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									Brief History of SBS

From: Special Broadcasting Service publicity      1978
material and annual reports
                                                  SBS established and assumes responsibility for
June                                              2EA and 3EA. SBS Board Members appointed
                                                  for three years. Dr Grisha Sklovsky is Chairman.
Experimental ethnic radio stations 2EA and
3EA commence.                                     February

1976                                              2EA broadcasts 126 hours weekly in 36
                                                  languages. 3EA broadcasts 103 hours weekly in
March                                             32 languages.

Consultative Committee on Ethnic                  May
Broadcasting established to consider future of
ethnic broadcasting.                              Executive Director, R E Fowell takes up a seven-
                                                  year appointment.
ABC requested to establish permanent ethnic
broadcasting service.                             SBS asks SEBACs to reschedule 2EA and 3EA.

1977                                              July

January                                           Government decides public broadcasting and
                                                  'restricted commercial' stations could be assisted
National Ethnic Broadcasting Advisory Council     by SBS funding of ethnic programs.
(NEBAC) established.
                                                  Joint statement by Minister for Post and
Government offer to ABC to establish ethnic       Telecommunications and Minister for
broadcasting service withdrawn.                   Immigration and Ethnic Affairs on
                                                  establishment of ethnic television service.
State Ethnic Broadcasting Advisory Councils
(SEBACs) established in NSW and Victoria.         SBS releases discussion paper on reorganisation
                                                  of structures of 2EA and 3EA broadcasting
Governor-General proclaims amendments to          groups.
Broadcasting and Television Act 1942 setting up

Making Multicultural Australia Brief History of SBS                                               1
December                                           November

2EA broadcasts in 41 languages; 3EA broadcasts     First phase of policy for restructuring broadcast
126 hours weekly in 38 languages.                  groups of 2EA and 3EA put into operation.

1979                                               December

February                                           ETEP submits second report: The Structure of
                                                   the Interim Multicultural/Multilingual
SBS releases policy for restructuring of 2EA and   Television Service to the Government. 2EA
3EA broadcasting groups.                           commences broadcasting through 4EB.

March                                              1980

Ethnic Television Review Panel (ETRP)              January
appointed to undertake public consultation
program and prepare report on permanent            Government announces intention to establish
ethnic television service.                         Independent and Multicultural Broadcasting
                                                   Corporation (IMBC) to provide multicultural
Start of SEBAC’s (Vic) new 3EA schedule.           television (MTV) and multilingual radio
                                                   A 9 member IMBC Implementation
Telecast on ABC Channel 2 of first                 Committee appointed to provide bridge
experimental ethnic television programs            between disbanding of SBS and establishment
produced by SBS.                                   of IMBC, and oversee activities of an
                                                   Implementation Task Force, with particular
Final programs telecast 22 July 1979.              emphasis on the establishment of a
                                                   multicultural television service.
                                                   New 3EA 5kW AM transmitter commences.
3EA broadcasts in 41 languages.
                                                   ETRP submits third report: Programming for
ETRP submits first report: The Aims and            the Multicultural/Multilingual Television Service
Philosophy of a Permanent Ethnic Television        - Objectives and Policies. IMBC
Service.                                           Implementation Committee holds first meeting
                                                   and IMBC Implementation Task Force
Start of SEBAC (NSW)'s new 2EA schedule.           established.

August                                             Weekly telecasts of second experimental cycle of
                                                   ethnic television programs begin on ABC
2EA Newcastle translator commences (29th).         Channel 2 and continue until 4 May.
2EA Wollongong translator commences (30th).
                                                   Legislation to establish IMBC introduced into
2EA broadcasts in 47 languages.                    Parliament. Senate refers IMBC legislation to
                                                   Standing Committee on Education and the Arts

Making Multicultural Australia Brief History of SBS                                                2
for inquiry and report by first sitting day in    1982
August 1980.
                                                  Minister announces Government decision to
Minister appoints more diverse IMBC               extend MTV on UHF to 10 city and country
Implementation Committee of 13 members.           centres: 1982--83 - Canberra, Goulburn,
                                                  Cooma; 1983-84 - Newcastle, Wollongong,
July                                              Adelaide, Brisbane, and 1984--85 - Hobart,
                                                  Perth, Darwin. Minister announces increase to
2EA transmitter power upgraded to 5kW.            $650,000 in subsidies to public broadcasters for
                                                  ethnic programming.
Senate Standing Committee on Education and
the Arts recommends: IMBC legislation not be      Ministers for Communications and for
proceeded with at this stage; Dix Committee to    Immigration and Ethnic Affairs release
be asked to consider and examine a report on a    discussion paper on extension and development
second television channel; and until Dix          of ethnic radio and announce establishment of
Committee reports, MTV and ethnic radio to        Working Party to consider the question.
be provided on interim basis by SBS.
Multicultural Television commences in Sydney
and Melbourne both on VHF Channel 0 and           Minister announces appointments to SBS
on UHF Channel 28 in both capital cities.         Advisory Council.

