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									                                                      diabetes symptoms
     The early detection of diabetes
     symptoms and treatment can decrease
     the chance of developing diabetes.
     Some diabetes symptoms include:

             •	    Frequent urination
             •	    Excessive thirst
             •	    Extreme hunger
             •	    Unusual weight loss
             •	    Increased fatigue
             •	    Irritability
             •	    Blurry vision
             •	    Recurring infections

     Diabetes can be present even if you have no
     noticeable symptoms.

     If you think you may already have or be at risk of
     developing Type 2 diabetes, “Take The Test” at
     www.diabetesauckland.org.nz and discuss the
     results with your doctor.

     Quick Facts

     If you have a blood relative with Type 2 diabetes
     you are more likely to develop it. However Type 2
     diabetes sometimes occurs in people who have
     no-one in their family with the condition.

     Type 2 diabetes can often be postponed and
     possibly prevented.

     There are no apparent symptoms of Type 1
     diabetes until more than 90% of the insulin
     producing cells have been destroyed.

     Source: Diabetes NZ Auckland, www.diabetesauckland.org.nz               Produced in collaboration with:

Southern Cross Medical Care Society, 181 Grafton Road, Newmarket, Auckland                                     February 2009
                                        diabetes in New Zealand

     Did you know?

     19 people are diagnosed with diabetes every day in New Zealand.

     Over 160,000 people have diabetes.

     Another 160,000 people have diabetes but don’t know it.

     A further 800,000 people are at risk of developing diabetes due to being overweight
     or obese.

     Up to 80% of Type 2 diabetes is preventable.

     Many children in New Zealand are seriously overweight. Some already have
     Type 2 diabetes.

     Unite for Diabetes

     Diabetes has become so serious across the world that
     the United Nations has passed a Resolution that all
     countries need to take action on diabetes.

     Source: Diabetes New Zealand Auckland, www.diabetesauckland.org.nz.

Southern Cross Medical Care Society, 181 Grafton Road, Newmarket, Auckland        February 2009

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