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					Newsletter of the London Curling Club                                                                                December 2006

                        PINK! PINK! PINK!
                       EVERYTHING PINK!

                                                Curl for the Cure
               Women’s Charity Bonspiel 10th Anniversary
 Pink was the colour and fundraising was the theme at the 10th Annual Curl for the Cure Women’s Charity Bonspiel held on Saturday,
 November 18th. 24 teams from the Guelph, Highland, London, Ilderton, St. Thomas and Woodstock Curling Clubs were piped onto
 the ice by Natasha Ohler, London Police, Pipe and Drum Band.

 It was a tremendously successful event, raising a total of $33,530.30, which greatly exceeded our highest expectations -$2,880
 Registration, $21,718 Participant Pledges, $3,700 Kellogg’s Employees’ Pledges, $3,882.50 Silent Auction, $1,087 Raffle, $156.80
 Christmas Cookie Raffle, $22 “Pink It Up” Hair Spray and $84 Miscellaneous Sales. This increases the fundraising total to over a
 quarter of a million dollars ($251,065.96) since Curl for the Cure was introduced to the London Curling Club in 1997!!

 Congratulations to Debbie McRitchie (Woodstock), Laura Rozon, Cindy Thom, Sheila Dempster, Katie Lambert and Diane Goldstein,
 who raised $1,776, $1,302, $1,060, $500, $425, and $400 in pledges, respectively. $32,443.30 was donated to Rethink Breast
 Cancer to help to support research at the London Regional Cancer Centre. $1,087 was donated to Wellspring, in memory of Kit

 Congratulations to LCC’s team of Miolyka Steele, (Skip), Judy Clark (Vice), Cheryl Phillips (Second) and Doris Brooke (Lead), who
 won the first draw and to the St. Thomas team of Nancy McLeish (Skip), Gwen Roberts (Vice), Liz Tofflemire (Second) and Jennifer
 Barnes (Lead), who won the second draw and the “Curl for the Cure - Kit Benson Memorial Trophy”.

 Thanks to all participants, to all those who sponsored the participants and to all those who donated items for the Silent Auction, Prize
 Table, Raffle, Food Table and Gift Bags. A special thanks to the London Curling Club for donating the ice and club facilities and for
 the tremendous assistance provided by their staff to host this event. Thanks to Committee Members (Andrea Child, Maureen
 Cloghesy, Bev McDonald, Lesley Steele and Pat Steele) and to Volunteers (Jean Cameron, Marilyn Case, Zann Charlton, Pat
 Chater, Jill Day, Marjorie Dool, Paul Downing, Ed Harrison, Terry Kelly, Bill McDonald, Jessie McLean, Carol Moir, Paul Reily, Karen
 Shearer, Marnie Sherritt, Harry Steele, Marilynne Van Buskirk and Ken Walmsley), who helped to make this a truly successful event.
 Thanks to all for joining us in the fight to end breast cancer.

                                  Thanks to all for a great day of fun, fellowship and good curling!

                                      What a fabulous way to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!!!

                       Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!
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                                                                                                   VALENTINES DANCE
                What is PIPEDA?
It is Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic                            Plan on attending London Curling Club's 4th annual
Documents Act.                                                                           Valentine Dinner, Saturday Feb. 10, 2007.

How does this affect members of the LCC? Well, under the                                 Enjoy appetizers at 6 p.m., followed by another
Act we are required to collect your signature as to your                                 wonderful dinner by Linda Arthur.
consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal
information.                                                                              Finish off the evening with some cool jazz and blues
                                                                                         with Karen LaRose, accompanied by Ian Green on
This information is used by the Club Staff and by other                                  piano.
members to contact you, when necessary. If you have any
questions, please read the detailed LCC Privacy Policy, which                            Tickets $35/person Available Dec. 1 from Jean
is posted in the downstairs lounge.                                                      Walmsley, Bruce and Mary Lois Cooper.

You only need to sign once and we keep your signature on                                                           See you there!
file. However, some of our members have not yet done so. If
you are one of those members, you will be approached in the
next few weeks, so that we can bring that file up to date.

      Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
                                                                                 Friday Night Mixed League:
                                           Marg Sirna
                                                                                 Under The Volcano have been a great supporter in our fundraising
                                                                                 efforts and a regular advertiser in Rock Talk. They provided hot
                                                                                 appetizers two years ago for the 7 PM draw, a catered dinner for
        AROUND THE HOUSE                                                         last years pot luck and GIFT CERTIFICATES for this year.

                                                                                 HOT DINNER DEAL --- GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST!
   a new computer has been purchased for the LCC
   manager and we now own all the software used by
                                                                                 For only $10.00 you can buy a $20.00 Gift Certificate for Under
   our computers.
                                                                                 the Volcano with no restrictions or limit on when you use it.

                                                                                 This will make a great stocking stuffer, a gift for a friend or a night
      SPECIAL THANK-YOU!                                                         out for yourself. A $20.00 dollar value for only $10.00 and half of
                                                                                 that comes right back to the club.
Many Thanks to Ron McLennan for the materials, time and
quality of construction of the key security box, broom storage                   How many do you want??
cube, and STOH cabinet.
                                    Fay Weiler-LCC President                     First Draw winners are:
                                                                                 Flight 1 --- Ken Walmsley Team
                               SPARES!!                                          Flight 2 --- Laurie McKenna Team
                                                                                 Flight 3 --- Doug Weir Team
                               Reminder!                                                                                     UNDER
                                                                                 Flight 4 --- Mike Bancroft Team                     THE VOL
                                                                                 Flight 5 --- George Hebert Team
   Only those holding full club membership may spare in in-
   club leagues and events!                                                      Flight 6 --- Bob LaRose Team
                                                                                                                              Don Agnew Convenor
                                         Fay Weiler-LCC President

                                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS                  CLUB STAFF                                  WEBSITE        Eric Duggan
                                             EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                 Club Manager             Ken Walmsley
                                             President Fay Weiler                Office Manager           Barb Colbourn
                                             Vice President Marg Sirna           Head Ice Technician        Kevin Breivik
                                             Past President Garry Thompson                                                   ROCK TALK        Karen Lowry
                                                                                    Ice Assistants            Ed Jermyn
                                             Treasurer Doug Hamather                                                         Telephone (519) 472-1625
                                             Secretary Lil Richardson                                       Scott Sinclair
                                                                                                              Ryan Miller    Email
   LONDON CURLING CLUB                       BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                                                                             Issue Deadlines:
                                                Marc Claveau, Bruce Cooper,      Bar Coordinator           John Spetman
           377 Lyle Street
                                                 Bob Davis, Marnie Dickout,        Bar Staff                  Les Sonier               January 5
      London, Ontario N5W 3R5
                                              Sylvia Leuszler, Guiti Massoumi,                         Cassandria Watson
        Telephone (519) 432-3882
                                                                                 Housekeeper                Anne LePage
    E-mail                 Don Whitred
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                                                      Junior Curling

The junior program has 38 high school aged curlers registered this year. We held a “bring a buddy day” on November 19 and had a
handful of friends show up to try the game out. It looks like we may get four new curlers from this fun day.

We have been working on skill development early on this season. Thanks to Darren Chapman and his video equipment, we have
been taping the curler’s delivery and analyzing them in one-on-one sessions with Darren. This has proved to be an excellent tool to
fine tune deliveries with results that pay off right away. Darren, a certified coach, will be working with curlers throughout the season
using the video equipment to enhance their game.

I would also like to thank Teresa Easter who has been working hard with the new curlers, teaching them the basics of the game and
Derrick Shadlock who is helping with organizing teams each week. This program does not happen without a lot of support from
volunteers. Thanks guys!

