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					 Part 2: Innovations in Professional Growth

 Public Education and Webcasting in BC:
 Oct 2004 to May 2005

Literacy in the Middle Years with Faye Brownlie
                           – Webcast Part 2 –

                               November 18, 2004

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Hiroshima Exit

In round round rooms of our wanderings
Victims and victimizers in circular flight
Fact pursuing fact
Warning leaflets still drip down
On soil heavy with flames,
Black rain, footsteps, witnessings-

The Atomic Bomb Memorial Building:
A curiosity shop filled with
Remnants of clothing, radiation sickness,
Fleshless faces, tourists muttering
“Well, they started it.”
Words jingle down
“They didn’t think about us in Pearl Harbor”
They? Us?
I tiptoe round the curiosity shop
Seeking my target
Precision becomes essential
Quick. Quick. Before he’s out of range
Spell the name
Air raid warnings wail bleakly
I step outside
And close softly the door
Believing, believing
That outside this store
Is another door.

Joy Kogawa
In Themes on a Journey, Barry James, ed. Nelson Canada, 1989
Comprehension Strategies can include:

•Containers for Characters
•Venn Diagram
•Venn Diagram with 2 Books
•Character Tree
Finale/Culminating Activity: