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                                              Creative cooking with cheese and chocolate
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Safety behind the steering wheel              of adventure
                                              Yamaha’s new XT660 Z Ténéré
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VW’s Scirocco blows up a storm                46 Club benefits
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18 Nature’s show-stopper
Namaqualand shows off                         48 Head-turning
24 A tasty love affair                        Brawn, brains and breathtaking good looks
Wine in one hand, cheese in the other … yum   – the Toyota Hilux

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Memorable, more-ish Switzerland               with the road                                On the cover
                                              BMW’s new Z4: a low-flying feeling            Beneath striking new styling lies the most
39 Wining – and dining                                                                     dynamic and technologically advanced
Restaurants for connoisseurs                                                               production coupé VW has ever built.

                                                                                                                         SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
     editor’s WELCOME

                                                                                                                    all featuring cheese and chocolate. For the real cheese
                                                                                                                    connoisseurs, we even bring you the rules for pairing
                                                                                                                    cheese and wine. And catering for absolutely everyone,
                                                    Aloha summer!                                                   even those who prefer not to venture into the kitchen at
                                                                                                                    all, we’ve hunted down some restaurants with impressive
                                                    Aaaah. Summer. This is definitely my favourite time of           wine cellars … this issue really does have something for
                                                    year. Long lazy afternoons. Balmy evenings. Cool food for       everyone!
                                                    warm days. Time off work and – of course – summer                     So I’m off to pour a chilled glass of Champagne and
                                                    holidays.                                                       break off a sizeable chunk of Brie, settle down by the pool
                                                         On the subject of which, it’s probably a good time         and dream about a getaway and a new car. Or bike. The
                                                    to start planning your time off for next year. If you’re a      holiday season is, after all, a time for both celebration and
                                                    road-tripper, you simply can’t beat a meander through           making your dreams come true.
                                                    Namaqualand in the spring. Mother nature dusts off
                                                    her dull winter colours and erupts in a riot of green, red,     Till autumn,
                                                    orange, yellow and purple. Every colour under the sun,
                                                    really, except blue. For some reason, this pleasing shade
                                                    does not feature much.
                                                         But that’s OK. The new Yamaha Ténéré on/off-roader
                                                    comes in a particularly vivid shade of cobalt and is a
                                                    perfect touring partner for this part of the world. It’s also   Lazola Madikizela, Editor
                                                    a guaranteed crowd-pleaser on city streets and Africa’s
                                                    truly wild places. Test drive one today!
                                                         On the subject on test drives, we also feature the
                                                    drool-inducing new BMW Z4 roadster (also available              Is your Club McCarthy
                                                    in blue). And the all-new VW Scirocco. Wow! If I was in         membership up for renewal?
                                                    the market for a new car, I’d be hard-pressed to choose         Call us on 0861 293 329 to make sure you’re still covered for
                                                    between these machines.                                         roadside and medical emergencies. Signing up for another year
                                                         But getting back to holidays, we also feature              will ensure that you don’t miss out on our fabulous specials and
                                                    Switzerland … a wonderland no matter what time of               freebies. And, you’ll stand a chance to win with Nikon.
                                                    year you choose to visit. And for those who prefer to stay
                                                    home, a smorgasbord of semi-Swiss recipes with a twist,

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                                                                                                                                                    your world in one call

     lifestyle GADGETS                                  2



           1 Share the party                                            4 Dock your tunes
             shoX gave the world its first high-                         Yamaha’s TSX-130 is an all-in-one
       powered mini speaker with a patented                             audio system: an iPod Dock, USB
               vacuum-bass system. Now this                             port, CD player, FM tuner, clock with
             awesome, funky, practical, useful,                         an alarm, and two eight-centimetre
       lightweight party-starter is available in                4
                                                                        speakers and a remote control cover
          a larger 40mm speaker version that                            all the bases. And apart from being
           guarantees not only a party in your                          functional and high quality, and it’s also
     pocket, but one that can also be shared.                           very easy on the eye.
              2 Have an audio                       5                   5 Snap a perfect
                   experience                                           picture
     With Sony’s 2GB Walkman® MP3 player,                               Nikon’s D5000 takes great
       you’ll always have a tune in your head.                          photos without you having to do
         Feather-light, it’s ideal for gym, daily                       much. A variable-angle monitor,
     commuting and long-distance travelling.                            built-in pop-up flash, energy-saving
     A USB plug lets you download up to 475                             design, 19 automatic scene modes,
         MP3 or WMA files – and if you like it                           optimal image quality and digital SLR
                  loud, just crank up the bass.                         movie functionality … what more
                                                                        could you want?
           3 Make the world                                             www.imaging.nikon.com

                your oyster                                             6 Be a better biker
                 TomTom’s White Pearl GPS is                            Take your ride to the next level with
               one for the ladies. Not only is it                       Garmin’s Edge 305, a GPS-enabled
               beautiful, it stores directions to                       personal trainer and cycle computer.
        favourite boutiques and coffee shops,                           From road racing to mountain
            as well as other points of interest.                        biking, Edge will help you achieve
               Text-to-speech and map-share                             your personal best. With Edge, you’ll
       technology, safety camera alerts and a                           always know where you’re going and
                 USB car charger also feature.                          how far you’ve gone.
                               www.tomtom.com                           www.garmin.co.za

     lifestyle GADGETS



           1 Stash that cash
         If you’ve got a Jeep on your wish list,
             buy into the brand now. A genuine
        leather Jeep wallet is an obvious sign
      of your aspiration. Well-designed, high-
                                                                        4 Store your stuff
                                                                        The exclusive creation of world-
           quality, and fashionable, with ample
                                                                        renowned designer Neil Poulton, the
              space for cards and cash, a Jeep      3
                                                                        LaCie Rugged Hard Disk portable
        wallet is also easy on the pocket. The
                                                                        external hard drive offers the supreme
           range of styles and colours ensures
                                                                        speed of FireWire 800, along with
          there’s one just for you. Made in SA,
                                                                        FireWire 400 and Hi-Speed USB 2.0
                           they’re the real deal!
                                                                        interfaces for true universal connectivity.
                                                                        Bus-powered and plug-and-play, its
                          2 Savour                                      ideal for backup, video storage and large
                                                                        data volume exchange on-the-go.
                        your coffee                                     www.lacie.com/products/
           Nespresso’s Citiz C110 espresso
         machine has a one-litre water tank,                            5 See sparks
         container for 10 used capsules and                             Electric Eyewear, founded in southern
      adjustable grid for macchiato and latte           4               California, has long been a premium
             glasses to ensure you can brew                             brand in the surf, ski, moto, MX, skate,
     enough coffee to get through any rough                             and snowboard eyewear industry.
       morning or after-dinner order. With its                          And the good news is that the company
        steel-grey styling, there’s a place for                         is now also changing the way the
                            it in every kitchen.                        fashion-forward people on the street
                            www.nespresso.com                           see sunglasses.
                      3 Don’t just                              5

