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2010                   ON FO RUM
INNOVATI                                                             ia
       10      0                                           , Austral
9-10 March 2          l, B                          risbane
             ate Hote
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DARE TO Imagine, Inquire. . . Breakthrough
   A leadership forum that is INNOVATIVE

   Innovative practice is the catchcry throughout the education world,
   and it’s for good reason. The leadership of learning organisations
   in the first and second decades of the 21st century has been, and
   will be, increasingly characterised by significant changes in social,
   pedagogical and technological applications. To contend with these
   changes, educators must adopt an innovative leadership paradigm
   that welcomes and responds to these ongoing transformations.              2010
   Welcome to the 2010 Centre for Educational Leadership and
                                                                             CREATIVITY AND
   Innovation Forum. It has been designed as an opportunity for you to       INNOVATION FORUM
   explore your own innovative practice, and to challenge yourself to
   extend it even further. The outstanding speakers, and the learning
   opportunities over these two days, will stimulate you to engage in
   this exploration and challenge.

   Then what’s so different about this Forum?

   Some things will stay the same: the great speakers; the quality
   organisation; the ongoing stimulus; the many practical ideas.
   However, the focus will be placed on ‘innovation’, and this will be
   demonstrated with the Forum process, which will include:

   • Guru Galleries. This is an opportunity for you to be given some
     highly practical ideas from ICT experts in their specific field. Want
     to know how to build a wiki? To use Twitter? You’ll have the
     chance to learn all about them (and more) during this time.
   • The use of a Twitter dialogue before, during, and after the Forum.
     Go to and you can join in the dialogue     
   • ShowCase. We’ve arranged for teachers and students to explain
     how they implemented some highly innovative programs into
     their own school settings. Get ready to hear some exciting stories!

   Our Environmental Footprint

   In the process of organising this Forum, the organisation has taken
   seriously a commitment to minimising the environmental impact of
   this two-day event. The use of paper will be reduced to a minimum,
   delegates will be encouraged to use public transport to attend the
   event (which is why we have chosen a central city location), and
   a series of many minor applications will reduce the overall use of
   wasteful resources.

   Consolidation / Follow-up

   An Innovation Forum must not be a one-off event. Professional
   learning in 2010 and beyond must consolidate post-Forum, and
   provide opportunities to co-create with other delegates. As part of          Creativity
   this process, CELI will be hosting a series of Leadership Breakfasts                                              Development

   throughout 2010. These events will feature a quality presenter,                           Masterclass   Breakfast Programs
   and an opportunity to analyse and further implement your Forum                             Series        Series
                   Michael Furdyk                                                        Kristin Alford
                   Director of Technology, Co-                                           Managing Director Bridge8
                   Founder TakingITGlobal                                                Pty Ltd

