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									                          The Spire                                             Open Hearts. Open Minds.

St. Peter’s Annual Congregational                                                 FROM THE RECTOR
Leadership Gathering                                                              Way back in early October when the
Steve Zettler                                                                     current financial crisis was just getting
                                                                                  underway, Richard Thaler, a professor
The St. Peter’s ministry leaders gathered for an “in-town” retreat on the         of behavioral science and economics
weekend of October 17th and participated in a lively two-day forum,               from the University of Chicago, was a
beginning with dinner at Mustard Greens on Friday evening and                     guest on The Newshour with Jim
finishing up Saturday with a day of fellowship and sharing of hopes and           Lehrer. Speaking about the reactions of
dreams for the future of St. Peter’s.                                             individuals who invested some of their
Friday evening was festive—good food and good company in Mustard                  savings in the stock market, he said:
Greens’ private dining room. Ledlie asked the ministry leaders to share           “We don’t really know whether there is
stories of joy and success, and there were enough uplifting tales to fill the     a panic here. We have lots of
entire evening. Joe Fanelli was keen to point out that in most                    uncertainty. And when there’s lots of
organizations, 20% of the people do 80% of the work, but given that               uncertainty, we expect volatility.
more than 30 ministry leaders were in attendance at the retreat, that’s           People can’t really make sense of this.
clearly not the case at St. Peter’s. Many parishioners are deeply
interwoven in our fabric.
On Saturday the group met at The Church of St. Luke and the Epiphany.
We spent the better part of the day gathered in a large circle; after             November 2008 
beginning with prayer, Ledlie spoke on “Tools for Ministry,” which                INSIDE THE ISSUE
provided insight into his personal discoveries over the last 20 years as a
priest. His thoughts were most helpful for tackling the issues that face          St. Peter’s Annual
St. Peter’s and the programmatic church we have become. He                        Congregational Leadership
emphasized several times the need for strong ministry leadership and the          Gathering, Cont’d.                    2
importance of making every parishioner aware that Peter’s offers a
perfect place where every one of them can happily fit into the life of the        CHRISTIAN FORMATION                   3
church. His exercise in “best and worst volunteer experiences” gave
                                                                                  CHURCH SCHOOL                         4
everyone a little food for thought.
Claire next led a discussion on the “Theology of Ministry,” beginning by          OUTREACH                              4
reading from First Corinthians, and then gathering the group’s thoughts
on Evangelism—a subject to which there was a wide spectrum of                     CHRISTMAS AT ST. PETER’S              5
opinions, to say the least.
                                                                                  St. Peter’s Archives and the Law
After lunch Marcia Rogers provided a highly entertaining segment                  of Unintended Consequences            6
during which she spoke on her more than fifty years as a parishioner at
St. Peter’s and the way in which the church structure and congregation            St. Peter’s Guides:
have changed over the years. She was followed by Dorothy Stevens’                 An Unobtrusive Ministry               6
equally entertaining perspectives on the changes to Society Hill in the
last fifty years. Dorothy also brought with her a number of old
photographs of the neighborhood, showing just how far we’ve come.
I think the retail investor might be tempted to panic, but       2. Don’t keep your worries to yourself. It’s best to face
I’m not sure . . . they don’t really know how to do it. You         our fears head on, and it’s best to do this holding
know, you see a lion, and you know to run away.”                    someone’s hand. Call a friend; call me or Claire. We
What do we do when we don’t know how to panic? This                 want to hear what’s on your heart. We can’t increase
situation feels akin to fighting global terrorism or fending        your bank balance or lower the price of groceries, but
off the bogeyman who lives under the bed. Little to do but          we can lift back the covers and look under the bed
lie awake, riveted with dread, staring into the dark until          with you, help you to see that the bogeyman
we collapse into a fitful sleep and await the dawn of a             can’t bite.
new day.                                                         3. Help someone else. Yes, this is a difficult and scary
If nothing else, not knowing if, how or when to panic               time for you and me, but many of us have far, far
gives rise to anxiety of the worst sort: widespread,                more than the average citizen, and every one of us has
unattached, free-floating anxiety. Whether we have                  resources in times of need—friends, family, a
investments or are living day to day, these are anxious             community of faith. The news is filled with tales of
times. What to do? Blaming someone won’t help. We                   hardship befalling some of the wealthiest in the world.
cannot fix the problem ourselves; we cannot control the             Yet, the current crisis will be cataclysmic for the
American or global economy.                                         poorest. Now is not the time to close in upon
                                                                    ourselves or cling more tightly to what we have. Now
So, we must pay careful attention to our own response:              is the time to open our hearts and hands to the needs
adjust our priorities and, as possible, reduce our                  of others. Doing so will help them, and will help you
spending. We also need to reduce our anxiety level. Said            too. Giving helps us place our trust in God.
Jesus: “Look at the birds of the air Consider the lilies of
the field . . . I tell you, do not worry about your life, what   4. Come and worship. And bring a friend. Every
you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body,            Sunday is a feast, and a celebration of thanksgiving!
what you will wear. God knows you need these things.
Strive first for the kingdom of God, and all these things
will be given unto you.” I propose a few ways to do this:
                                                                 Peace! Ledlie
1. Pray. No fancy prayers—just breathe and ask God to
     help you be aware of God’s presence. Prayer centers
     us, creates inner calm. Prayer helps us to envision a
     future that is more promising than is otherwise
     apparent. Ask God to help you trust in God.

