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					Welcome to our Easter edition of the update and        This training method provides the following
by the time you receive this I am sure you will be     advantages:
on the way to recovering from chocolate                    1. Shorter training time for similar results
overload. There are a couple of exciting new               2. Increased muscle strength
things going on at the clinic. The first is the            3. Improved flexibility
arrival of Rachel Barrett who is a State                   4. Intense stimulation of neurological system
Registered Dietician who has a special interest in         5. Increased blood circulation
Sports Nutrition. More about her below. Second             6. Aids in the reduction of pain
we have invested in a Power Plate machine. You             7. Increased bone mineral density
may very well wonder what it is and I have                 8. Increased levels of key hormones like
written a little bit about it below. At the end of             testosterone and human growth hormone
the article below I go into a bit more detail about        9. Massage applications
how we are going to make this available to you.            10. Decreased level of stress hormones
But in the meantime, read on and please call us            11. Increase in balance and coordination
if you have any comments or questions about
what you see written here.                             What is Whole Body Vibration?
                                                       Though this sounds like a new technology the use
Also included in this issue: an article on             of vibration is an idea that dates back to the ancient
Shoulder    pain,    Ergonomics,   Dizziness,          Greeks who used it to help heal injuries. The
Cardiovascular health and Caffeine                     concept of whole body vibration is based on
                                                       Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation dating back
New Power Plate at Ace Osteopaths.                     to the 1960s when a professor from the former East
 Recent research has indicated that most new           German Republic described cyclical vibrations
members of a gym have been members elsewhere.          capable of improving the condition of the joints
This indicates that at some point in the future the    relatively quickly.
health and fitness industry is going to run out
genuine new members.                                   The Russian Space Program used whole body
                                                       vibrations to allows its cosmonauts to stay in space
When questioned people stated the following            longer without experiencing adverse reaction. Later
reasons for not joining a club or taking part in       ballet dancers with minor muscle injuries such as
regular exercise:                                      achilles tendon problems discovered that vibrations
    1. Too physically demanding                        aided the healing process. They also found that
    2. Too complicated                                 their muscular strength and jump height increased
    3. Not enough time                                 with only a quarter of the effort or time required by
    4. Bad previous experiences                        traditional training methods. This led many of
    5. Not achieving expected goals                    Russia’s top Olympic athletes to incorporate whole
    6. Lack of support.                                body vibrations into their programmes.

From a psychological perspective these beliefs can     Usage
be complicated and deep rooted and should be           We are offering every patient of the clinic a free
accepted rather than questioned. The challenge is      20min introductory session and the pricing
then to find a way to help them change their beliefs   structure will be:
about physical activity.                                    • £15 per session
                                                            • A 15% discount if you book 6 in advance
The Power Plate offers a form of exercise that can          • A 20% discount if you book 12 in
help to achieve this goal. It uses the principle of             advance.
whole body vibration training to help improve          These are unsupervised sessions. and each session
sports performance, enhance fitness and wellness       will last a total of 30 minutes. For supervised
and even accelerate recovery from injury. This may     sessions please contact the clinic on 0208 399
appear like a new fad but the concept has in fact      0262.
been around for over 30 years with practical and
scientific research to back it up.

