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									                 RILEY REVIEW
                                    Thomas B. Riley School
                                3915-69 St. N.W. Calgary, AB. T3B 2J9
Principal: T. Martin         Phone:(403) 777-7260 Fax:(403) 777-7266                       A.P.: C. Crozier

Issue: November 2010

Calendar of Events
05       Report Card #1 goes home
09       School Council Meeting – 7:00 p.m.
10       Remembrance Day Assembly
11       Remembrance Day – No School
12       System PD Day #1 – No School for students
17       Parent Teacher Conferences – evening (4:30 – 8:00 p.m.)
18       Parent Teacher Conferences – evening (4:30 – 8:00 p.m.)
19       Parent Teacher Conferences – daytime - No School (8:00 a.m. – noon)
29       Professional Learning Day – No School for students

14       School Council Meeting – 7:00 p.m.
16       Annual Turkey Luncheon
17       Last Day of Classes

Principal’s Message
W     ith school start up behind us, students and staff have settled into the routine of school. TB Riley continues to
      be a vibrant school community with many community groups being actively involved in our school. Our
School Council is one such group. Currently, most of our positions on School Council have been filled and our
thanks go out to all of those parents who have filled empty spots on the council. The next school council meeting is
on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 7 pm in the library.

School athletics are in full swing and this has kept students and coaches busy after school. The volleyball teams this
year were very competitive and their season is coming to an end. Playoffs are beginning next week and we wish our
teams all the best. I wish to congratulate all of the players and coaches on representing the school in such fine
fashion. You truly were great ambassadors of Riley Pride. Thanks also to all of the many parents who assisted in
driving athletes to the school for their competitions throughout the season. Your support was greatly appreciated!

Congratulations go out to the Grade 9 Leadership Class and Ms. Aikens for putting on a very successful Autumn
Dance. The dance was very well attended with many weird and wacky costumes being worn by staff and students
alike. Special thanks also go to the School Council for hosting the concession at the dance. This certainly was a fun
event that was enjoyed by all!
We also had another awesome event for students last week – the T.B. Riley Career Fair which was held on Friday,
October 29th. This was an incredible experience for our students as they were treated to a keynote speaker who
challenged them to find their passion and pursue it with relentless dedication and determination. Students then
participated in 6 various career info sessions that they had previously signed up for. Guest speakers were as varied
as the students‟ interests. The organization and planning that went into making this event a success was immense
and the staff that was involved in planning this event are to be commended for attending to even the smallest of
details. Congratulations on a job well done!

Report cards are coming out on Friday, November 5, 2010. Student-parent-teacher interviews occur on Wednesday
November 17 and Thursday, November 18 from 4:30 – 8:00 p.m. and Friday, November 19 from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00,
noon. These are booked group interviews and parents will be able to call in to schedule an interview after
9:00 a.m. on Monday November 8th. Teachers look forward to having an opportunity to meet with parents to
discuss the progress of their child.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, don‟t hesitate to contact the school. Working together we
can and do make a difference in the lives of young people each and every day.

Teresa Martin

Important Reminders:
Communicating with your children during school hours
Please do not text or phone your children on their cell phones as students are NOT to have their cell phones on
while they are in the building. Please phone the office to arrange for a message to be delivered to your child at
a convenient time.

Late attendance
In an effort to reduce the number of student lates, especially in the morning, we are asking that parents make
every effort to ensure that your students arrive on time at school. Teachers appreciate being able to start their classes
on time and to proceed without interruption. It is to the students‟ benefit to be in the classroom when instruction
begins rather than to have to find out what they missed and make up for lost time. Many lates are a matter of a very
few minutes so leaving home just those few minutes sooner would solve the problem. Thank you for you

Leave a message, please.
Children frequently call parents from phones in TBR classrooms or from the student phone in the main foyer. All
these phones come up on your call display with the same number so the office staff has no idea from which room
your child might have called. Please encourage your children to leave a message when they call you so that you
will know why they are calling and, hope fully, from where. This will help the office staff to find your children
much more easily and quickly when you call back.

Change of contact information
If you move or change any contact information, including email information, please notify the office in writing as
soon as possible.