The Juniors curl on Sundays from 1:30 – 3:30. For more information, you can call me at 519 439-7105 or by email at
                                                                                             Rick Battson
                                                                                             Junior Convener

                               Date:                Saturday, Jan 27, 2007
                                                    2 Draws 9:00 am & 11:00 am
                               Place:               London Curling Club
                               Entry:               $120 per team
                                                    (Includes Continental Breakfast, Lunch and
                                                    Prizes for everyone)

                          Make cheque postdated to Jan 5, 2007 payable to the London Curling Club
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     Elementary School Age Curling                              Evening Miller
                                                                The Second Draw is now underway. After the play in the 1st draw,
               League                                           several teams in each of the flights ended up with similar records. As
                                                                well, there were many reports of ’good games' being played
The Elementary School Age Curling league is for young           throughout the league.
curlers in Grade Three to Grade Eight. I’m pleased to report
that this year we have 44 participants.                         Please remember that all teams are asked to not start a new end of
                                                                play after 10 minutes to the hour. This is to give the ice-team time to
 We offer an instructional program that teaches the basic       prepare the ice so that the next game can start on time. Thank you for
skills of curling in a fun and safe atmosphere. The emphasis    your co-operation!
is on having fun and developing new friendships both on and
off the ice. Curling is on Sunday afternoons from 3:30 - 5:30   A Questionnaire-Request for Feedback is to be distributed to the
pm.                                                             skips. We are looking forward to receiving valued input from all the
                                                                teams and any interested individuals.
This year we have many new beginners. They are doing a
great job, learning how to slide and throw the rock. Our        The information will be compiled and shared with you in upcoming
young curlers will enthusiastically tell you that "Curling is   issues of the Rock Talk.
fun!!“                                                          Please drop off your replies to my attention at the Bar, by December
The success of our program would not be possible without
the many people that volunteer their time.. We have many        League members have been keeping busy at various area Spiels this
parents who donate a Sunday afternoon to help the kids with     Fall. Congratulations to Jeff & Wes of the Armstrong rink, our
the skills of the game and to make their time more fulfilling   icemaker Kevin, Peter McKinley, and the Ean MacDonald rink (incl. D.
                                                                Heinrichs,T. Ellwood & B. Bourdeau). They have been playing well &
Special thank you to our On Ice instructors, Caroline,          getting to the Prize Table.
Michael, Brian and Steve, and our Junior member, Terralyn.
Thanks to Cynthia Simpson and Sherri Nichols for keeping        Quick Notes: the second draw schedule & spare lists are posted on
us informed about the bonspiels. Finally, thank you to the      the website. Please be sure your results are recorded on the
young curlers who come out every Sunday ready to curl and       corrected Score Sheet
have fun.
                                                                Please be sure to circle Saturday, March 10, 2007 on your calendar.
We are looking forward to our Winter Party on December          Details will be forthcoming on a Fun Day planned for this day at the
17th . Back by popular demand will be" curling for ice          Club... Stay Tuned!
cream". Winning a block of "Rolo Ice cream" is every young
curler’s dream prize!!                                          Hurry Hard!
                                     Linda Whidden                                                       Ken McKinley

Morning Smile!
Where does a snowman keep his
In a snow bank - of course!

    Dena Nicholls                  Lesley Dodge
       Discount Vacation Packages Available
        200 Queens Avenue, Suite 107, London, ON N6A 1J3
                T: (519) 642-1492 F: (519) 642-1483
                     Toll Free: 1-800-256-2907
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 The Juniors had 2 teams enter zones the weekend of November 17-19; Luke Grasby is also in along with Kevin Battson, Chenyang
 Li, Jonathon Zettler and Mike Battson as 5th. David Easter, Aaron Chapman, Eric Ledreff-Kerwin and Curtis Easter.

 The Junior program is coming along VERY strongly averaging around 24 kids/Sunday and they are a great bunch of curlers.
 Team Grasby battled Ilderton (lost), Kingsville (a resounding win) and then, unfortunately, had to play Team Easter for a berth in the
 B-Side semi-finals. Team Easter won, with great shot-making by both teams, but in particular a brilliant draw by Grasby to avoid
 Easter potentially stealing 4 in one end.

 Team Easter lost to Ilderton (Liscumbe) Sunday morning in the semi-finals in a close, 10-end game.