    Ace Osteopaths ♠ Complementary Health Centre ♠ Update ♠ Volume 2 ♠ Issue 2 ♠ April 2007
Introducing Rachel Barrett,                              depth and to help contain the humerus (arm) bone.
State Registered Dietician.                              Thus the main stabilisers of the shoulder joint are
Let me introduce myself – I am Rachel Barrett, a         muscles. The various muscles involved move the
new member of the therapy team. I qualified nearly       arm as well as the scapula (shoulder blade) and if
10 years ago as Registered Dietitian at the              any of them are out of balance or injured the
University of Surrey, Guildford, and more recently       rhythm of movement of the joint alters, ultimately
as Registered Sports and Exercise Nutritionist. I am     causing pain and discomfort.
a member of the British Dietetic Association and
am registered with the Health Professions Council.       There are a number of common problems that can
Dietitians are the experts, in both the science and      cause shoulder pain, such as rotator cuff
communication of nutrition in health and disease.        tendinopathy, calcific tendinopathy of the rotator
                                                         cuff, strains or tears of the rotator cuff, adhesive
Along with my full time post in the NHS at a             capsulitis (frozen shoulder) or shoulder dislocation.
London teaching hospital working with patients           The most common complaint of shoulder pain that I
with cancer, I also run a weekly clinic on a             see is rotator cuff strain or tendonitis. This is
Wednesday evening from 6-9pm at ACE                      usually as a result of trauma, incorrect technique in
Complementary Health Centre. I can help with the         a sport, poor rehabilitation from a previous injury
dietary management of weight problems,                   or poor posture. The area of pain varies from
cholesterol lowering, high blood pressure, diabetes,     around the scapula to the top of the humerus and
constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergy     anywhere in between! The difficulty is finding out
and intolerances, along with any aspect of sports        what is causing the problem and thus how to
nutrition, both individual and team sports, sprint       alleviate it in the long term.
and endurance events.
                                                         In the short term the most important thing to do is
Of recent I have seen an increasing number of            to reduce the pain. This is done with soft tissue
clients who are keen to be assessed purely from a        treatment, mobilisations of the shoulder and gentle
disease prevention point of view and therefore wish      exercises. Most importantly the patient needs to
to have their diet and lifestyle habits reviewed by a    avoid the things that cause pain.
Dietitian, especially since the public are so often
confused about the mixed messages on nutrition           In the medium term the exercises are gradually
portrayed by the media.                                  increased to suit the patients’ needs, such as, in
                                                         preparation for their return to sport. Postural issues
An initial consultation lasts 1 hour and costs £60       are addressed as necessary with soft tissue
and a follow up appointment is 30 minutes and            treatment and stretching to be used at home.
costs £25.00.
                                                         In the long term the most important thing is to try
For more information contact Rachel on 020 8288          and find a way to avoid the reoccurrence of the
0942 or 07940 717505, the first five clients to book     problem. This is often the hardest part to work out
an initial consultation will receive a £10 discount.     as commonly more than one daily activity
                                                         contributes to the problem. The result is this can
                                                         lead to relapses though they are usually never as
Shoulder Pain?
                                                         bad as the original. As well as using correct
Sophie Capito, Sports Therapist                          exercises and stretches a regular soft tissue
                                                         treatment usually helps to maintain the shoulder.
The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint of the
body and is the most susceptible to pain, injury and
                                                         Ergonomics or how to use your energy more
muscle imbalance. The shoulder joint is a ball and
socket joint much like the hip joint but the socket of   efficiently
the shoulder is much shallower than the hip and          Carlie-Ann Smith, Rehab Therapist
thus much more unstable. There are 3 weak
ligaments within the joint with a slightly stronger      What is ergonomics? It is derived from two Greek
ligament over the superior part of the joint and 2       words and is the science of making things fit. It
tendons that go directly into the joint capsule. The     applies knowledge of anatomy, mechanics,
capsule surrounds the socket of the joint to give it     physiology and psychology to utilise human energy

