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					              Serenic HCM
Microsoft Dynamics NAV HR/Payroll System
     The Software You Need to Effectively Manage
    Labor-Related Efficiencies, Costs and Productivity

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Serenic’s Human Capital Management software provides seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, while also integrating
human resource, payroll and employee communication tracking into one powerful system. Employee self-service capabilities are also
available via HCM Portals, which provide employees and managers with secure web access to human resource and payroll information,
as well as remote time entry capabilities.

Automate Human Resource Administration, Tracking and Analysis

Serenic Human Resources software for Microsoft Dynamics
NAV lets you focus on ensuring the strength and satisfaction of
your employees by streamlining data tracking, communication
management and administrative responsibilities. From position
management to recruiting and from absence tracking to salary
administration, Serenic Human Resources software automates
daily tasks, manages dataflow and ensures accurate manage-
ment reporting.

Add User-Defined Fields to
Match Your Unique Requirements

Quickly enter an unlimited number of user-defined fields and
group like fields together. Establish a list of pre-defined values
for each user-defined field. This eliminates the chance of data
entry error and ensures accuracy when analyzing data.

Ease the Hiring Process
with Position Management

Define all positions within your company, including specific information that is standard for each position.This information will automatically flow from
an applicant to an employee when that applicant is hired (e.g. rates, deductions, benefits, earnings). Create organizational charts through integration
with Microsoft Visio.

Avoid Staff Shortages with Automated Applicant Recruiting, Tracking and Analysis

Automatically rate all applicants that have applied for a position through the interactive Applicant Analysis feature. This powerful feature rates all
applicants based on the qualifications they have and the qualifications that the position requires. Let the system determine who is the most qualified
applicant or employee for a position through automatic analysis.

Perform gap analysis for positions and qualifications. Analyze qualification gaps by comparing the qualifications required for a position against the
qualifications of the employee(s) who hold that position.

Create an applicant from an employee with a click of a button, or create a new employee from an applicant with one click. All applicant information
and standard position information is automatically entered into an employee card. The Employee Wizard ensures that your HR staff enters this infor-
mation as they define each record, which helps you produce accurate reports.

Streamline Salary Administration

Standardize your compensation plans with our unique pay structures solution. Define salary/wage information by pay grade using our Pay Structures
tool. This tool allows you to define standardized compensation plans, driving each step of the Pay Structure by an effective date. With this date, the
system can accommodate a fixed-pay rate range with minimum and/or maximum salary/wage delimiters.

Customize Absence Tracking to Meet Your Needs

Define absence tracking methods that meet your exact needs. Create your own unique absence codes. Use these codes along with statistical, depart-
ment and project codes to provide multi-dimensional reporting of absence history. With this information, you can view trends or patterns that can
be easily identified and quickly addressed when necessary.

Ensure Security of Confidential Information

Store confidential employee information in a separate table attached to the employee card. This allows you to give your staff relatively broad access
to basic employee file information, while also placing tighter security restrictions on confidential information, including salary, insurance coverage,
stock options, and computer access codes.
Utilize Industry-Specific Functionality

Serenic Human Resources provides industry-specific functionality, including functions specific to manufacturing, wholesale/retail, trade, services, distri-
bution, construction, not-for-profits and fisheries, to name a few.

Simplify Communication Tracking

Create and maintain documents integrated with the mail merge functionality of Microsoft Word. Define and attach salutations to each employee/
applicant. Select from multiple fields within the Microsoft NAV database to personalize outgoing documentation.

Provide a standard format for communication with employees, applicants, and references. The easy-to-use wizard walks you through the process of
creating communication documents.

Store and maintain any type of externally created documents. Provide a consistent convention under which documents are catalogued. Keep
communication history on each applicant/employee card with the ability to drill down and see the exact document.

Send out communications to a group of employees/applicants through the mass communication functionality. One template can be saved in multiple
languages. Outgoing documents created in Microsoft Word can be sent via email, hard copy or fax.

Benefit from the Power and Flexibility of Serenic Payroll;
Take Advantage of Full Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Designed to accommodate any unique payroll situation,
Serenic Payroll offers full integration with the Microsoft Dynam-
ics NAV general ledger, purchases and payables, resources, and
jobs functionality. All entries are posted directly to Microsoft
NAV General Ledger. Liabilities are automatically posted to
NAV purchases and payables.

Automatically post employer expenses to jobs or departments,
and post employer-paid expenses directly to jobs and or dimen-
sions. Define your own pay cycles. Enter, track and calculate

Define an Unlimited Number
of Payroll Controls

Serenic Payroll is able to handle any type of calculation with
user-definable payroll controls. Define as many payroll controls
as you require. Payroll controls are any type of earning, benefit,
deduction, accrual, hour, etc that needs to be managed. Decide
exactly what payroll controls get printed on an employee check
or direct deposit stub. Determine when a payroll control will
get calculated.

Avoid Errors During Processing

An employee payroll validation field indicates that all information required to process payroll on an individual employee is complete, based on system-
defined and user-defined criteria.

Exception reporting gives Serenic Payroll users the ability to correct issues before they begin the posting process.

Define Direct Deposit File Format to Match Bank Format

Serenic Payroll gives you the ability to define direct deposit file formats to meet your bank’s file format. This eliminates the need for custom modifica-
tions by a developer.

Distribute Pay Based on Employee Preferences

Once calculations are complete and payroll has been processed, pay can be distributed based on each employee’s preference, either direct deposit or
checks. You can even recalculate a single employee rather than the entire batch.
Perform Mass Updates on Employee-Specific Data

Quickly update data specific to each employee. Update employee specific rates by a percentage adjustment, an amount adjustment, or a specific value.
Attach specific groups of payroll controls to one or more employees at a time.

Handle Multiple Employers in One Database

Calculate payroll for multiple employers in the same database with the ability to assign employer-specific rates, ID numbers, vendors, and more. Flexible
reporting lets you get information out for each separate employer or all employers together. Earnings for an employee working for more than one
employer can be treated separately or combined. If separately, then two W2’s or T4’s would be printed for the employee. Assign specific rates at the
employer level.

Make Processing Taxes Less Cumbersome

Process taxes quickly and easily. Automatically calculate taxes, deductions, and benefits for your organization and employees. You can also manage vari-
able tax deductions for employees working in multiple states. Serenic provides tax table updates, available online for those with access, to ensure that
your tax tables are current and up-to-date.

Automate Government Reporting

Easily produce required government reporting and requirements. This includes W-2 forms and other tax statements, in the format you need. (i.e.,
printed or magnetic media).

Employ Industry-Specific Functionality

Serenic Payroll provides industry-specific functionality including that for manufacturing, wholesale/retail, trade, services, distribution, construction, not
for profits and fisheries, to name a few.

Serenic HCM Portals Enable
Employee Self Service Capabilities

Extend your existing Serenic Human Capital Management (HCM)
software suite by providing employee and manager self-service

HCM Portals provide employees with secure web access to hu-
man resource and payroll information, as well as remote time
entry capabilities. HCM Portals not only empower employees
and managers, but also greatly reduce the workload on human
resource and payroll staff.

Serenic HCM Portals Make it Possible to:

        • Enable employees to view, edit and update selected
        • Give managers direct access to HR and payroll
          information for their employees
        • Provide an online listing of all employees, complete
          with photos
        • Eliminate distribution of hardcopy check stubs by
          allowing employees to view and print their pay
          advices online
        • Reduce the data entry burden on human resources
          and payroll personnel

User access can be restricted based on user defined rules, and
the intuitive user interface allows non-accounting employees to
navigate HCM Portals with minimal instruction.