2011 stationery list by ashrafp


									                             2011 STATIONERY LIST (YEAR 9-10)

Art Practical      Year 7-9     A3 Sketch block, A3 wallet, 3x2B and 2x4B pencils, soft eraser
Art Practical      Year 10      1xBockinford pad, A3 wallet, 1x2B, 4B, 6B pencils, soft eraser
Drama              Year 9-10    1B8 and clearfile

Economics          Year 10      Refill, small ruler

English            Year 9-10    1 Refill pad, 1x 1B exercise book, 60 pocket clearfile
ESOL               Year 7-10    1B5, Student workbook

Food & Materials   Year 9       Clearfile & Refill pad
tech               Module
French             Year 9-10    1x 1B5, 1x 3B1

German             Year 9       1x 1B5, 1x 3B1

German             Year 10      Last years books or 1x 1B5, 1x3B1

Graphics           Year 9-10    Kits are available from the school Bursars Office. 30/60 & 45
                                set of squares, mechanical pencil, 2B & 2H pencil, A3 cardboard
                                folder, A3 pad, eraser, watercolour pencils, compass, 1x1A4
                                exercise book unlined, Memory stick
Health &           Year 9-10    Health Workbook $5 from the Bursars Office.
Physical Ed                     PE uniform – see the uniform code for details.
Home Economics     Year 7-10    1B5 Exercise book
Literacy           Year 9-10    1B5 Exercise book, glue stick
Maori              Year 9       1B5 Exercise book, glue stick

Maths              Year 7-10    2xE5 Maths books, calculator (Casio VPAM), protractor,
                                compass, ruler, Nulake homework book $10

Music              Year 7-10    Clearfile, pencil, eraser, small manuscript book

RE                 Year 9-10    2 x 1B5 exercise books

Science            Year 9-10    2x1B8 exercise book and a 20 pocket clearfile
Social Studies     Year 9-10    1x 1B8 exercise books, (also coloured pencils, scissors, ruler and
Technology Hard    Year 9-10    1 x 20 leaf clearfile, 1 x 7A8, 1 x 7B8
Technology         Year 7-10    1 x B5 exercise book
Soft Materials
                                  2011 STATIONERY LIST (YEAR 11-13)

                                      ALL STUDENTS: FLASH DRIVE

Accounting        Year 12-13       Refill, ringbinder dividers, calculator, small ruler, workbook from bursar
Applied Science   Year 11-13       1B8 exercise book, 20 pocket clearfile
Art               Year 11-13       A3 wallet, 2B, 4B, 6B pencils, soft eraser, Visual Diary, F5/6 (A3), F7
                                   (A3) Available from bursar. Paint brushes purchased through the bursar:
                                   $12 for a set of quality brushes (optional oil paints purchased through
                                   art department as required), A4 Clearfile
Art History       Year Y13         A4 lecture pad, A4 binder, A4 Index sheets
Biology           Year 12-13       Refill, dividers, ring binder, clearfile
Chemistry         Year 12-13       (Y12) 1B8 exercise book, (Y13) Ring binder & dividers
Computing         Year 12-13       Q595A Spiralbound 240p A4
Classics          Year 12-13       Refill, dividers, plastic pockets, computer disks/flashdrive, glue, scissors
Drama             Year 11-13       1 x B8, 1 x clearfile, 1 document folder
Economics         Year11-13        Refill, dividers, ring binder, calculator, ruler
English           Year 11-13       Ring binder, refill, dividers, 1x 1B5 exercise book, Flashdrive highly
ESOL              Year   11        1B5, student workbook
ESOL              Year   12-13     2x1B5, student workbook
French            Year   11-13     2x1B5, ring binder, A4 refill
Geography         Year   11-13     Lecture pad, ring binder, coloured pencils
German            Year   11-13     2x1B5, 1x 3B1, $25 for revision book, $12 for workbook
Graphics          Year   11-13     Basic Kits available from School Bursar. Set of equipment to include:
                                   water colour pencils, Set Squares, graphics compass, A3 technical
                                   drawing block; 2B & 2H pencils, A4Visual Diary, Memory stick Flashdrive
                                   * A4 clearfile, graphics ink pen 0.5 (*required but not included in kit)
History           Year 11-13       A4 Pad, A4 ring binder, dividers, A4 clearfile
Home Ec.          Year 11-13       Refill, ring binder, A4 Clearfile
Maths             Year 11-13       2xE5 Maths books, ruler, Casio Graphics Calculator (Y11-13) which can be
                                   ordered at good discount from Bursar, and a homework book from Bursar
Maths applied     Year 11-12       2xE5 Maths books, scientific calculator (Casio VPAM), protractor, ruler,
                                   compass, homework book (yr11 only) from Bursar
Music             Year   11-13     Manuscript paper, Refill, 2xclear files
P.E.              Year   11, 12    Hard cover exercise book, refill pad, or clear files, A4 clearfile
P.E.              Year   13        Refill and Slimpick folder
Physics           Year   12-13     Ring Binder, Refill
R.E.              Year   11-13     Refill pad, Clearfile
Science           Year   11        1B8 exercise book
Mechanical        Year   11-13     Refill 1x 14A8 and 1x 14B8, 2x40 page A4 clear files.
Building and       Year 12 -13   1x 1B1 Spiral Notebook
Technology (soft   Year 11-13    A3 wallet, A3 art pad, A4 refill, A4 clearfile, notebook
Life Skills        Year 11-13    A4 Clearfile
Photography        Year 12-13    A3 wallet, A3 Visual diary, 4 GB Memory stick, Photographic paper and
                                 film (from bursar as required), A4 Clearfile, A4 Ringbinder.

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