    Ace Osteopaths ♠ Complementary Health Centre ♠ Update ♠ Volume 2 ♠ Issue 2 ♠ April 2007
more effectively. Something that is ergonomic is        So where do we start?
something that is designed for safe, comfortable        To be honest, start with yourself and not with the
and efficient use.                                      design of the chair because however ergonomic the
                                                        chair is we will find a way to sit badly in it. A
The practical application of ergonomics is to put       better way is to activate and strengthen the right
people first, taking into account their capabilities    muscles.
and limitations. Its aim is to ensure that tasks,
equipment, information and the environment suit         The deep muscles of the pelvis and torso are the
everyone within their own specific environment.         important ones in all of this. They are toned only by
This is no more applicable than in the work place       using natural methods or specific exercises. By
where we spend most of our days, but also applies       correcting normal movement patterns and making
in the home as well as during exercise.                 your work environment best suited, ergonomically,
                                                        for you, these deep core muscles will continue to
The point of ergonomics in the work place is:           work, therefore supporting your whole system and
    1. Reduce the potential for accidents               your spine in particular. Any extra exercise will
    2. reduce the potential for injury and ill          thus be more beneficial for you.
    3. increase performance and productivity            What next?
                                                        If you want to see how ergonomically you work or
Sitting has been associated with numerous               to see how strong, or not, your core muscles
problems including:                                     actually are, then make an appointment to see
     1. Back pain of all sorts                          Carlie-Ann at the clinic. The exercises she gives are
     2. Fatigue                                         low impact, low effort and suitable for all. And this
     3. Varicose veins                                  month Carlie-Ann is offering an assessment of
     4. Poor circulation                                your core strength for FREE.
     5. Poor digestion
     6. General poor body development
                                                        Is the world spinning? Do you dislike lying
If you look at this list I am sure that you will be     flat or turning over in bed? Then read this
able to identify at least one familiar symptom and it   article!
could well be related to your own ergonomics. It is     Matt Whale, Chinese Medicine
interesting to note that pre-school children and
people who live in places where chairs are not          Dizziness or vertigo (the sudden sensation of
readily available retain the ability to sit upright     unsteadiness or that your surroundings are moving)
without back supports, otherwise known as               is one of the most commonly reported symptoms to
autonomous sitting.                                     the family GP. Acute attacks can be disturbing, but
                                                        when chronic, they can seriously compromise your
So why do we find this so hard to do?                   quality of life. Other associated symptoms can
Simply put, introducing poor quality chairs at a        include lightheadedness, a loss of balance, blurred
young age and thus by default bad habits that sap       vision (especially associated with quick head
energy, circulation and strength. And to exacerbate     movements), nausea and vomiting. GP’s routinely
this we take part in standard exercise pursuits         prescribe anti-nausea medication (e.g. Stematil),
without actually properly preparing ourselves for it.   but this does not address the actual cause of the
                                                        problem, and more often than not, fails to provide
When a person leans back in a chair, there is both      any relief at all.
backward and downward force. This downward
forces pushes the bottom of the pelvis forward so       The most common cause for these symptoms is a
that the sitter is eventually putting weight through    condition called Benign Paroxysmal Positional
the tailbone with the spine as a whole transformed      Vertigo with about 80% of all dizziness being due
into a C-shaped slouch, pulling boneys apart and        to BPPV (Li and Epley 2004). While BPPV can
thus stretching ligaments in a way they were never      occur in children (Uneri and Turkdogan, 2003), the
designed to be stretched.                               older you are, the more likely it is that your
                                                        dizziness is due to BPPV (average age of onset is
                                                        50 years of age), with a recent study indicating that
    Ace Osteopaths ♠ Complementary Health Centre ♠ Update ♠ Volume 2 ♠ Issue 2 ♠ April 2007
9% of the elderly were found to have undiagnosed        canaliths have become dislodged, they may settle
BPPV (Oghalai, J. S., et al., 2000).                    either in the sensory area of the posterior semi-
                                                        circular canal or they may continue to free float
The signs and symptoms of BPPV can come and             within the endolymph (the fluid that flows within
go, with episodes commonly lasting less than one        the balance portion of the inner ear) of the posterior
minute, although the after-effects can last for a few   canal itself, which alters the dynamic response of
hours. Episodes of BPPV can disappear for some          the posterior semi-circular canal to head movement,
time, even months, only to then recur (hence the        causing vertigo. It usually affects only one ear, but
term ‘paroxysmal’).                                     it is possible, if uncommon (5%) to have BPPV in
                                                        both ears.
Characteristically the dizziness occurs a few
seconds after specific head movements, such as          Apart from affecting people more as they age, there
getting into or out of bed, rolling over in bed or      are other reasons why people may develop BPPV.
bending over. Also people with BPPV often feel          Trauma (traffic accident, falls, sporting activities,
dizzy and unsteady when they tip their heads back       etc.) is a common cause.          Individuals with
to look up, which is sometimes called ‘top shelf        prolonged inactivity, such as confinement to a bed,
vertigo.’                                               may also develop BPPV because of the settling of
                                                        the calaliths in an inappropriate position. It has
The Cause?                                              also been shown that migraine sufferers (Ishiyama
The most common theory for the cause of BPPV is         et al, 2000) or pregnant women appear to be
that canaliths (otherwise known as otoconia or          susceptible.
otoliths) are formed from calcium carbonate
deposits (similar to chalk) and are shed from a part    The Clinical Assessment
of the inner ear which responds to linear motion        When you have your first appointment, you will
and move to the posterior semi-circular canal,          undergo a thorough medical screening to ascertain
which responds to rotational motion, because the        whether you actually have BPPV or some other
posterior canal hangs down like the water trap in a     condition that causes dizziness, such as high or low
drain pipe.                                             blood pressure, an ear infection, a visual problem,
                                                        anaemia or even if it is the side-effects of
                                                        prescription medication. You will also be screened
                                                        for some more serious medical conditions that may
                                                        present with dizziness, such as thyroid dysfunction,
                                                        as well as neurological or vascular disorders.

