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A publication produced by The Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd

Bright future for
Square Meaters
Double muscling


Holding an open day
       Square Meaters Cattle - “No Ifs, Just Butts”
             Outside the Square

 Bright future for                                                confident         that
                                                                  negotiating your various
                                                                  financial and insurance
                                                                                              in   to continue breeding
                                                                                                   compact, medium frame
                                                                                                   cattle but who had been

 Square Meaters                                                   matters, not just your rural
                                                                  cover, they will be more
                                                                  than competitive.
                                                                                                   sidelined by the shift to the
                                                                                                   modern version of those
                                 to speed up processing.             There is tremendous               A secondary, lesser
                                      The       very     great    potential        for       the   objective was to broaden
                                 contributions made by Tom        Association to benefit by        the genetic base of the
                                 Pankhurst in establishing        you placing your business        Square Meaters herd. This
                                 the original website, and        through Ausure, with no          concession       will    end
                                 pioneering the first edition     disadvantage to you by           permanently on June 30
                                 of the Annual which he           doing so, but the significant    2006.
                                 edited, were both very           boost to our capacity to           In late 2004/early 2005 a
                                 successful initiatives.          promote the breed and            very significant decision to
                                    With the subsequent           therefore your interests will    modify and extend the
                                 expansion of the Association’s   be the reward you will reap.     frame score system was
                                 membership and activities it     The arrangement is not           proposed by the Board and
By Tony Cairns, Chairman         became necessary to assist       restricted to members, since     endorsed         by       the
                                 Tom,who is a very busy           any referral that you may        membership. This modest
This third issue of the          man, with the ongoing            make of an unrelated party       extension of the frame
Association’s         Annual     production of both these         will also be eligible for the    measurement system was
magazine marks the tenth         important facilities which       commission, but in every         designed not to attempt to
anniversary of the breed’s       are pivotal in the ongoing       instance it is very important    increase the size of our
foundation in April 1996.        promotion of the breed and       that the client identify their   cattle, but rather to try to
  It also coincides with the     member’s            interests.   link to the Association for      offset the natural tendency
end of my three consecutive      Accordingly, the second          the benefit to flow to us.       for the size of the cattle to
years as Chairman, when I        issue of the Annual was            2004 saw Square Meaters        decrease generation by
am required to step down         coordinated        by     the    make their inaugural             generation unless great care
from a position I have been      secretary and contracted         appearance as a Feature          is taken with a breeding
privileged to occupy during      out, and the updated and         Breed at the Royal               program, and should assist
a period of exciting             ongoing maintenance of           Canberra Show where the          breeders      avoid      this
progress of the breed and        the website has been placed      largest exhibit so far in our    tendency. During this
changes in the affairs of the    with               Graphical     breed’s history was on show.     period the Board has also
Association. It is also a time   Constructions based in           The          event        was    reviewed       Membership
for both reflection of these     Tamworth.                        wholeheartedly supported         categories to try to make
events, and looking forward        We have been fortunate to      by the members with over         our membership more
to what lies ahead and what      once again secure the            80 exhibits and was a great      broadly inclusive, and has
challenges we shall need to      support and sponsorship of       success by any measure. To       expanded them to a minor
meet in order to fulfil our      the CRT organization for         put the icing on the cake        extent. We are also trying to
wishes and long term             the third year, with a           the grand champion steer, a      establish a Junior and
objectives       for       our   modest increase, and we          heavyweight to boot, was a       Schools program with a
wonderful breed.                 look forward to the              Square Meaters steer             view      to    engendering
  Since April 2003 we have       continued development of         described by the judge as        interest in Square Meaters
seen the number of               a long term relationship         “bluddy beautiful”. I            amongst tomorrow’s cattle
registered cattle increase by    with them.                       believe that it is fair to say   breeders.
over 50% from 2750 to                A new and exciting           that this event has been the       In this last year of my
4165, and the commercial         development during 2005          most significant factor in       stewardship I attended all
appendix by over 65% from        was the establishment of a       the breed’s promotion thus       five Royal Shows in
244      to     405.      The    strategic alliance with          far and I congratulate my        Brisbane, Sydney,Canberra,
membership has increased         Ausure Insurance and             fellow Board members for         Melbourne and Perth to
by 66% from 86 to 143.           Finance whereby the              their courage and foresight      meet as many members as
These increases have in turn     Association will benefit         in making the decision to        possible and discuss their
increased our secretary’s        from financial instruments       embrace this opportunity.        respective concerns and
work load from 15 to 27          negotiated through this              Coinciding with that         aspirations. I have to say
hours      per      week.The     group.                           event, the Board had             that I was very impressed
workload has caused the           We are very hopeful that        decided to re-open the herd      with the standard of cattle
Board to invest in upgrades      the members and associates       book to Murray Grey              presented, despite relatively
to both the computer             will embrace this alliance       females for a limited period     small numbers outside
hardware and software,           and thereby further support      for the primary objective of     Canberra and Sydney, and I
with a new registration          the financial coffers of the     attracting those breeders of     am confident that the
program being developed          Association. They are            grey cattle who had decided      quality and standard of
2 Outside the Square                                                                                            February 2006
Outside the Square

Square Meaters remains on       The current Board has
an upward curve since my
involvement began over
nine years ago. I was also
very appreciative of the
                                before it the task of
                                developing a Strategic Plan
                                which will need to address a
                                number of issues which
attendance, interest and        might include for instance:         Chairmans Report                                                                               PAGE 2
enthusiasm and hospitality      a      revision     of     the                                                                                                     PAGE 4
of the members in each          Memorandum & Articles of            Mannosidosis
location who provided me        the Association to bring it         An open day experience                                                                         PAGE 7
with much feedback and          up to date and rectify some                                                                                                        PAGE 8
suggestions. I have been        anomalies; to examine,              Placid breed
particularly gratified by the   devise, and institute a form        Expanding message                                                                              PAGE 11
formation       of      breed   of Breedplan to provide             Square Meaters advised                                                                         PAGE 12
promotion groups which          some objective assessment
have      followed      these   of animals; to attempt to           A very proud time                                                                              PAGE 13
gatherings in Queensland        increase, stabilize and             Rules transporting stock                                                                       PAGE 14
and Western Australia.          develop a structured budget
  In 2003 Glen Jackson          within which to conduct             Regulations & Membership                                                                       PAGE 18
undertook the task of trying    our operations; develop a           Member contact listings                                                                        PAGE 20
to organize an inaugural        marketing strategy to
Show and Sale, but the          increase our competitiveness;       A proven breed                                                                                 PAGE 23
prolonged drought and           to institute a Junior &             A new sire                                                                                     PAGE 25
other factors caused this to    Schools       program;       to
be reduced to a multivendor     conduct a prospective study         Attracted to compact size                                                                      PAGE 26
sale in which interested        to review the method of             Providing females                                                                              PAGE 28
breeders participated in        measurement (to make it
Goulburn in May 2005.           easier!) and determine a            Double muscling                                                                                PAGE 29
Although the sale was in        standard of mature animal           Generations of muscling                                                                        PAGE 30
many respects disappointing,    measurement; to institute a
in many others it was a         standard       of    desirable      Living the dream                                                                               PAGE 32
success, if for no other        pigmentation characteristics        Determine water needs                                                                          PAGE 34
reason than we learnt a lot     for the breed; and to
from it and all participants    institute an organized              Better product solutions                                                                       PAGE 37
are willing to go again. It     method of steer preparation         Female muscling                                                                                PAGE 38
will however, likely turn out   to raise our profile in carcass
to be the precursor of the      competitions, to name but a         A wide product range                                                                           PAGE 39
inaugural Show and Sale,        few.
probably in Camden in             It only remains for me to
August/September 2006.          thank the membership and            Outside the Square Advertisers Index
  There is much to be           my fellow Directors for the       Warrill Creek Square Meaters Stud................................................                       page    4
                                                                  Woolaringa Square Meaters Stud..................................................                        page    5
satisfied about the progress    confidence that they have         Windridge Square Meaters............................................................                    page    8
of the last three years. But    shown in supporting me            Jembella Park.................................................................................          page    8
what of the future and          over the past three years and     Chevy Farm Square Meaters.........................................................                      page    9
where to now?                   the honour and privilege          Thurloo Park Square Meaters........................................................                     page   10
                                                                  Silver Gully Estate...........................................................................          page   11
 The task ahead of us is very   that they have extended to        Elendee Square Meaters................................................................                  page   12
daunting indeed, but by no      me in allowing me to lead         Mumbulu Square Meaters Stud.....................................................                        page   13
means insurmountable, and       the Association during this       Boyne Creek Square Meaters Stud...............................................                          page   16
a number of facets need to      time. I hope that I have          CattleLink Herd Management Software........................................                             page   16
                                                                  Ausure Insurance & Finance..........................................................                    page   17
be addressed.                   fulfilled their expectations,     Graphical Constructions................................................................                 page   23
  The quantum leap in our       and that the Association          The Land Newspaper......................................................................                page   23
membership can be a two-        will continue to prosper and      Rainbow Square Meaters Stud......................................................                       page   24
edged sword in that             move forward.                     Earles Square Meaters...................................................................                page   26
                                                                  Cluskers Square Meaters ..............................................................                  page   27
increasing strength is             Lastly, I could not have       Malolo Square Meaters .................................................................                 page   28
accompanied by increasing       begun to discharge my             Rodney McDonald..........................................................................               page   29
diversity of opinions.          responsibilities without the      Small Farms magazine...................................................................                 page   30
                                                                  Brinsley Square Meaters ...............................................................                 page   31
  Our membership hails          unfailing and sublimely           Maryvale Farm Stud.......................................................................               page   32
from a diverse variety of       efficient and loyal support       Hain Rural Enterprises....................................................................              page   33
backgrounds and the onus        of our secretary Cheryl           Vesco Square Meaters...................................................................                 page   34
will be upon the leadership     Mott, who continues to be a       Jeannie Young Consultancy...........................................................                    page   35
                                                                  Platinum Stud.................................................................................          page   36
to meld these opinions into     tower of strength, and “the       Chipililo Square Meaters................................................................                page   37
a cohesive unified strategy     glue that keeps it all            Muurabay Square Meaters.............................................................                    page   39
to carry the breed forward.     together”. s                      CRT..................................................................................................   page   40

February 2006                                                                                                                                     Outside the Square 3
             Outside the Square

A lethal disease
found in cattle
By Julie & Peter Healy          enzyme mannosidase.
                                 The disease was introduced
Mannosidosis        is     an   into the Australian and
inherited,       not       an   New Zealand Angus herds
infectious, lethal disease      by bulls imported from the
reported in humans, cats        British Isles.
and cattle.                         Descendents of these
   The disease was first        imported bulls were more
recorded in Angus cattle in     widely used in the New
Australia in the 1960’s, and    Zealand Angus herd than in
based upon pathology            the Australian herd. This
findings was given the name     was reflected in the
pseudolipidosis.                estimates of frequency of     Approximately sixty percent of affected calves
   In the 1980’s, Professor     heterozygotes during the      are either stillborn or die in the immediate
Bob Jolly in New Zealand        1980’s - around 20% and
proved that pseudolipidosis     5%, for New Zealand and       postnatal period.
in cattle is the bovine         Australia, respectively.      America and Europe.               die in the immediate
equivalent of a disease           The disease has also been    There is anecdotal evidence      postnatal period.         The
previously recognised in        diagnosed in Galloway and     that germplasm from at            remaining 40% are able to
humans and given the name       Murray Grey cattle in         least three Murray Grey           stand and feed, and they
mannosidosis, as it is caused   Australia and New Zealand,    mannosidosis carriers has         may survive for many
by a deficiency of the          and in Angus in North         been exported to North            months. Clinical signs vary
                                                              America.                          from illthrift to progressive
                                                              The         genetics         of   neurological dysfunction.

                                                              mannosidosis: Mannosidosis        The most striking features
                                                              is inherited as a recessive. A    are muscular tremors
                                                              recessive disease is expressed    affecting predominantly the
                                                              in subjects that inherit          head, uncoordinated gait,
           SQUARE MEATERS STUD                                defective genes from both         and progressive aggressiveness.
                                                              parents. The parents are
                                                              clinically normal as they
                                                              have one normal gene (M)
                                                              and one defective gene (m).
                                                              Such animals are known as
                                                              carriers (Mm), or more
                                                              precisely, as heterozygotes.
                                                              When carriers are mated
                                                              with non-carriers (MM),
                                                              half of the progeny will also
                                                              be carriers.
                                                                  When two carriers are
    ✔ Tops in Showring                                        mated, 25% of the progeny
                                                              will be affected with
    ✔ Top $ in vealer trade                                   mannosidosis (mm) as they
                                                              have inherited a defective
                                                              gene from both parents,           Pathology: There are no
      Male & Females for sale                                 50% will be carriers (Mm),        visible lesions on post-
         Contact Bevin or Dawn Voight                         and 25% will not inherit a        mortem examination that
                                                              defective gene (MM). Refer        are       specific       for
            Greens Rd, Purga, Qld                             to the figure in Appendix 1.      mannosidosis. Microscopic
      Ph/Fax: (07) 5467 3447                                  Clinical        signs
                                                              mannosidosis: Approximately
                                                                                           of   examination of nervous
                                                                                                tissue from affected calves
       Mob: 0407 034 634                                      60% of affected calves            will     reveal      marked
                                                              (mm) are either stillborn or      vacuolation       of    the
4 Outside the Square                                                                                          February 2006
Outside the Square

cytoplasm of some neurones        while      carriers     have   DNA           tests      for   bulls should provide proof
(cells labelled B), while         approximately half the         mannosidosis, so it is         that their product is what it
others in the same field will     levels found in normal         important to specify the       is claimed to be, and is
display        very      little   animals (see Appendix 2).      breed of the animal when       suitable for the purpose for
vacuolation (cell labelled        This enzyme test was used      submitting samples for         which it will be purchased.
A). However, these findings       for carrier detection from     analysis. The DNA test will    This is particularly the case
are not specific for              the early 1980’s until 1995.   determine the genotype of      when animals are sold using
mannosidosis. A diagnosis         DNA testing: Collaboration     the subject for the relevant   EBVs to enhance their
of mannosidosis can be            between NSW DPI and            mutation.        The only      value. It would therefore be
confirmed by demonstration        The University of Tromso       possible genotypes for any     advisable to consider
of     a     deficiency      of   in Norway resulted in the      given mutation are normal      ensuring all sires and all ET
mannosidase activity or by        definition of the mutations    (MM), carrier (Mm) and         donors      are     parentage
DNA analyses.                     in the mannosidase gene        affected (mm).           See   verified by DNA typing and
 The diagnostic advantage         that are responsible for the   Appendix 3 for a description   shown to be free of the
of the enzyme assay is its        disease in cattle.      This   of the DNA test.               mutations       that    cause
ability to identify the           research led to development    Management of genetic          mannosidosis. If animal
disease regardless of the         and introduction of DNA        diseases: The mutation that    identification/parentage
mutation.       Once       the    tests in 1995 that replaced    causes mannosidosis in         verification (AIPV) testing
mutation is identified,           the enzyme tests for           Angus and Murray Greys         is routinely adopted by
DNA tests provide a more          detection of carriers of       has been found in Square       Square Meater breeders as a
efficient       means        of   mannosidosis.                  Meaters,      though     the   quality assurance tool, then
identifying carriers.               Two mutations have been      prevalence of carriers         a free-by-inheritance status
Biochemistry: A deficiency        discovered - one that causes   appears to be very low.        for mannosidosis can be
of the enzyme can be shown        the disease in Angus and       Despite this, artificial       assigned      to     progeny,
by analysing mannosidase          Murray Greys and Square        breeding        technologies   progressively phasing out
activity in plasma and white      Meaters, and a different one   present the potential to       the need for mannosidosis
blood cells.         Affected     that causes the disease in     amplify the prevalence to      testing.
animals have only trace           Galloways. This means that     levels of concern.
amount of the enzyme,             there are two different          Breeders of Square Meater    sContinued next page