                      talk about it                                     6 Paint with
         Sony’s Satio™ cellphone is so much                             no problem
            more … this wide-screen wonder                              Bosch’s PFS55 allows perfect paint
      allows you to view movies in 16 million                           application – effortlessly, with one hand.
          colours; you can tap directly into TV                         This tool gives complete control over
           programmes, videos, podcasts and                             the intensity of paint application, and
        music via the full-touch media menu;                            SprayControl technology ensures drip-
            and it’s also got a 12.1-megapixel                          free DIY masterpieces. And when the
      camera with a Xenon flash and intuitive                            work is done, cleaning it is child’s play
                                   touch focus.                         – click, clack and that’s it!
                         www.sonyericsson.com                           www.bosch-do-it.co.za

     lifestyle BEST ADVICE

                                                                                            Read this.
                                                                                              It could
                                                                                            save your
                                                                                                                   ‘“The best car safety
                                                                                                                   device is a rear-view
                                                                                                                 mirror with a cop in it.”

                                                                                                                        – Dudley Moore

                  eat belts are the most significant motoring safety device            brakes but their advantage lies in their ability to avoid a skid and still let you
                  ever invented. They provide impact protection, absorb crash         steer. If you have ABS brakes, it is important that you read the instructions
                  forces, and keep you from being thrown out of your vehicle.         in your owner’s manual – and even practice in an empty parking lot so that
                  Modern vehicles are built with crumple zones and your seat          you know how they work and feel.
                  belt is an integral part of this system, holding you in your seat        Air bags are timed to expand as you are thrown forward in a collision,
                  while the vehicle collapses around your safe zone. Wearing          so as to prevent your head from hitting hard objects. For optimal protection
     your seat belt will help keep you in your place, in control, and better able     sit as far back from the steering wheel as you can while still comfortably
     to avoid a crash. The law also enforces the wearing of seat belts – by you       reaching the controls and gripping the wheel correctly. This is especially
     and your passengers.                                                             important for smaller people. Be sure to wear your seat belt too. An air
          By sensing wheel lock-up and releasing brake pressure many times            bag can’t help you if you’re not in the right place! The opening of an air
     a minute, ABS brakes prevent an uncontrolled skid during hard braking.           bag is not a gentle event and you can be injured if you don’t follow these
     Experts say that steering is faster than braking but with ABS you can do         rules – but the injuries will usually be minor compared to those you’d incur
     both. ABS brakes may not stop you faster than the correct use of standard        otherwise.

     driving VW SCIROCCO

                                 Winds of
                                 The third-generation Volkswagen Scirocco
                                 looks killer from every angle. Face it head-on
                                 and the gigantic headlamps and glossy intake
                                 grille stare you down like a hungry predator.
                                 Scurry past its low-profiled flanks and see
                                 how this menace seeps across the chiselled
                                 shoulder-line and bleeds into the steeply

   ‘ Performance, design and
      attention to detail come
together in VW’s new Scirocco
– recognised as TopGear’s Car
                                 raked rear. Finished off with massive tyres
                                 that spread super-wide, frameless doors and
                                 an almost anorexic glasshouse, the Scirocco’s
                                 futuristic anatomy speaks a design language

             of the Year 2008.   of more affluent machinery.
                                                                  SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
     driving VW SCIROCCO

                             esigned to replace the ageing Karmann Ghia and              and broad stance account in no small part for the way the impeccable
                             named after a hot desert wind, Volkswagen’s original        manner in which the Scirocco conducts itself on the road.
                             Scirocco blew up a storm when it was released in                 The narrow side windows that sit on the broad, powerful shoulders are
                             1974. Unlike its competitors at the time, which were        classic sports car. Throwing observers into confusion, however, the long
                             inspired by the flowing curves of 60s muscle cars,           roof and steep rear end make the coupé look more like a hatchback.
                             the Scirocco’s sheet metal was clean, angular and                Regardless, the Scirocco features sharp proportions that are eye-
                             futuristic; it was a machine that didn’t steal its visual   popping from every angle. The invisible B-pillar, the window line that rises
                             presence from the past.                                     steeply from front to rear, and the prominent C-pillar combine with the
                                   Architected by Giorgetto Giugiaro – the Italian       seemingly endless roofline to convey a distinctive presence.
                             who gave the world icons like the Ferrari 250                    At the rear, an integrated roof spoiler adds an extra touch of dynamism
                             – these striking exterior dimensions were coupled           and increases down-force on the rear axle. The unmistakable taillights
     with an interior that was customised to further appeal to the tastes of the         enhance the muscular effect and are clearly visible in the Scirocco’s
     time. There was a leather-wrapped steering wheel with three bare steel              silhouette. The overall rear design – wider, mightier bumpers; wide track;
     spokes. Ahead of this lurked a dash festooned with faux wooden veneers.             roofline; roof spoiler; and wrap-around rear window – gives the Scirocco a
     And behind it, the seats were tastefully upholstered in Tartan Diamond              purposeful look.
     fabric (it was the 70s, after all).                                                      Due to the relative proportions of the roof and shoulder, the waistline is
          But the best thing about this revolutionary coupé – even though 42%            strongly contoured. The roof is also considerably narrower than the overall
     of buyers bought the Scirocco for its looks alone – was the fact that VW            body, giving the Scirocco its athletic look and making the already-wide track
     made sure that it could live up to its sporting pretensions. Sure, the anaemic      appear even wider.
     entry-level model with its 1.1-litre engine was no fireball but the 1.5 and               The standard halogen headlights of the Scirocco illuminate the
     1.6 GTI versions could certainly tussle with the best of them.                      darkness, and the position lights and turn signals are integrated into one
          And so, endowed with style and performance in equal measures, the              functional unit on the bumper. Optional bi-xenon headlights produce double
     Scirocco went on to become one of the best-selling sports cars of the               the volume of light and come equipped with static cornering lighting.
     70s. The first-generation Scirocco was an attainable dream car for many                   Inside, the driver and front passenger enjoy a sporty and ergonomic
     people. It wouldn’t be wrong to call the Volkswagen Scirocco the automotive         environment with matt chrome trim inlays on the instrument panel. The
     superstar of the 70s.                                                               triangular handles and unusual armrests of the doors are dashing. The
          During the early 80s, when synth pop overtook disco to rule the radio          angular controls and instruments are designed for intuitive function and
     waves, the Scirocco received a modish makeover and continued to breeze              have a clear layout for optimum accessibility and ease of operation. This is
     off the production lines until it was replaced by the Corrado – a car that          especially true of the centre console with its high positioning of controls.
     drove even better than its predecessor but ultimately flopped because it                  Alongside its uncompromisingly sporty character, the Scirocco also
     wore such a high price tag.                                                         represents a coupé that is fully equipped for everyday motoring needs
          Fans were left to lament for nearly 10 years until, inspired by the            – and its interior dimensions are no exception. Even when the driver’s seat