 We are so pleased that both teams not only played well, but also were gentlemen, both on and off the ice. At this competitive level,
 we sometimes see behaviour that is a little less than desirable, but we can all be proud of their performance and how well they
 represented LCC. A special thanks to coaches Darren Chapman and Brian Sheardown (HCC) for supporting the curlers and being at
 Zones with them.
 Thanks to the club for ALL the support and encouragement that you have given these young curlers. Team Easter will take the
 experience of Junior Zones with them to Bantam Zones in January. “Congratulations”, we are proud of you!!!

 The Men have one team entering the TSC Stores Tankard zones December 8-10th at the Ridgetown Curling Club. Ean MacDonald,
 David Heinrichs, Ted Ellwood and Bob Bourdeau “Good Luck” from All of Us!!

 No teams entered in the Senior Women or Scotties Tournament of Hearts Events.

                       Keep checking your bulletin boards for curling updates
                       Competition entry forms are posted for upcoming events. Take special notice of the Club and Zone Closing
                       OCA Stick Delivery Rules along with Stick Rule Clarification.
 “A curler using a stick must deliver all their rocks with the same type of device during any particular game” have been posted on the
 Men’s and Women’s Bulletin Boards.
                                                                                     Teresa Easter, David Peeling & Sylvia Leuszler

                                                                                                            CIBC World Markets Inc.
                                                                                                            One London Place
                                                                                                            255 Queens Avenue, Ste. 2200
                                                                         Richard J. Nemeth                  London, ON N6A 5R8
                                                                         Vice President
                                                                         Investment Advisor
                                                                                                            Tel: (519) 640-7740
                                                                                                            Fax: (519) 663-5037
                                                                         CIBC Wood Gundy is a division of
                                                                         CIBC World Markets Inc.            Toll Free: 1-800-265-5982
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                                                                      The Thursday Business Women's league is in full swing and
Fund Raiser – Theatre Night (Sheila Novlan)
                                                                      even though it is early in the season the caliber of play is of very
Our second fund-raising event for the season was held on              high quality. After the first 5 games the top three teams in the
                                                                      league are Team B. Heinrichs, Team M. Steele and Team C.
November 2, raising $265 for LCC’s Capital Fund. “Ethan
Claymore” was a production of the London Community Players and
a joint fund-raising effort with the Palace Theatre. The next
                                                                      Several OCA events are coming up for the ladies and we
Theatre Night will be held on Thursday, March 1, 2007 with the
performance of “Return Engagement”. This brings our fund-raising      encourage you to take a look at the OCA board in the locker
total to $936. Thanks to all those who purchased tickets and          room and sign up for an event. Good experience, good curling
                                                                      and good fun!
supported our second fund-raising effort.
                                                                      Our Christmas party is set for Dec. 21 and lots of great things
Young and Company (Karen Lowry, Convenor/Marg Sirna, Co-
                                                                      are being planned. Mark the date in your calendar and come
                                                                      out for an evening of fun, food and surprises!!
This event has been sponsored by Young and Company since
1969 and we can count on their continued sponsorship next year.
32 curlers participated in this six-week event during the period of                                         Beth Heinrichs
October 12 to November 16. Bill Young of Young and Company
presented prizes to the winning team of Dot MacRae, Lois Wright,
Barb Gordon and Carolyn Petley. Jean Glendenning’s team won            Christmas Party
second place and third place was won by Marilyn Wearring’s team.       Wednesday, December 13 at 9:00 am - 1:30 pm. Curling,
The participants provided the lunch, which was enjoyed by              lunch, prizes, great fun and fellowship. Tickets can be
everyone. Congratulations to the winners of this event.                purchased for $8 from Marj Dudley, Convenor or Penny Brown,
                                                                       Co-Convenor. Past and social members are also invited to
Early Bird Bonspiel (Sharon Sivak, Convenor/Marianne LaRose,           attend. Donations for “My Sister’s Place” will be collected at the
Co-Convenor)                                                           party. A list of their needs is posted in the Ladies’ Locker
Twelve teams (six in-club and six out-of-club) participated in this
fun event on November 20. Congratulations to the winners Jane          Bernie’s
Galloway and her team of Diane Winser, Susan Davies and Barb           Tuesday, January 2 - Tuesday, January 30 at 1:15 pm (11:15
Prohaska from the Ilderton Curling Club.                               am, if required). Sign up until December 14. (Pam Harrison,
 Many thanks to our sponsor Joyce Jeanette Hetherington, one of        Convenor/Bonny Shawyer, Co-Convenor)
the five “Jeanettes”.
                                                                       Women’s Social
Thanks to Karen Lowry/Marg Sirna and Sharon Sivak/Marianne             Wednesday, January 3 - Wednesday, March 21 at 9:30 am.
LaRose for convening these very successful events.                     Sign up until December 20. (Marilynne Van Buskirk,
                                                                       Convenor/Doreen Carrothers, Co-Convenor)
Please check the bulletin board and sign up sheets announcing
the following:                                                         Grandmothers’ Bonspiel
                                                                       Wednesday, January 17 at 9:00 & 11:00 am. Sign up until
Upcoming Events:                                                       December 15. (Dot MacRae, Convenor/Cathy Townsend, Co-
Flip Flop Fun Day
Tuesday, December 12 at 1:15 pm. Sign up until December 5.             Carson Curl for Cancer
(Jean Cameron, Convenor)                                               Wednesday, February 21. Items for the Silent Auction and
                                                                       Raffle Table can be donated to Sylvia Leuszler, Convenor or
                                                                       Marj Dudley, Co-Convenor.
                                                       Pam Harrison Vice Chair
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 It is with sad regrets and our deepest condolences to his
 family that we mark the passing of fellow Senior Member, Bob
 Scruton, on November 12th at 79 years of age.