                          Over 35 years breeding this type of cattle

                                         Limited Bulls & Females For Sale
                             Telephone/Fax (02) 4821 5852
                    Ernie Stephenson - Woolaringa Square Meaters
                       65 Eleanor Street, Goulburn, NSW., 2580
                              Web: Email:                        Cattle MN3

February 2006                                                                                         Outside the Square 5
             Outside the Square

Autosomal recessive mode of inheritance: Every animal has
two genes that contain the genetic message that governs the
synthesis of the enzyme, mannosidase. A mutation occurred
in this gene in a founder Angus animal that resulted in the
synthesis of a defective _-mannosidase enzyme. A copy of this
mutated gene (m) was passed to descendents, but not
expressed clinically because the animals also inherited a
normal gene (M) from the other parent (hence they were
carriers (Mm)). The amount of enzyme produced is the sum
of the synthesis driven by the two genes inherited from the
sire and dam. For simplicity, consider each “M” contributes
50% of mannosidase activity, and each “m” contributes
almost zero. Therefore, a normal animal (MM genotype) will
produce 100% of the enzyme, a carrier (Mm) will produce
50% of the enzyme, and an affected animal (mm) will have
virtually no enzyme activity. With the majority of enzymes,
including mannosidase, the amount synthesised is generally
in excess of that required. This is the reason carriers (Mm)
are clinically normal, as they have sufficient enzyme activity
(50%) to drive the crucial biochemical reactions. It is when
only trace amounts of enzyme are synthesised (mm) that the
disease is expressed.
The biochemistry of mannosidosis: The enzyme
mannosidase is necessary to enable the body to recycle
complex molecules that exist in all cells. The enzyme, with a
battery of related enzymes, is located in minute
compartments known as lysosomes. Lysosomes are the
equivalent of Simsmetal, acting on redundant material to
recover components for later use. Specifically, mannosidase
cuts mannose from its attachment to other sugars that in
turn, are attached to proteins. If there is a deficit of
mannosidase, the mannose link cannot be broken and the
other sugars remain attached to the redundant protein.
These redundant proteins that cannot be recycled then
accumulate inside the lysosome. When this happens, the ever
enlarging lysosomes disrupt normal cell function. In most
tissues such as the skin and liver, new cells are being formed
all the time, so the consequences of disrupted function within
an older cell are minimal. In contrast, brain cells such as
neurones are not replaced, so a disruption of cell function
leads to brain dysfunction, and hence the presentation of
progressive neurological disease. Prior to the introduction of
the DNA test, a biochemical assay quantitated the amount of
_-mannosidase within the white blood cells. Use of known
controls enabled genotypes to be assigned based on the
amount of mannosidase activity relative to another lysosomal
enzyme, hexosaminidase. The figure below illustrates the
severe mannosidase deficiency in affected animals (yellow),
while the activity in carriers (brown) is approximately half
that found in normal (light blue) animals.
DNA test for -mannosidosis: DNA is extracted from tail hair
roots and used in a process that amplifies the region in the
mannosidase gene that encompasses the mutant site. The
process is called PCR (polymerase chain reaction), and is a
major step in determining if the subject from which the
DNA was derived contains the mutation of interest. DNA
fragments from the process are driven through the gel by an
electric charge. The shorter fragments migrate further than
the longer ones over any given time. Comparison of samples       s Suggested further reading: The following web sites
submitted for testing with those of known genotype (control      provide additional information on this topic.
DNA samples as shown in the image below) provide a very (database for genetic diseases in
efficient and accurate means of establishing the                 animals)
mannosidosis genotype of every subject.                          M (database for genetic diseases in humans)
6 Outside the Square                                                                                      February 2006
Outside the Square

Risk of the open
day experience
Every serious breeder at         conducting a stud open day.
some point must entertain          The process to go through
the idea of prospective          would be to start with the
buyers coming onto their         activities underway on the
property. In an age of           day; identify the risks with
litigation the thought of        each activity, and control
this can be quite daunting.      them. This does not mean
  Whether you are the kind       that you can’t have a laid
of breeder who is low key        back feel to the day. If the
about          how        you    organisation has been done
communicate your message,        before hand then you will
or a breeder who is up front     be able to concentrate on
and out there with the           the `greet and meet’.
message to the masses,           Main Considerations : The          A well planned open day will turn any risks into
sooner or later you must         main issues to consider for a      positives for all those attending.
consider the implications of     stud open day would be to:
other people on your             * Provide for a visitors sign      certificate holder is also on    rules if driving on off
property.                        in book; have some way of          hand for the occasion.           properties, including some
  There are differing aspects    checking everyone who              * Check that your public         sort of order for driving to
of the visit that can be dealt   enters the property. Sign in       liability    insurance        is and from external sites etc.
with including property          can be accompanied with an         adequate and up to date.         Children at Field Days:
presentation not forgetting      information package and              The easiest way to control     Consider the control of
the fact that your cattle are    possibly some giveaways.           many          of         these   children who may turn up
as Tina Turner would say         * Limit public access to           considerations is to break       and any issues that could
`simply the best’. The one       machinery; this depends on         the displays or activities into  create, particularly access to
theme which nags at all of       the circumstances but              small groups under control       dams, chemical sheds,
us at some stage is how can      ensure that exposure to            of a staff member. Have          machinery etc. It would be
we best deal with the risks.     machinery is minimised and         your guests escorted around      important to ensure that
Let’s go one step further        controlled                         each activity or display. If     parents take responsibility
however, and turn that risk      * Provide ready access to          this is impractical, assign      for kids. Staff should be
into a positive for you and      water, food and amenities.         someone to herd the whole        keeping an eye on the
your client.                     A client whose basic needs         group and shunt them             children as well.
    Some well thought out        are met is more inclined to        around from activity to            Most of all enjoy the day
plans for dealing with risk      be a happy client.                 activity checking for strays     and enjoy your guests. Give
can turn the whole               * Restrict public access to        and folk who are looking         them a reason to want to
experience into a positive       those parts of your property       lost.                            come back. s
selling point for your stud.     where there is no reason for         Develop a plan for the day
The prospective buyer’s first    visitors to be. Lock doors         so visitors know where they      s The above article was
experience of your cattle is     where you don’t want               are expected to be at any        contributed by Peter Horne.
you,      so     give    your    visitors venturing and point       time. Have someone on            Peter and Jackie Horne are
prospective             buyer    out areas you don’t want           hand who can direct/escort       keen new members of the
something to be impressed        people to go. Use tape and         people who arrive late to the    Square Meaters association
about.        Organise       a   signs to mark off restricted       current activity.                and breeding under the
thoughtful       and      well   zones.                             Introduction to Day’s            Chipililo stud banner at
planned experience, one          * Consider exposure to the         Activities: A bit of a run-      Pittsworth on Queensland’s
which keeps the clients well-    sun and the elements and           down on the day’s activities     Darling Downs. Peter is also
being at the forefront.          find possible ways of              would be good and should         a Research Station Manager
    It is impossible to deal     limiting these.                    include information on:          and Workplace, Health and
with every possible situation    * Ensure that any travel to        * The visitors sign in book      Safety Officer for the
or activity that may be          and from external sites is         * Any Workplace, Health          Queensland Department of
conducted for the purpose        arranged in order to flow          and Safety or compliance         Primary Industries &
of conveying your message        easily.                            issues                           Fisheries at the Leslie
and ultimately selling your      * Keep a well stocked and          * Drinking water locations       Research       Centre       in
cattle. For the purpose of       sign posted first aid kit. It is   * Location of amenities          Toowoomba as well as
some broad considerations        also advisable to ensure that      * Provision of sun screen        Manager of the Roma
let’s say that we will be        a qualified first aid              * Speed limits and road          Research Station.
February 2006                                                                                               Outside the Square 7
              Outside the Square

Placid and great
 breed to have
DOMINIC Auguste has              stud dispersal that included
much in common with              their stud sire Mandalong
Square Meaters breeders          Ronald SMR24A , three
across the country.              cows in calf and a heifer.
 The principal of the Chevy        The Chevy farm herd now
Farm stud at Bullsbook,          consists of ten breeders, five
north east of Perth admits       heifer calves and two bulls,
he’s relatively new to life on   and spills onto a nearby 20
the land, but like so many       acre block they lease not far
other Square Meaters             away.
breeders is now totally            Chevy Farm now also
wrapped in the breed and         includes Dominic’s fianceé
the lifestyle they offer.        Erin. An orchardist by
   “You could say I’m            profession Dominic and his         Chevy Farm Gladiator’s sister Chevy Farm Zena
addicted to my Squares,’         family have quickly adapted        proving a success on the show circuit.
Dominic said.                    to life as cattle folk.
  “They are just so easy to        “Our Square Meaters have         interbreed champion All       With complete confidence
manage and maintain, they        been a great introduction to       Breed at the Toodyay Show,  in the future of the breed,
are placid and great to work     the beef industry. They are        and Supreme Champion        Dominic has undertaken an
with and have terrific           tremendous cattle and I            group B female at Toodyay   Artificial       Insemination
characters. I wouldn’t swap      believe they have a                Show.       Reserve Junior  course and in now using
them for anything, “he           promising               future,”   Interbreed Champion at the  semen from Mandalong
said.                            Dominic said.                      Beverly Show, Champion      Rambo         and      Caloona
   Chevy Farm is a family           Already Chevy Farm is           Female at the Swan View     Trouble to introduce new
operation that began from a      showing it’s potential.            Show.                       bloodlines           toWestern
shared desire for a sea-           At the 2004 Perth Royal           Her performance was only   Australia.
change.                          Show         Chevy         Farm    overshadowed by Chevy           “We’ve sold a couple of
   Dominic, his mother           Gladiator was junior and           Farm’s new stud sire,       commercial bulls and the
Patricia and now 12 year         grand champion bull.               Namerik Centurion. Aged     feedback we’re getting is
old brother Joshua left             “He was a very smooth           13 months and weighing in   terrific so I see a good future
suburbia in 2003, in search      and structurally sound             at 485 kilograms Centurion  for Square Meaters not only
of a ‘tree-change’.              young bull,” Dominic said.         was reserve champion at the here in Western Australia
 They found it on a 25 acre        “We’ve since sold him to a       2005 Perth Royal, the       but across the whole
property at Bullsbrook, and      partnership of two studs.”         overall champion at Swan    country,” Dominic said.
then they discovered Square         Then on the 2005 local          View       show.    Junior     The future would seem
Meaters.                         show circuit Gladiator’s           Champion and Champion       just as exciting for Chevy
  Dominic, Patricia and          sister, Chevy Farm Zena            group B bull at the         Farm.
Joshua founded the Chevy         flew the stud’s colours high       Gidgegannup show and            For more information
Farm stud in 2003 with           and proud.                         champion group B bull at    contact Dominic Auguste
purchases from the Malcari           Zena was supreme               Toodyay.                    on (08) 9571 8153. s

                                                                        Michael & Jennifer Freund

                                                                     ‘Jembella’                      Ph: (02) 4988 6368
                                                                     Storks Road,                   Fax: (02) 4988 7000
                                                                     Glen Oak, NSW, 2320           Mobile: 0404 896 368

8 Outside the Square                                                                                            February 2006

                                 Chevy Farm Gladiator CVY Y2A
                 2004 Perth Royal Show Junior and Grand Champion Square Meaters Bull.

           Chevy Farm Zena CVY Z2A                            Mandalong Ronald SMR 24A
      Reserve Junior Champion Interbreed Female -                      Chevy Farm Stud Sire
             Beverley Agricultural Show 2005
     Champion Female - Swan View Agricultural Show       Commercial Semen Available from:
         Supreme Champion all Breeds Group B             Mandalong Ronald SMR 24A &
       Supreme Interbreed Champion all Breeds -
             Toodyay Agricultural Show 2005              Chevy Farm Gladiator CVY Y2A
                            For any information on Square Meaters cattle in Western Australia please contact:
                                      Dominic Auguste at Chevy Farm
                            Telephone (08) 9571 8153
                              Mobile 0415 871 482
                                                or email
February 2006                                                                                 Outside the Square 9
10 Outside the Square   February 2006
Outside the Square

 The message is
 now expanding
Since the last edition of      ongoing success at Sydney
“Outside The Square”           Royal Easter Show where
Magazine, Thurloo Park         the competition is very
has seen a lot of water pass   strong and this year was no
under the bridge.              exception. Due to tough
     The       season     at   conditions we ended up
Cootamundra is the best it     only taking five head
has been for the past five     instead of the usual ten.
years with an abundance of         We had a great show
water and feed fence height,   taking out our third
and masses of weeds that       consecutive Senior and
have come from the             Grand Champion Female
pastures being overgrazed.     &      Junior    Champion      The season has been the best in five years at
The next step is to start a    Female titles as well. This    Thurloo Park, Cootamundra, NSW.
weed       and       pasture   was our eighth Grand
improvement program to         Champion title at the          time of the year. We think    of the benefits of breeding
make the farm productive       Sydney Show, three with        you will be very surprised at Square Meaters. Our
once again.       Cattle at    Bulls and five with Females.   the quality of the cattle     membership is becoming
Thurloo Park are in              We believe we have certain   being       run       under   more numerous and the
excellent condition. Our       attributes in our genetics     commercial conditions, so     hard work of all members is
depth of breeding is evident   that the Square Meaters        please make an effort to      paying off. The future is
as we are consistently         breed needs to progress        visit us. There may only be   looking good so keep
producing high quality even    forward into the future. The   relatively    few    Square   enjoying your cattle.
calves.                        door is open to anyone who     Meaters breeders but slowly     We thank our clients for
 We must admit that we         wishes to inspect our cattle   the message is expanding      their support and welcome
draw comfort from our          and you are welcome at any     through the cattle industry   new clients at all times. s

                       Breeding Cattle of Distinction
                                                              The Wade Family
                                           60 Niclins Rd, Mangrove Mountain, NSW, 2250
                                               Ph:(02) 4374 1300 Mob: 0408 437 977
February 2006                                                                                    Outside the Square 11
              Outside the Square

Square Meaters
 were advised
Elendee Square Meaters           backed up by experiences of
Stud owners Fiona R.             the last three years.
Neumann and John V.                 The property Lindendale
Hodgson        were      first   is 1,700 acres on the
recommended to Square            Monaro, just south of
Meaters by the manager of        Canberra.
a very large Angus                 “After three years, we have
property.                        some 30 breeders with
  As a highly experienced        another 13 heifers growing
manager and cattleman, he        up”, John said.
thought      that     Square       “Fifty to sixty would seem    Sunburn the bull is already an expert in his
Meaters       offered        a   about the right number to       second year of show life.
commercially viable cattle       stabilize at, until we get
option for newcomers, with       some more of the property       Senior Bull Blue Ribbon at      first twelve months of life.
very quiet temperaments,         fenced, weeded and pasture      Sydney in 2005 and is still     We seem to be achieving
medium build, genetically        improved.                       growing. His first calves are   this 80% of the time in our
sound and with an active            “The initial herd came       looking very good at twelve     third season.
breeders’ association with       from Cluskers - Su and Bob      months.                            “Our future plans are to
some clear directions in         McCluskey then leased to          “Our breeding aim is to       continue      to      develop
mind.                            us the first two bulls          breed structurally sound        Lindendale         as      an
  After further investigation    Scorcher and Victor in the      heifers at the higher end of    environmentally sound and
by John and Fiona had            initial years.                  the frame score, with good      stable property, and Elendee
found his advice was pretty         “Our first bred bull is      muscling, easy calving and      as a commercially sound
sound, which has been            Sunburn, who won the            rapid development in the        Square Meaters Stud. s

12 Outside the Square                                                                                         February 2006
Outside the Square

