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                                        Seven multidisciplinary clinics are       Research applications in the
                                        conducted each fortnight and more         clinical setting
                                        than 200 new breast cancers are
                                                                                  Our investigations into Atypical
                                        detected each year.
                                                                                  Ductal Hyperplasia diagnosed by
                                        All screening, assessment and             needle core biopsy (NCB) have
                                        surgical outcomes are entered into        extended our understanding of this
                                        the BreastScreen Victoria database,       condition and have led to higher
                                        which provides an excellent clinical      specificity for NCB, thereby reducing
St. Vincent’s BreastScreen is           research source. St. Vincent’s            open surgical biopsies in many cases
a multi-centred breast cancer           BreastScreen is audited regularly         (Hoang, Cawson, Kitchen).
screening program which                 against a comprehensive set of
                                                                                  Our published experience with
participates in clinical and            criteria including small cancer
                                                                                  a severe haematoma using large
collaborative research aiming           detection.
                                                                                  gauge vacuum-assisted needle
to investigate breast cancer risk                                                 biopsy has led to more stringent
factors and improve breast cancer       Highlights                                care with selection of patients for
detection and treatment.                                                          this technique and assessment of
                                        The Victorian Breast Screening Pilot
                                        Project marked its 20th anniversary       bleeding tendencies (Yap, Rouse,
About us                                in October with a two day seminar         Cawson).
St. Vincent’s BreastScreen is a large   convened by Chief Radiologist,
                                                                                  Our work with breast density and
screening and assessment service of     Assoc Prof Jennifer Cawson. Titled
                                                                                  screening policy (Kavanagh et el)
BreastScreen Australia.                 ‘International Breast Cancer Update:
                                                                                  may lead to changes in screening
                                        celebrating 20 years of screening’,
In 2008 we screened 39,000 women                                                  intervals for women of differing
                                        the seminar featured international
through a network of nine urban and                                               breast densities. Other breast density
                                        speakers Prof Stefano Ciatto who is
rural screening centres throughout                                                work (Dite, Gurrin, Byrnes et al) is
                                        widely published and sought after as
Victoria. Assessment of abnormalities                                             offering insight into the causes of
                                        a speaker in breast cancer, and Prof
through to diagnosis of cancer is                                                 breast density, a major risk factor
                                        Rosalyn Given-Wilson of the RANZCR
performed at the assessment centre                                                for both breast cancer and false
                                        Breast Imaging Group from the
on the Fitzroy campus.                                                            negatives in screening.
                                        United Kingdom screening program.
The aim of screening for breast         Also speaking was Prof Christobel         A publication on the impact of
cancer is to detect malignancy at       Saunders from Western Australia,          celebrity illness on breast imaging
the early stage. This is associated     Clinical Director of BreastScreen         services provides an insight into
with a reduction in mortality from      South Australia and our local facility.   population responses to alarming
breast cancer and reduced morbidity     The conference was opened by the          information. This will be helpful
from treatment. Approximately           Minister for Health, the Hon Daniel       in forming messages for medical
2,500 women undergo assessment          Andrews MP and special guest              personnel and consumers (Kalaher,
at St. Vincent’s BreastScreen           was Emeritus Prof of Radiology            Suddert, Cawson et al).
Assessment Centre each year.            William S Hare, a noted advocate
                                        of breast screening.
32                                                                                                                BREAStSCREEN

     The team                                   Collaborations                          Selected presentations

