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                                                       Number 14                           07 May 2009

Dear Parents                                                          DATES TO DIARISE

On Monday morning we had the most fabulous             09 May: - THE OASIS HERATHLON
Welcome Party in the Pre-Prep for Jenni Brock, the
new Head of Department for the Pre-Prep. The Class     11 May: - Pre-Prep and JP Parent Coffee Morning
reps, Staff and girls had put so much effort into              - Meisters Teachers’ Meeting
ensuring that she felt welcome and part of the                 - Grade 4A School Musuem Outing
wonderful Herschel family. The girls had decorated
cards, specific to their class theme. The Class Reps   12 May: - Grade 4al School Musuem Outing
had organized flowers and some wonderful goodies
to eat and the girls presented Mrs Brock with the      14 May: - 07:30 – 09:00 Breakfast Club – Mary
flowers and her very own special mug for tea and               Jagger Hall Senior School)
                                                       15 May: - 08:00 OPEN DAY

                                                       Change of Date on Term Planner
                                                       The St Mary’s music concert is taking place on
                                                       Friday, 18 September and not Friday, 15 May as
                                                       noted on the term planner.

                                                             Herschel and ‘Wetpups’
                                                             Breakfast Club Meeting
                                                                  14 May 2009
                                                       Topic: Growing the Spirit through Storytelling

                                                       Description: “Stories: enjoyable, entertaining, fun,
                                                       light! We allow stories to engage us, take us on
                                                       imaginative journeys and discover where we are in
                                                       our own stories! How we can be trapped in our own
                                                       stories! How stories lay the foundations for our
                                                       spirituality! Enjoy being a storyteller parent!”
               HERSCHEL PRE-PREP
                                                       Presenter: Herschel Chaplain Bob Commin, who is
GENERAL                                                a priest, poet and storyteller
                                                       Venue: Mary-Jagger Hall, Herschel Senior School
Early Act Club:                                        Time: 07:30 for 08:00 – 9:00.
A huge thanks to all who contributed to the “Face
Cloth” appeal. We collected 220 Face Cloths which      RSVP: Carol Sawyer (Herschel Girls School) or Caron
is a wonderful effort. The President of the Clothing   Perrott (WetPups Boys School)
Guild was thrilled and sends grateful thanks to you /or

                                                       Please RSVP by 12 May2009 (for catering purposes)
                                                       Recycling News!
    XHOSA PRONUNCIATION                                Tetra-Pack Cartons
 MONTHS OF THE YEAR / IINYANGA                         We have just received the good news
          ZONYAKA                                      that      tetra-packs     (cartons
                                                       containing long-life milk, liquifruit,
This week we will learn Months of the                  custard etc.) can now be recycled. I’m sure this
year.                                                  has been worrying many of you that up till now
January         -       Januwari                       these items have been having to go into the
February        -       Febuwari                       municipal waste stream!
March           -       Matshi                         At this stage we have to take tetra-packs to
April           -       Epreli                         collection points. Our nearest ones are:
May             -       Meyi                           Constantia     Village   Shopping      Centre,  c/o
June            -       Juni                           Spaanschemat River and Constantia Main Rds
July            -       Julayi                         Vineyard Hotel & Spa in Claremont, Collington Road
August          -       Agasti                         Wynberg Drop off site, Rosemead Avenue.
September       -       Septemba
October         -       Oktobha                        Please rinse out tetra-pack cartons before taking
November        -       Novemba                        them to the recycling drop-off point as they are
December        -       Disemba                        being transported to a recycling depot in Durban for
                                                       processing. You can imagine the smell if they are
                                                       not cleaned!