 Very proud time
  for the breed
The culmination of the         society. The formation of a
Queensland show season is      Queensland              Breed
the      Brisbane     R.N.A.   Promotion Group was also
exhibition, or the “EKKA”      discussed                 and
as it is fondly known.         enthusiastically       agreed
  The 2005 EKKA saw an         upon. As a large number of
outstanding display of 13      participants had pressing
(including calves) quality     commitments                the
Square Meaters animals         formalities of electing office
shown by 5 exhibitors. The     bearers was held over.
Square Meaters show team -     However, the first venture
animals - display breed        of the group was organised,
advertising etc. was of such   a cattle handling and            The 2005 Brisbane Ekka saw an outstanding
a high standard that we not    assessment school with the
only drew complimentary        highly          credentialed     display of Square Meaters.
comments from the general      Charolais stud breeder,          interest in Square Meaters   willing to pay premium
public but from other breed    Royal Show judge and rural       Stud cattle.                 prices for all the Square
societies as well.             training consultant, Dugal        More Square Meaters bulls   Meaters they can get.
   It was also a very proud    McDougall.                       are going into commercial       All these are indications
moment for Jo Van Elten of       The school held at Vesco       herds, and as well the       that in Queensland the
Vesco Stud as every one of     Stud was attended by 21          saleyards where Coles is the Square Meaters breed is
these quality animals on       keen      Square     Meaters     usual purchaser, there are   continuing        to grow
show was by a Vesco Stud       enthusiasts who came away        now a number of butchers     strongly. s
bull and proof that they are   from the two instruction
“breeding on”. The 2005        days much wiser, more
EKKA was definitely the        confident and even more
highlight to date of the       enthusiastic.
Vesco       Stud    breeding      The Queensland Square
program.                       Meaters breeders group met
   2005 also saw Vesco         again on the 3rd of
purchase a new stud sire,      December         for       the
the 800kg plus “Darlea         completion of formalities re
Wizard.        This son of     the formation of the group
“Mandalong Tom Boy” will       and then to enjoy a
broaden our genetic base,      Christmas BBQ lunch and a
while allowing us to           “Getting to know you”
continue breeding to the       afternoon. Enquiries can
maximum height standard,       be directed to Jo Van Elten
thus ensuring that we retain   on 07 5426 8137. All
the commercial viability of    Square Meaters enthusiasts
our herd.                      are welcome to participate
  Breed Society membership     in any of our breed
in       Queensland      has   activities.
continued to rise and the        Beef 2006 will be held in
EKKA saw an extremely          Rockhampton in May and a
well supported gathering of    number of Square Meaters
members on show day.           Studs plan to participate in
After judging, a society       this national beef expo. All
sponsored       lunch    was   being well the 2006
enjoyed by all. Directors,     Brisbane RNA should also
Tony Cairns and Graeme         see an increase in exhibitor
Singleton spoke regarding      numbers to approximately
the advantages of the          twelve studs with 25
alliance      with    Ausure   animals       mooted        to
Insurance Group to both        compete. This certainly
members and our breed          reflects the increasing
February 2006                                                                                      Outside the Square 13
             Outside the Square

 Rules for stock
Transporting livestock is      stock are transported to or
not as simple as just          from a place for treatment
loading the animals into       by a veterinary surgeon;
the vehicle and taking         when horses are being
them to their destination.     transported to or from any
Varying state legislation as   agricultural show, exhibition,
well as a national approach    gymkhana,       pony      club
to stock identification and    meeting or similar function;
the disease control means      and when racehorses,
landholders have to ensure     harness racing horses or
all is in order before         working horses are being
transporting livestock.        transported from one place
 Requirements differ among     to another.
states, and there are also        Certain conditions or          Areas within Australia with a prevelance of Ovine
restrictions with intrastate   diseases     prohibit      the
movement, as well as           transportation of stock to        Johne’s Disease.
interstate movement, of        anywhere other than an            Vendor Declaration for               All four of these
livestock.                     abattoir or knackery- for         “Prime        Lambs        For documents are needed
   Assisting police with       example, sheep with foot          Slaughter Only” and sheep      when cattle are being
reducing livestock theft as    rot or lice are prohibited        being sent or delivered to an  transported to an approved
well as control areas for      from transportation.              Animal Health Statement        meatworks, transported for
footrot, and varying zones       For footrot, more than 80       exempt sale. Restrictions of   competition at an event in a
across the nation for Ovine    per cent of NSW is                cattle movement under          protected or free area and
Johne’s Disease (OJD) and      regarded as protected,            BJD legislation include a      returning in three days and
Bovine Johne’s Disease         which means there is a low        series of established zones    to travel to the RNA
(BJD) are just some factors    prevalence of the disease.        free of the disease, protected Grounds. However, stock
that      influence    stock   However, there are several        zones (an area with no         from restricted areas need
transportation. Overall,       control areas in the state:       significant BJD), control      varying forms, mainly
livestock can only travel in   New England in the north          zone (area with significant    depending on the region’s
public areas after a permit    and an area from the              levels of the disease) and a   status of cattle tick.
has been issued.               Central Tablelands down to        residual zone where the            All four forms are also
New South Wales: NSW           the Hume.                         disease is endemic.            needed for sheep, goats,
producers need to have a         Under the Stock Diseases        Victoria: The entire state is  members of the camelid
Transported            Stock   Act, 1923, it is an offence to    a control area with regard to  family and competition
Statement (TSS) before         move sheep or goats into a        BJD.                           stock horses going to a
livestock can be moved.        protected or controlled           Queensland:         Livestock  protected or free area for
The TSS system was             area.                 Specific    owners may require as          more than five days and
introduced in 1990 partly      documentation is needed           many as four separate          returning in less than 14
to assist the Police Service   for restocker sheep.              documents to move stock        days.
to trace stolen stock and          An Animal Health              within the state: a            Tasmania:              Animal
applies to all forms of        Statement (AHS) provides          Queensland Travel Permit,      identification and traceback
livestock - cattle, sheep,     information on the health         a Queensland Livestock         is an essential part of a
goats, alpacas and horses -    status of restocker sheep         Movement System - Move         number of chemical residue
being transported by road,     and is a valuable tool for        Easy Waybill, a Cattle Tick    and disease surveillance
rail, water or air.            buyers to assess OJD risk         Preliminary        Treatment   programs that enable
   However, a TSS is not       when buying sheep. The            Owner Declaration and an       Tasmania’s           livestock
required under certain         AHS became mandatory in           Cattle Tick Inspection/        producers to gain and
circumstances when stock       NSW in January 2004 for           Treatment Declaration.         maintain access to premium
are transported into NSW       the sale or agistment of            The Queensland Livestock     markets. Traceback of cattle
from another state or the      restocker sheep. However, it      Movement System allows         is required for a number of
ACT. There is also no need     is not needed for exempt          the movement of healthy        programs, including the
for a TSS when stock are       sheep- sheep being moved          stock from non-restricted      Enzootic Bovine Leucosis
transported across or along    to slaughter, directly or via a   properties using a duplicate   (EBL)             surveillance
a road from one part of a      slaughter-only sale, lambs        waybill without the need       program, National Residue
property to another; when      accompanied by a National         for a permit.                  Survey (NRS) and the

14 Outside the Square                                                                                          February 2006
Outside the Square

National        Antibacterial    must have a waybill to
Residue        Minimisation      accompany cattle, sheep,
(NARM) program, as well          swine, goats, buffalo, deer,
as animal disease emergency      ostriches and camelids.
preparedness and interstate         A Waybill must include
sales and purchases of live      the owner’s name and
animals. Cattle in Tasmania      address, number and type of
presented for sale at a public   stock, registered brand or
saleyard or for slaughter at     registered earmark, or both,
an         abattoir         or   the Transaction Tag number
slaughterhouse, must still be    (Property      Identification
identified to the last           Code) in the case of cattle,
property of residence by the     the date of movement, the
use of tail or ear tags. Tail    name of consignee and
tag use supports the             destination address. When
National              Vendor     stock are moved between
Declaration system, which        properties the owner can
also underpins market            apply for a ‘Special Permit
access       by      allowing    to Move’ from a DAWA
processors to certify that       stock inspector.
cattle have not been treated       Stock transported from          This map details states of Australia where Bovine
with veterinary chemical         outside Western Australia
products within the relevant     and are accompanied by the        Johne’s Disease occurs.
Withholding            Period    Western            Australian     Cattle moving from the        for: registered stud cattle
(WHP) or Export Slaughter        interstate health certificate     Northern Territory to         moved for purposes other
Interval (ESI).                  do not require a waybill.         interstate abattoirs require  than slaughter; cattle
  The DPIWE said sheep           Similarly, stock being            require transaction tags      travelling to or from any
identification for traceback     transported out of Western        while cattle moving to NT     place with written approval
(the equivalent to tail tags     Australia do not require a        abattoirs require transaction of a stock inspector; and
in cattle) was not yet           waybill if they are               tags for consignments of 20   cattle moving from one
required, however, the           accompanied         by     the    animals or less.              property to another if not
necessary legal framework        importing state’s health          South Australia: All cattle,  going to slaughter or sale.
was already in place if          certificate.                      including calves, must be      Cattle sent to another state
future events require its        Northern Territory: Any           identified with an approved   must be identified with
adoption at short notice.        movement from a property          device before they leave the  either      a    permanent
Western            Australia:    requires       a       waybill    property for sale or          identification device or a
Producers must have a            containing       details     of   slaughter, enabling disease   transaction tag and health
Livestock Waybill before         ownership,               cattle   or chemical residue sources   certificates may also be
stock are moved; it must         identification, brands and a      to be traced. If a meat       necessary for interstate
accompany stock being            property       identification     inspector detects disease in  stock movement. s
transported and be handed        code. All cattle eight            slaughtered cattle or takes a
to the receiver of the stock.    months and older moving           sample for chemical residue,  s Contact: Queensland:
   According to Department       from a property must be           the tag will quickly identify Department of Primary
of Agriculture Western           branded unless a written          the property.                 Industries, (07) 3404 6999;
Australia (DAWA), they are       exemption from branding               Any property running      Western           Australia:
also     extremely      useful   has been provided by the          cattle must obtain a PIC.     Department of Agriculture
documents to aid tracing         Registrar of Brands.              Cattle owners can apply on    (08) 9368 3333; South
for disease and residue            A Property Identification       a form available from local   Australia:          Primary
problems.                        Code (PIC) is assigned to         Primary Industries and        Industries and Resources
  As well as a waybill set out   every property on which           Resources SA offices and      (08) 8226 0222; NSW:
in the schedule of Stock         cattle or buffalo are kept        owners of more than one       NSW Department of
(Identification             &    and identification devices        property must lodge a         Primary Industries &
Movement) Regulations,           are     either     Permanent      separate application for      Agriculture (02) 6391
stock can also have a ‘Permit    devices or Transaction tags.      each, unless the properties   3100;              Victoria:
to Move’ issued under the        Permanent devices carry the       are in the same local         Department of Primary
Ezootic Disease Regulations      PIC of the property where         government area and are       Industries (03) 5332 5000;
and a ‘Special Permit to         the stock were bred, and the      run as a single enterprise.   Tasmania:           Primary
Move’ issued by an               Transaction tags carry the           Transaction tags identify  Industries,     Water       &
inspector from the DAWA.         PIC of the last property of       the last property cattle      Environment (03) 6233
Under         the       Stock    residence       of      cattle.   grazed on before leaving      8011; Northern Territory:
(Identification             &    Transaction tags are colour-      that property for sale or     Department of Primary
Movement) Act, owners            coded depending on use.           slaughter and are needed      Industry (08) 8999 2317.
February 2006                                                                                          Outside the Square 15
                                                         Outside the Square
  Dispersal Sale
           Registered and                    Aiming to make
          Commercial Cattle                  it easy for you
             Available                       The Square Meaters Cattle      growing            Insurance
                                             Association is happy to        Brokerage Firms in NSW.
   All reasonable offers considered          announce         a      new         Ausure Insurance in
                                             association with Ausure        Tamworth specialises in
                                             Insurance & Finance Pty        Insurance & Finance for the
                                             Ltd.                           rural       market       and
                                               In a strategy aimed to       understands the needs of
                                             strategically benefit the      their clients. Ausure has
                                             Square Meaters Association,    experienced, professional
                                             Ausure Insurance can           staff that work hard to make
                                             arrange all types of           things easy for you.
                                             Insurance at competitive             Ausure      Tamworth
                                             rates       and       above-   Representatives Wayne &
                                             competition service.           Trent Brown, will visit you
                                               Ausure Insurance has been    at your home, in your
                                             looking after the Insurance    business or on your farm to
                                             needs of people in rural &     help arrange Insurance
                                             regional Australia since the   suited to your needs at
                                             first office opened in         competitive rates. So
                                             Tamworth in 1996.              support the Square Meaters
                                               Ausure has since grown to    and contact Ausure for all
                                             over 20 offices and has        your Insurance & Finance
                                             become one of the fastest      on 1300 65 10 60. s

              Bull For Sale:
      “Boyne Creek Eddie” D.O.B 1/3/99
         S. Strathmore Bertie Q386
          D. The Braes Bangle Q33
           $2,000 or best offer

  Boyne Creek
   Square Meaters Stud
         1845 Summerhill Road, Turill, NSW
              Contact: Laraine or Alex
  Ph: (02) 9554 8687 Mob: 0412 206 752
16 Outside the Square                                                                   February 2006
    For all your insurance needs contact the friendly staff at...
        Ausure Insurance & Finance Pty Ltd
    Ausure has been looking after the insurance needs of local people in country NSW since
    1996 and is a trusted source for securing your business and financing your assets.
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    ✔ Crop insurance
    ✔ Workers compensation
    ✔ Insurance premium funding

                      86A Bridge Street, Tamworth, NSW, 2340
                       Telephone: (02) 6762 6491
                          Fax: (02) 6762 6578
February 2006                                                                Outside the Square 17
                    Outside the Square