                                                        You will then be taken through a number of very
                                                        simple, non-invasive tests to confirm the diagnosis
                                                        of BPPV.

                                                        The Treatment
                                                        Once a diagnosis of BPPV is made, you will be
                                                        then treated using a simple series of head and body
                                                        positions, called the Epley Manoeuvre or the
                                                        Canalith Repositioning Technique, which is now
                                                        becoming the accepted treatment, which slowly
                                                        moves the canaliths from the posterior semicircular
                                                        canal (sensitive area) back into the non-sensitive
                                                        area, thereby eradicating the noxious stimulation
                                                        that causes the dizziness in the first place.

                                                        After-Care Treatment
Usually the canaliths dissolve or fall back into a      Patients are normally advised to sleep propped-up
benign part of the inner ear within several weeks,      to about 45o in a chair, for at least two nights, and
and no longer cause any symptoms. But if the            when they eventually return to sleeping in a bed,
                                                        they are advised not to sleep on their affected side
    Ace Osteopaths ♠ Complementary Health Centre ♠ Update ♠ Volume 2 ♠ Issue 2 ♠ April 2007
for 1 week. They are also advised not to visit the
hair-dresser or dentist for a couple of weeks.            It was thought that stiffening of arteries
                                                          was inevitable as you aged and nothing could be
One week after treatment, you will be reassessed to       done about it. But now there is strong evidence that
see if the position that usually makes you dizzy still    with a change in lifestyle and nutrition we can all
provokes the same response. Following the first           have flexible arteries.
treatment, more than 80% of patients no longer
experience any symptoms (Herdman et al, 1993).            Clinical trials have consistently shown that as
Patients who do not get complete resolution with          little as 20 minutes brisk walking in which you
the first treatment can undergo a second or third         break a sweat will lower a high cholesterol level
procedure, until they are asymptomatic.
                                                          You may have read of the wide range of health
Is Your Lifestyle Slowly Killing You?                     benefits of consuming Garlic. It has been shown to
Stuart McLean Medical Herbalist                           reduce the stickiness of blood cells called platelets
                                                          involved in clotting. Research at Oxford University
BSc (Hons), PG Cert, MNIMH, MCPP.
                                                          confirmed that taking a Garlic supplement for just 4
                                                          weeks could lower Cholesterol by 12% and
It would be true to say that we are all affected by
                                                          Triglycerides by 17%. However not all Garlic
the pressures of life. Work, financial pressures,
                                                          supplements are the same. According to the Garlic
running a house and family take up most of our
                                                          Information Centre many supplements deliver very
time leaving little time to relax and recuperate.
                                                          little of the healthy compounds found in raw Garlic.
                                                          Products containing Allicin are the only ones
Stress plays a major role in our lives and as we
                                                          recommended. At the clinic we stock Nutri High
strive to achieve more in our time we become
                                                          Potency Garlic which has been shown to be close to
reliant on caffeine stimulants and ready meals and
                                                          the profile of raw Garlic.
to relax and wind down we enjoy a glass or two of
an alcoholic beverage.
                                                          Fish oils have also been shown to have a beneficial
                                                          effect on the heart and arteries. When buying fish
What about exercise?
                                                          oils check the vital EPA and DHA levels. Over the
A distant memory but we need to remember that
                                                          counter preparations can differ greatly with the
what we sow now, we will reap in the future.
                                                          professional range.
Heart disease affects 1 in 5 men and 1 in 6 women
                                                          There are a number of herbs that have been shown
and is the leading cause of death in the UK.
                                                          to improve the condition of our arteries and lower
Hardening of the arteries is thought to contribute to
                                                          cholesterol such as Hawthorn – Milk thistle –
a large percentage of these deaths. These figures are
                                                          Artichoke leaf – Turmeric – Achillia – Tillia –
set to rise over the next few years as a result of
                                                          Bilberry and others.
childhood obesity and the alarming rise in Type 2
                                                          If you would like to arrange a FREE Arterial
                                                          Flexibility Test and blood pressure check duting
What steps can you take?
                                                          April and May, contact the clinic to arrange an
During April and May I shall be offering a                appointment with me.
FREE Arterial Flexibility Test.
                                                          Caffeine makes me lots of money
Cardiocheck is a new British invention, tested at St
Thomas’ Hospital and now approved by the                  Dominic Hussey, NAET practitioner.
Medical Devices Agency. By means of a small
device that fits over the index finger, infra red light   Whenever I see anybody who is suffering from
is bounced off the artery wall and picked up by a         lower back pain I always ask them what they drink
sensor. This information is relayed to a hand held        during the day. Invariably they say they drink
computer that builds up a picture of the flexibility      coffee, diet coke or tea; all high in caffeine. What
and relative age of your arteries. By knowing             they don’t know is that if they are intolerant to
whether your arteries are aging more than you helps       caffeine it can have a weakening affect on muscles
you to take action now and reverse the trend.             in your lower back that can lead to knee and lower

