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									Fundraising Ideas
This sheet is designed to help you with exciting ideas and mini events
you can do, to raise sponsorship, in the run up to your main event

Day-to-day fundraising
● Take your form with you wherever you go – you never know when you might meet someone to sponsor you.

● Use an email signature when you contact friends and colleagues that includes a link to your Everyday Hero
online sponsorship webpage.

● Find out if your employer promotes a Matched Giving scheme to match anything you fundraise. Some employers
will donate up to a certain amount.

Easy fundraisers

● Get a dartboard, stick pictures of people on the segments e.g. celebrities, people in the
office etc., assign amounts to them and get people to throw darts at them. If you miss your
stated target, you have to pay up the amount you do hit instead!

● Hold a dress down day at work. Get everyone in the building to donate £1 to your funds. This could be themed to
suit your event, for example, running themed with colleagues wearing sweat bands, trainers and running wear to

● Host a competition. Why not make your Friday night post-work drinks more fun by bringing out people’s
competitive sides? Get people to pay up for losing arm wrestles, games of cards, quizzes, etc.

● Auction yourself as somebody’s tea maker/ errand runner/ personal helper for the day – make sure you get high
bids if they’re going to run you ragged!

● Food sale- whether it’s cakes, healthy snacks, or a big lunch stew, take some food in and charge your
colleagues for the pleasure of eating it.

● Cut out the coffee and get your team to donate 20p each for every tea or coffee round you miss out on in the run
up week to your event. The more they drink- the more you make! This could also work with smoking, if you smoke.
Cutting out these things could also help with last minute training if your event is sports based.

● Host a dinner party. Invite your closest friends and ask them to pay a donation towards something scrumptious.

● If cooking is not your thing, why not host a swaps bring and buy party. Get all your friends to bring unwanted
household items and clothes to the party, and put anything raised from items bought
to your fundraising pot.

● Create your own cinema. Why not invite your friends over, rent a DVD, charge for
entry and popcorn, and it’ll still be cheaper than the real thing!

● If you are doing a running event, buddy up with a fellow runner or someone who
likes to keep fit, and take bets on who can cover a set distance in the fastest time,
with the loser putting money into the fundraising pot! You could also take bets with friendly games of golf, pool, or
put money on on the professionals and bid on local football or rugby teams with a small prize for the winner and
the money raised going towards your sponsorship.

● Test your knowledge with a quiz night; either join a pub quiz and pay a fine for every question your team gets
wrong, or host your own quiz!

● Sell your unwanted items on eBay for Charity for Arthritis Care:

                                                                                                    Please turn over
● Money per mile – for every mile you cover in your event, ask for £1.

● Auction your skills – this could be in the form of babysitting, ironing, a day’s gardening, or anything you are good
at, and take the highest bids.

● Hold a sweepstake for the time it takes you to complete your event; all money raised can go towards your
fundraising, with a small prize for the person closest to your time.

● Predictions – whether is be the chart number one, sports events or family related predictions, get everyone
involved to guess the outcomes of things.

● Dog walking – charge a small fee to take friends’ dogs out, this can also be
good for keeping fit!

● Host a coffee morning – the combination of delicious treats and raising money
for charity is irresistible! Invite friends and neighbours over for tea, coffee and
cakes. You could even ask friends to bring cakes to sell to raise more money to
help you meet your fundraising target.

● Car boot sale – what better way to spring clean than to make a profit on it as well? Local places of worship often
hold events and are usually happy to support requests for a stall at their next fête for charitable events.

More of a challenge!
● Throw a curry night. Ask your local curry house if you can have a cheap menu and ask people to pay a little
extra, with the additional money going towards your fundraising pot. You could host a quiz at this or auction off
things to keep people entertained.

● If you’re brave enough (and male!), wax parts of your body and get people to sponsor you – the more painful the
part, the more they pay!

● Host a themed party- get your friends to dress up and pay for the entrance! You could have a prize for the best
dressed and have competitions and raffles during the night, with all funds going towards your target!

● Hold a music concert. If you don’t play an instrument, find people who do and put together an evening of music
and fun, either in your local pub’s function room or village hall, for example. Charge for ticket entry, refreshments
(get your friends to make cakes etc.) and try to publicise your event in your local paper. (If you need help with
contacting the media, let us know.)

● Hold a charity golf day with mini competitions throughout your day on the course. Encourage everyone to wear
pink to raise awareness of Arthritis Care.

Remember to let anyone who is on your list of sponsors know what you have been up to, and when events and
fundraisers are taking place. Always thank those who come for their time and support.

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