Square Meaters Regulations
                                                       (A brief outline of Square Meaters Regulations)
General:                                                       more than 115cm. Should an animal                               SQUARE MEATERS REGISTRATION
Square Meaters must be clean polled                            grow beyond these limits after 18                               & FEES SCHEDULE
and of a single colour. Colour patches                         months, they will remain Class A and                           All fees are based on the interim registration being
are permitted around the udder/testes,                         be eligible for showing. These                                 carried out.
but not elsewhere on the animal. The                           restrictions do not apply to carcass                           A: BULLS
official colouring range is from Silver                        classes.                                                       (1) Birth - 3 months Interim registration..$ 20
to Dark. Black is to be included on the                                                                                       (2) 12 mths & up to 15mths Calf MUST be
herd book as B Grade.                                          Semen:                                                         measured & registered according to frame score
    Automatically this excludes black                          In order to sell semen, the donor bull                         system.......................................................$ 80
bulls from being registered and black                          must be approved by the board of                               (3) 15-18 months......................................$105
females from being exhibited. Black                            directors and the prescribed fee paid.                         (4) 18 months & up to 21 months Calf MUST
steers are ineligible to be shown The                          Under law, semen cannot be sold                                be measured and registered according to frame
following table is an indication of the                        unless it is registered ie. the bull must                      score system if registration has not been carried
                                                               pass all the relevant health protocols                         out previously. Registration 18-21 months
colouring:                                                                                                                    ..................................................................$130
                                                               and be collected in an approved AB
                                                                                                                              (5) Bulls aged over 21 months can only be fully
    Silver     Silver Grey      Grey       Dark Grey           centre. In the case of shares in a bull                        registered provided they have been placed on the
                                                               being sold, the shares give the                                interim register and measured at or prior to 18
                                                               shareholder rights to the semen. In this                       months......................................................$150
                                                               instance, on-farm collections are                              B: HEIFERS:
                                                               permitted. In either case the Bull must                        (1) Birth - 3 months Interim registration. .$ 20
                                                               be DNA tested.                                                 (2) 12 mths up to 15 mths. & Calf MUST be
Females:                                                                                                                      measured and registered according to frame
There are two classes for Square Meater                        Embryo Transfer:                                               score system. Class “A” & “B” ..................$ 30
females, Class A & Class B. Females                            Donor females for Embryo transfer                              (3) 15-18 months......................................$ 55
that are between 100 and 110cm at 12                           must be DNA tested and the                                     (4) 18 months & up to 21 months. Calf MUST
                                                               prescribed fee paid. Calves born as a                          be measured and registered according to frame
months of age can be registered as                                                                                            score system. Class “A” &”B” if registration has
Class A. Outside this height criteria                          result of embryo transfer and/or
                                                                                                                              not                 been                   carried                 out
they may be registered at Class B.                             artificial insemination, must have the                         previously..................................................$ 80
While it is technically acceptable to                          details recorded against the calf ’s                           (5) Over 21 months All heifers will be registered
register females under 100cm, the                              registered name, ie. (ET) or (AI).                             as Class “B”...............................................$105
SMCA strongly discourages this                                                                                                (6) Registered Murray Grey females registered as
practice in order to preserve size standards.                  Multiple Birth:                                                “B” Grade Square Meaters........................ $ 50
                                                               Calves born in multiple births must be                         Herd book closes to registered Murray Grey
Bulls:                                                         indicated in the calves registered name,                       females on the 30th June 2006
There is only one class for Square                             ie. (T) for twin. Female calves from
Meater Bulls, Class A. At 12 months of                         male/female twins should be tested to                          1. Membership Entry Fee..........................$100
age bulls must be between 103 and                              confirm that they are not freemartins.                         2. Annual Membership Fee........................$100
113cm. Bulls must be Mannosidosis                                                                                             3. Transfer Fee (bulls and females).............$ 80
tested and certified to be clear of this                       Commercial Appendix:                                           4. Donor female registration......................$ 50
genetic defect. For both males and                             Murray Grey females may be registered                          Donor females and bull used on the donor cow by natural service
females, the measurement of the                                on a commercial appendix, for use with                         or artificial insemination must be DNA tested. DNA test must
                                                                                                                              be received by this office prior to ET work
animal must be taken at 12 months                              registered Square Meaters bulls, to
(plus/minus two weeks). The point of                           breed-up to pure Square Meaters by                             6. Transfer of recipients.............................$ 50
measurement is the highest point on                            breeding through four generations.                             7. Licenced semen must be registered........$500
                                                                                                                              And the bull must be approved by the Board of Directors.
the shoulder. A witness to the                                                                                                The bull must be DNA tested prior to any semen being sold.
measurement is required to sign the                            Stud Murray Grey Females:                                      8. Shares in bull per share..........................$ 50
declaration form.                                              Registered Murray Grey females may                             DNA test must be forwarded to office prior to selling shares
                                                               be included in the Herd Book. Progeny                          9. Commercial appendix registration.........$ 20
For Show Purposes only:                                        of these females by registered Square                          Foundation & calves
Only Class A animals may be exhibited                          Meater Bulls are eligible to be                                10. Commercial Appendix transfer............$ 10
at Agricultural Shows. A further height                        registered as Square Meaters, providing
                                                                                                                              Registration fees have not increased if the registration process
restriction applies to exhibited animals                       all other requirement of the breed met.                        has been completed prior to the animal becoming 15 months
at 18 months of age. Bulls may not be                          Herd book closes to registered Murray                          of age i.e. measure at 12 months and 3 months to forward
more than 120cm and females not                                Grey females on the 30th June 2006.                            paperwork to office.

This information has been extracted from the rules and regulations of the Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd, as detailed in the Articles of Association and Memorandum,
as amended. The above information is provided as a guide only, and not the absolute definition of any aspect of the breed. Persons interested in the finite regulations of the breed may
obtain copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association from the SMCA office by telephoning (02) 9834 4322 or writing to PO Box 371, St Marys, NSW 1790.
Outside the Square

Square Meaters Membership
APPLICANT’S NAME.................................................................................................................................................................................

REPRESENTATIVE’S NAME.....................................................................................................................................................................
                                           (IF IT IS A COMPANY, REGISTERED BUSINESS NAME OR PARTNERSHIP)

PROPERTY ADDRESS...............................................................................................................................................................................

...................................................................................................................STATE............................................POSTCODE .....................

POSTAL ADDRESS ...................................................................................................................................................................................


STATE............................................... POSTCODE ......................................



PREFIX: My choices for a registered stud name (prefix), in order of preference, are:-

1 ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................



HERD TATTOO: My choices for no more than 3 characters herd identification (tattoo) are:-

1 ................................................................. 2 ..................................................................... 3 ...................................................................
(Herd Identification is no more than 3 characters long, containing standard numbers .
and/or letters only. Symbols are unacceptable.)

FEES: Entry fees (once only) ..........................$100.00
       Annual subscription............................$100.00


I / we wish to become a member of the Association and agree to be bound
by the Provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association,
and Rules made pursuant thereto.

Signed ..................................................................................................

Dated ..................................................................................................

Please enclose a cheque for $200.00.

Telephone: (02) 9834 4322
                 Outside the Square

Square Meaters Cattle Asso
NSW & ACT MEMBERS LIST:                           GLEANNHOLME SQUARE MEATERS                         GK MORGAN & ASSOCIATES
                                                  MUSWELLBROOK NSW 2333                              YARRAMALONG NSW 2259
MR RJ & DR JM BARBER                              PREFIX; GLEANNHOLME      TATTOO: GLE               PREFIX: MORJEN                    TATTOO: MOG
FARM LOCATION: LOCHINVAR                          TEL/FAX: 02 6543 1413                              TEL: 02 4356 1081
TEL: 02 4998 7388 FAX: 02 9872 9452               MR AR GOW & MS DS HOWE                             MR PK MORRIS
                                                  LOCHINVAR NSW 2321                                 LINDENDALE NSW 2480
BARKER COLLEGE                                    PREFIX: PLATINUM                   TATTOO: GOW     PREFIX: CORINDABELLA               TATTOO: PKM
ATT: MR M WEIER                                   TEL: 02 4938 3312 FAX: 02 4938 3812                TEL: 02 6629 5512 FAX: 02 6629 5513
HORNSBY NSW 2077                                  MB: 040 815 7212 MB 0412 005566
PREFIX: KURRAJONG                   TATTOO: BAR   EMAIL:                        MR A MORTIMER & MS G McCHESNEY
TEL: 02 9847 8280 FAX: 02 9477 3556                                                                  CORAMBA NSW 2350
                                                  MR G GREEN & MISS T GREEN                          PREFIX: GAINMOR           TATTOO: MOR
BEDE POLDING COLLEGE                              MAITLAND NSW 2320                                  TEL: 0407901 803
SOUTH WINDSOR NSW 2756                            PREFIX: GUMUT VALLEY             TATTOO: TGG
PREFIX: MERIKI                     TATTOO: MRK    TEL: 02 4933 3287                                  MR P & MRS H MULLER
TEL: 02 4577 6455 FAX: 02 4577 4538                                                                  DARK CORNER NSW 2795
                                                  MR J HODGSON & F NEUMANN                           PREFIX: JACINTA                   TATTOO: J5A
MR G BERRY                                        FARM LOCATION: ANEMBO VIA CAPTAINS FLAT            TEL: 02 6337 7211 FAX :02 6337 7211
FARM LOCATION; DUNGOG                             PREFIX: ELENDEE            TATTOO: LND
PREFIX: SPRING VALLEY            TATTOO: SPR      TEL: 02 6239 4990                                  MURRUMBURRAH HIGH SCHOOL
TEL: 02 4959 1988                                                                                    HARDEN NSW 2587
                                                  MR S & MRS M HOLLAND                               PREFIX: MURRUMBURRAH             TATTOO: MHS
MRS M BOHM                                        TOWRANG NSW 2580                                   TEL: 6386 2755 FAX :02 6386 3048
PREFIX: KELKETTE                   TATTOO KPM     TEL: 02 4829 8132 MOB: 0427 662526                 NICSHAULEY STUD
TEL: 02 6020 3211 FAX: 02 6020 3213               email                      SUTTON NSW 2620
                                                                                                     PREFIX: NICSHAULEY                 TATTOO: NSL
BRINSLEY PASTORAL CO.                             MR T & MRS S ION                                   TEL: 02 6230 3609 FAX: (W) 02 6230 2647
FREEEMANS REACH NSW 2756                          WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
TEL: 02 4579 6266 FAX: 02 9622 3400               TEL 02 6928 1363 FAX 02 6928 1365                  MAITLAND NSW 2320
                                                                                                     PREFIX: CEDAR GROVE      TATTOO: CGM
DR P & MRS L BROWNLIE                             JEMBELLA PARK                                      TEL: 02 4933 1902
TORRYBURN NSW 2358                                GLEN OAK NSW 2320
TEL: 02 6775 5553 FAX: 02 6775 5518               TEL: 02 4988 6368 FAX: 02 4988 7000                GLENBROOK NSW 2773
                                                                                                     FARM LOCATION: OBERON
MR J & MRS H DICK                                 MR B & MRS M JONES                                 PREFIX: PARBERYS                    TATTOO: VBB
SUTTON FOREST NSW 2590                            & MR W & MRS M PATCH                               TEL: 02 4739 2326 FAX: 02 9628 1506
TEL: 02 4869 4889                                 PREFIX: MARYMIYN                  TATTOO: JP       MR A PAUNA
                                                  TEL: 02 6337 5615 FAX: 02 6337 5689                KURRAJONG HILLS NSW 2758
MR C & MRS J BRYSON                               TEL: 02 4567 7673                                  PREFIX: ASTELL PARK               TATTOO: APJ
FARM LOCATION: MITCHELLS FLAT                                                                        TEL: 02 4567 7490 FAX: 02 4571 1138
TEL: 02 9456 1390                                 FARM LOCATION: TURILL                              MR RB & MRS MA PETERSON
FAX: 02 9456 5778                                 PREFIX: BOYNE CREEK               TATTOO: ALB      FORBES NSW 2870
MB: 0418 212 881                                  TEL: 02 9554 8687 FAX 02 9554 8687                 PREFIX: MARRUCE                   TATTOO: BMP
                                                                                                     TEL: 02 6853 6288
MR RD & MRS NE CASTLE                             MR A & MRS A KNOWLSON
FARM LOCATION: BOORAL                             MARSHALL MOUNT NSW 2530                            MR P & MRS J PIPER
PREFIX: ROYNAN                    TATTOO: RN1     PREFIX: HILLVIEW        TATTOO: AK                 DENMAN NSW 2328
TEL: 02 9905 1273 FAX 02 439 7040                 TEL: 02 4257 1042                                  PREFIX: SHORTSTONE                TATTOO: JPS
                                                                                                     TEL: 02 6547 3666
MR J CONNOLLY                                     MR N LAW
FARM LOCATION: BROKE                              RAVENSDALE NSW 2259                                MR R PISATURO
PREFIX: 88 HILL STREET TATTOO: 88H                PREFIX: VALLEY VIEW              TATTOO: VV        ERSKINE PARK NSW 2759
TEL: 02 9232 1033 FAX 02 9235 3690                TEL: 4356 1312 FAX: 02 9252 2655                   PREFIX: MANDALONG                  TATTOO: SM
                                                                                                     TEL: 029670 4005 FAX: 02 9670 5375
MR RJ & MRS JA DAVIS                              MR TE LEWIS & MRS AM TROUTMAN
SCONE NSW 2337                                    BRAIDWOOD NSW 2622                                 PRAIRIEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL
PREFIX: CLAREMONT                  TATTOO: RJD    PREFIX: NUNLEF                    TATTOO: NUN      MR G MULCAHY
TEL: 02 6545 1911 FAX: 02 6545 1966               TEL: 02 6232 5827 FAX: 02 6260 4515                SMITHFIELD NSW 2164
                                                  EMAIL:                      TEL: 02 9725 5444 FAX: 02 9604 6127
ATT: MS I KLEPPER                                 MR RW & MRS S McCLUSKEY                            RAINBOW SQUARE MEATERS STUD
COOTAMUNDRA NSW 2590                              VIA HALL ACT 2618                                  FARM LOCATION: CHARLEYS FOREST
PREFIX: BAILEYANA                  TATTOO: BLY    PREFIX: CLUSKERS                  TATTOO: CLK      PREFIX: RAINBOW             TATTOO: R
TEL: 02 6942 2711 FAX: 02 6942 1516               TEL: 02 6227 5420 MB: 0438 123 137                 TEL/FAX: 02 4842 8077

MRS S DICKESON                                    MABELIE SQUARE MEATERS STUD                        MR L & MRS J READING
OAKDALE NSW 2570                                  NARROMINE NSW 2821                                 TRUNGLEY HALL NSW 2666
PREFIX: BACK CREEK                 TATTOO: BC     PREFIX: MABELIE                      TATTOO: KMB   PREFIX; LE JEWEL                TATTOO: LJR
TEL: 02 4659 6426 FAX: 02 4659 6385               TEL: 02 6889 5784 MB: 0407 926843                  TEL: 02 6973 9495 MOB 0427739495
                                                  Email:           Email
DOONSIDE NSW 2767                                 MR P & MRS S MACARTHUR                             RILPALL PTY LTD
PREFIX: DOONSIDE HIGH             TATTOO: HI5     ROCKY RIVER NSW 2458                               MULGOA NSW 2745
TEL: 02 9622 2463 FAX: 02 9831 5951               PREFIX: GOLDSWORTH                TATTOO: MAC      PREFIX: THE KINGS                 TATTOO: TK
                                                  TEL: 02 6778 4019 FAX 02 6772 9428                 TEL: 02 4773 8232
NARELLAN NSW 2567                                 BEGA NSW 2550                                      FARM LOCATION: WAUCHOPE
PREFIX: ELDHIGH                   TATTOO: EHS     PREFIX: BROGO BEEF          TATTOO: TBA            PREFIX: RIVERSANDS                    TATTOO: RE
TEL: 02 4658 1110 FAX: 02 4658 0219               TEL: 02 6492 4968                                  TEL: 0427671276
  Outside the Square
  Outside the Square

