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					Issue 155                                                                                                           May 2008

               Email : Mail: C/Post Office Machans Beach 4878
                                       Ph: Coordinator – James 40370102 Editor – Mark 40559670

       Break-in at the Clubhouse!
  Over the last couple of months there have been several              Our monthly Saturday band in the park will be
attempted break-ins at the Sports Club with success on             postponed to May 10th due to the Labour Day long
19-20 April. Evidence shows it was likely minors and               weekend. (Watch for the sign at the roundabout.)
police forensics are now checking fingerprints and other              Friday nights have had a poor showing lately and we are
valuable evidence left behind.                                     considering ceasing Friday Nights unless we get a bigger
  Unfortunately, it appears to be the work of local kids           turnout. So please come along and enjoy a BBQ and live
which is disappointing considering the work we put in to           music. Bring the kids for a good family night out.
provide activities for the kids. Therefore, a reward of $250                                               See you at the club
is offered for the naming of the culprit(s). The informer’s                                                       Dan Vowles
identity will be kept confidential.                                    
   Please call me on 0427 66 66 61 or 4055 0069

              STATE           SERVICE
                Recruiting You may          community can do for you, but what            team to represent the Far North
                  have noticed in the       you can do for your community.                Region in the State Competition
                  newspapers         over   RFA ONLINE SES will trial a new               Finals; any team of 6 members can
                  March/April that SES      system called Requests For Assistance         nominate to enter the more serious
                  has      initiated    a   Online (RFA Online). This will avoid          Competition. In addition to all these
                  recruiting campaign       duplication of jobs, jobs outside our         events happening, there will be
across the Far North Region due to          area, jobs requiring another agency           various workshops for members to
falling numbers and to reduce the           will receive the job first (eg Ergon)         attain more knowledge and/or skills in
workload on existing members. This          and also if it is not a SES job. The          various topics of interest to members.
has been very successful in many            system should save a lot of paper             It appears it is going to be a very busy
parts of the Region. Machans Beach          work and allow jobs to be tracked and         weekend.
prides itself in having a great             see how many resources have been              YOU CAN DO THIS
community spirit.             The more      used and how many requests have               Want to gain new skills, be
members, the better delivery of             been completed.        By using this          challenged, make new friends, have
service when needed. While many             information the planners can work out         fun and help the community at the
people require services during an           if more teams and resources are               same time! Ring the Duty Officer on
emergency, unless there are members         needed.                                       4055 9277 for information about
of the public willing to make time to       Regional Challenge Competition                becoming an SES volunteer.
train to deliver the services required in   For those that are interested, on May
an emergency, the community will not        31 and June 1, there will be a                         Machans Beach SES
get the service it expects and              challenge to all SES members to
deserves. Ask not what your
                                                                                                 Caring for the Community
                                            compete in SES related events. As the
                                            Region also wishes to choose a SES

