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					                                   SBA LOAN APPLICATION CHECKLIST

    Loan Application
    Business Federal Income Tax Returns for the last three (3) fiscal year ends
    Interim Business Financial Statements dated within the last 90 days
    Business Income and Expense Projections 12 Month Proforma with detailed assumptions
    Business Debt Schedule (see enclosed form)
    Signed IRS 4506 Form (see enclosed form)
    Business Bank Statement for one (1) year
    Business History and Description
    Business Fixture, Furniture and Equipment Schedule (see enclosed form)
    Business License, Seller’s Permit and Health Permit, if applicable
    Business Organization Documents
      Corps - Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws & Statement of Domestic Stockholder
      Partnership - Partnership Agreement and Certification of Partnership (Limited Partnership)
      Limited Liability Company - Operating Agreement, Article of Organization and Statement of Information
      Trust – Trust Agreement and Trust Certification
      Fictitious Business Name Filing Statement
    IRS Employer’s Identification Number

    Personal Financial Statements dated within last 90 days on all Borrowers/Guarantors (see enclosed form)
    Borrowers/Guarantors Personal Federal Income Tax Returns for the last three (3) years
    Signed IRS 4506 form (see enclosed form)
    Resumes of All Borrowers, Guarantors, and all Key Management Personnel (see enclosed form)
    Driver’s License and/or Permanent Alien Registration Card
    Form G-845 INS Verification (Alien Reg. Card, Visa, etc.)

    Real Estate and/or Business Insurance Policy
    Lease Agreement on Business Premises and/or Borrower’s Tenants including EPC Lease
    Landlord’s Consent
    Certified Copy of Escrow Instructions and Purchase & Sale Agreement
    Business Acquisition
      Seller’s Federal Income Tax Returns for the last three (3) fiscal year ends
      Seller’s Interim Business Financial Statements dated within the last 90 days
    Seller Carry Note
    Refinance - Copy of Promissory Note, Current Mortgage Statement and/or Loan Payment History
    Construction – SBA form 601(see enclosed form), Contracts, Blueprints, Cost Breakdown, Permits & Builder’s Risk and
     Worker’s Compensation Insurance for General Contractor
    Current Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Aging Schedule
    Franchise Agreement, Franchise Offering Circular
    Purchase Orders, Invoices or Estimates for Fixed Assets
    Business Plan for Newly Established Businesses
    Appraisal Report
    Environmental Questionnaire Disclosure Statement ( see enclosed form )
    Life Insurance Policy
    Verification of Deposit
                                                LOAN APPLICATION
                                                        PERSONAL INFORMATION

Name                                                                          S.S.#
Home Tel                                         Work Tel                               Cell Phone
Current Address                                                               City                          St        Zip
Previous Address                                                              City                          St        Zip
Spouse                                                                         S.S.#
Home Tel                                         Work Tel                               Cell Phone
                                                        BUSINESS INFORMATION
Business Name                                                                           Tax I.D.#
Current Address                                                               City                          St        Zip
Business Tel                                     Business Fax                                      E-Mail
Type of Business                        No. of Employee: Before Loan                    After Loan                    Affiliates
Business Structure:           Sole Prop       Corp       LLC      Partnership (General / Limited)
Management (Proprietor, partners, officers, directors and all holders of outstanding stock – 100% of ownership must be shown)
             NAME                                                     TITLE                                      % OWNERSHIP

Affiliates (List below any business concern in which the Applicant Company or any of the individuals listed above have any ownership.)
                   NAME                                              TITLE                                         % OWNERSHIP

                                                USE OF PROPOSED LOAN PROCEEDS
 Real Estate Acquisition           $                                           SOURCE OF DOWNPAYMENT
 Building Improvement              $                                           Name of Bank
 Leasehold Improvements            $                                           Balance as of                  $
                                                                                     (Please attach a copy of bank statement)
 Machinery/Equipment               $
 Furniture/Fixtures                $
 Working Capital                   $
 Refinance                         $
 Business Acquisition              $

Prior Government Assistance (List any previous SBA or Federal Government Debt, including subsidized student loans and disaster loans)
    NAME OF AGENCY             ORIGINAL            DATE OF         APPROVED               BALANCE              CURRENT
                             AMOUNT OF            REQUEST              OR                                       OR PAST
                                  LOAN                              DECLINED                                       DUE

List All Real Estate Owned (Use attachment, if necessary.)
                                      PROPERTY A                         PROPERTY B                      PROPERTY C
       Type of Property

        Date Purchased
          Original Cost
     Present Market Value
Name & Address of Mortgage

        Account Number
       Mortgage Balance
  Monthly Payment Amount
       Status of Mortgage


 US Citizen                   Legal Permanent Resident                 Visa (Type, L1, L2, E1, E2)
                                Alien Reg. #                              Other

 Have you or any officer of your company ever been involved in bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings? Yes  No
 Are you or your business involved in any pending lawsuits?             Yes  No
 Are there any outstanding tax liens or judgements filed against your or your company?                Yes     No
 Does any applicant or their spouse or any member of their household, or any one who owns, manages or directs your business or their spouses or members of their
household work for the Small Business Administration, Small Business Advisory Council, SCORE or ACE, a Federal Agency, or the participating lender?  Yes  No
If any of answers above is YES, please provide details.
By signing below you certify that the information you have given with this application is true and complete. You authorize us to verify your statements with any source and obtain credit and
employment history (including your spouse’s if you live in a community property state).


          List of Fixture, Furniture and Equipment
     Of _______________________________________________________

         (This Schedule should contain all significant equipment above $500 only)

            Description                       Qty       Book Value                  Serial No.




















                         Certificate of Secretary
                                 (This applies to Corporations only)

I certify that I am the secretary of                                                 and that the

following persons hold positions in this corporation and/or own share in this corporation in the

amount and form designated.

1.      Directors



2.      Officers

President               Name:

Vice President          Name:

Secretary               Name:

Treasurer               Name:

3.      Shareholders

                                              Number of                % of shares
                        Name                  Shares                   Outstanding

By:                                                          Date:
                            (to be completed by Applicant)

1. Complete Name and Date of the Trust:
2. Is the Trust Agreement signed and notarized?        Yes    No
3. Trust’s tax identification number is: ______________________________________________
4. a) The names of the Trust Settlors are:
   ________________________________                ____________________________________

   ________________________________                   ____________________________________

   b) The names of the currently acting Trustees are:
   ________________________________                 ____________________________________

   ________________________________                   ____________________________________

   c) The Trust expressly authorizes the Trustee(s) to engage in the following transactions: (check
   all applicable boxes)

           Borrow monies and incur debts on behalf of the Trust and to hypothecate, encumber or
           pledge assets of the Trust for any debt of the Trust.

           Guarantee the obligations of third parties and to hypothecate, encumber or pledge assets
           of the Trust

           Establish bank accounts on behalf of the Trust, including the power to deposit into any
           account established in the name of Trust all monies collected and received on behalf of
           the Trust; to withdraw funds from said account; and, to issue checks or drafts upon said

   d) The Trust is (please check one box):      irrevocable; or, the Trust is  revocable and the
   names of the persons holding the power to revoke the trust are: _____________________

   e) The Trust instrument requires the signature of any __________ Trustee(s) to exercise any
   powers of the Trustee.

   f) Title to Trust assets are to be taken in the name of:

   _______________________________                            _____________________________
          Signature of Trustee                                       Signature of Trustee