 On a more pleasant note a warm welcome back to “Charmin”,
 Phil Charmin, after a years absence.

 As of this date we have had 78 individuals who have curled at
 least once this season. November, as usual, has been an
 active month with bonspiels and inter-club competitions.

  On November 1st, 20 teams, on two flights, vied for top
 honours. Flight “A”, made up of 12 teams, was won by our
 own Chuck Townsend, with his team of Dave Gray, Barry
 Montgomery and Laurie McKenna. Finishing second was the
 team skipped by Roland Groulx of St. Thomas. Flight “B”,
 made up of 8 teams also spelled success for our club with
 Garry Thompson’s team of Geoff Clays, Paul Melles and Ray
 McCorquodale taking top position while the team skipped by
 Roger LeBlanc, with Bob Davis, Dave Wilson and Al Starratt
 finished second.

  Roger’s hot pace in November continued with a win in the
 Tier 55 at Alymer as he skipped his team of Garry Thompson,
 Bob Davis and Peter Jackson to victory. Also, the talents of
 our membership once again rose to the surface when the
 team of Bob Hart, Bob Freel, Bob Wakefield and Dick Lapp
 captured 1st place at the Tier 55 held in St. Thomas on
 November 17th. Congratulations, and a tip of the hat to all.

 The first leg of the home and home series with St. Thomas C.
 C., better know as the Medcalf Trophy, was held on
 November 7th with the LCC team ending up on top by 21
 points. Second leg will be held at the LCC in the new year.

 Our annual Highland Friendly was held on November 21st at
 Highland C.C.. After a strong effort by our club members in the
 first 6 ends we lead by 4 points but were unable to hold off
 Highland in the second 6 ends to end up down, 64 to 57
 points. Revenge will come on February 6, 2007, when
 Highland visits the LCC and will cede the overall trophy for the
 second year in a row.

 On October 23rd, the writer had the distinct privilege of
 presenting the “Spirit of Curling” Award to Bruce Cooper. It
 would be very difficult to find a more worthy individual based
 on Bruce’s dedication and tireless efforts on behalf of the LCC.

 The annual Sifton Classic will be held at the LCC, as usual on
 November 28 and 29 with 32 teams from South Western
 Ontario participating. Our local club is due to win. Stay tuned
 for the results.