              SES 132500                            SES 132500                             SES 132500
                                                    DATE CL AIME RS
 Community Association .      AGM .             ..7.30pm in the Community Hall, Thursday 8th May
                                                                                                   (Russell 4055 9402)
 Neighbourhood Watch ........ ………………7.30pm in the Community Hall, Thursday 8 May                    (Russell 4055 9402)
 Friends of Redden Island – FoRI…………Regular weeding and maintenance days TBA                         (James 4037 0102)
 SES ..................................... ………………7.00pm at HQ, Keith Edwick Park, Every Wednesday (John 0417 365 323)
 MAGS…………………………………..….. Contact Peter 40370 290
 Machans Organic Community Garden…..4.00 – 6.00, Saturdays & Wednesdays, west side of School (Geoff 4055 9995)
 Sports Club - Drinks & Live Music..………6.00 – 10.00pm at the Sports Club, every Friday
 Sports Club - Music Sessions & BBQ …..3.00 - - Saturday 10th May                              (Dan 4055 0069)
 Magnets Morning Tea ......... ……………..10am in the Community Hall, 1 Saturday of the month              (Fred 4055 9129)
 School P & C....................... ……………..At the school, for date and time see School newsletter    (Dave 4055 0365)
                              For Hall Bookings contact Deryck - 4055 9397 –
    Message from Councillor Margaret Cochrane                                                              Cairns Regional Council Division 8
   Life at Council is proving quite busy with the settling in          One would wonder if the sand deposits will remain at the
 process taking shape. I have had quite a bit of backlog to attend     northern end and build up. Barr Creek is quite compacted with
 to and new issues keep popping up all the time.                       sand, while Redden Creek is still flowing freely. I understand
   I have been trying to deal with the issue of the debris from the    that Council is waiting on disaster funding to finalise the repairs
 river flooding at the southern end of the beach. This build up is     on the bridge etc.
 quite unsightly and Council is in the process of trying to obtain       If you need to contact me 4044 3080 during the day will get
 EPA permits to clean this up. There is an opinion that this is a      you to my office, 0419 706 372 is my mobile. You can register
 natural action of Mother Nature and should be left to nature to       your issues with the Call Centre which is operational 24/7 on
 repair. I, and many others, have a different view and I am            4044 3044. This is probably the most reliable method of contact
 pushing to get the necessary permits in place to remove this          as I am often in meetings and may not get your calls until many
 debris off the beach and place around the reveg sites on the          hours later. If your call is of an urgent nature certainly ring the
 island to help with that process. The debris makes good mulch!!!      Call Centre.                        See you at the meeting
   The sand at the northern end of the beach is quite interesting,                                              Kind regards, Margaret
 now that the major tides are pretty much finished for the year.

              Message from Steve Wettenhall MP                                                          State MP for Barron River

 Cairns Base Hospital           A new era      and will be working with them to achieve        and rehabilitation, mental health and high
 will begin for the delivery of health         a balance between keeping aircraft noise        dependency renal patients requiring
 services in far-north Queensland after        at reasonable levels whilst ensuring            overnight care.
 Premier Anna Bligh announced a $450           Cairns remains an attractive and                  However, perhaps of most importance
 million project to expand and redevelop       competitive destination for international       to the people of the far north is the need
 the Cairns Base Hospital and that the         carriers.     International flights underpin    for an integrated cancer care unit. The
 government will buy a site for a future       the strength of the local economy and           hospital re-development will enable
 new hospital.                                 provide thousands of jobs and are a major       radiation oncology to be introduced in
   I think most people have become aware       driver for the value of real estate in          Cairns. The people of Cairns have
 of the need to upgrade the hospital and the   Cairns.                                         supported this through the Committee for
 decision follows an intensive lobbying           I will also be asking the Treasurer to       an Oncology Unit at Cairns Hospital
 effort by your local MPs.                     include a number of other safeguards in         (COUCH). Discussions will now continue
   I fully support the decision to sell the    the transfer arrangements to secure             with COUCH and the Commonwealth,
 Cairns Airport to fund better health          ongoing community sponsorships like the         which has also committed $8.5 million to
 services for Cairns and the far north.        green corridor project and business             this project, to settle the details of where
 There is no compelling reason for the         investment and tourism promotions.              and when the services can begin.
 government to retain ownership of the             There is little argument that Cairns will     Please do not hesitate to contact me if
 airport when the proceeds of its sale can     need a new hospital in the future. But          you would like further information about
 fund vital health infrastructure that we      Cairns Base Hospital needs additional           our new plan to deliver the best possible
 need sooner rather than later.                services and beds well before a new             health care for north Queensland.
   I recognise that the disposal of airport    hospital on a “greenfield” site could open                              Steve Wettenhall MP
 operations does raise a number of issues      its doors. That’s why it is necessary to                          Member for Barron River
 of concern for local residents. I have        build a new block at the Esplanade site                                       Ph: 4038 2800
 already met with members of the Airport       and provide additional beds and add new
 Environmental Consultative Committee          services including sub-acute aged care