1981                                              April

June                                              Minister institutes Inquiry into purchasing
                                                  policies of SBS, to be chaired by J H Oswin.
Government announces decision not to proceed
with the IMBC, abolishes IMBC                     May
Implementation Committee, dissolves NEBAC
and SEBAC, and establishes SBS Advisory           Working Party to examine the options for long-
Council chaired by F Galbally.                    term development of ethnic radio disbanded.
                                                  Government undertakes to examine submissions
July                                              and take these into account in implementing
                                                  future policy in this area.
New SBS Board appointed, chaired by Sir
Nicholas Shehadie.                                August

August                                            Minister reaffirms Government decision to
                                                  extend MTV.
Interstation Program Exchange and
Transcription Service (IPETS) established at      Minister announces transmissions on VHF
Radio 2EA to assist ethnic public broadcasters.   Channel 0 in Sydney and Melbourne to cease 1
                                                  January 1985.

Making Multicultural Australia Brief History of SBS                                              3
October                                           May

Commencement of SBS TV in Canberra.               SBS response to Connor Report submitted to
November - Extension of SBS TV to Goulburn        Government. Conclusion of R Fowell's term as
and Cooma.                                        Executive Director.

December                                          June

Minister announces Committee of Review to         Minister announces extension of transmission
examine role of SBS and recommend blueprint       on VHF Channel 0 in Sydney and Melbourne
for future development of ethnic broadcasting.    until 5 January 1986.
Oswin Inquiry report tabled.
                                                  Extension of SBS TV to Newcastle,
Minister announces composition of Committee       Wollongong, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold
of Review: The Hon FX Connor QC                   Coast.
(Chairman), C Dunne, W Lippmann MBE, M
Thompson (Special Consultant).                    July

1984                                              Government transfers SBS administration of
                                                  subsidies to public broadcasters for ethnic
April                                             language programs to Public Broadcasting
SBS completes Submission to Committee of
Review.                                           August

August                                            2EA broadcasts in 55 languages; 3EA broadcasts
                                                  in 50 languages.
SBS Board establishes Advisory Committee on
Racism.                                           September

December                                          Appointment of new Executive Director, R L
                                                  Brown. Setting up and establishment of Joint
Report of Committee of Review Serving             Consultative Council.
Multicultural Australia - The Role of
Broadcasting (the Connor Report) presented to     October
                                                  Government abolishes existing Planning
1985                                              Committees and establishes National
                                                  Broadcasting Development Council.
Disbandment of SBS Advisory Council.
                                                  Report by Advisory Committee on Racism
February                                          submitted to SBS Board.

Commencement of daytime television                1986
transmissions. Network 0/28 TV logo changed
to SBS TV.                                        January

                                                  Cessation of VHF Channel 0 transmissions in

Making Multicultural Australia Brief History of SBS                                              4
Sydney and Melbourne. SBS TV is now the sole      November
UHF-only television broadcaster in Australia.
                                                  Commencement of term of new Executive
March                                             Director, Brian Johns.

Extension of SBS TV service via AUSSAT to         December
Perth and Hobart.
                                                  Government decides to remove encryption
Government decisions on Connor Report             requirement for SBS broadcast signals via
announced.                                        AUSSAT, allowing people in south-eastern zone
                                                  satellite beam footprint to receive both 2EA and
SBS to be replaced by Special Broadcasting        SBS TV through use of small dish satellite
Corporation on 1 July 1987.                       receiving systems.

June                                              1988

First Corporate Plan presented to Minister for    February
                                                  Government releases Department of Transport
August                                            and Communications (DoTaC) discussion
                                                  papers Review of National Broadcasting Policy -
Government announces intention to                 Australian Broadcasting Corporation. While
amalgamate SBS with ABC as at 1 January           concerned mainly with ABC, they also
1987.                                             proposed: that SBS receive its own Act of
                                                  Parliament with a clear set of objectives based
December                                          on the central aims of providing high quality
                                                  multicultural and multilingual programming;
Legislation to effect amalgamation defeated in    and, to guarantee the floor funding of the SBS
the Senate. Senate Select Committee established   at its 1987-88 level, increased in line with
to report on the question.                        inflation, for the next three years.

