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									Print Lab #34
Photo Postcards!
A colorful, personalized postcard is a fast and easy way to share news
and get noticed. They're perfect for sending announcements, appointment
reminders, invitations or directions to an event. Choose to customize by
just adding text to the templates, or personalize further by adding your
own photo.

Materials Suggested:
(Not all are required) For printing: Epson Photo Quality Ink Jet Cards, Epson Glossy Photo Paper (4” x 6”) or
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper (4” x 6”), Epson Double-Sided Matte Paper (letter) and an Epson Stylus Color Printer.

For the digital photos: an Epson Scanner and/or an Epson Digital Camera.
*If you do not have a scanner or a digital camera, you can use personal photos from a CD, sample photos or graphics
provided in your creative software programs or visit the Epson Print Lab image gallery for a variety of downloadable

Procedure: Step 1: Go to your favorite photo site, use your own digital camera photos or develop your photos
onto a CD. Step 2: Download Postcard templates. Step 3: Add your own text and photos (if desired) to the templates
provided. Step 4: Print on Epson Photo Quality Ink Jet Cards. (Select “photo quality ink jet paper” as your paper type.)

Results: A great way to get your message out to clients, family and friends!

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