St. Peter’s Annual Congregational                                ALL SAINTS’ SUNDAY AND BISHOP’S 
Leadership Gathering                                             VISITATION: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2
                                                                 The Rt. Rev. Fredrick Borsch, chair of Anglican Studies,
Kevin Dill was up next speaking on “What Goes In, and            Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, and
What Comes Out,” with respect to our programmatic                retired bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles,
parish. As he drew his diagram it became very clear that         visits St. Peter’s to share in our worship and to offer the
quite a bit goes into St. Peter’s, but the rewards of what       Episcopal rites of Confirmation, Reception and
comes out are even greater.                                      Reaffirmation on All Saints’ Sunday.
We finished up with a session led by Elaine Markezin             Bishop Borsch also hosts an open forum at 50 Minutes on
during which we were we given the opportunity to                 that day.
envision where we might see St. Peter’s in the next ten
years—sort of a wish list, if you will. Some wishes were         THANKSGIVING EVE SERVICE
grand, some simple, but all admirable and many                   Join us for a service of thanksgiving on Wednesday,
achievable, God willing.                                         November 26, at 7:30 PM

Christian Formation
50 MINUTES                                                       PARENTING CAFE 
Sundays, 10 AM, in St. Peter’s House Parlor                      A monthly series on parenting problems and solutions
BORSCH                                                           Sunday, November 9, 10 AM
November 2                                                       St. Peter’s School Library (3rd Floor)
Bishop Borsch, chair of Anglican Studies, Lutheran               Food and eating can easily become a battleground between
Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, and retired bishop of      parents and children.
the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, leads a conversation       · How do we approach the issue of food with our
about the Episcopal Church and answers questions about               children?
the church, both local and national.
                                                                 · How do we spot early warning signs of an eating
MATTHEW’S GOSPEL THROUGH THE LENS                                    disorder?
OF THE ARTS                                                      Join us as Amy Jersild, LCSW, leads a conversation about
November 9 and 16                                                healthy eating and eating disorders.
Poetry, painting and music all provide distinctive readings      Coffee, tea and snacks provided. Free child care available.
of Matthew’s story and a variety of means of under-
standing the figure of Jesus at the gospel’s center. Each day,   SPEAKING OF FAITH     ® 
members of the congregation will introduce a number of
artistic responses to Matthew, ranging from the Book of          Sundays, 10 AM  in the second­floor front office of 
Kells to the musical Godspell and including works by             St. Peter’s House
Carpaccio, Bach and T.S. Eliot. Join us as we celebrate the      Our Sunday morning Speaking of Faith® discussion group
power of art to illuminate the good news of the Bible.        is an ongoing encounter with Krista Tippett’s “narrative
COPING WITH HOLIDAY STRESS                                    theology” as she and each week’s guests discuss classic
November 23                                                   spiritual issues and the challenges of everyday life.
As much fun and joy as the holidays can bring, they can       Each week’s program is available beginning on Thursday at
also bring stress. Dr. Sara Corse, therapist with the Penn, and the radio broadcast
Council for Relationships, helps us to navigate the waters of airs Sunday at 7 AM on WHYY 91 FM.
family get-togethers and other potential holiday pitfalls.
November 30
See article on page 5.