Michael Furdyk is Director of Technology and co-founder of            Dr Kristin Alford is the Managing Director of Bridge8 Pty Ltd,
TakingITGlobal and, previously co-founder of MyDesktop.               a strategy, foresight and communications consultancy. Kristin’s
com (later sold to and (which              specific capabilities are in marketing and communications in
raised $4.5-million of venture capital). Along with managing          science and technology, strategy and foresight, facilitation, &
the technology team at TakingITGlobal, Michael is involved            learning initiatives. Areas of expertise include nanotechnology,
with the TIGed education program, and has spoken to over              mining, & futures thinking. Kristin completed her PhD in
50,000 educators about the importance of engaging students            minerals processing engineering at the University of Queensland
and integrating technology and global perspectives into the           and worked with BHP Billiton as a metallurgist and in human
curriculum.                                                           resources. She later worked with Ansett Air New Zealand before
                                                                      founding Bridge8 in 2004. She is on the boards of the Australian
As one of Teen People’s “20 teens who will change the world”,         Network for Art and Technology and the Australian Nano
Michael has shared his opinions about Youth Engagement and            Business Forum.
experiences as a member of the Net Generation by speaking
at dozens of events; advising numerous organisations including        Keynote Address
Microsoft and Pollution Probe and making frequent media               Imagination, Inquiry and Innovation
appearances, including CNN, MSNBC, and the Oprah Winfrey
show. He is a board member and/or advisor to Microsoft,               The translation of scientific research into technology requires an
Pollution Probe, the Anytime, Anywhere Learning Foundation,           appreciation of the context in which that scientific breakthrough
and several other national and global organizations.                  is important, plus the contribution of many different skills sets,
                                                                      not all of which require an in-depth knowledge of the science.
Keynote Address                                                       This presentation will focus on a number of examples where
Digital Natives to Global Citizens                                    the combination of imagination, scientific inquiry and the
                                                                      transformation of innovation into products and services are
Michael will use his own story as a powerful example to provide       meeting some of the big challenges for today’s society.
us with an in-depth look at the “Net Generation” and how
their use of technology is influencing many aspects of society.       Workshop
Recently named by Contribute Magazine as one of the top 10            Integrating perspectives for Breakthrough
global innovators in the non-profit space, Michael will take us
on a tour of his work with TakingITGlobal, a global network of        Emerging technologies are characterised by their
socially-engaged youth, and their efforts to develop engaging         multidisciplinary nature. These type of technologies require
tools & activities for schools around the world, helping to get       the integration of different fields of studies and different
students more engaged in global issues.                               perspectives to bring about something new. But this is also true
                                                                      of many new fields of inquiry. In this workshop participants
Workshop                                                              will learn the steps of ‘Theory U’, a guide to transcend the
Digital Kids Deep Dive: Talk show                                     initial exchange of ideas within a group in a way that allows for
                                                                      creativity and the emergence of new ideas.
In this Q & A session, a facilitator leads questions and discussion
with Michael about ‘digital kids’ and how teachers can best
inspire them in the classroom.

                DAY ONE
 9 MARCH 2010

     8.00       Registration

     8.45       Welcome to Country; Forum Information; Forum MC Tony Ryan

     8.55       Forum Opening

     9.20       Student Introduction

     9.30       KEYNOTE 1 – Michael Furdyk (Director of Technology, Co-Founder TakingITGlobal); Canada

    10.15       KEYNOTE 2 – Kristin Alford (Managing Director Bridge8 Pty Ltd); Australia

    11.00       Morning Tea

    11.25       Small group debrief

    11.45       Breakthrough sessions
                           Michael Furdyk                        Kristin Alford                       Greg Gebhart
                 Digital Kids Deep Dive             Integrating Perspectives For            Web 2.0 – Understanding the next
                                                    Breakthrough                            generation of the Internet

     1.00       Lunch

     1.45       The Guru Gallery: Practical Hands-On sessions that focus on innovation applications of ICT in Leadership &

     3.00       KEYNOTE 3 – Greg Gebhart (CEO,I.T. Vision:Multimedia and Information Technology Consultancy);

     3.45       Address by Hon Andrew Fraser, MP, Treasurer Minister of Employment Economic Development

     4.00       Summing Up (including the video overview of the day from a student group)
                                                       INNOVATION FORUM PROGRAM

                DAY TWO
10 MARCH 2010

    8.45         Debrief on Day 1

    9.00         KEYNOTE 1 - Graham Burt (CEO, Lonely Dog Ltd); New Zealand

    9.50         KEYNOTE 2 - Eugenia Lim (Principal Crescent Girls’ School); Singapore

   10.40         Small Group debrief

   10.55         Morning Tea

   11.15         Breakthrough sessions
                             Graham Burt                           Eugenia Lim                         Nigel Collin
                  Stimulating and Managing Your Own   Implementing 1-1 Computing            Funnel Thinking – Generating
                  Creativity.                                                               Workable Ideas

   12.45         Lunch

    1.45         ShowCase - Innovation in ISQ Schools. A series of lively presentations on innovation practice in ISQ

    3.00         KEYNOTE 3 - Nigel Collin (CEO, Nigel Collin Creative); Australia

    3.50         Summing up (including the video overview from a student group) & Conference Close
                 Greg Gebhart                                                        Graham Burt
                 CEO I.T. Vision: Multimedia                                         CEO, Lonely Dog Ltd
                 and Information Technology

