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									                                               CONTEST APPLICATION
EPA invites you to participate in a national competition to save energy and fight global warming in
commercial buildings across the United States. The building that reduces its energy use the most on a
percentage basis will be recognized as the winner. Contest participants will take part in outreach
activities, periodic ―weigh-ins‖ to measure progress, and a final celebration to announce the winner.
Receive national attention and recognition from EPA and establish your organization as an environmental
leader by entering your building in this exciting competition!

Download the contest flyer for more information at

   ENERGY STAR partners may nominate one or more buildings (of any type) for the competition.
   Applications are due to EPA by February 12, 2010.
   Approximately a dozen buildings will be chosen by EPA to participate.
   Participants will be selected and notified by mid-March, 2010.
   The winning building will demonstrate the greatest percentage-based reduction in energy use
     intensity during the performance period of September 1, 2008 through August 31, 2010.*
   Public outreach and events surrounding the competition will begin in April 2010 and conclude in
     October 2010 with the announcement of the contest winner.
   For specific eligibility requirements, refer to question #8 of this application.

To apply, please complete questions 1–8 below and submit to by
February 12, 2010.

1. Primary Contact
Name: __________________________________      Title: ___________________________________
Organization: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone number: ___________________________     E-mail: _________________________________

2. Communications/Marketing/PR Contact
Name: __________________________________      Title: ___________________________________
Organization: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone number: ___________________________     E-mail: _________________________________

3. Nominated Building Information
Building Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
Owner: _________________________________        Property Manager: _________________________
Building Type: ____________________________     Square Footage: ___________________________
Portfolio Manager Building ID (REQUIRED) ____________________
4. What is your story? Why is it important to your organization to save energy, save money, and/or
reduce greenhouse gas emissions? (limit 200 words)

5. What actions have you taken and/or do you plan to take to reduce energy use in the building you are
nominating? (limit 150 words)

6. How are the people in your organization—building tenants, their employees, customers, etc.—part of
your plan to reduce energy use in your building? (limit 150 words)

7. Is your organization working with a ―trainer‖ (eg. property management company, service provider,
local utility, or other)? If so, how are they helping you improve efficiency at the nominated facility? (limit
150 words)

8. The following items are REQUIRED in order to be eligible for participation. Please place a check in the
boxes below to confirm that your organization meets these requirements. Applications with unchecked
boxes will not be eligible. My organization:
     Is an ENERGY STAR partner. If you’re not already a partner, click here to join.
     Has an active Portfolio Manager account that includes the nominated building’s monthly energy use
     data from September 1, 2008 to present.
     Has shared this Portfolio Manager account with EPA’s master account, ―EPA Building Contest‖
     (Easy instructions available at
     Is willing to share the nominated building’s energy use data with EPA via a master account in
     Portfolio Manager.
     Is willing to share information about energy use intensity and carbon emissions, including percentage
     change and related savings; information about steps taken to reduce energy use; details about
     projects implemented; interesting building facts, including any interesting or notable tenants; and
     other information that can help tell the story of the building.
     Plans to educate and incorporate the building’s occupants into its energy savings plan, if not already
     doing so.
     Is willing to participate in national and local media opportunities during the competition, including
     sharing savings information and techniques for improvement, participating in media interviews with
     senior building staff and tenants, providing building tours, allowing videotaping of facilities, and, in the
     case of the winner, possibly hosting a media event at the building.
     Is willing to provide video footage of the nominated building, if available, to EPA for use in promoting
     the competition and participants.

* Each building must have a complete 12-month baseline period from 09/01/08 – 08/31/09 to which the 12-month period from
09/01/09 – 08/31/10 will be compared. Through Portfolio Manager, EPA will determine which building in the competition shows the
greatest adjusted percent energy reduction achieved across these two periods.

         Submit completed applications to by February 12, 2010.
                    For more information, visit

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