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									Category:   Error Message                                                                       Creation Date:   10/19/01 3:24 PM
Product:    Market Leader
Keywords:   Market, Leader, Error, Message, Avery, Labels, 5160
Document:   MarketLeaderError_AddressDoesNotAlignProperlyOnTheAvery5160LabelsWhenPrinting.doc

                Market Leader Error “Address Does Not Align Properly On The Avery
                                   5160 Labels When Printing”

              Occurs during the Mail Merge process. Usually appears as a vertical alignment problem where
              the address appears too high or low on the label.

              A “patch” label template is available to resolve this problem.
              Download file LBL5160.ZIP

              Save it in the DML95NT\USRRPTS folder and un-zip it.

              When creating a Mail Merge in Contact Manager select [User] LBL5160.RPT.


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