Dropping Off/Picking Up Students
As you may have noticed, we have an additional 2 buses this year bringing our total number of buses coming to the
school to 7. As a result the bus loading zone has been increased in the front of the school. This makes dropping
students off and picking them up a challenge for parents. We want to remind parents not to be dropping students off
or picking them up in the middle of the road where students then have to walk in traffic and between buses. This is
extremely dangerous for the students as pedestrians but also for other drivers. Parents are also reminded that we
would ask them not to be using the staff parking lot for this purpose as it too poses many safety issues. The best

places to pick up or drop off students are either before or after the bus loading zones or perhaps in the church
parking lot to the south of the school. With winter approaching and students arriving when it is still dark, we ask
parents to be extra careful when driving near the school. Thank you for your attention to this safety matter.

ALP (Ms. McKinnon)
PLP (Ms. Bymoen/Ms. Bisson)

O    n October 29, all ALP and PLP students took part in Career Day. It was a great learning opportunity for the
     students to discover various occupations within our city.

ALP students have been working on a mystery and prediction unit in writing. We continue to focus on our
individual work within our spelling, reading and math units. In November, we will be beginning shared reading and
grouped math sessions (basic numeracy or problem solving).

PLP students have been working on a creative writing unit using a Thanksgiving and Halloween themed story. They
are learning to incorporate descriptive words in their writing using a brainstorming web.

Both ALP and PLP students have been looking at various aspects of grammar and how to create properly structured
sentences in Language Arts. Both classes are also working on a time unit. Some students are working on basic time
concepts (hour, half hour, quarter hour) and some are looking at the concept of time within the calendar (years,
months, days).

ALP students are working on a Canada project and looking at various aspects of a chosen province. The PLP class
will be incorporating map reading skills and creating a brochure for Calgary incorporating activities and things to do
around the city.

The PLP and ALP have finished their first unit on cooking and kitchen safety. The students enjoyed preparing
healthy food and learning table manners. The ALP and PLP students are going to start a sewing unit in November.
Students will learn how to operate a sewing machine and work on their sewing skills by making a simple stress ball.

TLC Cluster

TLC 5/6 Math

Grade 5 students will be working on the Whole Numbers unit and focusing on whole numbers to one million.

Grade 6 students are finishing up the Number Sense unit with multiples, factors, and integers and will then be
moving into the Patterns and Equations unit.

TLC 5/6 Science
Grade 5 students will be exploring the Classroom Chemistry unit through demonstrations and hands-on activities.

The grade 6 students are finishing up the Trees and Forests unit and starting the Sky Science unit; learning about
some of the wonders of our universe.

TLC 5/6 Language Arts

We will be starting a novel study this month, 5-1 is reading "A Wrinkle in Time" and 5-2 is reading "Tuck
Everlasting”. Students will have opportunities to develop reading, writing, and to experiment with their creativity
through project work related to their novel.

Grade 6 students will be finishing their writing and representing projects in their ABCanada booklets. We will
move from paragraph writing to story writing, working to develop characters, settings, vocabulary, plots and

TLC 5/6 Social Studies

Grade 5 students will begin the unit "Living With the Land." We will be learning about the Atlantic Region;
considering factors that affect life such as landforms, climate, natural resources, and living within a community.

For Grade 6 students, The Local Government unit is over for now, and we will move into a study of Democracy
today and its beginnings in Ancient Greece.

TLC 7/8

Upcoming Events:
November 5th               Report Card #1 goes home
                           Casual Day
November 17th              Parent Teacher Conferences – evening
November 18th              Parent Teacher Conferences – evening
November 19th              Parent Teacher Conferences – No School
December 7th/8th           After School Help

TLC 7/8 Social Studies

Grade 7 this month will be covering chapter 3 and starting chapter 4. This covers early European colonies and the
evolution of the fur trade. We will be looking in detail at the colonies of New France, Thirteen Colonies and
Rupert‟s Land and how the development of the fur trade impacted Canadian Settlement.

Grade 8 this month will be covering chapter 3, which deals with the impact of Renaissance ideas on society. We
will be discussing the Protestant Reformation, exploration and imperialism.

TLC 7/8 Science
In grade 7 in November we are starting our new unit, Structures and Forces. We will look at the basics of
architecture such as materials, forces in buildings, natural and manufactured structures. We will also look at famous
structures. In the Jabberwocky project the students will be building their own natural history museum.

