9th Grade Biology (DOC) by ashrafp


									                                 9th Grade Biology
                    Brookside Frontier Math and Science School
                                Fall Semester 2010

Teacher: Ms. Gleeson
Email: KGleeson@BFMASS.org
Website: www.msgleeson.com
Phone: (816) 822-1331

Course Overview and Philosophy

The goals of 9th grade Biology are to help students make connections between living
things (including themselves) and the biological processes that sustain life on Earth.
This course is designed to teach students how to think critically and solve problems
about the natural world, using data and evidence.

Required Materials
You are expected to come to class prepared. For each class you must have a
pen/pencil, 3-ring notebook for papers, a “science” notebook, which will be used
only for experiments, a flash drive (these can be purchased at any general store such
as Walgreens), and a spiral notebook for taking notes.

Course Overview
This is a 2-semester course with a comprehensive final at the end of each semester.
The units to be studied are divided as follows (please note these are brief
descriptions of what will be discussed and you will be responsible for all
information from lectures, handouts and assignments):

Unit 1. Chemistry of Life/Experimental Design
• Chemistry of the cell/introduction to how to create an experiment and
preparation for the science fair (Handouts will be provided for Experimental

Unit 2. Cell structure
• Describe the structure of the cell, understand functions of the cell, compare and
contrast plant and animal organelles, compare and contrast eukaryotes and
prokaryotes, understand chemical and physical interactions of the cell.

Unit 3. Cell Respiration
• How energy is stored in the cell, summarized the energy transfer of ATP, how
enzymes work, Krebs cycle, Data analysis of cellular respiration.

Unit 4. DNA replication and protein synthesis
 • Chargaff’s rule, recognize the function of proteins in the cell, understand the
structure and chemical properties of DNA, Protein synthesis, mutations, genetic
Unit 5. Cellular Reproduction
    Mitosis and Meiosis, identify factors of identification, distinguish between
        binary fusion, budding and sexual reproduction

Unit 6. Genetics
• Asexual versus sexual reproduction, genetic alterations, PCR, genotype versus
phenotype, genetic pedigree, predicting probability of traits, genetic disorders

Unit 7. Evolution
• Classification of animals, how taxa is grouped, interpreting fossils, genetic drift,
natural selection, evaluating evidence, species survival.

Unit 8 Plant Biology
• Photosynthesis, compare and contrast, mitochondria to chloroplast, relationship
between cellular respiration and photosynthesis, transfer of ATP energy

Unit 9 Ecology/Animal Diversity
• Conservation of energy, food web, abiotic and biotic factors, constructing plans for
environmental efforts, specie population prediction, analysis of ecosystems, biomes,
Earth’s cycles

In addition to these units you will be writing Lab Reports and periodic papers. Each
paper must typed, MLA format, 12pt. Times New Roman font, and a minimum of 1
page. I will not be sending students to the copy room so please be ready with your
hardcopy in hand on the day it is due. If you have issues with printers then you
must contact me prior to the due date.

Freshmen are required to participate in the science fair. Shortly after the first week
of school, students will receive Science Fair packets and begin brainstorming ideas
for their projects. All science fair projects must be true experiments and should
TEST something. It would be a good idea to start narrowing down your ideas now. I
require a flash drive for my class for the purpose of the science fair. You will be
using the computer lab periodically but as school policy states 90% OF THE WORK
MUST BE DONE ON YOUR OWN. Scheduling time to perform an experiment is highly
recommended prior to October.

If you have any questions or concerns just stop by my room and I will be happy to
listen and help.

Classroom Policies

   1. Please arrive on time for class. If you are late I will need a note in order to
      admit you to class. You are considered late if you are not in the classroom
      when the bell rings.
   2. Listen to each other and treat each other with dignity.
   3. If you are having a bad day, let me know. Sometimes we are grumpiest when
      we are having a rough day and forget that others are not aware of the
      situation. If you let me know in advance then we can prevent unnecessary
   4. Homework is due at the beginning of class. If work is late, I will only accept it
      up to 2 days after the due date. For each day work is late you will lose a full
      letter grade (10%) of the assignment. After 2 days I will no longer accept
      work. Please note that it is your responsibility to seek out make up or sick
   5. Shirts MUST be tucked in BEFORE entering the classroom.
   6. The teacher, NOT the bell, dismisses class.
   7. No gum or food allowed in this classroom. It is against federal law to have
      food or gum in a science lab.
   8. Every student will be expected to follow the rules outlined in the student

I reserve the right to add or change any policy as I see necessary.

