NFVF FUNDED PROJECTS 2008 by sdsdfqw21



  Project Name                                               Sector
  Lady Africa                                                Documentaries    Development
  MINE                                                       Documentaries    Development
  The Full Ponte: A World Class City For All                 Documentaries    Development
  The Mandela Presidency                                     Documentaries    Development

  Project Name                                               Sector
  A Tin of Paint                                             Feature length -Development
  The Chemo Club                                             Feature length -Development
  The Consequence                                            Feature length -Development

  Project Name                                               Sector
  Apollo Film Festival                                       Festival and Market Submission
  Bafundi Film & TV Festival                                 Festival and Market Submission
  Durban International Film Festival 2008- 2009 - 2010       Festival and Market Submission
  Encounters: South African International Documentary Film
  Festival                                                   Festival   and Market Submission
  Kwa-Mashu African Film Festival                            Festival   and Market Submission
  Out in Africa South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival    Festival   and Market Submission
  The Polokwane Arts Festival                                Festival   and Market Submission

  Project Name                                               Sector
  A Tribe Apart                                              Production   Documentaries
  Ark of Mercy                                               Production   Documentaries
  Flowers of The Revolution (Meerkat Media)                  Production   Documentaries
  Patchwork Guilt                                            Production   Documentaries
  Tribes and Clans "South Africa"                            Production   Documentaries
  War of the Silver Fez                                      Production   Documentaries

  Project Name                                               Sector
  And there in the dust                                      Production Features
  Stiff                                                      Production Features
  Unto Dust                                                  Production Short Films
The Story of Amajita                        Feature length   -Development
Three Roses                                 Feature length   -Development
Yasmin- A South African Story               Feature length   -Development
The Plant                                   Feature length   -Development
Lynwood Hall                                Feature length   -Development
Desperate Hours                             Feature length   -Development
Destiny                                     Feature length   -Development
Gimme Baby                                  Feature length   -Development
Good Life                                   Feature
Song for 3 Women                            Feature
Akenosi (AK)                                Short Films
Fear and the Importance of Misinformation   Short Films
My Many Truths                              Short Films
A Beat of Another Kind                      Documentary
Who's life is it?                           Documentary

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