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Bring the magic of Disney Princess to life with Beados_


									Bring the magic of Disney Princess to life with Beados!
  For immediate release

  Make the magic of Disney come to life with the NEW Disney Princess Beados!

  With the beautiful and exciting Disney Princess Beados, you can now create all your
  favourite fairytale friends with your favourite craft and activity toy- Beados!!

        Make Beados Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, Aurora and Ariel and
        then play with them your very own Princess fairy land.

             You can create the cutest Beados Princess accessories like diamond
             rings, tiaras, horse and carriages and also Beados Princess friends
             including the7 dwarfs, flounder and more.

                Just make, spray and display all of your favourite fairy tale friends!

                Available June at all good retailers. Suitable for age 5 and above.

                                             Product                            RRP
                     Disney Princess Beados Themed Refill                        RRP $14.99

                     Disney Princess Beados Starter Pack                         RRP $ 19.99

                     Disney Princess Beados Themed Gift Box                      RRP $29.99

                     Disney Princess Beados Super Studio                        RRP $54.99

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