    Ace Osteopaths ♠ Complementary Health Centre ♠ Update ♠ Volume 2 ♠ Issue 2 ♠ April 2007
back pain. Hence, to encourage them to cut down
their caffeine intake I jokingly say,

“Caffeine makes me lots of money”.
                                                          Special offers for April:
 The link between food deficiencies and
intolerances and muscle and joint pain is little          We are offering some special discounts of various
known but it has helped me resolve many of my             therapies this month which are as follows:
patients long term aches and pains. Below are a few
examples that you may find useful:                        Dietary Consulation with Rachel Barrett, State
                                                          Registered Dietician
    1.   Avoid caffeine found in Pepsi, Coke, Tea,            • 10 mins for FREE, for the first ten callers
         Coffee and chocolate. It tends to affect the
         lower back and knees.                            Osteopathy with Kathy, Oliver or Dominic:
    2.   Drink plenty of water. 2 litres a day                • Free half hour consultation
         minimum. Remember that a lot of water is             • Existing patients get a discount for
         available through fresh fruit and                       referring new patients to us
         vegetables so keep the intake of these high
         if 2 litres of fluid is to much to start with.   Sports Therapy with Sophie Capito
    3.   Make sure you are getting enough iron.              • Free half hour consultation
         This is particularly important for pregnant         • Existing patients get a discount for
         women and vegetarians. Affects hips,                     referring new patients to her
         knees and lower back.
    4.   Gold Jewellery and quartz watches can            Rehab, Core Stability and Stone Therapy with
         affect elbows, necks and wrists.                 Carlie-Ann
    5.   Weak ankles can be a sign of a lack of              • Free half hour core stability assessment
         calcium.                                            • Discounts on Stone Therapy Massages
    6.   Many people who spend a lot of time in
         front of a computer or using a mobile            If you are interested in any of the above or know of
         phone, have elbow, neck and wrist                anyone who might benefit from them then please
         problems, due to both physical usage but         contact the clinic on 0208 399 0262.
         also through sensitivity to plastic or the

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to
co0ntact Dominic at the clinic. If you do suffer
from any pains it is important that you have
consulted your GP or other healthcare professional.

    Ace Osteopaths ♠ Complementary Health Centre ♠ Update ♠ Volume 2 ♠ Issue 2 ♠ April 2007

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