                                                                                                                                                                              For more information visit - www.mccarthyvw.co.za
     “noughties” trend of rekindling forgotten car brands, creative winds started        has been adjusted for a 1.9-metre-tall driver, there is still enough knee
     blowing through the Wolfsburg design studios. VW dug deep and began                 room in the rear for an adult passenger.
     resurrecting its once much-loved Scirocco.                                               In addition to the full usability of all four seats, the Scirocco’s practical
          You will not find it easy to resist the new Scirocco. Its arguments             assets include a luggage compartment that offers variability you don’t
     are just far too persuasive: its powerfully styled rear, wide shoulders and         expect from a coupé. With all the seats occupied, the luggage compartment
     charismatic front-end skilfully put across its dynamic potential.                   has a capacity of 292 litres, and as soon as the rear backrests are folded
          Although based on the architecture of the Golf GTI, it would be both           down, the volume increases to 755 litres.
     simplistic and inaccurate to describe the third-generation Scirocco as                   And just because it’s a sports coupé doesn’t mean you have to
     a dolled-up GTI. It shares the same wheelbase but it’s 40mm longer, a               compromise on safety. The Scirocco features comprehensive driver
     significant 51mm wider and a massive 97mm lower. Most important, its                 assistance systems: the Electronic Stability Programme, with Brake Assist
     track is wider by 35mm at the front and 59mm at the rear. The standard 17-          and counter steering assistance, includes an Anti-lock Braking System,
     inch alloy wheels enhance the silhouette’s powerful character and, due to           Electronic Differential Lock and Traction Control System. Therefore, critical
     the wide track, they’re virtually flush with the body. The low centre of gravity     driving situations can be controlled at an early stage.

In addition to the driver and passenger airbags (the latter can be deactivated),   confidence and I begin carving through corners with the kind of ferocity
the side airbags at the front are complemented by a comprehensive curtain          and pace I last experienced behind the wheel of a Lotus. Not bad for a car
airbag system for all passengers.                                                  that’s less than half the price, can seat four adults and swallow a weekend’s
     The ParkPilot feature takes the hassle out of parking in tight spaces         worth of luggage.
and makes turning around easier by providing acoustic and visual signals                The 2-litre TSI engine is not the same unit found in the MK V Golf
to indicate the distance to obstacles behind the car. ParkAssist makes light       GTI despite having the same 200 horsepower output. The new EA888 TSI
work of parallel parking by steering the vehicle into the chosen parking           is more flexible and the exhaust note bursts with a deep-throated bass.
space. All that’s left to do is brake and accelerate accordingly.                  Swapping cogs on the sniper-smooth DSG gearbox – an action that sends
     The Plus anti-theft warning system features interior monitoring via the       an angry engine blip resonating through the exhaust system – I conclude
interior light module in the headlining, ensuring that your Scirocco stays         that the new Scirocco’s pairing of true sports car performance and mould-
exactly where it belongs.                                                          shattering looks still remain true to VW’s bang-for-buck coupé philosophy.
     The Scirocco allows you to guide the car with your fingertips,                      With its passion and will to perform, the third-generation Scirocco
appreciating the meaty feel of the steering and the chassis’ lovely throttle-      exhibits thrilling driving dynamics. It has the spirit to send tingles of
                                                                                   excitement down your spine. And its easygoing demeanour, Teutonic
sensitive balance. Yet it is always comfortable, even along the most difficult
                                                                                   efficiency and overall balance mean that this VW is one of the best drivers’
                                                                                   cars this side of R400 000.
     As soon as I feel the body-hugging driver’s seat, grip the perfectly-
positioned steering wheel and hear the muted growl of the turbocharged
engine, I just know that the new Scirocco won’t disappoint. And it doesn’t.         Model      Power Output             Torque           Acceleration Top Speed    Price
                                                                                                  (kW@r/min)           (Nm@r/min)         (0-100km/h)   (km/h)
This car knows how to get your road juices flowing!
     Perhaps the tar-skimming seating position has something to do with             1.4 TSI      118@5800         240@1500 – 4500          8 sec        218       R282 000
it but, as soon as I ensconce myself in the Scirocco’s snug, slightly retro                         147@
                                                                                    2.0 TSI                       280@1700 – 5000          7.2 sec      235       R322 000
confines, I’m hit with a sense of fun. Getting out of town and heading down                        5100-6000
some country asphalt amplifies its inherent drivability and – graced with
                                                                                     2.0 TSI        147@
Pratley-like grip – the Scirocco encourages one to thrash the living daylights        DSG         5100-6000
                                                                                                                  280@1700 – 5000          7.1 sec      233       R336 500
out of it.
     Crackling with feedback, the chassis and steering do wonders for my           • Prices correct at time of going to press. E & OE.