                      Message from Jim Turnour MP                                              Federal MP for Leichhardt
  Local 2020 Summit           More than 100 people attended the          Given the success of the local summit, I hope to run similar
 Tropical North Queensland 2020 Summit I hosted in Cairns on           forums throughout the electorate at a later date.
 Saturday April 5th. It was pleasing to see such a wide cross-          Australia Post        I understand that the Australia Post mail
 section of the community come along and put forward their ideas       service has been a major concern within the Machans
 on an array of important issues.                                      community. I have been in close contact with Australia Post and
   A number of key themes arose from our summit discussions.           as many of you would now know, we are pleased to confirm that
 Health was a popular topic amongst participants and there was         the Machans Beach Post Office will continue to trade. This is a
 strong consensus that preventative health needed to be the focus      great result; however I urge the community to support the local
 for governments and healthcare providers. Other ideas included        business to ensure its ongoing viability. With regard to mail
 the development of the local film industry, reforming the Senate      service delivery issues, Australia Post has confirmed that the
 voting system, encouraging the use of ethanol produced from           street delivery contract is going to tender, so we hope to ensure a
 sugar cane and investment in rail infrastructure.                     quality service into the future.
   A summary of the ideas raised at the local summit was                                                                     Jim Turnour
 submitted to the Prime Minister’s Australia 2020 Summit, a
 national forum which took place on April 19 and 20 in Canberra.
 Editors Note: We should have our own 2020 summit in Machans. We're an opinionated lot. What ideas do you have for either our
 local community, the Cairns region, or indeed the world at large? Do you have ideas about the rock wall, activities for teenagers, or
 sensible usage of fossil fuels, etc? Ideas can only become a reality if they are shared. We want to know what your vision of the future
 is and more importantly, that you will share it with us. Leave a note at the PO or email Machanations.
 C'mon Machanites, there are a few thinkers out there. We want your 2020 vision .250 words approximately please.
MAY 22 - Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. The Lioness Club of Cairns together with the Cancer Council are hosting a Mad Hatters
Tea Party at the Cairns & District Eisteddfod Hall in Greenslopes Street, Cairns. Entry is $10.00 and the activities commence at 10.00am.
   Machans Beach Organic Community Garden