ssociation Members Listing
  MR WE & MRS KM RIX                                   MR C & MRS L WEST                                  HAIN RURAL ENTERPRISES
  QUAAMA NSW 2550                                      COLLOMBATTI NSW 2440                               FARM LOCATION MT MEE
  PREFIX: FALCON RIDGE               TATTOO: FRE       PREFIX: WESTVIEW                   TATTOO: LC      PREFIX HAIN RURAL                 TATTOO: HRS
  TEL: 02 6493 8141 FAX: 026493 8141                   TEL: 02 6566 8394 FAX: 02 6566 8394                TEL: 07 3358 4744 FAX: 07 3358 4677
                                                       MR A & MRS W WIBLIN                                MR ER & MRS CK HALLER
  ST CLAIR HIGH SCHOOL                                 GREENDALE NSW 2745                                 DULONG QLD 4560
  ST CLAIR NSW 2759                                    PREFIX: DILKARA                   TATTOO: ARW      PREFIX: TBA                         TATTOO: T7O
  PREFIX: ST CLAIR HIGH              TATTOO: SCH       TEL: 02 4774 8440 FAX: 02 4774 8885                TEL: 07 5476 2394
  TEL: 02 9670 6700
                                                       MR M WIGG & MS S COLEMAN                           MR G & MRS D HARRY
  ST JOHNS COLLEGE DUBBO                               MUDGEE NSW 2850                                    CHEVALLUM QLD 4555
  MR BEN TOLL                                          PREFIX: BOTOBOLAR                  TATTOO: M4S     PREFIX: CHEVALLUM                 TATTOO: VHG
  DUBBO EAST NSW 2830                                  TEL: 02 6373 6568 FAX: 02 6373 6568                TEL 07 5445 9973 FAX 07 5445 9980
  PREFIX : SHERATON                  TATTOO: SJC
  TEL: 02 6884 3766 FAX 02 6884 3774                   MR R & MRS H WILLIAMS                              MR P & J HORNE
                                                       FARM LOCATION: GUYRA                               PITTSWORTH QLD 4356
  MR V SCHEMBRI & MS S COLLEY                          PREFIX: DARLEA                       TATTOO: RHW   PREFIX: CHIPILILO                   TATTOO: CHP
  FREMANTLE VIA BATHURST NSW 2795                      TEL: 02 6653 3344                                  TEL: 07 4693 3713
  FULLERTON COVE NSW 2318                              MR P WILSON                                        MR B & MRS J JOHNS
  PREFIX: SILVER BULLET               TATTOO: DAS      FARM LOCATION: QUORROBOLONG                        KIN KIN QLD 4571
  TEL: 02 4920 1506 FAX: 02 4961 6342                  PREFIX: WOLLONG                   TATTOO: PBW      PREFIX: MORAN GROUP TATTOO: 2AT
                                                       TEL: 0419 220944 FAX: 02 9879 7413                 TEL 07 5485 4192
  DUNGOWAN NSW 2340                                    WYONG HIGH SCHOOL                                  MR M & MRS S LENZ
  PREFIX: KANANGRA PARK              TATTOO: STA       MR A UNGER                                         WESTWOOD QLD 4702
  TEL: 02 6769 0227                                    WYONG NSW 2259                                     PREFIX: WY-KNOT                     TATTOO: WYK
                                                       TEL: 02 4353 1088 FAX 02 4351 2591                 TEL: 07 4934 7566
  FULLERTON NSW 2583                                   MR L & MRS C ZENZMAIER                             MR RD & MRS GM LOWE
  PREFIX: NARINGI                     TATTOO: NPC      FARM LOCATION: GOOLMA                              FARM LOCATION: TOOGOOLAWAH
  TEL: 02 4834 2201 FAX: 02 4834 2203                  PREFIX: YENGARI                  TATTOO: ZNZ       PREFIX: KRE 8 BEEF                TATTOO: KRE
  EMAIL:                        TEL: (W) 4579 6583 MB: 0414 247470                 TEL: 07 3262 5118 FAX: 07 3262 6352
  MR EA STEPHENSON                                                                                        MR I & MRS R OAKES
  GOULBURN NSW 2580                                    MR V ZEPPIERI & MS T GODDEN                        FARM LOCATION: LAMINGTON
  PREFIX: WOOLARINGA                TATTOO: WGA        FARM LOCATION: ORANGEVILLE                         PREFIX: GLEN LAMINGTON            TATTOO: 3IO
  TEL/FAX: 02 4821 5852 FARM: 02 4829 5107             PREFIX: TARASCOA                  TATTOO: TV       TEL 07 5544 8166 FAX 07 5544 8166
                                                       TEL: 02 9898 7706 FAX: 02 9729 3819
  MR SM & MRS GE STRONG                                                                                   MR E R POWELL
  FARM LOCATION: EAST GRESFORD                                                                            FARM LOCATION: MURPHEYS CREEK
  PREFIX: STRONGBORN                 TATTOO: SBS       QUEENSLAND MEMBERS LIST:                           PREFIX: EARLES            TATTOO: ERP
  TEL: 02 9659 9500 FAX 02 9659 9600 MB 0427 007 689                                                      TEL 07 3349 1154
                                                       BUTLERS BEEF
  TALLAGANDA DOWNS                                     FARM LOCATION: BRYDEN                              MR ED & MRS MJ ROSS
  FARM LOCATION: BRAIDWOOD                             TEL: 0411 776624                                   FARM LOCATION: CARBROOK
  PREFIX: TALLAGANDA DOWNS           TATTOO: TD2       PREFIX: BUTLER                       TATTOO: BUT   PREFIX: ROSELLINOS                 TATTOO: EMR
  TEL: 02 4842 1294 MB: 0414 761 962                                                                      TEL: 07 3808 5863 FAX: 07 3290 0244
                                                       MR PAUL BROWN
  THE VIDEO PASTORAL COMPANY                           CALLIOPE QLD 4680                                  MR GW & MRS HM SEWELL
  BONVILLE NSW 2441                                    PREFIX: KALYNJUEL                TATTOO: SQT       GEHAM QLD 4352
  PREFIX: MUURABAY                   TATTOO: SLT       TEL: 07 4975 6520                                  PREFIX: OAKVALE                  TATTOO:GHH
  TEL: 02 6653 4770 FAX 02 6653 4775                                                                      TEL: 07 4696 6499 FAX: 07 4696 6499
                                                       MR CC & MRS LR COX                                 Email :
  MR D & MRS J THOMPSON                                WEBYA DOWNS QLD 4562
  COOTAMUNDRA NSW 2590                                 PREFIX: SHALLEN                   TATTOO: CL       MR GJ & MRS SP SMITH
  PREFIX: THURLOO PARK                  TATTOO: DJT    TEL 07 5448 2447 FAX 07 5448 2301                  BERRINBA QLD 4117
  TEL: 02 6943 2241 FAX: 02 6943 2243                  email                         PREFIX: WANNA-B                   TATTOO: WBS
  WEBSITE: www.thurloo@topseed                                                                            TEL: 07 3808 6923 FAX: 02 73808 6953
  <http://www.thurloo@topseed/>                DAKABIN STATE HIGH SCHOOL
                                                       DAKABIN QLD 4503                                   MR R & MRS D STEVENSON
  MR R & MRS C TRANTER                                 ATT: MS F LESTER                                   CAMP MOUNTAIN QLD 4520
  FARM LOCATION: POKOLBIN                              PREFIX: DAKABIN           TATTOO: XDH              PREFIX: GUM GULLY                TATTOO: I6R
  PREFIX: TRANTER’S                  TATTOO: TRA       TEL: 07 3204 5188                                  TEL: 07 3289 2343 MB 0412 029 811
  TEL:02 4933 6357
                                                       MR W & MRS I DELAFORCE                             MS JC VAN ELTEN
  MR K & MRS J VOEKS                                   JIMBOOMBA QLD 4280                                 PRENZLAU QLD 4311
  FARM LOCATION: RAMORNIE                              PREFIX : DAMVIEW                     TATTOO: WHD   PREFIX: VESCO                           TATTOO: VES
  PREFIX: ROMANY HILL                TATTOO: RH        TEL: 07 5546 8337                                  TEL: 07 5426 8137 FAX: 07 5426 8097
  TEL: 02 6644 9029                                                                                       web site :
                                                       MR W & MRS R GILL
  WADE FAMILY AT                                       TANAWHA QLD 4556                                   MR BM & MRS DA VOIGHT
  MANGROVE MOUNTAIN NSW 2250                           PREFIX: GILLABY                  TATTOO: WTG       PURGA QLD 4306
  PREFIX: SILVER GULLY               TATTOO: SGE       TEL 07 5445 9818 FAX 07 5445 9818                  PREFIX: WARRILL CREEK           TATTOO: VO2
  TEL: 0408 437977 Email                                                            TEL: 07 5467 3447 MB 0407034634
                                                       MR J & MRS DR FLINT
  MRS LK WALLER                                        GLASSHOUSE MOUNTAINS QLD 4518                      MR RJ WALKER
  MILTON NSW 2538                                      PREFIX: TIBRO           TATTOO: JDR                TARAMPA QLD 4311
  PREFIX: WALLEROOBIE                 TATTOO: WAL      TEL: 07 5493 0603                                  PREFIX: ROBENE                   TATTOO: RJW
  TEL: 02 4454 1399 FAX: 02 4454 1267                  FAX: 07 5493 0603                                  TEL: 07 5426 2229 MB 0408 650 880

  WEEMALAH PARTNERSHIP                                 MR B GABLONSKI & MS L FRANCIS                      MR S & MRS J WHYATT
  FARM LOCATION: COWRA                                 FARM LOCATION: DELANEY’S CREEK                     TOOGOOLAWAH QLD 4313
  TEL: 02 9712 4665 FAX: 02 4735 6350 MB 0402 316603   TEL 07 5496 4350 FAX: 07 5498 3123                 TEL: 07 5423 1208 FAX: 07 5423 1272
               Outside the Square
               Outside the Square

Members continued
VICTORIAN MEMBERS LIST:                           MR M & MRS P STANTON                               MR AC & MRS EM MOFFAT
                                                  KERGUNYAH VIC 3691                                 ESPERANCE WA 6450
MR CN ADAMS & MR P BROOK-CARTER                   PREFIX: KELERIE                      TATTOO: KLR   PREFIX: KILAYR                    TATTOO: E5A
BRIAGOLONG VIC 3860                               TEL: 02 6027 5165 MB 0419 118 253                  TEL: 08 9076 5059
PREFIX: PENDDRAIG          TATTOO: PDD            Email:          EMAIL:
TEL: 03 5145 5765
                                                  WOOLGARLO PASTORAL CO                              MR GR & MRS PC MYLES
MR D & MRS L ALLEN                                WHITTLESEA VIC 3757                                DARDANUP WA 6236
LAUNCHING PLACE VIC 3139                          PREFIX: OPAL PARK                  TATTOO: OP      PREFIX: PADBURY FIELDS            TATTOO: 5YM
PREFIX: HILL VALLEY              TATTOO: HV       TEL: 03 9715 1500 FAX: 03 9715 1555                TEL: 08 9728 1326
TEL: 03 5967 4220                                 EMAIL                           Email:
MR P BROWN                                                                                           MR TC & MRS RE PANKHURST
KYNETON VIC 3444                                                                                     FRANKLAND WA 6396
TEL (AH) 03 5422 2329 MB: 0437 224 929                                                               TEL: 08 9855 2288 FAX: 08 9855 2289
                                                  MR DJ AUGUSTE                                      EMAIL
MR RI DICKINSON                                   BULLSBROOK WA 6084
LANCEFIELD VIC 3435                               PREFIX: CHEVY FARM               TATTOO: CVY       MRS M SCOTT
PREFIX: AKURA                    TATTOO: AFL      TEL: 08 9571 8153                                  SERPENTINE WA 6125
TEL: 03 5429 1337                                                                                    PREFIX: NAMERIK                 TATTOO: MS
                                                  MR & MRS D BICKERS                                 TEL: 08 9525 2505 FAX 08 9525 2140
V & B D’AGOSTINO                                  FRAM LOCATION: MUNPIJONG
WHITTLESEA VIC 3757                               PREFIX: TENKARA PARK              TATTOO: TP       TETH PTY LTD
PREFIX: WOMBAROO                   TATTOO: WOM    TEL: 08 9525 2404                                  DENMARK WA 6333
TEL: 03 9715 1335 FAX: 03 9564 1975               FAX: 08 9525 3042                                  PREFIX: MUMBULU                  TATTOO: MUM
                                                  EMAIL                        TEL: 08 9840 8361 MB 0417 945 384
DANLUCAR PTY LTD                                                                                     Email:
MODEWARRE VIC 3240                                MR J BODYCOAT & MS B McPHEE
PREFIX: DANLUCAR                 TATTOO:DLC       FARM LOCATION: COOLUP                              VANDER LOOP FAMILY TRUST
MB: 0408 547838                                   PREFIX: ABBEY BROOK               TATTOO: BYO      BOYANUP WA 6237
                                                  TEL: 08 9530 3146 FAX: 08 9530 3176                PREFIX: MALOLO                    TATTOO: T2V
MR M & MRS K GIRVAN                                                                                  TEL: 08 9731 5187
FARM LOCATION: MIRBOO                             MR LS BROOKS & MS NP PETTIT                        EMAIL:
TEL: 03 5664 6573     FAX: 03 5664 6573           PREFIX: KANTARA PARK            TATTOO: KTP        WOOP WOOP FARM PTY LTD
                                                  TEL: 08 9728 1074 MB 0427281074                    FARM LOCATION: NOGGERUP
MR D & MRS J HANDS                                                                                   PREFIX: WOOP WOOP FARM           TATTOO: WW5
YEA VIC 3717                                      MR J & MRS R CARR                                  TEL: 08 9732 2200 FAX 08 9732 2003
PREFIX: LOCARNO                     TATTOO: DJH   DONNYBROOK WA 6239
TEL: 03 5780 1460            FAX 03 5780 1458     PREFIX: SANDSTONE ESTATE          TATTOO: JC1
Email:                    TEL 08 9731 6306                                   SOUTH AUSTRALIA MEMBERS LIST
MR J & MRS R HANNAGAN                                                                                BILLAGONG VALLEY PTY LTD
ROMSEY VIC 3434                                   MR C & MRS T DALE                                  MT BARKER SA 5251
                                                  PREFIX: JULIMAR                   TATTOO: JLM      TEL: 05 8391 1316 FAX 05 8398 3113
MR RW HEWET & MS OK GAROT                         TEL: 08 9384 3203 FAX 08 9384 0841                 Email
PREFIX: BLOK - M            TATTOO: BLM           DO DROP IN FARM
TEL: 03 9773 0378    FAX 03 9773 0441             BINDOON WA 6502                                    TASMANIA MEMBERS LIST
                                                  PREFIX: DO DROP IN               TATTOO: DDI
MR M & MRS E JAROSZCZUK                           TEL: 08 9576 2221                                  MR M & MRS F SCHROETER
MYAMYN VIC 3304                                                                                      WATTLE HILL TAS 7172
PREFIX: MATILDARI                TATTOO: MEJ      MR VJ & MRS MS GIGLIA                              PREFIX: POONYAHRA                 TATTOO: FKM
TEL 03 5578 2327                                  BYFORD WA 6122                                     TEL: 03 6265 3106
                                                  PREFIX: META PARK                TATTOO: EPS
MR G & MRS E JOY                                  TEL: 08 9525 1385
MIRBOO NTH VIC 3871                               FAX: 08 9525 1343                                  NEW ZEALAND MEMBERS LIST
PREFIX: HIGHBURY           TATTOO: HS             MB: 041 983 5103
TEL: 03 5668 2987   MB: 0407 855 708                                                                 COWAN BAY FARM
                                                  MR A & MRS K GUELFI                                WARKWORTH
MR AD & MRS KM KAVENAGH                           KUKERIN WA 6352                                    NEW ZEALAND
BEEAC VIC 3251                                    PREFIX: MO-EE-NA                  TATTOO: GQ1      PREFIX: COWAN BAY FARM            TATTOO: CBF
PREFIX: WILGUL                  TATTOO: ADK       TEL: 08 9864 1057 FAX 08 9864 1057                 TEL: 09 425 0133
TEL: 03 5234 6257                                                                                    FAX : 09 425 0134
                                                  MR P JAREMCZUK & MS G KENT
MRS J LEONARD                                     MORANGUP WA 6083                                   MS RJ RIPPON
MINERS REST VIC 3352                              PREFIX: MORANGUP PARK            TATTOO: MPS       WANGANUI
PREFIX: TRIGONOMETRY             TATTOO: TRI      TEL: 08 9574 7198 FAX: 08 9574 7198                NEW ZEALAND
TEL: 03 5334 6776 MB: 0415 724053                                                                    PREFIX: TEORA              TATTOO: RIP
                                                  MS ML LESLIE
MR J & MRS S MONTGOMERY                           PINJARRA WA 6208
EUROA VIC 3666                                    PREFIX: RAIS’N RUMP              TATTOO: RR        UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
PREFIX: SHINOBI                   TATTOO: JSM     TEL: 08 9531 2016 FAX; 08 9531 2016
TEL: 03 5795 1881 FAX: 03 5795 1237                                                                  MR B WILCOX
                                                  LONGALINE P/L T/A HOPELAND PARK                    DURANGO COLORADO 81302
PENTITCTON SQUARE MEATERS                         FARM LOCATION: SERPENTINE                          PREFIX: PIONEER US                TATTOO: US1
FARM LOCATION: BYLANDS                            PREFIX: HOPELAND PARK             TATTOO: HP       TEL: 970 247 1326 W: 970 402 0731
PREFIX: PENTICTON                 TATTOO: PTN     TEL: 08 9525 7080                                  EMAIL
TEL: 03 5782 0000 AH FAX: 03 5782 0001            FAX: 08 9525 7081
E-MAIL:                     EMAIL:
                                                                                                     ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
MR S SOLOMON                                      MR AJ McLAREN
BROADFORD VIC 3658                                MT BARKER WA 6324                                  VALLEY BOVINE SERVICES
PREFIX: SHAMANA                    TATTOO: SHM    PREFIX: CAMEO                    TATTOO: 6MF       MUSWELLBROOK NSW 2333
TEL: 03 5784 4274 FAX 03 5784 4273                TEL: 08 9851 1705                                  TEL: 02 6541 1040 FAX :02 6541 0374
Outside the Square