                                                                                                                                                         SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
     travel NAMAQUALAND

     Driving north from Cape Town, just after Piekenierskloof, you’ll
     spot a hint of yellow and white in the greyish scrub bordering the
     road. Then, near Nieuwoudtville, patches of purple and orange
     will attract your eye. This is it! This is the famed Namaqualand in
     spring! But venture a bit further north, and you’ll realise that these
     are merely the opening scenes of the floral extravaganza that now
     ranges as far as you can see.

‘   Cattle, game, birds, beetles,
    caterpillars and butterflies just
    love the blooms, and often eat

    themselves into indigestion.

                           SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
     travel NAMAQUALAND

                            xtending from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the        guesthouse in the heart of the town.
                            small town of Pofadder in the east, north from the               When leaving Springbok, turn towards Kleinzee if for no other reason
                            Orange River and south beyond Naries, Namaqualand          than to overnight at Naries Guest Farm. And, next morning, if you can bring
                            is a vast and varied semi-desert region. During the        yourself to leave this luxurious oasis, turn north towards the otherworldly
                            arid summer months it is difficult to imagine its annual    Richtersveld and its 160–000 hectare Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier
                            spring show of wild flowers. But after just a few drops     Park.
                            of winter rain, swathes of luminous pink, orange,                A world of mineral-rich mountains and sandy plains, this park contains
                            yellow, purple and blue shades blanket the land.           the driest part of the entire Namaqua region. It also contains 30% of all
                                 Pofadder and Naries are both great spots for          South Africa’s succulent plant species – the richest variety of succulent
                            soaking up the multi-coloured view but a drive through     flora on Earth.
     the Namaqualand National Park adds so much more to the experience. The                  This park also contains treasure of another kind: a working partnership
     world’s only arid biodiversity hotspot, the park is, for nine months out of 12,   between the Nama people, its first inhabitants, and SANParks, which
     a bleak reddish-brown land of quiver-trees, granite outcrops and massive          administers the land. The Nama, who lease their land to SANParks, continue
     silences. Its fauna has adapted to the harsh environment: small antelopes,        to live and graze their livestock in the area.
     aardvarks, baboons, jackals and leopards eke out their existence here, along            Also en-route to Namibia, Vanrhynsdorp is the convergence point of
     with the world’s smallest tortoise – the Speckled Padloper.                       three distinct botanical kingdoms: Nama-Karoo vegetation, succulents and
          Its flora is especially skilled at surviving both the icy winters and         Cape fynbos. The striking quiver tree is found here. A distinctive element of
     sweltering summers. Some areas store more than 40 000 seeds per square
                                                                                       the succulent Karoo flora in SA’s water-stressed south western parts, quiver
     metre, all of which lie dormant waiting for the right conditions for them to
                                                                                       trees most often exist as single plants. Sometimes hundreds of years old,
     germinate. Annuals germinate quickly, and grow and flower during winter
                                                                                       they tower above the rest of the vegetation. Often the only tall plants in the
     and spring so as to avoid summer, when they survive in the form of seed.
                                                                                       area, they are vantage points for raptors and provide safe sites for other
          And the Gazania, for example, purposefully shrivels in summer
                                                                                       birds to nest among the leaves or in the stems. Quiver trees hold hundreds
     leaving visible only a bundle of dry leaves. Thus, it minimises exposure to
                                                                                       of litres of water, which are accessible to a host of animals and may be a
     the searing heat and prevents loss of moisture. The woolly undersides of
                                                                                       factor in their survival during excessively arid times.
     the leaves often point upwards to cool the plant down. But with the first
     rains, the whole Gazania swells, its leaves stand erect and flower buds                  Watch the sunset from Aan’t Dorpseind guesthouse in the old part of
     emerge, almost instantly. Another daisy-filled delight, the 15 000–hectare         Vanrhynsdorp – just a short walk from the town’s world-renowned quiver
     Goegap Nature Reserve, lies 15 kilometres outside the town of Springbok.          tree and succulent nursery.
     Incorporating the Hester Malan Wild Flower Reserve, this park boasts 581                Surrounded by the granite Kamiesberg mountains, Kamieskroon is
     different indigenous plants, and some of its succulents are so rare that they     yet another prime vantage point. There are excellent hikes and mountain
     aren’t found anywhere else in the world. The reserve is also home to 45           bike trails in the mountains but for those who prefer to sightsee by car, the
     species of mammals, including springbok, gemsbok and mountain zebras,             Skilpad Wildflower Reserve is a few kilometres down the road. (Fill your
     94 species of birds including ostriches, black eagles, spotted dikkops and        tank before you venture on, though, as this is one of the few places in the
     ground woodpeckers, as well as reptiles and amphibians.                           Namaqua where diesel is sold.)
          Springbok is the “capital” of Namaqualand. It takes its name from the              If your route to Kamieskroon goes via Soebatsfontein, do turn off at the
     herds of buck that used to pass through the valley to drink from the spring       “honey” signpost. Oom Carel and Tannie Poppie keep hundreds of hives and
     but were driven away when copper was discovered in 1850. The town                 call millions of flowers their back garden. It’s a magical spot for a picnic. And
     retains vestiges of the miners’ lifestyle; the nearby Nababeep Museum tells       if you’re lucky, a batch of Tannie Poppie’s rusks will pop out the oven in time
     the story of the copper mining history of the area.                               for afternoon tea.
          Namaqualand Horse Trails, headquartered here, will take you into                   Down-to-earth local people. Heavenly accommodation. Breathtaking
     the flower fields on horseback. Afterwards, soothe your aching bones in             scenery. And a lazy spring road-trip. All within SA’s borders … what better
     the Jacaranda-shaded pool at Annie’s Cottage, a charming olde worlde              way to say goodbye to winter.

‘   To get the best views,
    drive with the sun
    at your back. Why?
    Because the flowers
    turn towards the sun,

    not to you.

                SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
     travel KIDS OF NATURE

     Kids of Nature addresses a key issue: Nature
     Deficit Disorder – the alienation of children from their
     natural environment, resulting in emotional imbalance,
     violence, mismanagement of natural resources and
     climate change. Primarily, Kids of Nature motivates
     parents to help their children reconnect with nature
     through storytelling. Its first book, Enya & James
     – In The Land of Magic, is a fantasy story based on
     children’s real adventures in nature.

                                                               www.namaqualand.com • www.northerncape.org • Flower Hotline: 083 910 1028 •
                                                               Namaqua Tourism Information: 027 718 2985/6 • Namaqualand Horse Trails: 027 718
                                                               3583 • Naries Guest Farm: 021 930 4564 • Annie’s Cottage: 027 712 1451 • Aan’t
                                                               Dorpseind: 083 630 9611 • www.kidsofnature.org: 021 856 5683; 083 230 1881

                                                                                               Runner Up

     From top left to right: Hennie Taljaard, Marnus Liebenberg, Nola Corrigall, Pierre Ryckaert, Christa du Plessis, Travis Bauer, Tracy Kruger, James Dorfling, Ilse
     Steenkamp, Ewert Putter, Christa du Plessis, Cheryl Bauer. Centre: Rob de Gouveia – runner-up of last month’s issue!


From top left to right: Tracy Kruger, Louise Pienaar, Elmari Potgieter, Charmaine Myatt, Ian Naidu, Koos Loubser, Cindy Ellis, Cheryl Bauer, Karthi Pillai, M. Haffejee,
Melissa, Hennie Taljaard. Centre: Tracy Kruger – winner of last issue’s Nikon COOLPIX S210 worth R3 800! See overleaf for details on how
to win a COOLPIX L20 from Nikon.

                                                                                                                                                     SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
                       SWITZERLAND travel

            Triple the
 Beyond its essentially Swiss cheese, chocolate and cuckoo
  clocks, après-ski chic, edelweiss and Heidi, Switzerland is
 a country of cohabiting cultures. You could be chomping on
 sausages over beer in an oom-pah-pah Stübli one day, and
    pasta over a glass of Chianti in a granite grotto the next.
Whether visiting the remotest Ticino villages or sampling the
  finest Valais wines, you’ll find Switzerland a chocolate box
                            bursting with unexpected fillings.

                                                  SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
‘   Switzerland has four languages – Swiss-
    German, French, Italian and Romansch

    – and the cultural variety to match.
                                                                                                           SWITZERLAND travel

            f you could visit only one European                Geneva is strung along the shore of Europe’s     picturesque river and lake whose water you
            country, which would you choose …             largest Alpine lake, complete with boats-for-hire,    can drink, easy to get around in, and a non-
            passionate Italy? Cultured France?            promenades and Jet d’Eau, the world’s tallest         subscriber to the hassled lifestyle that defines
            Historic Germany? If you were wise,           fountain that holds seven tons of water aloft at      big cities, this affluent, fashion-conscious place
            you’d head for one that encompasses           any given moment. But if it’s the rough side of       shows off life’s finest things.
            aspects of all these cultures – and that      the diamond you’re after, delve into the Pâquis             Since its Street Parade overtook London’s
            can only mean Switzerland.                    quarter and dig into international dishes at its      Notting Hill Carnival, Zürich hosts Europe’s
                  This three-in-one destination           plethora of eateries, walk west along the Rhône’s     largest annual street party. Its former industrial
            caters for everyone, from gastronomes         industrial shores or south into trendy Italianate     quarter brims with nightlife venues, and
            and wine lovers to designer shoppers;         Carouge where alternative clubs and humble            hundreds of bars and restaurants clamour for
            extreme sportspeople to history geeks         neighbourhood bars hum with attitude.                 your patronage. The infamous “gnomes”, as the
            and art buffs. And as well known as                The Alhambar cinema is popular for drinks,       British like to call Zürich’s bankers, are still here
its big cities and ski slopes are, the country has        food and live music, with Sunday morning brunch       but sometimes they’ll astonish you by whizzing
untold lesser-known treasures just waiting to be          a must-do after a heady night out. Geneva’s           by on a Segway scooter.
discovered.                                               one-time riverside pumping station, Bâtiment                The city’s Protestant modesty saves it from
      The grandeur of the cathedrals in Lausanne          des Forces Motrices, is now a striking space for      becoming too schmicki-micki (chi-chi). With
and Bern contrasts with the humble frescoes of            rock concerts, opera, ballet and other cultural       church steeples rising against the backdrop
Müstair and the abbey complex of St Gallen (both          events. And the lakeshore itself is the venue for     of hills and mountains, the medieval old town
World Heritage sites). The list of enchanting towns       summer-time open-air film screenings.                  appeals to traditionalists.
is endless: from Lucerne with its covered bridge               The Red Crescent Museum is a multimedia                Perhaps the most spectacular of these
to Neuchâtel and its fountains; from Gruyères             trawl through humanity’s recent atrocities. The       architectural artifacts is the 13th Century
with its cheese and Grimentz with its traditional         noble aims of the Red Cross are set against a         Fraumünster, which glows with Marc Chagall’s
timber houses, to the graffito-blazoned buildings          litany of nastiness documented in films, photos,       luminescent stained-glass windows dating from
of Engadine towns like Scuol and Zuoz.                    sculptures and soundtracks. Sombre but                the 1960s. Across the river is the two-towered
      Names like Zermatt, St Moritz, Interlaken,          compelling.                                           16th Century Grossmünster.
Gstaad, Jungfrau and Verbier evoke the romance                 Before leaving Geneva, take the hour-long
and glamour of the mountain high-life. Cities like        tour of the Palais des Nations, the European arm
Geneva, Zürich, Basel and Lausanne heave with             of the UN. Apart from offering up-close views of
artistic activity and incendiary nightlife.               Art Deco styling, it’s a fascinating window on
      Super sleek, slick and cosmopolitan, Geneva         the world of power-decisions. And the garden’s
is a rare breed of city. It’s one of Europe’s priciest.   towering monument is coated with heat-resistant
Its people chatter in every language under the            titanium donated by the USSR to commemorate
sun and it’s constantly thought of as the Swiss           the conquest of space – not on show anywhere
capital – which it isn’t. Yet the whole world is          else in the world!
here: the United Nations, International Red                    Zürich is a city whose reputation precedes
Cross, International Labour Organization, World           it – and does it a complete disservice. A boring
Health Organization ...                                   banking capital? Zu reich (too rich), business-
      In Geneva, over 200 top-dog international           minded and uptight? The spotless Singapore of
bodies manage world affairs. Their people fill             Europe? If Switzerland’s largest metropolis once
the city’s plush four- and five-star hotels. They          lived down to those dull descriptions, it certainly
feast on an incredulous choice of international           no longer does.
cuisine, cooked up by restaurateurs to meet                    Contemporary Zürich might still be home
“local” demands. And they help prop up the                to the world’s fourth-biggest stock exchange
local overload of banks, luxury jewellers and luxe        and remain Switzerland’s financial engine,
chocolate shops.                                          but it’s also surprisingly vibrant. Located on a

