG meet to be held January 26-27 2008 at the                   page, contact the Timetable Editor, Mark Johnson at
Santa Clara, California, Depot. The Clinic, Panel                (780) 436-2480,
and Consulting portion will be on Saturday, Jan
26 from 9:00 AM-5:350 PM PST.
                                                            Fall Meet 2007 Kalispell, MT Images (page 4)
    I'm looking for clinics on Layout Design and
                                                            Description of Images (from left to right, top to bottom)
Operations. We are particularly interested in the
following types of clinics:                                 1. Jerry Quinn during his workshop
                                                            2. Jim Trunzo thanks the owner of Wheaton’s
    Prototype to Layout and Operations Design.
How you found your prototype and translated it              3. Bob Sample discusses the finer points of kadee couplers
to an operable layout with emphasis on the pro-             4. A kadee coupler dipped in brown indian ink
totype's operation in your era. Givens and                  5. Frank Mitchell (left) and Mike Applegate (Right) at Mike
'Druthers, what you kept, what you left out,                Lustig’s layout
track plan, operations plan                                 6. Jerry Quinn (left) and Jim Ruffing (right) discussing Jim’s
    Purpose built Railroad Rooms                            layout
    Innovative design and construction tech-                7. Don McGlothlin
niques (what worked, what didn't)                           8. Jim Trunzo viewing Don McGlothin’s layout
    Operating schemes, modeling industries, how             9. 4-4-0 hauling passengers on Wes Tintinger’s layout
do you handle varying numbers of operators                  10. Chris Gower’s bridge
       If you are interested in presenting,                 11. Wes Tintinger’s steam boat (hand built and to scale!)
 please contact me (Seth Neumann) off list                  12. Mike Lustig showing off his handiwork
           at                          13. The Flathead Model RR club

volume 12, issue 3

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