     We had a very successful workshop        drastically reduces weed growth such          Individual    $10;    Family    $15;
 on Saturday 19th. About 46 big and           as the dreaded nutgrass. To plant,            Supporting member of the public $5.
 little people attended presentations by      simply punch a hole in the weed                 Current voluntary members are
 the      Permaculture-Cairns      group      gunnel.                                       Norah; Kathryn, Glenn and Chris;
 including Kym Kruse talking about               Diatomaceous earth - a white               Geoff and Oliver.
 the banana circle, Robert Virginie           powdery earth made up of fossilised             Colleen and Paul at the Machans
 talking about the permaculture bed           plankton remains. This additive not           Service Station have been kind
 created by Robert and Martha, (which         only replaces lost silica in the soil, it     enough to allow people to pay their
 includes Egyptian spinach, Tahitian          keeps the bugs down because the fine          voluntary memberships there. Just
 spinach and Brazilian spinach -              grains are sharp to bugs. Affects             write your name and amount on the
 nothing ordinary there !) and finally        intestinal worms (eg you can add it to        form. Many thanks to Paul and
 Kym with Alan from Environmart               your pet's food) but miraculously             Colleen for their ongoing support !
 demonstrating various ways of                doesn't affect earth worms.                     Alternatively people can send a
 constructing a worm farm.                       These and many other great                 cheque to Machans Community
     We      are    very     grateful to      products for organic farming and              Association, PO Box 92, Machans
 Enviromart for donating a worm               sustainable lifestyles can be found at        Beach (and make it out to the
 farm and 500 grams of worms ! We             Enviromart, 164 Aumuller St (cnr              Machans Community Association but
 have set up the worm farm, and after         Scott St) Bungalow. If you have               specify it's for the Community
 five days we are happy to report the         never been in there, check it out next        Gardens).
 worms are still alive... We have             time you are down that way. Lots of             Working Bees continue Saturdays
 African Night Crawlers, Tigers, and          interesting stuff !                           and Wednesdays, 4pm-6pm. All
 some Reds and some Blues -                      Meanwhile Maddy, Gemma, Kiara              welcome !
 apparently.                                  and Jessica have all planted cherry             Ongoing thanks to our sponsors
     By the way, if you purchase a            tomatoes in their respective gardens,         and supporters: Cairns Regional
 worm farm (for about $100) you can           with a little mushroom compost,               Council, Enviromart, Alan and Di
 get a $50 rebate from Council !              dynamic lifter and blood and bone to          (Bungalow), Limberlost Nurseries
     Alan from Enviromart told us about       boot.                                         (Freshwater), Machans Community
 two useful products:                            And we welcome Steve and Tanya             Assn, Bob, Machans Service Station,
     A weed gunnel, or non-toxic weed         to the Core Group.                            Paul and Colleen, Machans State
 matting which you can lay down on               If anyone would like to become a           School, Nuleaf (Bungalow).
 your garden bed and place mulch on           voluntary member of the Machans
 top (lasts about eight years !) which        Community Garden, you can !

                                         Machans Beach School
                             BATTERY RECYCLING PROGRAM
     Machans Beach School and Battery World are working together on a battery recycling program which supports the school’s
                                             environmental education program.
                                        Have you got flat batteries at home?
   Please bring these, or have your child bring these to the school and place them in our Big Purple Bin
                            which is located outside the office during the week.
 We hope all the Machans community will be interested in supporting this easy and effective program.
 Did you know that 8000 tonnes of batteries are going into landfill each year?
 Most batteries contain heavy metals which are the main cause for environmental concern. Disposed of incorrectly, the heavy metals
may leak into the ground when the battery erodes. This contributes to soil and water pollution and endangers wildlife. Some
components in batteries can be toxic to fish and make them unfit for human consumption. The collected phone handsets, batteries and
accessories are recycled under contract by MRI Australia. The recycling process prevents the reformation of environmentally
damaging compounds such as dioxins and furans in the exhaust gas stream. It provides a complete breakdown of chemical
compounds and is suitable for all phones and batteries including the newer Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer types.
 Battery World Cairns will install, maintain and clear this station free of charge. There will be a prize for the school with the most
batteries collected by weight per capita each quarter.
   Automotive batteries are not permitted in the collection station. Battery World can collect these from residences but will not be
                                                    included in the school’s weight.
     The Order of Machans Beach                                           Pictures in the Park
   The OMBies contributed to a great day out at the Sports Club
last month.                                                         Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a big hit amongst locals
   The awards went to Dylan Davis, James Crawford and             in the park last Saturday night.
Marley Davis. The Davis sisters were nominated by the               Two local businesses made it happen and thank you to Lee
Machans Beach State School for being exemplary students,          Williams, local Solicitor and Lindsay Jukes, local Plumber. If
wonderful student leaders and student mentors and also being      you enjoy the pictures in the park and ever need the services of
involved with out of school activities such as P&C working        either of these professions, please consider these gentlemen.
bees.                                                               The next movie should be early summer. The movies cost
   James Crawford was nominated by Dave Slatyer for doing         around $400 and we already have sponsorship for half the next
almost everything possible at Machanations, keeping the wheels    movie, so please if anybody else wants to come on board, give us
on Neighbourhood Watch when it needed it, being involved in       a hoy here at Machanations.
the conservation of Redden Island and maintaining the              Thanks to Deb and Suzanne from O'Shea Esp. for their support
wonderful Machans Beach website (Google it. You will love         for the next movie. One probable change for the next movie is
it). James is also a renowned, robust environmental activist in   that there will be no food and drinks offered. There was not a
the Cairns Region.                                                great call for them and it encourages people to byo everything.
  Congratulations and thanks to Marley Davis, James Crawford       A real free night out. Only in Machans Beach.
and Dylan Davis for helping make Machans tick.