                                                                                                                                                  SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
                                                                                                        SWITZERLAND travel

The figure glowering from its south tower is           epics alternate with classical and world music.        grave temptation in the six kilometres of covered
Charlemagne, who founded the original church          The Palais de Beaulieu stages concerts, operas         arcades that house every imaginable material
at this location.                                     and ballets – Lausanne has its own chamber             lust-have.
      Modern-art lovers will relish a stroll around   orchestra and the renowned Rudra Béjart ballet               Keep the walking shoes on.The Trümmelbach
the Kunsthaus, admiring its Alberto Giacometti        company.                                               waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen valley near to
stick figures, Monets, Van Goghs, Rodins and                 But before your cultural evening starts up,      Wengen are the only glacier falls in Europe that
Dada pieces. Zürich’s Cabaret Voltaire is the         stop off at Pinte Besson, the city’s oldest tavern.    can be marvelled at from inside the mountain.
birthplace of the iconoclastic Dada art movement.     Open since 1780, it oozes the atmosphere               The Trümmelbach drains the glaciers of the
It’s now dedicated to modern Swiss art and            of another age and makes no concessions to             Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks and carries
functions as an exhibition space cum café.            modern modishness. Squeeze in for a round of           over 20 000 litres of water in one second!
      And then on to Café Schober or Café Sprüngli    fondue and wine or just drop by for a couple of              Still in Lauterbrunnen, stop in at the little
for a hot schoggi (chocolate) and some sweetly        evening ales.                                          museum for an insight into the centuries-old
delicious souvenirs. Chäs Vreneli is a shrine to            And coming from a sports-mad nation such         lives of the rural people of the area. Follow this
cheese. Stinky, mouldy, holey … they’ve got           as ours, you can’t pass up an opportunity to visit     with a visit to the 80-hectare open-air museum
your favourite.                                       Musée Olympique. This is the Olympic story from        in Ballenberg with its restored farmhouses
      Pegasus is Zürich at its most cuckoo-           its inception under Pierre de Coubertin to the         that hint at the diversity of Swiss lifestyles and
clockish. Cunningly constructed wooden toys           most recent competition, told via video, archival      customs in days of old.
and traditional crafts display the de rigueur Swiss   film, touch-screen computers and memorabilia.                 A haunting 11th Century castle keeps watch
attention to quality and detail, and more than a            St Moritz is where the wealthy go. With its      over the busy little town of Thun. Try to visit here
little bit of unexpected charm. Just try resisting    smugly perfect lake and aloof mountains, the           on a Wednesday or Saturday, which are market
the Steiff teddy bears.                               town also looks a million dollars. (Those still shy    days in the picturesque old quarter. Schloss
      Elegant Bahnhofstrasse is perfect for wind–     of their first billion usually stay around the lake     Schadau, on the lakefront, houses the Swiss
ow–shopping and affluent Züricher watching.            in St Moritz Bad.) Visitors to St Moritz enjoy year-   Museum of Gastronomy – do make time to visit,
The bank vaults beneath the street are said to        round sports, and indulgent health treatments          even if you already have a lot on your plate.
be crammed with gold and silver. Above ground,        are part of the package. After all, those wealthy      Idyllic Lake Thun reflects the tiny wine-producing
luxury shops purvey the best Switzerland can          boys and girls want to be around for as long as
offer – from watches and clocks to chocolates,        possible to keep spending all their lovely lolly.
furs, porcelain and fashion labels galore.                  There is no road leading to the Wengen
      If it’s summer – or you’re touring on a         ski resort, only a mountain railway and a cable
budget – head to a waterfront bar on Lake Zürich      car. Despite this romanticism, Wengen is a
or the Limmat River, or catch a train up Uetliberg    well-equipped resort. With superb facilities for
to soak up the views.                                 even beginner skiers, Wengen is part of the
      The Gothic Cathédrale de Notre Dame             Jungfrau Top Ski Area and has direct access to
dominates the medieval city of Lausanne. Raised       112 kilometres of downhill skiing. A ski-lift pass
in the 12th and 13th Centuries on the site of         from Wengen will allow you to ski in the other
earlier, humbler churches, it lacks the lightness     Jungfrau resorts of Grindelwald and Mürren
of French Gothic buildings but is remarkable for      – making it an ideal base for an active winter
this very differentiation.                            visit to Switzerland.
      The neo-Renaissance Palais de Rumine was              Bern, Switzerland’s 800-year-old capital city,
built in 1904 to lord it over Palais de la Riponne.   is a pretty two-hour rail trip from Wengen. This
This is where the Treaty of Lausanne was signed       is a city of medieval magic, listed by UNESCO
in 1923, finalising the break-up of the Ottoman        as a World Cultural Heritage site. Its cathedral,
Empire after WWI.                                     clock tower and bear pit are punted in all the
      The Opéra de Lausanne runs an event-            tourist brochures but be sure to carry your credit
rich season from September to May. Opera              card and wear your walking shoes, as you’ll face

                                                                                                                                              SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
     travel SWITZERLAND

     village of Spiez. A tasting is mandatory. Wind your
     way a little further around the shores of Lake
     Thun and then take a horse and carriage around
     pretty Interlaken. If you’re visiting in summer,
     join Europe’s young at Interlaken’s music festival
     – it’s a party of note.
           Also in summer, teams of huskies draw
     sledges along the plateau of the Jungfraujoch
     for a unique sightseeing experience. And at any
     time of year, Piz Gloria on the Schilthorn offers
     the most spectacular 360-degree panorama in
     the Alps, embracing some 200 snow-capped
     peaks, from the Bernese Alps to Mont Blanc in
     France and Germany’s Black Forest.
           Exemplary of both their efficiency and
     appreciation of the aesthetic, the Swiss built
     Europe’s first revolving restaurant here. It’s a
     fitting place to reflect. On the view of three snow-
     cosseted countries. And on your personal view
     of the triply delightful fondue-pot of European
     culture that is Switzerland.