1987                                              July

February                                          Government releases DoTaC discussion paper
                                                  Review of National Broadcasting Policy - Special
Minister advises SBS Board of Government's        Broadcasting Service. This proposed possible
intention to amalgamate SBS with ABC by 1         model for a future SBS which involved: a
July 1987.                                        separate Act containing a clear Charter of
                                                  responsibilities; an organisational structure
April                                             appropriate to a modern broadcaster; and, a
                                                  mixed funding regime comprising an annual
Prime Minister announces that proposed ABC-       sum from the Budget, and other options
SBS amalgamation will not occur.                  available at the discretion of the Board, to
                                                  obtain revenue from other than Budget sources,
June                                              including television downtime usage, channel
                                                  sharing, sponsorship, and sale of advertising
Conclusion of R Brown's term as Executive         time.

Making Multicultural Australia Brief History of SBS                                             5
August                                              1991
SBS launches SBS Youth Orchestra.                   June

1989                                                Government agreed to allow advertising on SBS
                                                    TV and Radio under a new charter. Guidelines
June                                                covering the form, content and placement of
                                                    advertisements to be set by the SBS Board after
Minister gives approval for SBS to receive          a period of public consultation. Legislation to
moneys for program sponsorship in relation to       establish the charter to be introduced in
the SBS test pattern and for the World Cup          Parliament in the 1991 Budget session. This will
Soccer Series, in accordance with a number of       allow the SBS to sell up to 5 minutes of
specific conditions.                                advertising or sponsorship per hour but these
                                                    may only be broadcast between programs or in
July                                                natural program breaks.

Prime Minister announces Government's               December
National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia.
As part of the Agenda, the Government to            The SBS become incorporated with the passage
introduce legislation to establish SBS as           of the Special Broadcasting Service Act 1991.
independent corporation with its own charter.
SBS TV service to be extended to a further nine     1992
major centres throughout Australia: 1991 -
Latrobe Valley; 1992 - Bendigo, Ballarat,           November
Darling Downs; 1993 - Spencer Gulf, Darwin,
North-east Tasmania; and, 1994 - Cairns,            Brian Johns resigns from the SBS to take up his
Townsville.                                         appointment as chairman of the Australian
                                                    Broadcasting Authority.
                                                    During the period 1992-93 there was a phased
March                                               transfer of staff and facilities of the SBS to its
                                                    new Sydney Radio and Television headquarters
Government released details of new radio news       at Artarmon.
and current affairs service to be produced by
SBS Radio and supplied in at least 15 different     1993
community languages to interested public radio
stations throughout Australia, and announced        March
establishment of trainee program for people of
non-English speaking background, in which the       SBS Board announces the appointment of the
SBS will participate.                               14 members of the SBS Community Advisory
                                                    Committee (CAC). Mr Steve A Karas OAM is
The SBS Youth Orchestra is now controlled by        the chairperson of the Committee.
Youth Musical Endeavours Ltd, a company
formed to manage the orchestra's affairs and        Malcolm Long appointed as new Managing
which, by agreement, is licensed to use the title   Director for a five year period.
The SBS Youth Orchestra.
                                                    SBS's Codes of Practice booklet comes into

Making Multicultural Australia Brief History of SBS                                                      6
November                                           Common language (English) programs launched
                                                   on SBS Radio.
Prime Minister Keating officially opens the new
Artarmon building.                                 September

December                                           Indigenous Unit, Kuri-Gnia, established in
                                                   Television Production.
SBS TV to Cairns and Townsville, ahead of
schedule.                                          1996

1994                                               February

January                                            SBS Radio’s Canberra service begins
SBS Radio National launched, providing an
SBS radio service to Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth     April
and Darwin. Extension of Radio National to
include Hobart and Canberra is expected to         The start of SBS Radio’s Hobart service
take place within the next 12 months. Sydney       completes the SBS Radio National network,
and Melbourne Radio Stations 2EA and 3EA,          linking all State and Territory capital cities.
now called Radio Sydney and Radio Melbourne
respectively, remain the same, but a Second        SBS documentary Untold Desires wins Most
Frequency for both cities is planned in the near   Outstanding Documentary at the Logie Awards.
                                                   New SBS Enterprise Agreement certified.
s54 of the SBS Act proclaimed, making the SBS
a completely independent statutory corporation.    August

April                                              Extension of SBS Television Service to the NSW
                                                   north coast and Albury/Wodonga.
SBS TV launched in Launceston, Tasmania.
                                                   Networking of SBS Radio language programs.
SBS TV launched in Darwin.
Launch of Second Radio Frequencies for Sydney
and Melbourne.                                     SBS World News becomes first prime-time news
                                                   bulletin to provide closed captioning for the
1995                                               deaf and hearing impaired.

June                                               June

SBS Radio celebrates 20 years of multilingual      SBS Board agrees to non-government
broadcasting.                                      advertising on SBS Radio.

Making Multicul tural Australia Brief History of SBS                                                 7

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