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Recipe Created by Chef Sandra Katsiou Broccoli Cheese Soup - with


									Broccoli Cheese Soup - with 3 cheeses!

Ingredients:                                       Shop the Market
1 large        onion - finely chopped
¼ cup          olive oil                           South Market
4              cloves garlic -minced
½ cup          thinly sliced celery                Golden Orchard Fine Foods
2 bunches      broccoli – cut into florets         Ponesse Foods
4 cups         chicken broth, or vegetable broth   Phil's Place
1 tbsp         garlic powder                       Harbourfront Foods
1              bay leaf, dried or fresh            Family Foods
1 tsp          ground black pepper                 Alex's Farm Products
1 tsp          kosher salt                         Chris' Cheese mongers
1 cup          baby spinach                        Olympic Cheese Mart
½ cup          grated parmesan
½ cup          old white cheddar - grated
1 cup          Beemster cheese- grated
                                                   Farmer's Market
In a heavy saucepan cook the onion                 Willis Shank
and the garlic in olive oil for 3-5 minutes        Marvin Gardens
or until slightly golden.                          Marvin's Produce
Then add the celery, spices and sauté              Murray Colwell
for another few minutes.                           Bilski Farms
Add broccoli and stock and bring to a boil.        Sovereign Farms
Once boiling, reduce to a medium simmer            Douglas and Edith Webb
for 20 minutes.Turn off heat, add spinach,         Monforte Dairy Co. Ltd.
and puree to desire texture.                       MC Dairy
Stir in 3 cheeses and serve.                       Best Baa Farms
                                                   S. Evanoff
                                                   Sunrise Egg Farms
                                                   Acropolis Organics

Recipe Created by Chef Sandra Katsiou

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