                                                                          SERIOUS or DELIRIOUS ??
                                                                    Readers may have seen my previous ad in Machanations
                                                                  “Caravan Free to Good Home” – well, there were no takers for
                                                                  this piece of Machans history so I advertised it in the Bargain
                                                                  Hunters section of the Cairns Post and as they do not print ads for
                                                                  free stuff, I had to put a price on it.
                                                                     I received more than ten phone calls. One caller from Kuranda
                                                                  said “Is that caravan for $5 still available?” “Yes” I said, and he
                                                                  went on “Look, mate, I am a bit broke this week, will you accept
                                                                  $4.50?”. “Mate, I have already had several calls, but if you are
                                                                  here first then it is all yours for $4.50”. The caller continued…”
                                                                  Well, I will come down straight away and have a look and, if it is
                                                                  what I am after, can I make a deposit of 50 cents and pay the rest
                                                                  off when I pick it up.” Said I, “Mate, if you get here first it’s all
                                                                  yours ….”.
                                                                    Well, we finally got it together and the van now has a new life at
                                                                  Kuranda … not too sure exactly what .. hydroponics maybe !!!

                                                                     Do you have photos you would like to share with the rest of
                                                                                  Machans Beach and the World?
                                                                         Photos from the flooding during the wet season !!
                                                                                  Photos from Val’s campaign !!
                                                                     We would like to put them on the Machans Beach website
                                                                                 All we need is your latest photos
                                                                         Please send to

                                                                          Machans & Youtube
 Machans Movies                                                      A great video has been posted by Peter on Youtube of the
                                                                    Machans youth getting wet and having a lot of fun during the
   A new video shop has opened in Machans Beach.                                             floods.
      Next door to the Take-Away on Marshall St.                                       Follow the link from
              All the latest and best DVDs
No need to leave the Beach to get your favourite movies e               
                    Open 7 Days
      Sat/Sun 12.00 – 8.00 Weekdays 2.00 – 8.00
                   Craig : 4037 0010                                    Bluepools Beach House
                     Rental Prices                                            O’Shea Esplanade, Machans Beach
             New Releases (Overnight) $6.00
                      3 Nights $4.00
                                                                               Short term holiday letting
                      Weekly $3.00                                        25m pool/spa, 4 bedroom, Parents retreat
                          Deals                                      A beautiful home away from home on the beachfront
               2 Overnight Rentals $10.00
                3 x 3 night rentals $10.00                                              0417 895 620
                 4 weekly rentals $10.00                              
            Machans Beach Community Association Minutes April meeting
Australia Post: John Cleary and Sue Crighton from                 Russell has contact details for both Sue and John, should
Australia Post attended the meeting, to discuss concerns          residents want to contact them direct.
about the Machans Postal run.
 It was announced that Russell had decided not to sell the
Post Office, so the local PO will remain for the moment.
 The Delivery contract is separate and has had to be
readvertised. Australia Post accepts that there have been
                                                                             Thursday 8th May – 7.30pm
problems with the current service. The decision to
combine the Machans and Holloways delivery contracts
                                                                   The Annual General Meeting was postponed until the
was because Australia Post is moving to a new sorting              May meeting as the accounts had not been finalised.
system which requires larger volumes.                                                  Secretary
 The meeting made it clear that the combination of the two           The Association needs a new secretary. Can you
runs had had a negative impact on delivery services. The                                 help?
meeting asked why we couldn’t have the old system back?                Next meeting: Thursday 8th May at 7:30
Australia Post was reluctant to engage this idea and said                   Come along and get involved!!!
they were confident the delivery systems would improve
with the new contracts in place.

