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									                                          PROPOSITION A/AA PROJECT STATUS
                                                 As of July 25, 2007

1 Fire Service Road:

    This project was substantially complete on April 10, 2007. The new switchgear is operational and Southern
    California Edison (SCE) completed their transfer of power to the new gear over the spring break.

    A.    The punch list is 100% complete.
    B.    Substantial Completion was issued. Final payment is being processed.

2 Install Seven Temporary Classrooms near Men's PE

    The   project is a new one that was created to off set the increased attendance for the Fall Quarter.
    A.    The architect will complete their performance based plans and specifications by July 20, 2007.
    B.    The project will be advertised, bid and awarded on August 22, 2007.
    C.    The classrooms will be operational except for specialty items for the Fall Quarter opening.

3 Haul Road

    The   Haul Road was approved by Culver City for bidding and the bids were received on July 24.
    A.    The draft mitigation plan for the haul road was forwarded for comment June 14, 2007.
    B.    The project received a low bid on July 25, 2007 of $166,000.
    C.    The contract will be awarded on August 8, 2007.

4 Sound Blanket

    This project will follow the Haul Road. The HOA has agreed to support this project in association with the Haul
    A. The schedule is to advertise, bid and award by August 22, 2007 and commence construction on September
         1, 2007.

5 Soccer Field, Baseball Field, and Temp Parking

    The plans and specifications for the baseball field, soccer field and parking area between the north end of the
    baseball field and the south end of parking lot # 5 are complete.
        This project was advertised and received bids July 17, 2007. The low bid is $447,300 from the Lighthart
    B. The project will be awarded August 8, 2007.

6 A-9 Renovation for Classroom and Office Use

    A scope of work for the new architect regarding the initial removal of ceiling tile to ascertain existing conditions
    was approved by the BOT on June 27, 2007.
    A. The demolition contractor removed the ceiling tile and disposed of same on July 17, 2007.
    B. The new architect will visit A-9 and review the ceiling conditions and the walls.
    C. The architect will prepare a plan to make the existing space usable.
    D.    The contractor will construct the new walls, ceiling and install the carpet from the library on the floors.

          The contractor will remove the existing concrete stairs in two locations and install a new landing and ramp
          that are handicap accessible.

7 Tree Buffer

    The project was advertised on June 8, 2007 and bid on July 3, 2007.
    A. The low bid of $185,000 was received from G. Coast Construction, Inc.
    B. The project will be awarded August 8, 2007.

8   Complete the Demolition of the Child Care Center

    This is a completion project for the Child Care Center located in Parking Lot #5.
    A. The project includes removal of conduit and relocation of electrical panels and asphalt paving.

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                                        PROPOSITION A/AA PROJECT STATUS
                                               As of July 25, 2007

9   Stocker Berm

    This project was disapproved by SCE.
    A. Plan B needs to be considered. A wall along Stocker Street, on WLAC's property is one option.
    B. An interim sound blanket along "C" Street, adjacent to Lots 8 and 8A, is another alternative.

10 Call for Assistance Phones

    This project is under further review by the campus.

11 Parking Garage/South Entry Plaza/Lot 8A

    The advertisement process commenced in mid June.
    A. A mitigation plan for this project was sent out to all parties for comment on June 18.
    B. The project will bid on August 9, 2007 and be awarded on August 22, 2007.

12 Recycling Center

    A design contract is in place. This project requires that the construction contract be completed by April 30, 2008
    to be eligible for the State Matching funds.
    A. The existing trash compactor will be relocated as a part of the Math Science Building project.
    B. The design documents will be ready for approval on September 12.
    C. The project will be advertised, bid and awarded by November 16, 2007.

13 Athletic Field Grandstand, Restroom and Concession Building and Parking Lot Paving

    This project will replace the previous project that did not go forward. The ACSA architectural firm was contracted
    on June 27.
    A. The design completion is scheduled for October 1, 2007.
    B. The DSA process will take an estimated six months.
    C. The project will be bid in March 2008 and construction substantially complete by 9/1/08.

14 Maintenance Storage Building -- approximately 2,000 square feet

    This project is a replacement for storage lost to the new mini central plant.
    A. The building will be sited near the existing maintenance building.

15 Buildings B1, B2 and B3 Removal

    This project is required to provide emergency fire vehicle access at the east side of the campus.
    A.   A design proposal was received from Jubany-NAC Architects and is BOT approved.
    B.   This project is scheduled to begin construction 6/1/2008 and be completed 12/15/2008.

