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					                                                           Wimbledon Championships 2007
                                                                       Transport Service

     Thank you for your interest in the position of driver for Wimbledon 2007.

     Applicants must have held a manual driving licence for at least five years and have a
     good driving knowledge of SW and Central London.

     All drivers have to work a shift system, which means two drivers share the same
     vehicle and work alternate morning and evening shifts each day. The only drivers
     who will not have to share their vehicle will be those working a split shift, which allows
     them a break during the afternoon before returning for duty early evening giving them
     sole use of their vehicle throughout the tournament. Successful applicants will be
     advised of their shift patterns and where possible these times will be adhered to.
     However, we do require a degree of flexibility from you and reserve the right to
     change the shift times if necessary giving as much notice as possible.

     Car Drivers
     Subject to availability you can select your preference of contract as shown on the
     application form. Please note that on the final Wednesday of the Championships we
     reduce the driving team by a small number and would ask you to indicate on your
     application if you wish to be one of these drivers.

     Salaries will be paid directly into your bank account by the end of July. PAYE and N.I
     will be deducted at the basic rate. The hourly rate is £7.75 plus holiday entitlement of
     1 day for 2-week contracts and 1.5 days for 3-week contracts.

     Training (2 days)
     This is a compulsory part of the driver contract. All new drivers must attend a free
     two-day training programme during the period Sat 9th June to Wed 13th June. We
     will confirm in writing, which days you are required to attend but please note that only
     one of these days will be during the weekend. We cannot employ anyone who does
     not attend the training days allocated.

           Lectures:           Safety issues and procedures
           Practical:          Vehicle familiarisation
                               Driving and road skills
                               Route knowledge

     Should you be selected for interview, these will be held at the All England Lawn
     Tennis Club and we would ask you to indicate on your application form any days that
     you may be unavailable during April/May. Please note you will be required to bring
     along 2 written character references to this interview (at least one should be from a
     professional referee on headed paper).

            All applications must have a covering letter quoting reference W107

Corniche Events Limited
Hoppingwood Farm Robin Hood Way London SW20 OAB
phone 020 8949 2628 fax 020 8949 8002 email info@corniche-events.com
website www.corniche-events.com
Company registered in England No 5246902
                                                               Wimbledon Championships 2007
                                                                      Driver Application Form

                                           To avoid disappointment please complete and return asap

   Surname:                         First name:           Other Initials:             Mr / Mrs /Ms /Other

   Permanent address:                                     Temporary address during Championships:
                                                          (if perm address is not within 10 miles of Wimbledon)

   Post Code                                              Post Code
   Tel No                                                 Tel No
   Mobile Tel Number                                      E-mail address

   Date of Birth:                                         National Insurance Number

   Qualified First Aider? Yes/No                          Vegetarian? Yes/No

   Current Employment Status:
   (Please enclose employment history or CV with this application)

   Driving Licence Number                       No of Years Held
                                                Qualified for manual cars? Yes/No
   PCV Licence? Yes/No                          No.of Years Held
   Clean Driving Licence? Yes/No If No, please list below:-
   Date of Conviction            Offence Code                       Penalty Points

   Driving Experience (Please circle as appropriate)

   Previous Wimbledon driving experience? Yes/No                       Dates:

   Experience of driving in Central London? Daily/Weekly/Monthly

   Experience of driving in SW London? Daily/Weekly/Monthly

   Any accidents or claims during the past two year? Yes/No
   If yes please provide details on a separate sheet

   Have you ever been prosecuted by the Police? Yes/No
   If yes, please provide details

Corniche Events Limited
Hoppingwood Farm Robin Hood Way London SW20 OAB
phone 020 8949 2628 fax 020 8949 8002 email info@corniche-events.com
website www.corniche-events.com
Company registered in England No 5246902
Contracts Available:

                Contract 1                                             Contract 2
                Car Drivers                                            Car Drivers
Duration          3 weeks                              Duration           2 weeks
Dates                                                  Dates
                         th             th                                      rd          th
Contract 1        Sat 16 June - Sun 8 July             Contract 2         Sat 23 June - Sun 8 July
                        th            th                                        rd            th
Contract 1A       Sat 16 June – Wed 4 July             Contract 2A        Sat 23 June - Wed 4 July
                Contract 3                                             Contract 4
              Transit Drivers                                        Transit Drivers
Duration          3 weeks                              Duration           2 weeks
                        th           th                                         th           th
Dates             Sat 16 June – Sun 8 July             Dates              Mon 25 June - Sun 8 July

Please indicate your preferred choice of contract (subject to availability):-

        First Preference:                    Contract………….
        Second Preference                    Contract………….
        Third Preference                     Contract………….

Please enclose the following with this application (please tick)

       Covering Letter of Application quoting reference W107               •
       Copy of Driving Licence including counterpart section               •
       Copy of Photo Page of Passport                                      •
       Completed Clothes Size Sheet                                        •
       Full CV                                                             •

                              Important Notice - Information Disclosure

Information provided as part of this application may be shared with the Police, the Home Office
and other law enforcement agencies in order to protect the safety of those working and/or
visiting The Championships.

I certify that the above is a true and honest statement and that I have no other commitments
that would prevent me from working at the Wimbledon 2007 Championships. I accept the strict
duty of confidentiality which will apply to any information gained through my employment.

I recognise that the provision of a false cv or other information in an attempt to obtain
employment is a serious misrepresentation and is likely to constitute a criminal offence. I
confirm I am not employed by or a provider of freelance services for any media organisation
and I am not intending to use the role for the benefit of ANY media-related purposes.

Signature                                                   Date
                                                         Wimbledon Championships 2007
                                                                    Drivers’ Size Sheet


Ladies & Mens Jacket (please tick)
Size                          S                M                  L                   XL             XXL
To Fit (Chest)           34 - 38           40 – 42                44              46 - 50            52+

Ladies & Mens Polo Shirt (please tick)
Size                      XS              S               M              L                 XL         XXL
To Fit (Chest)          35 - 36       37 - 38           39 - 40        41 - 42         43 - 44       45 - 46

Ladies Chino Trouser (please enter inside leg measurement)
Size                      8               10              12             14                16          18
To Fit (Waist)            23              25              27             29                31          33
Inside Leg

Mens Chino Trouser (please tick)
Size (Waist)             30          32            34             36             38             40      42
Short-29” Leg
Reg-31” Leg
Long-33” Leg

   When filling out this size sheet, please make sure you measure yourself carefully. We will have
 clothes made to the sizes submitted for all successful candidates. It is important that your sizes are
                      correct to ensure your comfort for the duration of this event.

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