All of us experience loss—the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the end of a marriage—and all of us grieve. Grief,
while always surprising, is normal, and faith does not deny grief or the pain of death and loss, but rather helps it become
part of life.
The Rev. Dick Ullman and Dr. Sara Bressi Nath will facilitate a “good grief” group, designed to explore grief and faith in
a safe, supportive environment. Six sessions are planned: the first three will be November 9, November 16 and November
23; the remaining sessions will be negotiated with the group. The group will meet on Sundays from 12:45–2 PM in Ledlie’s
office. All who have grieved or are grieving are invited to join.
To obtain more information or to sign up, contact Claire Nevin-Field at
The Rev. Dick Ullman will lead 50 Minutes on December 14 and 21 in this two-part exploration of the
birth of the Messiah.
                 Dec. 14            The Bible and the Birth of the Messiah
                                    We visit the stories of Jesus’ birth in Luke’s and Matthew’s gospels.
                 Dec. 21            Travelogue of the Birth of the Messiah
                                    We visit the places of Jesus’ birth as they exist today and in great art.

Christian Formation, Cont’d.
Wednesdays, November 5, 12, & 19, 6:30–8:00 PM
                     You’re gonna have to serve somebody, well it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
                                  but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.—Bob Dylan
Probably at no other time of the year are we confronted with more rampant consumerism than in the few months before
Christmas. According to Walter Brueggemann, renowned Old Testament scholar and professor, we are in a sense bound
in slavery to the Pharaoh of consumerism as much as the ancient Israelites were bound to Pharaoh himself.
Join us for a four-part exploration of this journey from the slavery of consumerism to the freedom found in God. Each
evening will begin with video clips of Brueggemann discussing the issues around consumerism from a Biblical
perspective, followed by conversation and prayer. A light supper will be provided. Child care is available, if requested in
If you have questions or to arrange child care, please contact Claire Nevin-Field at
Wednesdays, 7:00–7:45 AM, and Thursdays, 6:00–6:45 PM
Give yourself 45 minutes one or two times per week for silent prayer. We practice Lectio Divina—meditating on a
passage of Holy Scripture. No prior experience with meditation or prayer is needed—only a desire to seek God;
instruction is provided. We meet in “The Tower Room,” a bright sunlit space on the second floor of the bell tower.
This program is led by the Rector, the Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin. Questions? Ask Ledlie.
Please note: We will NOT meet on Thursday, November 27, Wednesday, December 24, and Thursday, December 25

Church School                                                   Outreach
(Church School for Grades 1–6)                                  CAMP DATES
                                                                The next Camp Get-Along will be held on November 2
    11/2    101 Ways to Pray continues with knitting as         from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM at St. John the Evangelist, 3rd and
            prayer, led by Ann Wilkerson.                       Reed Streets. To sign up, contact Sara Bressi Nath at
    11/9    101 Ways to Pray—hymns, chants and                  215-870-5649 or
            collective prayer, led by Ann Wilkerson.            On December 6 at 11 AM, the campers will go see
                                                                A Christmas Carol at the Walnut Street Theater. If you are
    11/16 Our Stations of the Creche, an Advent journey         interested in helping out with this event, contact
          series. We begin with music—Lessons &Carols.          Sara Bressi Nath.
    11/23 Stations of the Creche—story and games;                         Do your part to alleviate hunger 
          experience the trip to Bethlehem, led by
          Katherine Salvaterra.                                                 in our community.

    11/30 Advent Alternative Christmas project kicks off               Volunteer to help sort and shelve cans of
          with animals in our parking lot.                                 food during Food Cupboard’s
                                                                             Thanksgiving Food Drive.
                    Vestry Nominations                                       Sorting dates are Tues, Nov. 25,
                                                                              4 to 7 PM, and Wed., Nov. 26,
           The Nominating Committee is putting                                        9 AM until 9 PM.
           together a slate of candidates for elections                        Shelving date: Fri., Nov. 28,
           to serve on the Vestry or as Delegate to the
           Deanery and Diocesan Convention.                                          9 am until noon.
           To learn more or to nominate yourself or                          We need many helping hands.
           another parishioner, please contact Bob                      Children ages 4 and older are welcome.
           Hornsby ( or                           To volunteer, contact Jill Minick at 215-365-2883
           Donna Wechsler ( by                          or or Anne Eiswerth at
           November 10.                                                    

