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Breakthrough for jobseekers - Breakthrough


SARINA Russo Job Access has             He said employers benefited             Mr Ayers said the greatest
introduced new training pro-          from using the company's ser-            issue facing jobseekers was in-
grams to help workers in many         vices.                                   creasing competitiveness for
industries get through in a tough       Job Access pre-screened people         jobs.
job market.                           to the specific requirements of an
  Chief executive officer Kevin       employer.                                 EMPLOYMENT
Ayre said programs in customer          "We give employers advice and           Log on to corerronr, to
service, retailing, office adminis-   access to Government incentives          sea rch:
tration and hospitality had been      including incentives for appren-         1222 trades and services jobs
developed to give jobseekers an       ticeships and traineeships," Mr          777 sales jobs
edge when looking for work.           Ayers said.                              632 engineering jobs
  "It's vitally important to tailor     "There are also opportunities          456 hospitality and tourism jobs
programs to meet the needs of         for employers to `upskill' their         387 retail jobs
                                      current workforce with financial         2t e:diication and chi Idcorej obs
both jobseekers and employers                                                  345 administration jobs
and deliver that training where       assistance from the Common-
people need it," Mr Ayre said.        wealth Government," he said.




Work options ... Sarina Russo Job Access chief executive officer Kevin Ayre chats with a jobseeker

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