           INTERVIEW ME???                                                                      PO News
                                                                                          Well I am still here and looks like I
   An idea has been presented to the               From this has emerged a              will be for another couple of months.
Machans Activity Groups (MAGS) for a            proposal to gather the thoughts           Meanwhile, Mothers Day is just
fun adventure into the experiences of life      and values of individuals who feel      around      the    corner      and   just
and     living at Cairns’         acclaimed     they would like to share that           coincidentally I have some very nice
‘community with a difference’. The idea is      special part of ‘The Beach’ that        hand made jewellery on show…….
to find out what it means to the young, and     only they carry. To explore those
                                                                                          For those of you who work from
not so young, about waking up every day in      things that mean so much to one,
                                                                                        home and those who work in town, I
this unique place called Machans Beach. Is      and something entirely different to
it the people? Is it the location? Is it a      another. To hear the stories of         can supply all your office needs
matter of security? Or were you simply          courage and inspiration from our        through the PO. I can sell at the same
‘drawn’ to the place and happy to remain as     elders to the hopes and challenges      or better than other suppliers and if it
long as needs be?                               of our young.                           is not on the shelf it takes about four
   Think of this. At the recent ‘Movie in the      If you would like to be part of a    days to get it in so come and have a
Park’ night at Keith Edwick Park, a short 6     small working group in putting          look and let me know what you want.
minute video of our younger community           together a FUN community                This includes stamps and bulk supplies
members showed them making the best of          focussed video, please feel             too.                            Russell
their time during the recent floods. In         welcome to be part of this exciting
conjunction with some lively music and          project. We need young and older to help with
interesting text the video captured our kids    interviewing, videoing, editing, script writing,         Machans Beach
surfing on boogie boards and playing a          refreshments and BBQ etiquette. Let’s capture             Hall Activities
simultaneous game of cricket…all on the         the spirit of our community then share it with         Steiner School
school sports ground in a giant puddle          our friends under the stars at the next ‘Movie in      Mon - Tues
which proved perfect for the two fun            the Park’. Call Peter 4037 0290 or email               Ying 0410 682 095
pursuits (generated of course without adult                                       Can Can Dancing
input or regulation). A question was posed                                                            Fridays 12 – 2pm
                                                                                                      Jilly 0412 036 771
at the end of this video. “Why don’t we
                                                                                                      Belly Dancing
have a regular spot for local content in the                                                          Tuesdays 6.30 – 8pm
Movie in the Park nights?”                                      NEEDED                                Bobbin 0427 719 565
                                                    Machanations Editor needs house to rent           Kung Fu
                                                    Longterm, two teenagers, two dogs, apart          Wednesdays 6.00 - 7pm
                                                     from that, not a bad bloke. Working,             Richard 4057 7237
 Missing Newspapers                                   References, Call Mark 0438760861                Tai Chi
   Home delivered newspapers have                                                                     Wednesdays 7.00 - 8pm
        been going missing from                                WANTED                                 Richard 4057 7237
                                                                  Trampoline                          Wu Tao      Thursdays
      Cinderella Street and O’Shea                                                                    12–2pm & 5.30–6.30pm
                                                               To suit young girl
               Esplanade.                                Please call Robert: 4055 0261                Ardyn 0409 268 262
  If you’re up early, take note of any                                                                Cairns War Games
     suspicious activity. Someone’s                           FOR SALE                                Saturdays 10.00am – 6.00pm
                                                                                                      Owen 0400 970 997
  taking these papers. I do hope it is                      Ford Falcon GL. 1991
                                                                                                      (except Magnets Saturday)
 not a local who is too lazy to walk to                    Unregistered. New tyres.
                                                                                                              Hall Bookings
      the Servo to get their paper.                                 $750.00
                                                                                                        Contact: Deryck 4055 9397
                                                           Call Kristin 0437 345 120          
                                                                                                                                                                              Coconut Dundee
                                                            call   Chris Marsh for                                                                                               Tree Sculptor
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mad About
                                                    BETTER REAL ESTATE                                                                                                         And when he’s dun
                                                                                                                                                                                 he’s Dun Dee
                                                        SOLUTIONS                                                                                                                                           Pets and Plants cared
                                                                                                                                                                                    coconut                 for while you’re away
                                                     Mob:   0427 278 473          a/h:   4055 9932                                                                                Leon Bradley
                                                         More Service – Less Commission
                                                            Free Market Appraisals
                                                                                                                                                                               0412 734 058                              James
                                                                                                                                                                                 For all your tree
                                                                      34 Cinderella St                                                                                            lopping needs
                                                                                                                                                                                                             4037 0102