Grading Policy

      Homework                             15%
      Exams and Quizzes                    25%
      Class work (Labs)                    20%
      Projects/Science Fair                30%
      Recitation/Seminar Discussion        10%

Make Up/Late Work
       Any student who does not turn in work on time will be deducted 10% for
everyday it is not turned in. Each student will have 2 days to turn in late work. If
they fail to do so within that time period they will lose ALL credit and receive a non-
negotiable ZERO on the assignment.
       If a student is absent from class due to an illness, they will have 2 days
without penalty to turn in missing assignments.
       All students who miss class due to a disciplinary action will receive a ZERO in
participation for the day and will not be allowed to turn in missed assignments.
(This includes an exam).

Emailed Assignments
        I keep every email sent to my account. If you email me an assignment I will
first send you a confirmation email, print it off, grade it and I will keep your email in
a file on my computer. However, I have had students in the past email assignments
and when I checked my account I never received them. So, it is your job to check
that you sent it to the correct email account, keep confirmation emails and check to
see if you have a grade in the database. If you cannot prove emailed work, I cannot
make exceptions and I will follow the late work guidelines. This is because my
policy is to receive homework in hardcopy form, in class. Therefore, it is a risk you
take, to email your work.

Extra Credit
       Periodically I will provide an opportunity for extra credit. However, I believe
extra credit must be earned not given. Many of these opportunities will come in the
form of service, and if you chose to participate you may be asked to stay after school
or come in on a Saturday and aid in projects that will benefit the school.

*Keeping your syllabus is an opportunity for extra credit. I will give 10 points of
extra credit to any student who still has their syllabus at the end of each quarter.

Safety in Science
       Periodically we will conduct labs in class. You are expected to follow all
safety guidelines given in class. Any disregard to safety will result in an automatic

       Cheating is NOT allowed in this classroom. Any Cheating will result in an
automatic zero and a SQSS. I am very strict on this policy and will not give second
This includes but is not limited to:
    Copying a fellow students worksheet
    Working with others when they are expected to work individually
    Copying another student’s exam answers
    Using unapproved sources (such as the internet) to answer homework
    Copy/pasting work from the Internet.
    Paraphrasing (Yes! Paraphrasing is cheating!)
    Plagiarism

If you have questions as to whether or not something is considered
Plagiarism/Cheating, then it probably is! It is better to be safe, than sorry.

How to Write Ms. Gleeson an Email
       I am always available to you should you need to contact me by email.
However, there are certain rules you must follow in order for me to respond. When
writing me an email make sure it has the three S's. Subject, Salutation, and

Subject: (put in your class and maybe the assignment number)

Salutation: (Ms Gleeson,)

----message, short and in proper English----
Signature: (Thank you and your name)

I will not respond to any email that does not contain the 3 S’s. This is good practice
for all your email writing endeavors.

Flash Disk

I do require a flask disk for my class. We will be doing analyses and statistics in the
computer and lab so it will be necessary to have a flash disk to save your work. No
one will be allowed to save work to the computers at school. This will also allow
you to take your work home or to the library. Please purchase your flash disk by the
end of the first week of school. Note: PUT YOUR NAME ON THE FLASH DISK!

Exam and Current Event Schedule (all dates subject to change)

9/3 – First Science Fair proposal due, Exam over unit 1 (Chapters 1 and 2 in Biology
Book, and Chapters 1 – 3 in Experimental Design handouts)

9/24 – Final Science Fair project decision due, Exam 2 over Unit 2

10/1 – Science Fair experiment schedule must be made no later than 10/1

10/15 – Exam 3 over unit 3

10/22 – End of 1st quarter Report Cards sent out

11/5 – 1st Rough Draft of Science Fair Paper Due

11/12 – Exam 4 over unit 4

11/13 – Meet The Science Mentor Day at Union Station 8:30am - Noon

12/3 – 2nd Rough Draft of Science Fair Paper Due

12/15 – Exam 5 over unit 5

12/17 – Final Science Fair Paper Due (no late papers will be accepted as this is the
last day before winter break.)

12/18 – 1/3 – Winter Break (no school)

1/12 – Comprehensive Final Exam over units 1-5

1/14 End of 2nd quarter/end of 1st semester Report Cards sent out, Science Fair
Display Boards are Due

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