  A proven breed
   of beef cattle
A lot has been said about       mainstream calves may take
the merits or otherwise of      up to 18 months to produce
“miniature” cattle and          a finished carcass. The result
Square Meaters have             of course is that you can
sometimes been caught up        stock more animals per acre
in this discussion.             and turn them off in a
  Square Meaters breeders       much shorter period - more
would like to dispel a myth     profit whether you are on
that has developed in some      small or large acreage.
areas and educate the             Other traits which breed-
public, other breeders,         ers like are their quiet
producers and show judges       temperament, high milking
about the breed - Square        ability of females, strong
Meaters are not “miniature”     muscling with superior
cattle - they are a serious     fleshing and a wonderful
beef breed with the success     capacity to maintain good
to prove it.                    condition in poor seasons.
    Whilst it is true that        The Square Meaters Cattle
Square Meaters may suit         Association does have a
people on smaller acreages,     height restriction on the
it is not specifically their    registering of bulls. At 12
frame size but, rather, the     months of age bulls cannot
characteristics that are also   be less than 103cm and not
attracting beef producers       more than 113cm. This
which produce this result.      regulation is aimed at prov-
The calves have low birth       iding a safeguard against
weights (15kg - 20kg), are      animals becoming too small
extremely efficient feed        or regressing back to
converters and produce a        taller/slower growing.
260kg to 300kg weaner,           Mature bulls weigh around
comparable in weight to         800kg plus at around
mainstream beef calves, at 8    130cm high, again with a
to 9 months. The big            deep body on short legs.
difference is that Square       Despite the shortness of leg,
Meaters calves produce a        Square Meaters bulls can
finished carcase, ready for     easily serve larger females in
market, with optimal fat        commercial crossbreeding
cover at this age whilst        programs. s

February 2006                                                    Outside the Square 23
24 Outside the Square   February 2006
Outside the Square

 New sire now at
  Rainbow stud
Since last year’s Annual        outcomes despite average
magazine, Rainbow Square        clearances and prices, and
Meaters has had both a          expressed their willingness
busy and successful year        to participate in future.
despite the continuing          There is no doubt that the
drought from which we           results     were      heavily
have at least had some          adversely affected by the
measure of relief this          prolonged            drought
Spring.                         conditions and buyer
  We are delighted to report    uncertainty related thereto.
that once again we were the     Notwithstanding the sale
most successful exhibitors at   was a very useful exercise       Vesco Yes Man, at 13 months of age and weighing
both Royal Canberra and         with many lessons which          506kg.
Sydney’s     Shows.       Of    will stand us all in good        over         the        years. diversity than we were
particular satisfaction was     stead when we mature to a        Congratulations Margarette,    already enjoying.
that, whereas previously we     National Show and Sale,          and we hope that he fulfils      While attending Brisbane
have had great successes        hopefully in September           all your expectations of       Show this year we were
with our bulls and              2006.                            him.The bad news however,      delighted to see two
reasonable success with           During the year we also        is that in September we lost   outstanding heifer calves at
females, this year at           attended Mudgee and              our champion Xocet when        foot sired by Vesco Yes Man
Canberra we took out the        Murrumbateman Field days         he broke his stifle in a scrap who we had purchased the
double when Xocet won           with David and Julie             with Woolaringa Valance        year before after we had
Grand Champion Bull, and        Thompson who graciously          after they had each gone       seen him in Brisbane. We
Maree Y15 won Senior &          allow us to share their sites,   through two fences to          immediately doubled his
Grand Champion Female           which we appreciate and          exchange opinions about        heifer allocation when we
and went on to win the          enjoy very much. The level       each other. We were at the     returned home and cannot
Group       B      Supreme      of interest and enquiry          time on the verge of taking    wait to see his first calves
Champion Beef Breed             remains very high, but at        him to be collected when       here soon, one of which will
Female. Interestingly, the      that stage the continuing        the tragedy occurred. To       be from the Canberra
following week at the local     drought was putting a            make matters worse he had      Champion Maree Y15.
Braidwood Show, Maree’s         dampener on aspiring             registered five stars on         In June we were visited by
contemporary, Melody, was       buyers who, hopefully, will      Genestar testing, and his      Bill McKiernan of DPI at
put over her by the judge       carry out their threats to       first crop of calves on the    Orange who has written
and went on to win the          join the breed when              ground are exceptionally       extensively about muscling
Supreme      Beef      Breed    conditions improve.              promising. The only upside     in cattle, in females, and
Champion against eight           We are also very pleased to     is that his very first calf to feed conversion efficiency in
other breed representatives.    report that in June 2005 we      hit the ground, Zippity        medium frame cattle. He is
  While we then went on to      sold     Rainbow       Estate    Doo Da, shows some             currently looking at a
Sydney and were again most      Xanadu to Margarette             promise, and may make it as    genetic variant influencing
successful exhibitor, our       Bohm of Kelkette Square          his replacement. There is      muscling in some breeds,
major successes were again      Meaters in a package             some consolation in still      including Square Meaters,
with the bulls, Yankee          valuing him at $12500,           having Rambo’s other son       and a sample of our herd
Doodle        as      Junior    including four lovely heifers    and Supreme Royal Sydney       was weighed, scanned and
Champion Bull and joining       with calves at foot to add to    exhibit Yucatan to use in the  DNA tested as part of Bill’s
Zeus as best pair under 20      the original ten Kelkette        line breeding program.         study.The findings are very
months. Maree was judged        heifers which we purchased         Recently we repurchased a    interesting and somewhat
Reserve Senior Champion         at Mandalong in 1996, and        son of Woolaringa Quaama       exciting,     but     in    a
Female.                         which have performed very        who was a Reserve Senior       preliminary stage.
  In May we participated in     well for us in the               Champion at Canberra             Finally, readers may be
the multi-vendor sale at        intervening years. We are        because he had been            interested to learn that we
Goulburn with seven other       particularly pleased that        throwing exceptional calves    have had our star performer,
vendors in a sale which         Margarette thought so            for his owners when put        Mandalong Rambo semen
produced both encouraging       much of him, given her           over a group of Rambo          collected, and are offering
and disappointing results.      proven breeding track            daughters. He is yet another   1/6 semen shares in this
Most vendors were positive      record and the successes she     complete outcross and gives    outstanding, powerful and
and satisfied with the          has`enjoyed with her cattle      us even wider genetic          prepotent sire for sale. s
February 2006                                                                                        Outside the Square 25
             Outside the Square

Attraction to the
 compact size
Su and Bob McCluskey            common           need,     the
have been running Square        McCluskeys have come up
Meaters       just   outside    with several strategies to
Canberra since 1996.            help.          Firstly, they
  Through talking to many       encourage anyone thinking
people who are interested in    of buying cattle to come out
Square Meaters at field days    and have a look at the cattle
and shows and also to           and talk through different
clients, the McCluskey’s        options. For example, is it
find that many people are       breeding or fattening that
attracted to the breed for      the person is looking to do?
their compact size and easy     Are they interested in stud
handling, with a lot of them    or commercial cattle? What       A cow and calf graze happily at the McCluskey’s
having smaller acreage and      sort of country do they
eager to take advantage of      have? How much time do           property outside Canberra.
the opportunity to run          they have to put into the        enjoy a long and happy life    the McCluskeys will deliver
more cattle than the            enterprise?                      together. No question is       a bull for the service period
standard size breeds.             The McCluskeys find that       considered too silly or too    then go back and pick him
   Many clients looking to      quite often talking through      simple. “We didn’t know        up.
buy are new to cattle, with     different factors with           the difference between a           Cluskers Stud also
some new to farming itself.     prospective clients can          heifer or a steer when we      conducts on-farm field days
The McCluskeys also find        provide them with options        first came here 14 years ago”  and information sessions
that a large number of          they may not have even           Su says “and if we can share   where participants can
clients are like themselves -   considered. “We believe          some of the lessons we have    gather a wealth of practical
having very busy schedules      that it is very important that   learned with others, it can    information about how to
and are trying to organise a    people looking to start with     only help them”.               manage and assess their
breeding and management         cattle are aware of what’s          Things such as why and      cattle, receive tips on cattle
program around working          involved with different          when to drench and what to     handling and contacts for
off-farm. And there are         enterprises” says Bob “and       use. Although your local       where to go for other
aspects to looking after        we are happy to provide          rural supplier will be willing information.
cattle and general animal       some tips and suggestions        to help, generally you need      In keeping with providing
husbandry that can prove        where we can”.                   to know what you are           this type of service, Cluskers
pretty daunting to the new        The McCluskey’s also offer     looking for in the first       Stud has now launched
cattle owner. There is also a   an after-sales service, where    place. If you are starting     their                 website,
whole lot of information        if you buy cattle from them,     off your herd with a couple The
that the person new to          they are happy to help with      of cows and calves then        Cluskers website will
farming may not know            advice and assistance to         maybe you don’t need a 5       provide you with the very
about.                          ensure that both you and         litre container of drench      latest information on what’s
    Recognising this as a       your new purchases can           with a fancy drench gun -      happening at the Cluskers
                                                                 perhaps a squeeze pack of      stud, including information
                                                                 backline may do. On the        on upcoming field days, on-
                          S QU A R E M E AT E R S
                                                                 other hand, if you are
                                                                 needing to orally drench
                                                                 larger numbers of cattle,
                                                                                                farm information days and
                                                                                                what is available for sale at
                                                                                                any particular time. The
                                                                 then a hook can make life so   website also provides useful
                         Quality well bred cattle                much quicker and easier.       contacts and links to
                                                                   Some people are keen to      relevant information.
                                                                 breed cattle but are            The McCluskeys encourage
                         Contact Earle R. Powell                 uncertain about having a       you to visit Cluskers Stud to
                          Ph: (07) 3349 1154                     bull on the property all year  view the cattle and talk
                                                                 round.      Cluskers Stud      about what you may be
                                                                 provides a bull leasing        interested in. You can
                              24 Raffles St,                     service for this very reason   contact Cluskers Stud on 02
                          Mt Gravatt, QLD, 4122                  and if transport is a          6227 5420, 0438 123 137
                                                                 problem, where possible,       or through the website. s
26 Outside the Square                                                                                         February 2006
February 2006   Outside the Square 27
              Outside the Square

Providing Square
Meaters females
At Malolo Square Meaters              having been bred from
Stud, Boyanup WA, we                  Murray Grey cows.
seem to have found our                   Because Square Meaters
niche in providing Square             are bred solely from selected
Meaters       females     as          old styled Murray Greys we
foundation stock for new              can still source breeders
studs.                                from these existing lines.
   In rapidly expanding                The rapid expansion of the
Square Meaters story in               Square Meaters breed relies
Western Australia we have             heavily on this Murray Grey
provided breeders for seven           source.
new studs in the past two               Malolo is only 35 acres so
years. Most of these females          our cattle must be efficient.
were heifers sired by Malolo          Murray Grey cattle have         Tony Vanderloop, Malolo Square Meaters said
Victor and mated to our               always demonstrated this        his cattle must be efficient.
new bull, Thurloo Thomas,             trait, and it is more
                                                                      intensified    in    Square selling six heifers in calf.
                   THE SQUARE MEATER MAN                              Meaters by the further      Several more heifers and
                                                                      selection. Therefore we are some young Square Meaters
               To every wife of the Square Meater man,                able to consistently keep a cows are available for sale.
                  Be it Harry, Fred, Donald or Dan.                   herd of about 40 animals,     For more information
                Sooner or later these words he will say,              all showing that easy doing contact Malolo Square
                “I need your help in the yards today.”                efficiency.   The     exact Meaters, Boyanup, WA on
                                                                      number now is 39 after      (08) 9731 5187. s
           So its on with the trousers, sunscreen and hat,
                Cancel the shopping,coffee and chat.
          Hop on the bike with trusty old boots,and muster
                     the cattle out of the clover.                      QUALITY FEMALES
               Now in the cattle yards the cattle man
                 be it Harry, Fred, Donald or Dan.
                He does from my long observation,
                                                                         AND BULLS FOR SALE
              Quickly undergo a strange transformation.

                    From a mild mannered husband
                        he does a tyrant become.
            be it drafting, drenching,or wielding the knife,

             The target for abuse is most always the wife.
            Waving and shouting till his face is quite puce,
             “What are you doing you’re no bloody use!”

       But storm off in high dudgeon,he is down on his knees,
      “Sorry my dear, didn’t mean it, come back will you please!”

              Trip over old boots, fall flat on your face,
               “get up woman your blocking the gate”                     THE HOME OF MALOLO VICTOR
          Your ankle is throbbing, you’re choking with dust,             Double Grand Champion at 2001 Perth Royal Show
            Hope no one heard how loud you did swear,

               His parting words at the end of the day,
      After working and sweating,(and of course there’s no pay),
               “Let out the cattle and open the gates.”
          “I’m going to the pub for a beer with my mates.”                 SQUARE MEATERS
            Tired and weary, to the shower you do run,                            Visit anytime
          The beds are not made and the dishes not done,                        BOYANUP, WA, 6237
          And you know the cattle mans next words will be
                “I could eat a horse whats for tea.”                    Ph: (08) 9731 5187
28 Outside the Square                                                                                          February 2006
Outside the Square
Outside the Square

Double muscle in
 our beef cattle
For many years the double        one full muscle score on
muscle condition (muscle         cattle which were already
hypertrophy) has been            known for high levels of
known and studied and it         muscling. The heterozygote
is also known that a variant     or carriers of the single
of the condition occurs          deletion were only slightly
whereby the animals              leaner and slightly smaller
display many of the              in stature or height.
advantages of hypertrophy          Cows and heifers carrying
in meat characteristics but      the deletion in both herds
also carry fatness and are       were of the same weight and
just as functional as normal     condition       as     normal
animals.                         animals       and      records    The effects of double muscling can be seen here
   This variant or the           indicated that they were
heterozygote form of the         equally productive in             in this Square Meaters bull.
condition (animals with a        maternal traits.                  the low muscle line which        He also said that the
single copy of the myostatin        Mr McKiernan said the          closely represents the more  incentive for producers to
deletion) can have quite         big surprise was the              normal or average level of   make these sorts of
enormous impacts on meat         enormous impact the               muscling in the Australian   substantial gains in meat
production.                      deletion had on carcase           cattle herd.                 yield needs to be supported
   Mr Bill McKiernan, Beef       traits. Just recently 40 steers     Of even greater reason for by the beef processing
Industry Leader at Orange        from the Glen Innes herd          excitement according to Mr   industry by recognising
who has been the researcher      were slaughtered and              McKiernan was the fact that  these advantages and
involved in investigating the    assessed for carcase traits.      both the myostatin and the   implementing programs or
effects of this gene said that   The carcases were boned           high muscle selection group  systems        which      will
carefully managed using a        out in a boning room and          had a higher percentage of   encourage producers to
DNA test, this condition         meat yield information            weight in the hindquarter in breed these animals via
can add substantially to         collected.                        higher priced cuts. There    carcase feedback and price
muscle selection. Following        Of the 40 steers 11 were        was a 21/2 % advantage to    incentives.
years of studying the effects    carriers of the myostatin         the myostatin steers over       Mr McKiernan also
of increased muscling and        deletion (heterozygotes) 14       the low muscle steers in the sounded a word of warning,
quantifying the progress         were from a high muscle           weight proportion of         stating that this technology
that can be made through         selection line and 17 from        primals in the hindquarter.  was not for everyone and
selection, Mr McKiernan          the low muscle selection            Mr McKiernan stated this   particularly      not     for
said this myostatin deletion     line. The myostatin steers        was       exciting      new  producers not prepared to
is a tool to quicken the         out-performed both other          information indicating that  instigate a rigorous breeding
progress to higher muscling.     groups substantially. The         substantial gain can be      program using DNA testing
He and colleagues in NSW         myostatin steers dressed 1%       made in meat yield by the    to ensure the deleterious
DPI with funding from            more than the high                way of this new gene         homozygous form of the
MLA, have studied the            selection line steers who         technology.                  condition did not occur. s
effect of this condition over    dressed 1% more than the
and above that effect of         low selection steers.
selection for muscling.             All steers measured the                            Rodney McDonald
  He said that in two herds      same fatness at the P8 and
studied, one being a NSW         rib sites (24 and 16mm                                  Stud Cattle Services
DPI research herd at Glen        respectively).      However,                                  Servicing All Breeds
Innes,      the    other     a   once boned out both higher                            ✔ Specializing In Clipping
commercial pure bred             muscled groups had less
                                                                                       ✔ Breaking Cattle In For Show Ring
Angus herd in the Hunter         total body fat percentage.
Valley, the effect of the          The real difference was in                          ✔ Fitting At Major Shows
condition has been quite         the amount of retail meat                             ✔ Tattooing/ Marking
dramatic.                        yield produced.           The
  In both herds eye muscle       myostatin steers yielded           Contact: Rodney McDonald
area had been increased by       66.5%, the high selection
12 to 20 % at the same age       63.2% and the low 61.8%.             A.H (02) 49 873 405 0429 873 405
and muscle score by almost       A huge 5% advantage over                               ABN: 27 232 722 727