Greg Gebhart is a former teacher who now works as a consultant    Graham has an extensive background in Advertising Agencies
to schools, government and law enforcement across Australia.      having worked for companies such as Ogilvy and Mather and
He is currently engaged as the Australian Government’s senior     Saatchi & Saatchi. He has worked with some of New Zealand’s
Cybersafety trainer, where he provides presentations, training    largest advertising clients including Telecom, TVNZ, Honda Cars,
and advice to schools, parents, educators, students and           Vodafone, NZ Dairy Foods and Nestle. Over the last 11 years
communities across Australia on cybersafety and cyberbullying.    he has run his own Strategy and Design company, completing
He is also a regular keynote presenter at national and            projects for brands such as Mars, Bounty, M&M’s, Snickers,
international conferences on the innovative use of technology     Pedigree, Whiskas, Dolmio, Kan Tong, as well corporate design
in education.                                                     tasks for the New Zealand Government and Sony Music head
                                                                  office in New York.
Greg has received many awards for his work in technology
and education including Australian ICT Innovator of the year,     He contributed to the formation, design and marketing strategy
Victorian Regional Achiever of the Year and a National Quality    of the Together 10CD Collection – named by Oprah Winfrey
in Schools Teaching Award. He was also was invited to be listed   as her “favourite thing”. He named, and design directed the
in the “Who’s Who in the World 2010”.                             Miracle Project, a shared project between Anne Geddes and
                                                                  Celine Dion which also launched on the Oprah Show.
Keynote Address
Technology that inspires children: understanding 21st century     As CEO of Lonely Dog he has taken a collection of art and story
learning                                                          onto the world stage, selling the screen rights to Warner Bros, and
                                                                  publishing rights to Altantic Books, London. He conceptualised
21st century learning is still undefined and changes yearly if    and design directed the extraordinary Almalogue - a $60,000
not more often. Greg Gebhart spends his week caught between       book that showcases the world of Lonely Dog, and has gone on
the excitement of web 2.0 applications used by children and       to win multiple awards.
the need to keep young people safe on line. The challenge for
schools is how to manage this technology, yet ensure students     Thinking outside the square seems to come naturally to him.
are excited, engaged, connected and using the technology
to enhance their own learning. Greg will provide an insight       Keynote Address
into some of the more recent changes in how students use          One Man’s Dream
technology and how schools need to constantly keep abreast
of these changes and look at regularly changing classroom         The story of Lonely Dog is the story of an artist, a dream, and
pedagogy to ensure students are engaged. This will include        the passion and energy that took one simple painting to a world
new mobile learning devices, flexible classroom designs, web      wide art business that has Hollywood standing up and taking
2.0 applications that are attractive to children and the use of   notice. The presentation covers not only the astonishing idea,
professional learning networks to ensure educators are also       but the processes - planned and accidental - that nurtured that
well connected and up-to-date.                                    idea, taking it from the artist’s home to the world.

Workshop                                                          Workshop
Web 2.0 – Understanding the next generation of the Internet       Stimulating and Managing Your Own Creativity.

Greg will provide an overview of many popular web 2.0             How do you marshall your own thoughts and ideas? How do you
applications, which are time saving for educators and exciting    stimulate ideas when your head is empty? How do you make
for students to use. These include social networking sites,       sure that last idea is the very best you can do? This workshop
technologies to connect and inform educators, mobile devices      takes a very simple, practical - and yet profound - approach to
web sites, and more. Greg will also cover a range of web 2.0      creativity by someone who works in the field of ideas every
technologies that have a focus on improving efficiencies for      day. This workshop provides the tricks and tips to harness your
school leaders.                                                   creative potential.
                  Eugenia Lim                                                               Nigel Collin
                  Principal of Crescent Girls’                                              CEO Nigel Collin Creative
                  School, Singapore