16 HLRC ADA Upgrades

    This project is a requirement of DSA. Included in this project is the ADA compliance for access, door hardware,
    bathrooms , and IT upgrades to provide for correct switches.
    A. The ACSA architectural firm will provide a scoping document.
    B. A follow on proposal will identify all of the ADA issues based on the scoping document.

17 Student Service Annex

    The designer provided two models for consideration. The College selected the model that would provide for a
    “Green” roof. The architect will now proceed with schematic design completion.
    A.   The schematic design was reviewed and approved by the President on July 19.

18 Utility Infrastructure Upgrades

    This includes a revision to the existing Master Plan for infrastructure modernization, including voice over internet
    protocol (VOIP)

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                                        PROPOSITION A/AA PROJECT STATUS
                                               As of July 25, 2007
19 Central Plant

   Ameresco delivered the mini central plant design development drawings at the end of April. LACCD’s consultant is
   interfacing with Ameresco regarding the costs for the plant. Ameresco submitted a proposal that included several
   additions that LACCD’s consultant considers inclusive in their scope of work.

   A.   Construction start is scheduled for October 2008 with completion in August 2009.
   B.   Design Development drawings will be 100% complete

20 Math & Science Building/East Plaza

   This project has DSA approval and is scheduled for advertising, bidding and award at the end of August 2007.
   A.   The mitigation plan will be prepared for distribution at the end of August 2007.
   B.   The schedule is to award the construction contract in the month of October 2007.

21 Student Services & General Classroom Bldg’s/Green

   These projects were delivered to DSA on January 5. With the expedited DSA review process, the access and fire
   life safety portions were completed March 20. The final structural review was completed on June 12.

        Corrections are being made by the architect. The accelerated DSA review process is scheduled for completion
        in August 2007 if the published DSA MOU is adhered too by DSA.
   B.   The mitigation plan will be prepared for distribution early in August 2007.
   C.   The project will be advertised, bid and awarded commencing September 2007.
   D.   The projected construction start date is December 2007.

22 Demolition of Old "A" Bldgs & Parking Lots

   This project follows all other projects.

23 Permanent Road/Express Pipe

   This project is known as the "flip" and when the final drawings are received, the project will be placed on hold.
   The Express Pipe, Muskat property is currently being placed under “Eminent Domain” procedures for future
   acquisition. The “flip” will not be required because of the condemnation process.

   A.   The project has several significant aspects.
        1. Muskat Acquisition.
        2. Acquisition of Vickers permanent road property.
        3. The costs for PXP Exploration to relocate utilities.
        4. The permanent road and sound wall construction.

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                                                             PROPOSITION A/AA PROJECT STATUS
                                                                    As of July 25, 2007

                                                                   Proposition A/AA Projects
                                                                               Updated 06/22/07
                                                             Costs Required   Design                               Contract /                                 Final
                                                                                                  Bid / Quote                   Construction   Completion
                           Project                           to Complete as Completion                            Quote Award                               Occupancy
                                                                                                   Due Date                      Start Date      Date
                                                                of 5/31/07     Date                                  Date                                     Date

(1) Fire Service Road                                        $       677,718     Complete             Complete      Complete      Complete      Complete     Complete

(2) Provide Seven (7) Temporary Classrooms                   $       400,000     7/20/2007            8/14/2007     8/18/2007     8/19/2007     9/1/2007     9/30/2007

(3) Haul Road                                                $       900,000     12/4/2006             7/9/2007     7/25/2007     7/26/2007     9/15/2007    10/1/2007

(4) Sound Blanket                                            $     1,300,000     12/4/2006            7/24/2007     8/8/2007      8/15/2007     9/15/2007   10/15/2007
(5) Baseball Field Turf, Soccer Field Turf and Temp 60 Car
                                                             $       650,000      5/1/2007            6/15/2007     7/8/2007      7/26/2007    10/15/2007   10/30/2007
Parking Lot
(6) Demolition of Child Care Center                          $        40,000     7/15/2007            9/1/2007      9/15/2007     9/25/2007    11/25/2007   11/30/2007

(7) A-9 Health Care Refinish                                 $        28,000     6/30/2007             8/1/2007     8/8/2007      8/15/2007    11/25/2007   11/30/2007

(8) Tree Buffer                                              $       300,000     10/13/2006            7/3/2007     7/11/2007     7/18/2007    12/15/2007   12/31/2007

(9) Stocker Street Berm (Now Sound Blanket)                  $       400,000     Not Known            Not Known    Not Known     Not Known     Not Known    Not Known

(10) Call for Assistance Phones                              $       650,000     12/1/2006            10/1/2007    10/15/2007     11/1/2007     4/30/2008    5/15/2008

(11) Parking Structure                                       $    23,300,000     10/15/2005           7/26/2007     8/8/2007      8/15/2007     7/1/2008     7/15/2008

(11a) South Entry Plaza and Lot 8A                           $     1,698,300     10/15/2005           7/26/2007     8/8/2007      8/15/2007     7/1/2008     7/15/2008

(12) Recycle Center                                          $       300,000      8/1/2007            11/1/2007    11/15/2007     12/1/2007     7/1/2008     7/15/2008
(13) Athletic Field Grandstand, Restrooms, Concession
                                                             $     1,200,000     10/1/2007            3/15/2008     3/31/2008     4/1/2008      8/28/2008    9/1/2008
Stand & Parking Lot Paving

(14) Storage Facility for Maintenance of 2,000 sq ft.        $       400,000     10/1/2007            12/1/2007    12/12/2007    12/15/2007    10/15/2008    11/1/2008

(15) Buildings B2, B3, and Partial B1 Removal                $       300,000      9/1/2007             3/1/2008     5/1/2008      6/1/2008      12/1/2008   12/15/2008

(16) HLRC (State Accreditation Work)                         $       360,000     Complete             Complete      Complete      Complete      Complete     Complete

(16a) HLRC ADA Upgrades (DSA Requirement)                    $     1,100,000      8/1/2007             3/1/2008     5/1/2008      6/1/2008      12/1/2008   12/15/2008

(17) Student Services Annex                                  $     2,800,000     12/1/2007            6/15/2008     6/30/2008     3/15/2009     3/30/2009    4/15/2009

(18) Utility Infrastructure Upgrades Limited                 $     2,000,000      3/1/2008             5/1/2008     5/15/2008     6/1/2008      5/31/2009    6/15/2009

(19) Mini Central Plant                                      $     4,900,000      7/1/2008             9/1/2008     10/1/2008    10/15/2008     8/1/2009     8/15/2009

(19a) Mini Central Plant Grants and Credits                  $    (4,058,000)         N/A                  N/A          N/A           N/A       8/1/2009       N/A

(20) Math Science Building                                   $    52,000,000     12/15/2005           8/23/2007     9/12/2007     9/26/2007     8/1/2009     8/31/2009

(20a) Math Science Building State Match                      $    (7,558,000)         N/A                  N/A          N/A           N/A       8/1/2009       N/A

(20b) Science and Math East Plaza                            $     1,800,000     12/15/2005           8/23/2007     9/12/2007     9/26/2007     8/1/2009     8/31/2009

(21) Student Services Building                               $    25,000,000     12/29/2006           10/1/2007     11/1/2007     12/1/2007     10/1/2009    11/1/2009

(21a) General Classroom Building                             $    22,000,000     12/29/2006           10/1/2007     11/1/2007     12/1/2007     10/1/2009    11/1/2009

(21b) Student Services/Gen. Classroom Green                  $     8,000,000     12/29/2006           10/1/2008     11/1/2008     12/1/2008     10/1/2009    11/1/2009

(22) Demolition "A" Bldgs & Parking Lot                      $       500,000      5/1/2009             9/1/2009     10/1/2009     11/1/2009     3/1/2010     3/1/2010

(23) Permanent Road

  (23a) Muskat Acquisition                                   $     5,000,000     Prop AAA             Prop AAA     Prop AAA       Prop AAA      Prop AAA     Prop AAA

  (23b) Estimated Vickers Prop Purchase                      $     2,000,000     Prop AAA             Prop AAA     Prop AAA       Prop AAA      Prop AAA     Prop AAA

  (23c) PXP Costs for Utility & Oil Relocation               $     9,000,000     Prop AAA             Prop AAA     Prop AAA       Prop AAA      Prop AAA     Prop AAA

  (23d) Construction                                         $    10,000,000     Prop AAA             Prop AAA     Prop AAA       Prop AAA      Prop AAA     Prop AAA

Totals                                                           $167,388,018

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