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INTRODUCTION: This illusion is one of those little
gems, so simple, so easy, so AMAZING so why didn't I
learn this trick before! Well that’s what I asked myself
anyway. Read on for the effect and secret.

THE EFFECT: You take an ordinary unprepared can of drink which you have been drinking from the
whole time and defy the laws of gravity by making it balance at a 45 degree angle on a table on the
floor or any flat surface. The can it totally unsupported by you in any way.

While your spectators are stunned you pick the can back up and carry on drinking from it. Hand the
can to anyone and let them try and perform the trick - they can't - it's impossible. Unless you know the
secret of course!

Perform this illusion anywhere; at a party, at the pub, at a BBQ. Literally take any can and perform it!

• Totally impromptu • Everything can be examined
• Minimal set up • Really amazing magic
• No magnets, no strings nothing added
• Any can of drink can be used

THE SECRET: I'm sure you will agree the simplest
tricks are often the most baffling and amazing.
Well this is such a trick. You are literally drinking
the secret!

This trick is really just a simple balancing act, it                             REMAINING
looks impossible to do, but in fact is really easy!                                LIQUID

All you need to do is take any can and drink about
two thirds of it (easy job!). Whether it be a fizzy
drinks can or a beer can you need to drink (or tip out
in advance if you prefer) TWO THIRDS of the can leaving                                           Pic 1
about ONE THIRD left.

This is an approximate and you will need to experiment.
This one third remaining acts as a weight or counter balance to the rest of the can (Pic 1).

Simply place the can at a 45 degree angel so the very base of the can and side ridge acts as a
small platform. Place the can in this position then hold it there for a second or so to let the liquid settle.

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                                                Take your hand away and it should stay (Pic 2).

                                                     Let the effect sink in for a little while. Take a
                                                       good step back to prove you are not supporting
                                                         it in any way shape or form.

          SMALL                                           You can even take your hand and place it
        PLATFORM                                          over, under and around the can (being
         CREATED                                          careful not to touch it) to prove there are
                                                          no wires or anything.

                                                          The great part about this trick is that if the
Pic 2
                                                        can has too much liquid in or too little the
                                                       effect is impossible.
           Side Ridge         Base of Can
                                                   This gives you the ability to render the effect
                                                impossible by drinking more of the liquid that was left
                                           in the can and handing it out for the spectator to try and do.

It looks like the most natural thing in the world to take a few mouthfuls then hand it to them.
In fact it proves that the can is normal and not fake. If you are at a party, gathering or BBQ use
one of the host's cans it makes the effect that much more baffling!

TIP 1: You can do this trick with almost any can, I have tried with many and have had a near perfect
success rate. All fizzy drink cans have worked for me as well as most brands of beer. The only brand I
have had trouble with is Carling! Must be something to do with how they mold their cans.

TIP 2: Using a beer can (if you are old enough!) gives a better effect because the can is taller so looks
more amazing when balanced. A fizzy drinks can still looks cool but a beer can looks that much more
effective, try it!

TIP 3: You need to perform this on a relatively even surface or the can may start to turn and swing in
a circle, try it and see. Granted this looks quite cool - maybe you can develop a further effect with this?
Also try balancing the can on the edge of a table (so it hangs over) this seems to heighten the illusion.

TIP 4: If while you are performing someone grabs at the can or even picks it up they will find
nothing unusual about it. Just take the earliest opportunity to get it back so they do not try and
balance it. Say something like “Hey get your own Magic beer!” take it back and take a couple
of mouthfuls then if you wish you can let them have a go!

TIP 5: Before the balance why not rub the can on your head and say something like “I just need to
build up the static for this effect” this gives the spectators a laugh and a red herring at the same
time making them believe you are doing this with static electricity.

The beauty of this effect is that it is totally self contained and impromptu. Nothing additional added
or taken away. The best part of the effect is that once you have performed it you make it impossible
for anyone else to do it!

Have fun with this one, I know I do - but remember always practice first! :-)

    Brought to you by Learn Amazing Magic for Free!
                      Finishing up

  Well that's it for this eBook, I hope you enjoyed learning the effect
but please remember to Practice, Practice, Practice before performing :-)
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