 The Senior Men’s Christmas Luncheon will be held on
                                                                       R&R Massage Therapy
 December 19th after the 9:15 a.m. draw. Sign up sheet is on               “We supply Relaxation & Rehabilitation”
 the bulletin board.
                     Bob Hyatt, President
                                                                                                      Lisa Porter, RMT
                                                                                                         (519) 438-8272
                                                                                                         27 Askin Street
                                                                    “You Need R&R”             London, Ontario N6C 1E2
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2     Bantam/Junior LCC Bonspiel
9     Fundraiser LCC Spiel
                                                                                          A WORD FROM THE PRO SHOPPE
12    Flip Flop Fun Day
13    Women’s Christmas Party                                                             Time is running out to guarantee delivery before Christmas
19    Senior Men’s Christmas Party                                                        on ex-stock items from our fine line of clothing. Embroidered
24-25 Club Closed                                                                         items requiring pre-Christmas delivery must be ordered by
26    Open Curling -Reservation Required                                                  December the 8th. at the latest.
27-31 Club Closed
JANUARY--                                                                                  So why not consider a Unisex Select Jacket, a ladies Fleece
1     Club closed                                                                         Vest, an embroidered Golf Shirt, or an embroidered
5     Tier 55                                                                             turtleneck, in both ladies and men’s sizes? These are just a
13    City of London Bonspiel                                                             few of the many available items.
17    Grandmother’s Bonspiel
20    3M Bonspiel                                                                         Still thinking of a new pair of curling shoes? Why not a pair
27    LCC Spring Thaw Mixed Bonspiel                                                      of the Allegro, Edge or one of the various weight distribution
                                                                                          shoes – all available through your Pro Shoppe.

                                                                                          We also have a large inventory of brooms, stop watches,
                                                                                          delivery aids, gloves, mitts and curling pants.

                                                                                          Still not sure? How about a gift certificate? Available from
                                                                                          $10 and up.

                                                                                          So this Christmas, please consider a purchase from your
                                                                                          London Curling Club Pro Shoppe.

                                                                                                And remember - our prices include taxes.

                                                                     How long is a sheet of ice? A regulation sheet of ice is 146’ hack to hack.
                                                                     How far does a curler go per game? If a person sweeps all of the other members of
                                                                     the team’s rock, they travel 684’ within the tee lines per game.

                                                                                                 Great Christmas Gift!!
                                                                         Here is a suggestion for a gift for that “hard-to-buy-for” curler you know. Dallas
                                                                         Bittle of Calgary and Gerry Geurts of London have published the 2nd edition
                                                                         (2006-07) of a wonderful book of statistical information about curling.

                                                                          The Black Book of Curling is all about crunching numbers from the game
 PRESENT THIS COUPON AND GET                                             of curling and figuring out which ones are important and which aren’t. “In

                 $10 OFF
                                                                         essence, what sabermetrics is to baseball, the Black Book is to curling”
                                                                         (CanWest News Service, Allen Cameron). For example - can you name the best
 BUY ONE ENTRÉE AT REGULAR PRICE AND GET                                 men’s curling team in the world last season? If you named Brad Gushue, David
  $10 OFF THE SECOND LOWER-PRICED ENTREE                                 Murcodk, Jean-Michel Menard, Kevin Martin or Randy Ferbey I am sorry, but
                                                                         you are wrong!!! The Black Book puts out a persuasive argument that it is,
                                                                         indeed, Glenn Howard of Coldwater, Ontario.
                                     215 Piccadilly St.
                                                                          If you are curious about how they arrived at this answer, get online at
                                         at Richmond            and order your copy of the Black Book of Curling now!
                                             435-1197                    For only $18.95 plus $5.95 shipping you can get all the statistical information
                                                                         about curling you could ever want.

 Sorry, not valid on Friday and Saturday evenings after 5 p.m. due        Gerry resides in London and has offered to come to our club to talk about the
 to limited seating. With coupon only. Not with other coupons or
                                                                         book, bring some for those who want to see it and answer any questions we
         promotions. Coupon expires December 31, 2006.
                                                                         might have. If you would like any additional information please contact
                                                                         RockTalk. (PS. Money raised from sales of the Black Book helps the
                                                                         administration of the World Curling Tour and sites)