Music Department                                       There are other sites spread over Cape Town, so, if
                                                       you live further afield, please contact Ms Beeton to
On Monday this week we launched our new and            ask for the full list.
exciting Instrumental Music Programme. This
programme runs as part of the Class Music              PRE-PREPARATORY
Curriculum offered to Grade 2 pupils and will carry
on for the duration of Term 2 and 3. Pupils will       A Pre-Preparatory and Foundation Phase
                                                       Parent Coffee morning will take place on
spend about four sessions learning about the violin,
                                                       Monday, 11 May in the Library Auditorium
cello, recorder and various percussion instruments.    from 08:00 for 08:30 – 09:30. The guest
Lessons are taught by our specialist music teachers.   speaker will be Mr Ken Resnick. Topic: Introducing a
                                                       unique and new programme in South Africa that is seeing
The aim of the Music Instrumental Programme is to      significant improvement in learning, from ADD to
broaden the music education that the Grade 2           learning difficulties to behavioural problems.
pupils are receiving by exposing them to various       About the Speaker – Educational Psychologist
orchestral instruments and to allow them the           Kenneth (Ken) Resnick, has run a successful private
opportunity to learn how to play them. It will also    part-time and full time private practice for 20 years. In
give us a fantastic platform to identify musical       1967, Ken started his career as a Senior Primary School
potential in pupils. Pupils now would be able to       educator. He then went on to complete his B.Com,
make informed decisions about which musical            B.Com Honours and M.Com degrees, majoring in
instruments they would like to start learning          Industrial Psychology. He worked as a School Counselor
                                                       at King David High School until he completed a B.Ed
                                                       (psig) degree in 1987 to enable him to enter private
                                                       practice as an Educational Psychologist.
The following girls have displayed good manners        Ken is father to two mature adult "children" and step-
over the past week and we would like to commend        father to his wife's twin girls and son.
them on their behaviour:                               Ken's wisdom, energy and passion for the well-being of
                                                       children through effective parenting is positively
Harleigh Fraser; Rufaro Ndhluni; Helene Schuhbauer;
Zara Booth; Meg Fisher (x2) ; Emily Wilkinson; Sarah
Odendaal;      Vivienne Nel; Catherine Laubscher;      FOUNDATION PHASE
Juliette Searll; Jenna Van der Merwe;         Diyara
Govender; Gemma Lea; Nicola Louw; Alexandra            All three grades attended a Puppet Show on
Miszewski; Jessica Gleeson; Kelsey Els; Zara Booth     Monday 04 May 2009. The show dealt with the
and Lisa Blyth.                                        issue of H.I.V. and Aids. The presenter covered this
Well done girls!                                       topic in a most age appropriate and suitable
                                                       manner. The show was enjoyed by all.
                                                                  READING and the READATHON
            PARENTING SUPPORT                                Readathon Reading Lists
       Anne Cawood (School Counsellor)                       Grades 4 – 7 have been given their
Herschel has always taken a very strong stance when          Readathon Reading lists. Each Grade’s
it comes to the issue of bullying. It is dealt with on       list gives titles of books suitable for that
many levels – especially in Life Orientation lessons. The    particular age group and we have tried
girls are very aware of the specific ways in which “girl     to cover a wide variety of types of books
bullying” can be more hurtful in the long term than          so that every girl will find titles she can enjoy. We are
the more physical methods used by boys!                      encouraging girls to read 5 to 6 books from the list
Last term we showed the Grade 7 girls the very good          between now and mid August when the Inter-house
DVD “Odd Girl Out”- based on a book by Rachel                Literature Quiz competition takes place as part of our
Simmons, and followed this up with discussions on            annual Readathon – that means one book at least every
the various situations highlighted in the movie.             2½ weeks! Please encourage your daughter in this. The
Yesterday we were very fortunate to be able to               lists are posted up in the Library.
present an opera – “One False Move” - to the Grade 4
– 7 girls. This is based on the above-mentioned book         Volunteers needed
and is a joint venture between Cape Town Opera and           We are beginning to plan for the Readathon in August.
Grade 8 and 9 girls from St Cyprian’s School.                Please volunteer to help us. At this stage we especially
It provided an excellent illustration of the very            need help in planning and decorating the library to fit
manipulative and devious ways in which girls can form        the theme – great fun for those who are artistic and also
groups and exclude class-mates on the basis of               for those who just enjoy ‘doing’ things. We need people
perceptions and exclusivity. It also showed very clearly     who are willing to paint, cut, paste, climb on ladders,
how girls are swayed into behaviours which they are          build, sew and tack and who are ingenious at ‘making a
not proud of when they are afraid to jeopardise their        plan’. It is fun. Time commitment – a 45 minute
popularity with the “in group”.                              planning meeting each fortnight from mid-May, and then
The opera was followed by an excellent talk by               in the third term more often until the start of the
psychologist Judy Bredenkamp, who presented the              Readathon in August.
girls with her “bag of skills”.                              Please contact Priscilla Beeton in the Library – Tel. 021
1) A shield. To develop skills to protect oneself.           670 7586 or e-mail or come in
2) An axe. Can be used for protection, but not               and chat and find out more.
      effective as it leads to retaliation and will not be
      effective long-term.
3) A safety net. (girls were a bit baffled by her            Special Flag-raising Eco-Assembly.
      fishing net!!) This represented the safety net         At the end of last term our Grade 6 and 7 Eco-Kids
      children need around them i.e. adults who listen       leaders accompanied Mrs Heidmann and Ms Beeton to a
      and take their feelings seriously, but who help        special Award Ceremony held at the Academy for
      them to find their own solutions.                      Science, Maths and Technology in Constantia at which
4) A stop sign. This to learn how to tell other people       Herschel was presented with
      how they feel by the use of assertive I-language       the Eco-Schools International
      and to be come aware of the power of body              Green Flag for five years of
      language.                                              successful involvement in the
5) A mirror. To constantly hold it up and remind             Eco-Schools Programme.
      one self of the positives e.g. “I am a good
      person” “I can do positive things” etc.                At the Assembly last week this
6) A telephone directory. She illustrated how each           huge flag was presented to the school. Dr Morné du
      pupil is a page. Whenever this “page” is hurt by       Plessis, father of Nicola in Grade 5 and CEO of WWF, was
      another, we actually cause the page to slowly be       our guest speaker and he told us how, with our present
      destroyed. When girls see someone being bullied,       lifestyles, we are using up the earth’s resources as if we
      they need to stand together to prevent this.           had a world at least one and a half times the size of what
      Standing together makes it very hard for bullies       we actually have. He warned that, by the time the girls
      to be powerful.                                        are in their forties or fifties, life would be unsustainable if
7) Toothpaste. Judy illustrated how, once the                we continue to live like this. He graphically showed us
      toothpaste is spread on the brush, it is impossible    why it is important to work rapidly to change our
      to get it back in the tube. Similarly, once a nasty    lifestyles and so conserve resources and slow down global
      word is said, it can’t be put back in your mouth.                                warming.