In grade 8 in November we are starting our new unit, Mechanical Systems. We will look at simple machines,
pneumatics, and hydraulics. We will be using formulas to figure out work, energy, and force. We are also starting
our Invention Convention projects. The students will work in small groups to create their own invention or
innovation. This will take a few months and will culminate with an in-school Invention Convention, with some
students going to City Hall for the city wide Invention Convention. We had lots of great ideas the past three years
and I am looking forward to seeing this year‟s inventions.

TLC 7/8 Language Arts
7-1 and 7-1 have completed the poetry unit. The classes have started to read the novel "I am David". We have had
discussions about labour camps: who was sent, why and what it meant. We have talked about how it must be to live
in a family, community and country in which nobody can trust anybody. Students have posted and shared their
thoughts in our discussion forum on D2L. Please ask your child to show you. While reading out loud to the class, I
am encouraging student to read with voice - to make the text come 'alive'. Simply reading fast, does not mean that
you are reading well.

8-1 and 8-2 have finished their poetry unit as well. We have started to learn to cite work APA style. This is quite
strenuous for the students, as they must be paying extreme attention to detail - something none of them seem to be
used to. There is an APA cheat sheet on our D2L site. After learning the mechanics of APA, each student is required
to write a two page historical research paper on a topic concerning World War II and the Japanese born Americans
or Japanese immigrants and how life changed for them after Pearl Harbour. Your child should be taking out books
from the public library and you should see him/her reading and researching his/her topic. Ask them what their topic
is!!!!! In class, we will start reading our novel.

TLC 7/8 Math
Grade 7 students have completed their study of integers and will now begin to explore an expand on their knowledge
and skill in the area of fractions.

Grade 8 students have completed their study of fractions and will now begin Unit 8-5: Percent, Rate, Ratio

Character Education

                    “The ability to bounce back from failure or discouragements”

Grade 7 Cluster
Grade 7 Mathematics (Ms. Cook, Mr. Richardson)

We have just completed Unit 1 dealing with patterns and relations. In this unit we dealt with developing and
understanding patterns, graphing relations, and beginning to work with expressions and equations.

Unit 2 is Integers. Students will be working with signed numbers doing addition, subtraction and some problem

Grade 7 Language Arts (Ms. Aikens)
We are continuing with our Short Story unit, going further into the scary stories of both past authors and present.
Currently, we are working through the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, and soon we will be finishing up with
Gore by Sarah Ellis. We will be creating our own short stories as well, by developing concrete characters and
exploring plot charts.

Grade 7 Social Studies (Mr. Flaman)
We have wrapped up our unit on three of Canada's First Nations. The students submitted some excellent posters and
had great presentations. We have now moved onto the first explorers who came to North America. The students
have already shown some knowledge about this and seem quite excited to find out more!

Grade 7 Science (Ms. Crozier)
The grade 7 science students will be starting a new unit called “Structures and Forces”. In this unit the focusing
questions are: “How do structures stand up under load? What forces act on structures, and what materials and design
characteristics contribute to structural strength and stability?” This unit will include work out of the text book, as
well as hands on investigations.

Grade 8 Cluster
Grade 8 Language Arts (Ms. Lyons)
Grade 8 students have been doing a novel study on the book "The Outsiders". As we read though the book students
will empathize with Ponyboy as they explore such issues as self-esteem, friendship, loyalty, family and self-
acceptance. Students will have the opportunity to study specific literary skills such as: compare and contrast,
conflict, problem solving, personal narrative, predicting, symbolism, summarizing, characterization inferring and

Grade 8 Science (Mr. Harvey)
We have started our next unit, Mechanical Systems. The unit deals with basic physics and covers levers, inclined
planes, gears and pulleys, energy and efficiency, simple machines, pneumatics, and hydraulics. We are also starting
our Invention Convention projects. The students will work in small groups to create their own invention or
innovation. This will take a few months and will culminate with an in-school Invention Convention, with some
students going to City Hall for the city-wide Invention Convention. This is my first opportunity to work on
Invention Convention and I am looking forward to seeing what the kids come up with.