     Your other essential passport
     BidVest Bank’s Cash Passport makes travel-
     ling easier and safer. Your spending money is
     loaded onto the card and you can withdraw
     cash at over a million ATMs in more than 160
     countries, giving you instant access to local
     currency. You can also use the card in hotels,
     shops and restaurants wherever you see the
     Visa Electron sign. Because a fixed amount of
     money is loaded onto the card, you can’t over-
     spend. And the rate is fixed on the day the card
     is loaded, negating the effect of short-term rate     For more travel packages contact Pentravel:
     fluctuations. Visit Rennies Foreign Exchange to        Gauteng: 0861 100 996 KwaZulu-Natal: 0861 101 827
     get a Cash Passport. And travel safe.                 Cape/Garden Route: 0861 101 826 Port Elizabeth: 041 368 6151

                                                                                                          EAT OUT food

                                                                         cosecha I Paarl: 021 874 3844
                                                                         “Cosecha”, the Spanish word for “harvest”, reflects cosecha’s location
                                                                         adjacent to the harvest area where grapes are sorted and crushed at
                                                                         Noble Hill Wine Estate in Paarl. It also expresses the owners’ desire
                                                                         to bring the farm-fresh, Latin flavors of their family’s roots to the
                                                                         Cape. A traditional mix of Mexican dishes like beef enchiladas with
                                                                         borracho beans, along with more contemporary interpretations of the
                                                                         Latin palate, are served. For grande enjoyment, each dish is paired
                                                                         with a Noble Hill wine.

                                                                         Gigi’s I Ballito: 032 946 3444
                                                                         At Gigi’s, a celebrated international executive chef personally
                                                                         selects the finest local ingredients to create unimagined delights
                                                                         that encompass the “big five of gastronomy”: taste, aroma, texture,
                                                                         succulence and presentation. The discerning diner can book the six-
                                                                         seater chef’s table in the kitchen, from which to observe the culinary

       Wining –
                                                                         process and be educated by the preparation team. Tasting menus are
                                                                         served with or without wine – but preferably with! Wine connoisseurs
                                                                         can book the 12-seater table in the cellar for special occasions and

     and dining
                                                                         celebrations that call for more than a little imbibing.

                                                                         Fairlawns I Sandton: 011 804 4143
                                                                         If a trio of sweet potato, butternut and potato gnocchi with mushroom

                                                                         and spinach sauce sounds like it’ll take the edge off your appetite,
           Dedicated to the wise man                                     Fairlawns is the place to go. If you fancy an al fresco lunch, candle-lit
        of the magi who was “lord of                                     dinner, aperitif on the terrace or cognac in front of the fire, Fairlawns
                                                                         is the place to go! And those-in-the-know also visit for its award-
          treasures”, a treasure trove
                                                                         winning wine collection … to date, Fairlawns has received two merit,
       of delights awaits foodies and                                    three platinum and one of only five diamond Wine List of the Year

             wine-lovers at Belthazar.                                   awards from Diners’ Club.

Belthazar I Cape Town: 021 421 3753                                      Pinotage I Centurion: 012 654 7040
Belthazar, specialising in superb, aged Karan Beef, is a carnivore’s     Pinotage offers a proudly South African eat-out experience. All of its
ultimate indulgence. But an even larger draw-card is its cellar.         wines are South African and even its name gives it a nationalistic
Currently offering an inimitable selection of 600 highly desirable       twist: Pinotage is a unique South African blend created in the
wines, including a remarkable 250 wines by-the-glass, Belthazar          Cape from Pinot Noir and Hermitage grapes. It’s also the perfect
is arguably the largest wine-by-the-glass bar in the world. An           accompaniment to venison with blueberry sauce, a caramelised
impressive selection of Odd Bin wines is also available and imminently   onion and goats’ cheese tartlet, and basil and pine nut couscous
affordable. A signature touch is the Riedel crystal glassware in which   … garden seating and untrammeled bushveld views complete an
all wines are served.                                                    experience that can only be described as lekker.

                                                                                                                               SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
     food RECIPES

     New takes on old favourites
     The culinary world can be faddish as chefs strive to be innovative. Often, these fads revolve around obscure
     ingredients – ever heard of fennel pollen? But two ingredients that never seem to go out of style are chocolate
     and cheese. Whether you use these old-fashioned favourites in a fashionable new recipe or snack on them au
     naturel, they’re simply delicious.