February 2006                                                                                            Outside the Square 29
            Outside the Square
            Outside the Square

   Generations of                                            required to be more
                                                             confident        of
                                                             indications and trends.
                                                                                             muscle        score    bulls
                                                                                             respectively, sourced from
                                                                                             industry herds.

   beef muscling                                               Following what has been
                                                             effectively         another
                                                             generation of selection for
                                                                                               Subsequent generations of
                                                                                             females have been selected
                                                                                             on muscle score to be
Over 160 producers from       measuring the consequences.    muscling researchers are        replacements       for  the
across NSW and southern          The original cattle herd    now confident in results        respective herds.
Queensland attended a         was run at NSW DPI             and are in a better position      Today two herds of cows
NSW DPI field day on the      Elizabeth         Macarthur    to answer many of the           exist             numbering
1st of December at Glen       Agricultural Institute at      industry issues.                approximately 70 cows in
Innes Research Station.       Camden       just    outside     The design of the project     each herd. The average
  On display were lines of    Sydney until 2002 when         effectively puts selection      muscle score of the low
commercial breeding cattle    drought conditions and         pressure on both the female     muscle cattle is a D muscle
selected for up to three      alternative use for the        replacements and sires used.    score and the high muscle
generations for high and      Camden site necessitated a     Originally     a    random      cattle is a bit better than
low muscling, together with   move of the herd north and     selection of Hereford           muscle score C (average of
the first detailed carcase    the cattle now reside at the   females were selected to        both male and females).
results from their steer      DPI’s Glen Innes Research      represent industry average        A third herd has now also
progeny.                      Station.                       muscularity. In 1991 high       been included made up of
  Mr Bill McKiernan, NSW        In 2000 a major field day    and low muscle score bulls      cows carrying the myostatin
DPI Beef Industry Leader      was held at Camden to          were used to produce            deletion gene (double
(Orange) in conjunction       deliver some preliminary       progeny for comparison. In      muscle gene). Results of
with Mr Greg Meaker, Beef     results of the research. At    1997 females from these         their performance were
Officer from Goulburn         that time some major           matings were selected on        reported independent of the
have been running the beef    industry perceptions and       their high or low muscle        differences between the 2
cattle breeding selection     issues with muscling were      pedigree and selection for      selection lines.
program since the early       addressed and answered.        high or low muscle score.          The creation of one full
1990’s concentrating on the   However, further selection     They were consequently          muscle score difference
selection for muscle and      and analysis of results was    mated to high or low            between the herds in both

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30 Outside the Square                                                                                    February 2006
Outside the Square

males and females, clearly        show a decrease of about          maturing than their low          muscle lines were the same.
demonstrates an economic          2mm on a 350kg carcase at         muscle counterparts.              There has been virtually no
advantage in saleyard terms.      2 years of age. Marbling fat        This has huge implications     dystocia      or      calving
From analysis of saleyard         is also slightly decreased.       to feeder steer on store steer   problems within these 2
reports 1 muscle score                One major concern of          buyers. They should not          muscle line herds. The low
difference      across      all   producers has been the            only rely on animal height       muscle selection line has
categories      attracts     a    effect of muscle selection on     for a gauge of maturity and      slightly heavier calves at
premium of between 10c to         weight gain. A common             growth potential but should      birth - the opposite to what
20c per kg. These days            perception is that the more       consider muscularity in          most producers would
more than $100 per animal         muscular animals within           combination with height          expect. Overall fertility, that
sold. The consequences of         breed are dumpier and slow        and weight to assess animals     is number of calves born or
selecting for muscle to           growing.       The research       future performance.              weaned relative to cows
achieve      this      market     clearly shows there is little        The final and possibly        mated is effectively the same
advantage is the focus of         to no effect on growth rate       most difficult trait to          in each herd.
this research.                    between         the      lines.   measure and assess is female        Mr Mckiernan said “We
  Selecting for muscle score      However, the high muscle          fertility and performance.       are now confident from
has not only increased visual     group are shorter in height         There is no difference in      these results in saying that
subjective muscle score in        at the hips. This effectively     weaning weight of progeny        selection for muscling will
the progeny but also their        explains why there is a           between the two muscle           result     in     substantial
eye muscle area, measured         common perception of              lines indicating that milk       economic benefit with little
at any age up to slaughter.       “dumpiness” because these         production has not been          impact on other herd
There is a difference of 5 to     high muscle animals are           adversely effected.              productive traits”.
10 cm2 between the lines          perceptively smaller in              On serial ovary scanning          He said “This is an
at the same weight.               stature. However, they are        of weaner and yearling           experiment and does not
  Fatness has decreased, due      the same weight at any            heifers it was found that        imply that single trait
to     muscle       selection,    given age and rather than         there was no differences in      selection should be pursued.
although the decrease is          being earlier maturing as         “active ovaries” as heifers      We      recommend          that
only marginal at the rib site.    their height would indicate,      achieved sexual maturity.        muscling can and should be
Results from over 200 steer       they are in fact the same         Indicating sexual maturity       included in multiple trait
slaughtered from these lines      maturity if not later             of females from the two          selection programs”. s

February 2006                                                                                             Outside the Square 31
            Outside the Square

Living the dream
 breeding cattle
Hain Rural Enterprises         crosses and quite a handful
originated through a city      in the camp and also in the
slicker’s boyhood dreams of    yards when treating for ticks
living on a farm. This         etc. My wife decided that
however took some 40           she would prefer to see me
years      when    I    was    playing with more mild
introduced to a horse and      mannered cattle. With this
campdrafting by a mate         in mind we ventured to the
who lived on a rural block     Brisbane Ekka Show to
just north of Brisbane.        choose our breed. With
  We bought some small         Bungo       Creek      Farm
numbers of store cattle to     consisting only of 63 acres
train the horses for           we had to choose our breed
campdrafting. Around 10        carefully.
years later my wife Aileen        I did not like the small
and I purchased our present    breeds and on coming upon
property Bungo Creek           Jo Van Elten’s Vesco Square      Champion bull Vesco Victory March is now
Farm at Mt Mee.                Meaters I was impressed by       owned by Hain Rural Square Meaters.
  Mt. Mee is a dairying and    Jo and her cattle. The
beef cattle community          medium sized good doing            I first purchased 7 cows    my purchase of Darlea
around one and a quarter       cattle     with    excellent    and a bull Vesco Victory       Zapper. I believe or hope
hours north west of            temperament would do me         March (Mr. T) from Vesco       that coupled with the
Brisbane. The store cattle     and I felt they also would      and 3 cows from Ann            outstanding temperament
were usually Brahman           sell commercially.              Willet’s Ballian Stud around   and quality of Vesco Victory
                                                               January 2003. This was         March, that Hain Rural
                                                               followed by another 5 cows     Square      Meaters     will
  G K MORGAN & ASSOCIATES PTY LTD                              from Vesco. Our herd now       compare favorably with
                        Trading as                             consists of 16 cows, 7 young   other Square Meaters
                                                               heifers 12 to 24 months,       throughout Australia.
                                                               Vesco Victory March (Mr.         With my recent purchase
                                                               T), Hain Rural Merlin          of 260 acres at Mt Kilcoy
                                                               which       was       Reserve  only 30 minutes from Mt
                                                               Champion Bull at the RNA       Mee I hope to also run a
                                                               show in 2005, Hain Rural       commercial herd to increase
                                                               Beau an 11 month old bull,     the      Square     Meaters
                                                               both by Mr. T, and Darlea      exposure in the local store
                                                               Zapper a 14 month old          sales at Toogooloowah and
                                                               Mandalong Tom Boy bull         Woodford.
                                                               purchased         with       2  In closing I would like to
                                                               Mandalong Tom Boys             thank Jo Van Elten and Pam
      12 Registered Heifers                                    heifers from Rex William’s     Scott from Vesco and
                  by Mandalong Ron                             Darlea Stud in Coffs           Cheryl Mott for their help
                                                               Harbour. We also have 11       over the past 2 years.
       and Mandalong Ron                                       calves on the ground and we
                                                               are about to send 5 x 10 to
                                                                                               I look forward to meeting
                                                                                              and learning from other
   Mandalong Ron SM R25A DOB 9/11/96                           12 month old Steers to the     Square Meaters breeders
   Sire: Round Hill Hansom RHM M132A                           local saleyeards.              throughout Australia and
                                                                My wife and I attended the    hope that in some way Hain
         Mullumbimby Phyllis P2 SMK P2                         2005 Canberra Show to          Rural Enterprises can
 Reasonable Prices - For Enquiries contact                     assess the cattle south of the promote and improve the
                                                               Queensland border and we       standard of the breed in
          Ph/Fax: (02) 4356 1081                               were impressed with the
                                                               standard. None however
                                                                                              Queensland and other
    RMB 1255 Yarramalong Road, Yarramalong, NSW, 2259          impressed my inexperienced         For more information
                                                               eye more than Mandalong        contact Paul Hain on 0418
                                                               Tom Boy which prompted         741 262. s
32 Outside the Square                                                                                     February 2006
                   all Australian beef breed
    (Photo taken December 2002 AGE: 30 months WEIGHT: 730kg)
    Now owned by Hain Rural Square Meaters, Mt Mee, Qld.

                                                            HAIN RURAL MERLIN -                                    BORN 6/7/2004
                                                           RESERVE CHAMPION SQUARE MEATERS BULL 2005 ROYAL BRISBANE SHOW
                                                           By Vesco Victory March
                                                           Note: Merlin had lost 30kg when being broken in a month prior to the Royal Brisbane
                                                           Show. In the words of the judge he was a close second on the day to the Champion Bull.
                                                           MERLIN IS FOR SALE

     HAIN RURAL BEAU -                           BORN 25/11/2004
    By Vesco Victory March
    Recently broken in and ready for showing. We have high hopes for Beau and
    he has inherited his Sire and Dam’s temperament and conformation.

                                                            ONDIONG MYRTLE                                44th (Class B)
                                                             Dam of Hain Rural Merlin
                                                             Beautiful length and depth of body and great temperament to match Vesco
                                                             Victory March

    VESCO VANITY FAIR                          (CLASS A)
    Dam of Hain Rural Beau
    Once again a beautiful length of body and depth and temperament to match
    Vesco Victory March.

    CONTACT PAUL HAIN                                             HAIN RURAL SQUARE MEATERS STUD
    Phone: (07) 3358 3636                                         BUNGO CREEK FARM,
    Mobile: 0418 741 262                                          THOMAS ROAD, MOUNT MEE, QLD, 4521
    Office Phone: (07) 3868 1178                                  POSTAL ADDRESS:
    Office Fax: (07) 3868 1178                                    UNIT 2, 339 NUDGEE ROAD,
    Email:                                 HENDRA, QLD, 4001

February 2006                                                                                                            Outside the Square 33
              Outside the Square

                                                                olic rate and their body         kage during these 60 days.
  Determine your                                                mass.
                                                                  The next factor you need
                                                                to examine is the weather
                                                                                                   The existence of drought
                                                                                                 must be taken into account.
                                                                                                 Conventional wisdom is to
  watering needs                                                pattern in the district where
                                                                you are buying the property.
                                                                In every year in every
                                                                                                 sell production stock early
                                                                                                 in a drought and retain
                                                                                                 breeding stock through the
The availability of suitable    about what type of              district there are periods of    drought.
sites on a property to          livestock, and how many,        low rainfall and dry spells.      Today’s knowledge of the
capture and store ample         you intend to run has a         It is important to examine       El Nino effect is a
water is so critical that it    direct bearing on how much      local records to see when        management tool which
can be a stop-go factor in a    water you need to hold.         these dry spells fall and how    now helps farmers deter-
farm’s productivity.            Knowledge of animal cons-       long, on average, they last.     mine when a dry spell is not
   Without adequate water       umption rates is important:     The very first calculation to    just a dry spell but the
reserves a grazier can be       For example;                    do about total water hold-       beginning of a drought.
forced to reduce stock          s If you intend running a       ings required is to multiply     When calculating total farm
numbers in a dry spell even     beef production operation       the total daily needs of your    water needs the farmer
in a situation where there is   you should take account         stock by the number of days      needs to determine a
still adequate fodder in the    the fact that the daily water   duration of the average dry      survival strategy in which
paddocks.                       requirement for beef cattle     spell. Hence, in the case of a   he/she decides the reduced
   Water is essential for       is around 45–50 litres for      herd of 100 cattle, and a        stocking rate in case of
animals to metabolise their     each beast per day.             winter dry spell of 60 days,     drought. The reduced rate
food intake and good water      s This means that if you        the amount of water needed       must be matched to the
reserves are as important in    intend to run a herd of 100     to be held in reserve is         amount of fodder on the
meat production as the          cattle you will need water      between 270,000 litres and       property at the start of the
supply of food.                 storage capacity to provide     350,000 litres. This is a lot    drought and the amount of
  The amount of water you       4500–5000 litres a day in       of water but only represents     water held in reserve.
need to hold should be          dry times.                      an absolute minimum be-             Local records about the
derived from facts about the    s The water requirements        cause the calculation does       length and severity of
way you intend to farm the      vary for different animals      not take into account water      drought can provide infor-
property. The decision          depending on their metab-       losses to evaporation or lea-    mation about how many

        Breeding quality herd improving cattle
                   ✫✫✫✫ QUALITY STOCK AVAILABLE FOR SALE ✫✫✫✫
        JO VAN ELTEN                     VESCO SQUARE MEATERS
        Phone: (07) 5426 8137            183 BUMSTEADS ROAD,
        Fax: (07) 5426 8097              PRENZLAU, QLD, 4311.
        Email:                                   Web:

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months the breeding stock        depth in metres, then            properties, such as sandy or    most parts of Australia. If
have to survive without new      multiply it by the surface       river flat loam properties,     the evaporation rate in your
rainfall in drought. In the      area. This will give the total   absorb nearly all rain and      area is 1m per year it means
previous case where the          storage capacity in that dam     there is rarely any run-off.    that the sun will simply take
farmer had a herd of 100         in cubic metres. Each cubic      If the block you are cons-      the top metre of your dam’s
cattle, the drought strategy     metre water contains 1000        idering has limited run-off,    water each year.
may be to hold a reduced         litres.                          it may not represent good          Your calculation of water
herd of 25 breeders. The           Once you have audited the      value for money. Other          reserves needs to account
water requirement for a 12       existing dams you can cal-       properties, such as clay or     for the total annual
months drought is therefore      culate the total existing        rocky soils, have good run-     evaporation.
between 410,000 litres and       water storage capacity of the    off potential even in a light   s Cost. The cost of
460,000 litres. And remem-       property and compare it          shower of rain.                 building the extra water
ber, the drought reserve         with your calculation about      s Rain Pattern. Even in         storage capacity must be
must be calculated and           minimum dry spell and            country where there is good     measured against the finan-
held IN ADDITION TO              drought needs. If this           run-off, it is unlikely that    cial benefit of additional
the amount of water held as      process shows that the           there will be run-off with      stock carrying capacity.
the dry spell reserve.           property has enough water        every rain event. Try to        Costs vary with factors like
    Using this form of           in dams to be dry spell          determine from local know-      distance from the contrac-
calculation it is easy to see    proof and drought resistant,     ledge the number of days        tors base, type of soil, size of
that your property must be       then the property may            per year where there is run-    dam and construction prob-
able to capture and store a      represent value for money –      off and whether or not this     lems such as slope and rock.
vast amount of water if it is    at least from the water          amount of run-off would be        Farm management in Aus-
to be commercially viable.       storage point of view.           suitable to fill additional     tralia is moving toward a
The water holding needs for         If the property has a         dams you may build.             situation where all factors
a grazier intending to run       deficiency of water storage      s Dam sites and soil types.     are calculated before the
100 beef cattle can be as        capacity, then you may have      Soils need to be tested at      farming operation starts.
high as 800,000 litres just      to consider the cost of          prospective dam sites to        This process reduces the
to ensure minimum levels         building new dams, modify        ensure that they are suitable   risk of financial failure and
of guaranteed stock water.       the stocking rate and            for holding a water.            applies to dam building as
  The next thing to do is an     farming plan, or give up on      s Evaporation Rate. Evap-       much as it does to other
audit of the existing water      the idea of purchasing that      oration is significant in       management factors. s
holding capacity of the          block altogether.
dams on the property you            Where your option is to
are buying. Caution is nec-
essary because, as a pros-
                                 build new dams to bring the
                                 water storage up to the
                                                                        Would you like
pective buyer, it is easy to     required level, you then
get a good feeling about the     need to consider a number             *   more time
property just by seeing          of other factors to deter-            *   more money
water in a dam in a good         mine whether a building
season. This good feeling        program is going to work or           *   more choices in life
can be misleading. Examine       not. These factors include;-          *   to do what you Really want.......
existing dams closely as         s Legislation. States are
many have been consid-           now legislating to protect
erably silted in past years      the downstream water                          Feeling there are no Options?
and the broad expanse of         rights of water users by
water may be just an             restricting the amount of                     Don’t let go of your Dreams....
illusion about how much          run-off an individual                          See them brought to Reality
water the dam can really         landholder can capture and
hold.                            harvest. In NSW this                      Turn everyday household spending into
  The volume of water in an      restriction means that a                           a Rewarding income
existing dam can be hard to      land holder can only harvest
assess accurately because the    10% of the run-off from
depth of the water varies        his/her property. In certain                  Develop a successful business
and the shape of the dam is      situations in NSW the land                       Flexible arrangements
like a basket rather than like   holder requires a licence to                         Part-time hours
a box. The surface area is       build a dam and the dam
easy to calculate but the        must now conform with a                   If you would like to know more.....
depth is harder. An average      variety of environmental                 Contact Jeannie Young Consultancy
depth may be calculated by       conditions such as the fact                         0427 290 849
taking five measurements         that a dam can no longer be
across the dam from each         built directly across a water                            Email:
direction. Once you have         course.                    
determined an average            s Run-off potential. Some
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            Platinum Stud
                            PO BOX 80
                        LOCHINVAR NSW 2321
                  Breeders of Quality Square Meater Cattle

                Stud & Commercial
                 Animals for Sale

                        DEBORAH HOWE & RON GOW
             TELEPHONE: 02 49 383312 FAX: 02 49 383812
             MOBILE: 0412005566 (DEB)/ 0408157212 (RON)

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The solution to a
 better product
Genetic Solutions Pty Ltd          Quality, and other groups
provides leading edge              around         the     world.
genetic          information       GeneSTAR Tenderness 2
technology         for      the    How did you feel last time
livestock and aquaculture          you were served a tough
industries in Australia and        piece of meat at a
globally.                          restaurant? If you answered
 Genetic Solutions products        disappointed, irritated or
are      based        on       a   dissatisfied you are not
comprehensive intellectual         alone.
property portfolio of DNA              Meat tenderness is the        GeneSTAR allows producers to                         identify
and        gene         marker     biggest factor contributing       potentially high performing animals.
information.                       to       the       consumers
  Products, which include          satisfaction.                     the tender form, and a 1-         research shows that 2 STAR
SureTRAK®, and SireTRACE™            Studies conducted by Meat       STAR has one copy of each         animals are genetically
are used by livestock              Standards Australia (MSA)         form      of     the   gene.      programmed to be more
production and processing          show that consumers not           Tenderness was measured in        tender and this will result in
companies to improve               only prefer tender beef, they     kilograms of shear force, an      significantly            fewer
product       quality      and     pay premiums for beef that        objective         mechanical      unsatisfactory          eating
production          efficiency.    is guaranteed to be tender.       measure of tenderness             experiences.
Commercial application of          The challenge for producers       which          is       used        Tenderness 2 adds to the
GeneSTAR: There are a              is that tenderness is difficult   internationally.                  power of the initial test. The
number ways to evaluate            to assess in live animals.           The effect of the gene         Tenderness 2 marker tests
potential performance for                Objective tenderness        marker was clear-cut.             for variations in a second
beef cattle, including a           measurements are able to be       Averaged over all 5000            gene, also associated with
range of genetic tools that        conducted on meat samples         animals, there was close to a     tenderising of meat. This
can be used to select              by assessing shear force; i.e.    10%        difference      in     second marker has a similar
superior breeding stock.           the amount of force               tenderness in favour of the       amount of effect so the
One       such      tool      is   required to cut a piece of        2-STAR carcases compared          results of the two tenderness
GeneSTAR, a DNA test               meat. However, this is not        to the 0-STAR. 1-STAR             markers can be added
that identifies Marbling and       practical for seed stock and      carcases were intermediate.       together, producing a 1 -4
Tenderness genes in cattle.        commercial producers who          Importantly for the beef          star scale for the GeneSTAR
Brisbane based company             want to ensure the live           industry,       the     10%       result. s
Genetic Solutions is able to       cattle that they are breeding     difference in objective
test for two Marbling genes        are generating tender beef.       tenderness is predicted to        s For more information
and two Tenderness genes.            GeneSTAR® Tenderness2           more than halve (21% to           contact Genetic Solutions
  The GeneSTAR process is          is a multi gene test that         8%) the number of                 Toll Free - 1300 768 400 or
simple,       requiring        a   detects two different forms       carcasses rated unacceptably      visit the website at
producer to send in a tail         of two genes for Tenderness       tough by consumers. So the
hair sample and within 14          - the form associated with
days find out if their
animals have the genetic
capacity to marble or
produce tender beef.
                                   increased tenderness and
                                   the form that induces
                                   increased toughness.
                                      A major study conducted
                                                                                    ✔ Legendary Darling Downs Quality
 GeneSTAR allows producers         by Beef Quality CRC                              ✔ Combining Experience with
to identify potentially high       researchers examined the
performing, highly valuable        characteristics of the first
animals and reduce the             GeneSTAR           Tenderness                    ✔ Best Practice
impact of animals that             marker in carcases from
produce poor quality beef.         more than 5000 animals                               Peter & Jackie Horne
    The      research      and     sampled from seven breeds.           As Good as it Gets             289 Wyangapinni Rd,
development of these tests         A 2-STAR result is for an                                           Pittsworth, QLD, 4356
have been conducted by the         animal with two copies of                                           Tel: +61 07 4693 3713
CSIRO, the CRC for Cattle          the tender form of the gene,                                        Fax: 07 4693 3736
Meat                               a 0-STAR has no copies of
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Female muscling
is very essential
Results     from      recent             bull.       What        better
research findings have                   assessment can be made
highlighted the impact of                than if she gets in calf or
having reasonable levels of              not?         Her        future
muscularity in beef females              performance can also be
to achieve high levels of                measured by her ability to
muscle and hence meat                    calve naturally and at the
yield in their progeny.                  weaning of her first calf her
   Mr Bill McKiernan Beef                ability     to    milk      or
Industry Leader with NSW                 motherability       can     be           Recent results have highlighted the impact of
DPI in Orange told a field               assessed against her peers               having reasonable levels of muscle in females.
day audience at NSW DPI’s                Mr McKiernan said.
Glen Innes research station                Mr McKiernan asks why                  were being culled before                  although the use of high
recently that the overall                we should bother visually                they even got the chance to               muscle bulls on poor or
level of muscling and meat               assessing these traits if we             demonstrate                their          average muscle females
yield in the Australian Beef             can easily measure them?                 contribution.Sire selection               produced a response in the
herd has not increased over              He suggests over mating the              alone for carcase traits like             first generation, it was not
the last 40 years because                heifers by 10% or more in                muscling achieves little                  enough to attract premiums
beef producers are actively              order to allow selection and             progression in their progeny              in the market place.
selecting against muscling               culling to be made post                  if not combined with a                       However if the resultant
in females.                              mating and then again on                 similar contribution from                 females       of      higher
   He said many producers                poor performers based on                 the female. The best muscle               muscularity are selected to
when selecting replacement               their      calves    weaning             bulls in the world,                       go back into the herd and
females for their beef herd              performance.                             particularly within breed                 then mated again to high
place undue emphasis on                    Mr McKiernan said this                 won’t progress carcase traits             muscle bulls then the
visual traits of dubious                 pre-occupation            with           or “beef ” traits if all he has           resultant progeny will be
value. Ill defined traits like           assessing females for all                to work with is dairy cattle              sufficiently superior in
femininity and motherability             traits at weaning or yearling            look-a-likes.           Recent            muscularity to achieve the
are often used when in fact              age was detrimental to                   research from NSW DPI’s                   desired premiums.
these sorts of traits can be             pressure being put on                    muscle selection lines at                    He said the results from
easily measured.                         highly profitable carcase                Glen       Innes         clearly          the research clearly show
    Femininity or more                   traits. Females with the                 demonstrate the effect of                 this effect and yet with no
importantly fertility can be             ability     to    be     both            muscle selection in second                subsequent       deleterious
simply      measured        by           productive and contribute                and subsequent generations.               effect       on       female
allowing heifers access to a             to their calves carcase worth              Mr McKiernan said that                  production. s

 2006 Coming Shows and Events
                             As dates may be subject to change please confirm with the show/event organisers
  January                                              April                                                8-10th August Eyre
  31st Entries close for Beef 2006 Rockhampton. For    7th-20th Sydney Royal.                               Peninsula Field Days,
  entry forms contact Mary 07 4922 2989.               14th Square meaters Judging 10am.                    Cleve, South Aust.
  February                                             May                                                  29th- 31st Dowerin field Days, Dowerin, West Aust.
  17-19th Seymour Field Days. Contact Peter Brown      1- 7 Beef 2006, Rockhampton, QLD. Contact Jo Van     10-19th Brisbane Royal Show.
  03 5422 2329.                                        Elten 0407 111 423.                                  September
  24th-26th Canberra Royal Show.                       4- 6th Agro Trend Field Days, Bundaberg, Qld.        8- 9th Farmarama, Lismore, NSW.
  24th AGM Forest Room, Pavilion on Northbourne,       4- 6th Agfest Field days, Launceston, Tasmania.      1- 9th Adelaide Royal.
  ACT.                                                 5-7th Tocal Field Days.                              19th- 21st Henty Field Days.
  25th Members dinner, Four Seasons Room Pavillion     13th Spring Valley Field day, Dungog, NSW. Contact   21st Sep- 1st Oct Melbourne Royal Show.
  on Northbourne Hotel, ACT.                           G Berry on 02 4959 1988.                             30th Sep- 7th Oct Perth Royal Show.
  28th February-2nd March Wimmera Field Days,          June                                                 October
  Horsham, Vic.                                        14-17th New Zealdand Field Days, Hamilton, NZ.       12-13th Wandin Silvan Field Days, Wandin, Victoria.
  March                                                July                                                 14-15th Murrumbateman, Murrumbateman, NSW.
  17- 18th South East Field Days, Lucidale,SA..        14-15th Mudgee Small Farm Field Days.                17-19th Aust National Field Days, Orange, NSW.
  30th March to 2nd April Farm World, Warrigal, Vic.   August                                               November
  Contact Emma Joy 0407 855708.                        5- 6th Riverina Farm Expo, Wagga Wagga, NSW.         11-12th Small Areas Expo, Clarendon, NSW.

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 Offering a wide
 product range
Australia’s reputation as          CRT staff are up-to-date
one of the leading beef         and informed on the issues
producers in the world has      and             requirements
been achieved through the       surrounding the NLIS and
committed efforts of its        can advise their clients on
farmers to deliver a            the most appropriate
premium product to              equipment and program for
national and international      ensuring their livestock is
markets.                        NLIS compliant.
    CRT ‘Local Blokes’             CRT ‘Local Blokes’ are        A CRT store has all the goods you’ll need to
understand the importance       also well supported by the
of a strong, healthy national   group’s 260-strong national      ensure your farm runs efficiently.
herd, not just to local         agronomy team and well-          for a flexible approach to        community supporters and
economies but also to           resourced team of animal         business because they know        leaders in their field.
Australia’s export trade and    health experts.                  that local conditions don’t          For information on how
they play an important role        With quality branded          always work in tandem with        you can improve the health
in providing farmers with       products from Fort Dodge,        even the best business plan.      of your livestock and your
the very best products and      Merial, Ancare, Pfizer,          Working closely with their        profitability call in and see
advice to help ensure the       Ridley, Aleis, Allflex,          clients to provide useful and     your CRT ‘Local Bloke’ for
livestock industry maintains    Gallagher, One Steel, LNT,       relevant services to meet         expert advice, great service
it prominence.                  Tru-Test,      Thunderbird,      individual      goals     has     and competitive pricing.
    With more than 300          Philmac, PPI and Grow            contributed significantly to      Log onto
stores, CRT is Australia’s      Force your local CRT store       CRT’s reputation as strong        for a list of stores. s
largest       group        of   has all the goods you’ll need
independent rural retailers     to ensure your farming
and their access to all major
agricultural           supply
companies means they are
                                enterprise runs efficiently
                                and your profitability
                                increases. Your CRT store
well positioned to meet the
demands of the industry.
                                carries a wide range of
                                animal health products                   SQUARE MEATERS
  Throughout their 35-year      including            vaccines,
trading history, CRT has        parasiticides and feed
built a solid reputation        supplements and your CRT                                            The compact
amongst primary producers       ‘Local Bloke’ can also advise                                      quiet achievers
and rural communities as        on farm management
reliable, progressive and       options       and      pasture
innovative leaders in rural     improvement. The capital
retailing and CRT members       intensive nature of farming          With length milk
are now leading the way         means farmers need access
with the implementation of      to a range of financial              and muscle
the National Livestock          services in order to maintain
Identification        System    and develop their operation.
(NLIS) and associated           Through an alliance with
technologies.                   the ANZ bank CRT                                                 To perform off
   In addition to stocking      members are able to assist                                       grass or grain
NLIS tags, management           their clients with accessing a
tags and tag reading            range of funding options to
equipment from companies        help them with new                         Contact Graeme Singleton
such as Aleis and Allflex,      equipment, stock or land
CRT stores also carry cattle    acquisitions. This is just one          Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.
handling equipment such as      of many customised services
cattle crushes and portable
yards and scales from
                                that CRT stores provide to
                                their clients. As local
                                                                      Home: (02) 6653 4770
Ruddweigh, Tru-Test and         operators, CRT store                            Mobile: 0412 467 701
Thunderbird.                    owners understand the need
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