Grade 8 Social Studies (Ms. Zakus, Mr. Shellenberg)
This month we will be covering chapter 3, which deals with the impact of Renaissance ideas on society. We will be
discussing the Protestant Reformation, exploration and imperialism.

Grade 8 Math (Mr. Bogen)
In grade 8 math we are about half way through our second unit, Integers. Students seem to be having an easier time
with these than our last unit. However, some students still are struggling. If you have concerns about your
son/daughter please contact me at the school at (403) 777-7260 or e-mail me at

Grade 9 Cluster
Grade 9 Math (Mr. Bogen)
In grade 9 math we have just completed our squares, square roots and surface areas of composite objects unit. I am
sure many students are breathing a sigh of relief. Our next unit is focused on working with Powers and Exponents.
So far students seem to be having an easier time with these ideas however some are still struggling. I am still
available after school and on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch in the cafeteria. So far no students have come
asking for help.

At this time I have had a number of students indicate that they are interested in doing grade 9 K&E math. I strongly
encourage you to attend parent/teacher conferences to get a better idea of what is involved and to make sure that this
is the right direction for your child to proceed in. If you are unable to attend please contact me at (403) 777-7260 or
e-mail me at I have also indicated this on report card comments.

Grade 9 Science (Mr. Harvey)
We have completed the Biological Diversity unit and have started the Chemistry unit. The students will learn how
and why chemical reactions occur, the mysteries of the Periodic Table, and the interactions between electrons,
protons, and neutrons. It is very important that students come to see me when they return from an absence to find
out what work they have missed.

Grade 9 Language Arts (Ms. Aikens)
We are finishing up our Scary Short Story unit, after just having studied “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, and ending
with “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell. We will be creating our own short stories (using the method
that is preferred on the Grade 9 year end exam) while focusing on the mood, characters, and points of view of the

Grade 9 Social Studies (Mr. Flaman)
We are finishing up learning about the Youth Criminal Justice Act. It is certainly a topic that is quite relevant to
people that are of the students' age and some of them certainly had a lot to say about this topic. Along with this
topic we have also been learning how to create an argument and support what you claim in it. This is a challenging
skill, I am excited to see how this develops in our class. The topic we will now be tackling is the Charter of Rights
and Freedoms.

Physical Education
I n class we are just finishing off a fitness and basketball unit to be followed by the dance unit.

In the team competitions, all the volleyball teams will be competing in the playoffs. The boys will have games on
Monday November 8. Girls will play on Tuesday November 9. All games will be at Valley Creek Middle School.
The Division Finals will take place On Wednesday November 10 at Valley Creek Middle School. All of our teams
have improved greatly over the season. Thanks to all the coaches for their hard work and parents who have come out
to support the teams.

Construction News (Mr. Bogen)
I n construction most students have now completed their safety and orientation and have also completed their safety
  tests. In order for students to begin work on their projects they have also had to finish either a set of paperwork or
a set of project plans. Most have also done this and have received passing grades on their first report card.
Unfortunately, some students have not completed all of the pre-work necessary to begin working on their projects.
Generally this has been due to less than effective use of their time in class.

For those students who have or are starting projects, please speak to them at home about the importance of safety
again. Remind to stay focused on their work and take their time completing the projects. Be safe and have fun.

Band News (Ms. Lyons)
T    he bands at TB Riley have been working hard on note reading, rhythm, pitch development and articulations.
     We are also busy preparing for our first performance of the year. The bands will have the opportunity to share
their music with parents and the community at our first winter concert on Thursday December 9th. The concert will
take place at 7:00p.m in the school gym. We look forward to seeing you there!

Leadership (Ms. Aikens)
    eadership – We have been very busy planning and organizing the Fall Dance that took place Thursday,
L   October 28th here at the school! It was a huge success! Thank you to all who have helped us, including the
School Council!

Spelling Bee!
O    ur Thomas B. Riley Spelling Bee will commence on Dec. 8th at lunchtime (at the second bell) and will
     continue into Dec. 9th at lunch as well. Students have meetings throughout November to help them study or
prepare. Each student participating has been given a handout to study from. Any questions, please speak to Ms.
Aikens (

It should BEEEE Fantastic!