Asparagus and                                                          Borlotti bean and
goats’ cheese pizza                                                    winter squash mole
          150g        baby potatoes                                               1 1/2c      fresh or dried borlotti beans
                      flour                                                        1 1/2c      winter squash, peeled and seeded
                      pre-made pizza dough                                                    olive oil
          2T          olive oil                                                   5           kale leaves
          1           garlic clove, pressed                                       2T          butter
          4           spring onions, thinly sliced                                1           onion, chopped
          1 1/3c      mozzarella, grated                                                      chili to taste, seeded and chopped
          120g        soft goats’ cheese, crumbled                                2           garlic cloves, chopped
          250g        fresh asparagus, trimmed, halved                            500g        fresh plum tomatoes, skinned
                      lengthwise and cut into 5cm pieces                          2t          paprika
          1/2c        parmesan cheese, grated                                     30g         almonds, roasted and ground
                      salt                                                        60g         70% dark chocolate
                      ground black pepper                                                     salt
Preheat oven to 230°C. Salt potatoes lightly and cook until tender,    Preheat oven to 180°C. Cook beans until tender. Rinse, drain
about 10 minutes. Drain, cool and slice. Sprinkle a baking sheet       and set aside. Cut squash into 2cm chunks and toss with olive
with flour. Roll dough to 40 x 30cm. Transfer to baking sheet. Mix 1T   oil. Roast for 20 minutes until caramelised but still firm. Reduce
olive oil and garlic, and brush over dough. Sprinkle mozzarella and    oven to 130°C. Cut kale into 2cm slices; do not remove stem. In
3/4 of green onions over. Top with potato and goats’ cheese. Toss      a large saucepan, fry onion and chili in butter until caramelised,
asparagus in 1T olive oil and scatter over. Sprinkle with Parmesan     about 25 minutes. Add garlic and fry for 3 minutes. Add tomatoes
and season. Bake until crust is brown and asparagus is tender,         and paprika, bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
about 18 minutes. Sprinkle remaining green onions over and slice       Add all other ingredients and stir until chocolate melts. Transfer to
while warm. Serves four.                                               a casserole dish, cover and cook in oven for 2 hours. Serve with
                                                                       tortillas, polenta or mashed potatoes. Serves four.
Mustardy cheese soufflé
          2T          butter
          1 1⁄2T      plain flour
          4           egg yolks and 6 whites
          200ml       milk                                               Flavoured chocolate
          170g        Gruyère, grated
          50g         Parmesan, finely grated
          2T          Dijon mustard                                      Simmer some heavy cream in a fondue pot
          1t          salt                                               and infuse with espresso, vanilla, mint, caramel
                      butter                                             sauce, fruit purée or citrus zest – or whatever
                      flour                                               takes your fancy. Stir in an equal amount of good
                                                                         quality chocolate until melted.
Preheat oven to 190°C. Butter and flour a 1.8-litre soufflé dish. Melt
butter. Add flour and whisk for 2 minutes until elastic and smooth.       Yummy dippy things:
Add milk and whisk for 4 minutes until dense and creamy. Add             • Sliced bananas, apples, pears, peaches and
Gruyère and stir until smooth. Remove from heat. When tepid, whisk       pineapples. • Citrus sections, strawberries,
in egg yolks and mustard. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites into       cherries, raspberries and blackberries. • Dried
soft peaks. Fold in cheese-mustard mix and pour into soufflé dish.        fruit and nuts. • Marshmallows, mini brownies
Trace a circle in the top and sprinkle Parmesan over. Put in oven        and cookies, shortbread, amaretti, biscotti,
and turn heat down to 175°C. Bake for 25 minutes without opening         crystallised ginger and meringues.
oven. Test with a skewer. Depending on whether you want an oozy
centre or not, cook for another 5 minutes. Serve with salad and
bread. Serves four.

                                                                                                                                  SPICE ISSUE 5 2009
     lifestyle HILUX

     The new Toyota Hilux’s appetite for work and fun will only be                  utilises Artificial Intelligence that adapts the gear shift-pattern to suit driving
     satisfied when you are. Go beyond tough with a double cab                       conditions. Both engines comply with Euro IV emissions regulations. Fuel
                                                                                    consumption and emissions are both low. Vehicle Stability Control is now
     that you can rely on.                                                          standard to provide active safety and improved driving dynamics. The 3.0
     Over the years, Toyota Hilux has built a reputation for never-say-die          D-4D Double Cabs also come also fitted with a Limited Slip Differential at
     toughness, reliability and power. Now it’s got the looks to back it up. The    the rear axle designed to provide traction off-road and minimise wheel spin
     trapezoid front grille of the 3.0 D-4D Double Cab range, with its metallic     when travelling on-road. New suspension bushes reduce road vibrations.
     grey plate bar, reflects the rugged good looks of Toyota SUVs. The bumper       Combined with quieter engines and Toyota sound-reduction technology, this
     has been redesigned with a larger, wider opening, suggesting a lower           helps to produce a refined hush, even at speed. Hi-tech features include a
     centre of gravity. Strong, muscular lines sweep through to the rear. All 3.0   full map navigation system, with improved graphics.
     D-4D Double Cab models now come with sports seats. They also come
     with a four-wheel-drive power train, and offer a choice of a five-speed
                                                                                    Power output – 120kW@3 400rpm Torque – 343Nm@1 400-3 200rpm
     manual gearbox or an all-new five-speed automatic transmission, which           Top speed – 170km/h

                                                                                                                  BMW Z4 lifestyle

Become one
with the road
Adrenalin rushes come standard with the BMW Z4 Roadster.                          elegant cabin. Like a well-tailored suit, the Z4 is expertly customised to
Take a seat, start the engine and feel the excitement course                      meet your needs. Even with the roof closed, an overwhelming feeling of
                                                                                  freedom reigns and the bond between the driver, the vehicle and the road
through your veins.                                                               is as close as it can get. Its electromechanical power steering makes for a
The BMW Z4 Roadster blends agility, performance and a fresh-air feeling           dynamic drive. And activating sport mode reduces the level of assistance,
to create a truly involving driving experience. And with its unique styling and   further enhancing the driving experience. BMW’s Cornering Brake Control
flawless build quality, it’s equally engaging when parked. Long bonnet, long       applies braking pressure asymmetrically, stabilising the car even outside the
wheelbase, short overhangs – the new Z4 has classic roadster proportions,         anti-lock braking system’s range of operation. It means the Z4 sticks to your
but combines them with a style that’s all its own. The concave and convex         chosen line even when cornering at speed. Discover the BMW Z4 Roadster
lines create an intriguing interplay of light and shade, the striking nose        and let your senses run free.
bears a prominent double-kidney grille and the rear has an unmistakably
sporty look. Step in and you are immediately enveloped in an ambience of
                                                                                  Power output – 195kW@6 600rpm Torque – 315Nm@2 750rpm
exclusivity. Quality, clarity and a dedication to driving pleasure define this     Top speed – 250km/h

                                                                                                                                             SPICE ISSUE 5 2009

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