This was a very visual and impactful message. In line                                A group of Grade 5s presented
with the term’s theme of COMMITMENT, we will be                                      some eco-poetry also with the
totally committed to a bully-free school and will take a                             message of CHANGE. At the end
zero-tolerance approach to any incidents of bullying.                                of the Assembly the whole school
Of course, as with anything, there are always various                                gathered around the flagpoles and
levels of bullying behaviour. As adults, we must be                                  the new flag was raised amidst
careful not to totally over-protect our children. At a                               much clapping and celebration.
basic level, they do need to learn to protect and
defend themselves – of course, age-appropriately. But
do approach us if you are worried about issues with
your child.
SPORT                                                 FORTHCOMING FIXTURES

ACHIEVERS                                             Wednesday 13 May:
Fencing:                                              Netball matches vs Wynberg:
We wish Jessica Worsley a good fencing                U10A and B and U11 A and B will be playing at
competition on Saturday 9 May and Sunday 10th         Herschel, B teams first.
May. This is Jessica’s first competition.             U12 and Open A and B teams will be playing at
Ballet:                                               Wynberg Girls’ Junior School in Aliwal Road.
Congratulations to Tessa Hutcheson and Tamia
Geyer who danced in the Cape Town Eisteddfod.         Thursday 14 May
Tessa was awarded a ‘Diploma’ and Tamia               Hockey:
‘Honours’. Well done girls.                           Hockey matches vs St. Cyprians at St.Cyprians
 Squash:                                              U10A, U11A and U12 8-a-side will play at
Congratulation to Megan Russell on receiving a        St.Cyprians
Silver medal for coming 2nd in The Western Province   Hockey matches at Herschel
Open Championship.                                    15:00 U12 11 –a-side at Herschel.
Wynberg Zone netball trials:                          15:40 Open (Approximate time)
We are very proud of our netball players who were     GENERAL
selected by Herschel to attend the Wynberg Circuit
4 trials. Congratulations to Elizabeth Morley and     Friday 15 May:
Georgia Grobler on being selected to attend the       We have included the hockey and netball fixtures.
Wynberg South netball trials which took place on      PLEASE, these dates and venues are only a guide
Tuesday 5 May. There were 60 players from all the     and are subject to change.
circuits. Lizzie and Georgia played very well, but    Cross-Country: We have not received any race
unfortunately were not selected for the Wynberg       dates.
South Zone team.
U13 Western Province Hockey trials:                   Kit Davies School of Ballet:
Amy Anderson, Emma Brooks and Megan                   Please ensure that you read the important letter
Russell have been selected by Herschel to attend      (sent via email) regarding orders for “A Simple
these trials at Pinelands Hockey Club on Friday 8     Wish” DVD and photographs. Remember to place
May Trials re starting at 15:00                       all orders for DVD’s, photographs, winter uniform
                                                      requirements and Artscape “Spotlight – Dancers for
                                                      Dancers” tickets by no later than Friday 8 May.
                                                      I look forward to seeing all of you at the Oasis-
Equestrian:                                           HerAthlon on Saturday. The weather forecast is
The equestrian results for last weekend and this      good and I know that it is going to be a spectacular
weekend are as follows:                               day.
Kate Pettit came 1st in Elementary medium 2 and 4     Thank you to all those who have been so involved in
Sam Haywood came 1st in Elementary 2 and 4            organizing and planning for the event. A special thank
Katherine Gees came 1st in Novice 4 in the            you to The PA and Joy Krige and her Team. It always
equitation this weekend                               amazes me how the Herschel Community are so willing
                                                      to get involved and the kindness shown when planning
Katherine Gees won the Novice championship            such an event.
Stephanie Gees came 4th in the Pre Novice             Have a great weekend. See you on Saturday!
In the Noordhoek show jumping this weekend
Catherine Cullinan came 3rd in the 80cm               “ Kindness builds self-esteem. It provides people
competition. Well done to all the riders.             with the opportunity to feel pride in who they are
                                                      and in what they do.” – The Random Acts of
REMINDERS                                             Kindness Foundation.

Friday 8 May:                                                      Yours sincerely
Squash matches have been postponed.
Cross-Country Race -at Sandvlei in Muizenburg. All
runners have received the information and
directions. Please meet Mrs. Strauss at the venue.                 Mrs L Heidmann
                                                                   HEAD OF PREPARATORY

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