Fine Arts News

DRAMA NEWS (Ms. Aikens & Mr. Harvey)

T   he grade 8 and 9 drama classes are working on improvisation and will begin Theatre Sports very shortly. We
    took a little time just before Halloween to watch a classic movie: “Arsenic and Old Lace”, which was much

The Bowness High School Drama Department has kindly invited all our grade 8 and grade 9 students to see their
production of “The Outsiders” on November 22nd. We will be looking for parent volunteers for this trip. There will
be more information to come regarding this.


H    alloween is over, but the decorations here in the art room remain! The students did a great job making ghosts,
     spiders and clothes-pin bats that were all over my room – very scary indeed - but really fun projects. The grade
5‟s got some cultural education on “Día de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead/ Day of lost souls) which is a Latin
American celebration with loads of amazing artworks created. This celebration takes place Nov.1-2 mostly in
Mexico and Central America to celebrate ancestors and mythical spirits. Hundreds of beautiful tissue paper flowers
line my room that the students worked hard creating – the art room looks amazing! Next they will be learning about
watercolours focusing on the artwork of Canadian artist Emily Carr.

The grade 7‟s have started their cartooning projects – some look really great! They will be doing a re-cap of the
Principles and Elements of art next.

Grades 8 and 9 are doing cubism projects so they need to bring in cameras to take pictures. Another option is for
them to take pictures at home and put the images on to a memory stick to bring to school to use on the computers
here. It‟s a pretty interesting project with really cool results. I hope to have a neat little show of the end results.

Parents Glass night out! Right now it looks as though a good date would be November 24 th at 6:00pm. Please
email me at to let me know how this date works. If we need to make another date we should all
be checking out date books now! 6pm is a good time to start as it does run a bit late usually.

Donations needed : I was thinking of painting some skates this year – it‟s a small take-off from our painted cows
around town. If anyone has any skates to donate please drop them off at the office and let them know they are for the
art room. I got some students to paint some boots 2-3 years ago and it turned out very cool! Skates are very much a
part of our Canadian heritage so I thought painting them with a specific theme would be a neat project.

                                        German Bilingual Program Update!
                                      Herr Flaman:
                                      In German Language Arts we have been reviewing some basic language
                                      elements, namely formal and informal address, pronouns, and verb
                                      conjugation. Earlier in the year they created and presented autobiographical
                                      pages describing themselves. Recently we have begun to tackle describing
                                      location using prepositions. Along with this we have been looking at the usage
of the dative case. The students have been having fun using this to create a short role-play "Wo ist die Oma?" (Where
is Oma?). They have had to create a telephone conversation between themselves and a sibling who is at home. In
this they are trying to find where Oma is at their house. I can't wait to see them!

Frau Thomsen:
In Math we have worked on order of operations and decimal numbers and are moving into area and angles.
Measuring and estimating angles will require accuracy and patience, while the calculation of area will require the
students‟ 3-D vision. Did I remember all the faces? How many faces did a triangular pyramid have?
The library is constantly receiving German library resources. Ms. Johnson is working hard on processing the books,
magazines and comics to get them onto the shelves. I‟m happy to report that her time has been increased, which will
help the processing tremendously.

Remember that AGEC is hosting a St.Martin's Day Event (lantern procession) including a Parade on November 11,
2010 at Bowness Park at 5:30 PM . If you have any questions, you can call them at 403-922-3711 or email them at

If you would like to experience some German tradition, this is for you.

        T.B. Riley’s First Career Fair A Huge Success

      n October 29, T.B. Riley held its first „Career Fair‟ and by all accounts it was an
O     overwhelming success. Through the hard work and planning of a dedicated group of
teachers, we were able to provide all of our student body with a first rate experience around the
topic of exploring possible career opportunities. Students got first hand answers to their many
career questions and hopefully came away with more of an understanding about how the various
curricular topics they learn about each day apply to real life situations. Students also had the
pleasure of listening to keynote speaker Tatiana Straathof, a 17 year old high school student who
spoke about how her passion and dedication continue to fuel her exploration of the fascinating
art form of contortion and circus arts. She encouraged students to explore many possible
avenues in their lives, but more importantly to do so with boundless energy and enthusiasm. The
day was also made possible thanks to the many generous sponsors and donors who gave
graciously of their time. Our thanks go out to the following businesses and organizations:

       SAIT – ICT                   Canadian Association of Publishers
       Law Society of Alberta       Registered Nurses of Alberta
       Registered Dieticians Hair & Esthetics Training (M.C. College)
       Electrical Contractors       Canadian Culinary Federation
       Occupational Therapists      ENMAX Communications Coordinator
       U of C Education             Association of Science & Engineering Technology
       Calgary Police Services      Alberta Health Services
       Independent Musicians        SAIT – Recruitment Officer
       Public Speakers              Bowness High School
       Stepper Custom Homes         Western Patrol and Guard
       Sheet Metal Workers          Jerityne Interior Services
       Diamond Fireplace Store

We would also like to recognize these businesses and organizations for donations to assist us
with providing the workshop bags with various contents for all participants as well as snacks for
our presenters:

       Bownesian Grocer              Alberta Health Services
       Coca-Cola Bottling Co.        T.B. Riley School Council


F   or over ten years, it has been a tradition at T.B. Riley School for parents, family and friends to
    organize and transpose bags of potatoes, vegetables, frozen turkey rolls and all the fixings into an
incredible Turkey Luncheon. As this occurs just before the winter break, it is a means to mark and
celebrate the holiday season by bringing together all of the people who make up the T. B. Riley School
community. While it is not mandatory, everyone is encouraged to dress up for the occasion as they
would for a holiday meal. This year the Turkey Luncheon will be held on December 16th at 11:30 am.

This is a School Council hosted event so VOLUNTEERS are needed to help with the preparation
process, serving the food and by bringing baking.

VOLUNTEERS willing to donate baking/treats for this event can drop them off at the school on
Wednesday, December 15th during school hours or Thursday, December 16th until 10:00 am.

Wednesday, December 15, VOLUNTEERS will be putting the turkey in the oven, peeling potatoes and
buttering buns. We therefore need many VOLUNTEERS to come on Wednesday afternoon and
Wednesday evening to help with the preparation process.

Thursday, December 16th, from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm, VOLUNTEERS start preparing the vegetables,
making the gravy and stuffing mix, setting up tables, plates, cutlery, refreshments and goodies. Help will
also be needed with cleanup.

Voila!! At 11:30 am T.B. Riley staff begin calling down our hungry students to the cafeteria for the
incredible lunch. The excitement and fun bursts from our cafeteria as our VOLUNTEERS slice, scoop,
direct, laugh, clean and oh yes, eventually eat.

We are planning on feeding about 440 people this year and all leftovers will be delivered to a worthy
cause such as the food bank or the Mustard Seed.

If you are interested in joining in on the fun by volunteering for this event or providing baking and
have not already indicated so, please contact Noreen Conway at or (403)

Greetings From Your T.B. Riley School Council
P   arent council would like to thank Marina Jones, Bobbi Carde and Laurel Purling for helping with the Autumn
    Dance concession. We would also like to thank Ms. Aikens and the Leadership committee for all of their help
with making the candy bags. The dance and concession were a big success.

Parent council would also like to thank the families that provided goodies for the presenters at the TB Riley Career
Fair. The treats were very much appreciated.


Wanted:      30 inch Electric Range in good working order.

Do you have a stove that you are no longer using?

TB Riley school cafeteria is looking to replace their current electric range.

So, if you have a stove you could donate, please call the school and leave a message with Sue
Hawkwood in the cafeteria. Thank you for your help in this matter.

                       “PUNCH „N‟LUNCH” CARDS
                          AVAILABLE NOW!!!
The convenient cafeteria “Punch and Lunch” cards are for sale now, in the office and at parent-
teacher interviews! There are two options available:
        a $20 – 5 lunch entrée card ($4.00 each)

       a $40 – 11 lunch entrée card ($4.00 each)

Each „punch‟ will entitle the student to the TBR cafeteria‟s “daily special”. If the daily special
is less than $4.00 that day, additions such as a drink or dessert will be added. The homeroom
teachers of Grade Five and Six students will hold their “Punch‟n‟ Lunch” cards and all higher
grades will be responsible for their own cards.

The Teaming-Up Committee hopes that this will make the morning lunch scramble in your
homes easier, and ensure that your child‟s lunch money is being spent on a nutritious meal.


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