                                                                                                                               Locals Working For You

                                                                                                                               Pat Hoffman
                                                                                                                 Machans Beach Residential Sales Consultant
                                                                                                                 Mob:  0414 279 145           AH:     4055 9767
                                                                                                                  Unit 3/161 Aumuller St, Bungalow. Tel 4031 3913

      FISH & CHIPS                                                                                               MACHANS
                                                                                                                 MACHANS BEACH STORE                                         Cairns Youth Mentoring Scheme
                                                                                                                                                                                  Encouraging and Supporting Young
          Hamburgers                                                                                               Fuel – Groceries                                                   People in our Community
       Fresh Fish/Seafood                                                                                      Fruit & Veg – Ice Cream
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mentors Wanted
          Open Wed - Sun                                                 07 4055 0398                              Confectionery
                                                                                                                                                                                                        The community is in a real
         10am - 2pm / 4 - 8pm                                                                                  Open 7.00 – 8.00                                                                          need for positive male and
                                                                                                                                                                                                       female role models to mentor
                                                                                                                    7 days
The TAKE-AWAY on Marshall St                                                                                                                                                                                   young people
                                                                                                               Paul & Colleen Remedio                                                                       (07) 4041 5844
      Andrea 4055       9409                                                                                   4055 9357

     Robyn’s                                                                                                          “Barking Bubbles”                                                                 Osho Rebalancing
Learn to Sew Studio                                                                                                            HYDROBATH                                                               Deep Tissue Massage
                                                                                                                                            . Clipping
                     Class Times                                                                                                            . Hydrobath                                                Dhyana Diekmann
                                                                                                                                            . Flea & tick rinse included
                      & Dates                                                                                                               . Nails trimmed, Ears cleaned                              Ph   4 05 5 9 6 31
                   PH: 4055 9226                                                                                                             0422 826 125                    41 Marshall Street                0407 204 334
                                                                                                                                                                             Machans Beach Qld 4878

                                                Machanations is an independent newsletter for the community of Machans Beach and is published every month except January.
                                                Coordinator: James, Editor at large: Mark, Sub Editor: Deryck, Ads Coordinators: James & Russell, Layout: James, Distribution: James & David. (Carlene, Carol,
                                                Deryck, Eugene, Fred, Howard, Tully, Cindy & Liz). This newsletter is produced with the assistance of Senator Jan McLucas, Federal Senator for Queensland,
                                                Steve Wettenhall MP, State Member for Barron River, Cr Margaret Cochrane, Cairns Division 8 Councillor, Jim Turnour MP, Federal Member for Leichhardt and
                                                Cairns Stationery Supplies. Photocopying done at Machans Beach Post Office.
31 Sheridan Street, Cairns 40512277                                                      Green Paper for this issue provided by Councillor Margaret Cochrane
                          This newsletter is provided “As Is” without warranty of any kind. Each reader of Machanations assumes complete risk as to the accuracy and subsequent use of its contents.