     Assoc Prof Jennifer Cawson,                – University of Melbourne               Cawson J
     Director; Caroline Baker, Surgeon;           Departments of Molecular,             – ‘20 years of screening in Victoria’,
     Elaine Bevington, Surgeon; David             Environmental, Genetic and              International Breast Cancer
     Butterfield, Surgeon; Lindsay Castles,       Analytic Epidemiology                   Update: celebrating 20 years of
     Surgeon; Erin Cosgriff, Program            – Key Centre for Women’s Health           screening, Werribee, October 2008
     Manager; Hamish Ewing, Surgeon;              in Society
     Dr David Van Gelderen, Radiologist;                                                Lin S, Thompson E, Hill P, Cawson J,
                                                – St. Vincent’s Medical Imaging         Campbell I, Hopper J, Haviv I, Jenkins
     Dr Kirsten Gordon, Radiologist;
                                                  Department                            M, Southey M
     Patrick Hayes, Surgeon; Michael
                                                – St Vincent’s Institute                – ‘Understanding mammographic
     Henderson, Surgeon; Dr Greg Hill,
     Radiologist; Anthony Hyett, Surgeon;                                                 density and its relevance to breast
     Dr Henry Karsz, Radiologist; Dr            Grants                                    cancer risk’, Kyestone Conference
     Anne Lynch, Radiologist; Dr Frank                                                    Meeting, August 2008
                                                Campbell I, Hopper J, Stagoll O,
     Malara, Radiologist; Dr Kirti Mehta,       Kavanagh A, Mitchell G, Mann B,         Pitman AG, Zentner L, Taft RD, Shnier
     Radiologist; Dr Anusha Naidoo,             Fox S, French P, Cawson J, Bottema      D, Mercuri V, Mehta K, Kremer S,
     Radiologist; Jane O’Brien, Surgeon;        M, Trelaor S, Balleine R, Southey M,    Lawson J, Cawson JN, Gledhill S, Kok P
     Dr Mei Pang, Radiologist; Dr Wendy         English D, Baglietto L, Stone J         – Poster presentation, ‘Diagnostic
     Perret, Radiologist; Dr Gudrun             Integration of BreastScreen with          accuracy of mammography readers
     Peters, Radiologist Fellow; Dr Gareth      an epidemiological, molecular and         and their memory performance
     Phillips, Radiologist; Prof Alex Pitman,   translational research program.           have no correlation with each
     Radiologist; Cathie Poliness, Surgeon;     National Breast Cancer Foundation,        other’, Radiology Society of North
     Dr Hannah Rouse, Radiologist; Dr           (2008), $2,500,000                        America, Chicago, IL, 2008
     Bronwen Slater, Radiologist; Wanda
     Stelmach, Surgeon; Dr Rodney               Thompson E, Shah M, Hill P, Cawson J,
     Taft, Radiologist; Pamela Wilkins,         Morrison W
     Data Manager                               Molecular profiling and
                                                epidemiological refinement of
                                                mammographic density as a
                                                predictor of breast cancer risk.
                                                St. Vincent’s Research Endowment
                                                Fund, (2008), $30,000
                                                                                               BREAStSCREEN   33

Publications                                   Kok P, Glendhill G, Cawson J, Kremer S,
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breast cancers detected by screening
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analysis of a twin study’, Cancer Epidemiol    Taft R, Zentner L, Kok P 2008, ‘Radiologist
Biomarkers and Prevention 17 (12): 3474-81     memory performance over time:
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of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology
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(in press)
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spherulosis presenting as a mass lesion on
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imaging’, The Breast Journal, 14 (3) 301-3
                                               ‘Diagnostic accuracy of mammography
                                               readers and their memory performance
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                                               have no correlation with each other’, The
with bilateral palpable breast’, The Breast
                                               Radiology Society of North America (RSNA)
Journal, 3:303-305
                                               Rouse HC, Godoy MCB, Lee WK, Phang
Hoang JK, Hill P, Cawson JN 2008, ‘Can
                                               PT, Brown CJ, Brown JA 2008, ‘Imaging
mammographic findings help discriminate
                                               findings of unusual anorectal and perirectal
between atypical ductal hyperplasia and
                                               pathology: a multimodality approach’,
ductal carcinoma in situ after needle core
                                               Clinical Radiology, 20; 5:10
biopsy?’, The Breast:200817(3):282-288
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Kavanagh AM, Byrnes G, Nickson C,
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Cawson JN, Giles GG, Hopper J, Gertig D,
                                               surveillance of the breast in a patient
English D 2008, ‘Improving mammographic
                                               who developed scleroderma after breast
screening outcomes: should screening
                                               conserving surgery and radiotherapy’, The
policies focus on mammographic density,
                                               Breast Journal, December, 37 (6): 1326-32
hormone therapy or age?’, Cancer Epidemiol
Biomarkers and Prevention , 17 (10): 2818-24

Kelaher M, Studdert D, Cawson JN, Miller
J, Kavanagh AM, Dunt D 2008, ‘Use of
breast cancer screening and treatment
services by Australian women, 24-44 years
of age; following Kylie Minogue’s breast
cancer diagnosis’, International Journal of
Epidemiol, 37 (6): 1326-32

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