Eugenia Lim is Principal of Crescent Girls’ School, one of the     Nigel Collin is a highly sought after speaker, author and facilitator
premier public secondary schools in Singapore. The school          on business creativity. As an Entertainment and Creative Director,
has more than 1,300 students and 80 teaching staff. It was         Nigel has worked on a multitude of corporate and public events
one of the schools selected for the first phase of Singapore’s     including the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Paralympics, The
ICT Masterplan for Education in 1997, and 10 years later, its      Sydney Royal Easter Show 1997-2003 and was also the Show
continued innovation in the use of ICT led to its selection as a   Director for Australia’s largest-ever corporate event in Sydney
pioneer school in the FutureSchools@Singapore programme, as        in 2005. In 2006 Nigel studied organisational creativity at The
well as a Mentor School in Microsoft Corporation’s Innovative      Walt Disney Company, USA. Together with his training in film
Schools Program.                                                   and television, Nigel is able to combine good humour with a
                                                                   deep understanding of creativity in all that he does. Author of
Eugenia started her career as a Chemistry teacher at Raffles       ‘Think BITS’, an eclectic mix of creative inspirations and thinking
Junior College. She later headed the Science Department of         tools, Nigel regularly contributes articles to relevant business
Westwood Secondary School, and served as Vice-Principal of         and industry journals. He also teaches media and television,
two schools – Clementi Town Secondary School and Zhonghua          presenting on Sydney’s ‘On Camera Connections’.
Secondary School. Apart from her stints in various schools,
Eugenia has also worked with the Singapore Ministry of             Keynote Address
Education. She was involved in the formulation and review of       ‘The art of Creativity – a practical approach’
university policies as Senior Head, Higher Education, and was
later appointed Assistant Director, Corporate Communications       It’s no secret that in today’s world, creativity is more important
to spearhead new communication platforms for the Ministry.         than ever. But how do you capture and harness the creative
                                                                   abilities of your people and more importantly, how do you apply
Keynote Address                                                    creativity to yield practical and strategic results?
The Innovation Journey in Singapore Schools
                                                                   This keynote will look at the role creativity plays in today’s world
In recent years, Singapore schools have been recognised            and the factors essential in building a culture and environment
internationally for excellent performance in Mathematics           that supports and stimulates creativity, and allows it to flourish.
and Science. How do schools in Singapore continually refresh       You will be challenged with:
themselves and seek further breakthroughs? What system-            • The role of creativity in everyday practice
level support is there for schools in their innovation journey?    • The essential elements that will allow it to flourish
Mrs Eugenia Lim will give a Principal’s perspective on these       • The processes for building a culture and environment that is conducive to
issues, using the example of the journey of Crescent Girls’          creativity
School in transforming teaching and learning through the use of
infocomm technology and student-centred pedagogies.                Workshop
                                                                   Funnel Thinking – Generating workable ideas
Implementing 1-1 Computering                                       The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to think more
                                                                   creatively and generate workable ideas and keep coming up
1-1 computing has the potential to transform the way learning      with them. We will give you the tools you need and knowledge
takes place, but equipping students with the hardware does         and confidence to use them today, and every day thereafter.
not guarantee that the educational objectives will be met.         We will look at our unique process called ‘the funnel’ which
The experience can be fraught with frustrations if the various     captures ideas and then funnels them down into workable
implementation issues are not sufficiently considered. This        solutions. We’ll also show you how to apply a variety of relevant
workshop discusses the implementation challenges of 1-1            thinking tools.
computing and other technology innovations, and guides
participants in drawing up an action plan for implementing such    •   Learn and apply ‘the funnel’ as a process for generating relevant ideas
innovations in their schools.                                      •   Learn and use a range of relevant thinking tools and idea generators
                                                                   •   Discover how to steer ideas in the right direction and stay on track
                                                                   •   Instigate ‘blue-sky’ rules to make sure that ideas flourish
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