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									Assignment brief
                                        Unit 21 – Promoting & Branding in Retail Business – please note this is linked to
Unit number and title
                                        Unit 1 & Unit 12
Qualification                           BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Business
Start date                              January 2011
Deadline                                April 2011
Assessor                                L. McNeill

 P1, M1, D1, P2, P3, M2

Assignment title                        Retailing – Does Nike ticks all the boxes?

The purpose of this assignment is to:

 Enable learners to develop an understanding of the reasons why business is conducted online, considering the
 benefits, drawbacks and the effects on society. The unit also gets learners to create a website for a business need. It is
 linked to the work you will be doing for Unit 21 and work done for Unit 1.

We have experienced rapid change in UK retailing over the last 30 years. We have seen a major shift in focus from the
high street to out-of-town shopping, the emergence of a more sophisticated and demanding shopper and a general
intensification of competition as many sectors reach maturity. Since the 1990s we have witnessed the emergence of
new retail formats caused by changing customer needs, advances in technology and demographics. In this unit
learners will examine how retail businesses are organised into sectors and channels. A retail channel is the retailer’s
route to market. Developments in technology and society have resulted in a need for alternative methods of getting
goods to customers in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing trading environment. Successful retailers
identify and develop innovative ways of developing new business opportunities, including retail channels that make
best use of available information and resources.
Learners will consider and develop a brand suitable for a retail channel. They will also develop promotional materials
for the product.

Task 1
For P1 you will need to develop practical and enquiry skills and use ICT to collect information on businesses, and their
choice of sector. You will need to specifically identify:
Retail sub-sectors: product related sub-divisions of the retail industry - grocery, fashion, automotive,
electrical, health and beauty & home ware
Retail channels: outlets (shops, stores, showrooms), e-tailing, mobile technology, catalogues, home
shopping, market stalls
Retail formats and sizes: small, medium, large; convenience stores, specialist outlets, market stalls, kiosks, discounter
stores, cooperatives, franchises; department stores, superstores and hypermarkets; non store formats: mail order, E-
tailing, catalogues, telephone selling, vending
Types of location: city/town, district, out of town, retail parks, primary locations, and secondary locations; and state
whether you think these are appropriate.
                                                                                             This provides evidence for P1

Task 2
For P2 you will need to investigate the other businesses on which they rely for logistics and the supply chain; you will
need to give examples of how these businesses support the retail sector – i.e. by transport, delivery companies,
suppliers, manufacturers, computing, financial services, trades people, shop fitters, marketing and advertising agencies
                                                                                          This provides evidence for P2

Task 3
Merit-grade learners will independently carry out research with little guidance and will be able to plan and carry out
practical work to solve more complex problems. For M1 you will compare how two different chosen businesses (these
should be Coca-Cola, Marks and Spencer, McDonalds or Nike) operate in terms of channel, sub-sector, location and
                                                                                         This provides evidence for M1

 Task 4
 For D1, learners will use a wide range of resources independently and analyse the information from these to produce
 fluent explanations and discussions, using the correct technical language. All work will be planned, carried out and
 evaluated with a minimum of support. Errors will be identified and conclusions drawn.
 You need to evaluate the choice of channels for just one of your selected businesses. This needs to be detailed,
 individual and comprehensive.
                                                                                           This provides evidence for D1

 Task 5

 For P3 you will need to identify the importance of branding and promotion to retail channels. You will be allocated a
 well-established business – Coca Cola, Marks & Spencer, McDonald’s, or Nike which are active in retail channels. You
 need to consider and contrast how the organisations have used their brand name and image in promoting their
                                                                                         This provides evidence for P3

 Task 6
 For M2 you will need to compare the branding and promotion of your two different businesses. Your research will link
 well to your brand and promotion materials.
                                                                                      This provides evidence for M2

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P1 identify the various sub-sectors, channels, formats, business models and locations of retail businesses

M1 compare how two different chosen businesses operate in terms of channel, sub-sector, location and support

D1 evaluate the choice of channels for a selected business

P2 explain how other businesses support the retail sector

P3 identify the importance of branding and promotion to retail channels

M2 compare the branding and promotion of two different businesses/products

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