Many of you may remember our annual Heifer Christmas project fondly. This year, we are taking our Heifer project and
raising it!
From November 30 through December 21, you will have the opportunity each Sunday morning, before and after all of
our services, to give the gift that can change a life by donating to one of St. Peter’s Outreach ministries. A donation to the
Food Cupboard feeds a person or a family, a donation to our Guatemala Partnership helps a child to get an education, a
donation to Camp Get-Along helps children here in Philadelphia learn to get along with those who look different to
them and a donation to Episcopal Relief and Development’s Gifts for Life program gives an animal to a struggling family,
helping them to make a living and survive.
In return for your gift—in addition to knowing you have made a difference in the world—you will get a gift card, drawn
by our own Connie Moore, letting a recipient know that a gift has been given in his or her name.
This Christmas give the gift that truly does keep on giving. For more information, contact Claire Nevin-Field at nevin-
The Food Cupboard will be giving gloves to its clients in December. This year’s glove drive begins in November and ends
December 7. We need contributions of pairs of both men’s and women’s gloves.
Keep an eye out for the pre-Christmas sales!
Food Cupboard still needs full-size paper grocery bags for packing. So keep them coming. It’s a great way to recycle used
grocery bags!

Christmas 2008 at St. Peter’s                                      CHRISTMAS MEMORIALS
                                                                   Each year at Christmastime you have the opportunity to
A FESTIVAL OF LESSONS & CAROLS                                     remember loved ones and to offer special thanks by
Sunday, December 21, 5 PM                                          making a donation to the Christmas Flower Fund or to
St. Peter’s annual “Lessons & Carols” is presented in the          the Special Music Fund.
grand English cathedral style, by the boy, girl and                Donations to the Flower Fund cover the expense of
adult choirs.                                                      decorating the church for Christmas celebrations.
                                                                   Donations for the Special Music Fund are used
CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES                                             specifically to fund brass players for our Christmas Eve
Wednesday, December 24                                             and Easter services.
5:00 PM   Holy Eucharist with Children’s Pageant                   Please join us in supporting these important aspects of
                                                                   our common life of worship, our celebration of the birth
8:00 PM   Holy Eucharist with music
                                                                   of Incarnate Love.
10:30 PM  Concert                                                   Please provide the appropriate information:
11:00 PM  Choral Eucharist with full choir and brass                ____ A gift for the Flower Fund
          ensemble                                                  ____ A gift for the Special Music Fund
CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICE                                               Given in memory of:
Thursday, December 25, 11 AM                                        ________________________________________________
Join us in celebration of the joy and spirit of Christmas.          ________________________________________________
                                                                    Given in Thanksgiving for:
                                                                          All donations should be into the church office by
                                                                                      Monday, December 15.
                                                                                  Thank you for your generosity.
                                                                                         St. Peter’s Church
                                                                                          313 Pine Street
                                                                                      Philadelphia, PA 19106

Cynthia J. Eiseman
One of the overarching objectives of the St. Peter’s archives project is to make the collections accessible to scholars,
parishioners and other users. Another principal objective is to protect and preserve the materials in the collection for
future generations.
For about as long as anyone can remember, many people had access to the archives. Indeed, they were not even called the
archives; they were simply boxes and files of church records. These materials were stored in various places in St. Peter’s
House, and interested parishioners, especially Vestry members and others active in the church, borrowed material freely
from the collection. Sometimes, people took collection materials home for years at a time. Periodically, an individual
found himself or herself “in charge” of the collection and would provide research assistance, primarily to people
interested in genealogy.
The Archives Find a Home
With the renovation of 313 Pine Street in 1996, the small room at the rear of the third floor was dedicated to these
collections. The room came to be called the Archives, (with a capital A) and the collection was dubbed the Archives and
Historic Collections. To preserve and protect the collection and to prevent non-archival material from being stored in the
small, cramped space, a lock was put on the door.
As we have reported in these pages for the past several years, a dedicated group of volunteers has begun organizing these
archives. The volunteers have urged parishioners to donate church-related material to the collection. And here is where
the law of unintended consequences kicks in.
In an effort to apply professional standards of managing archives to this collection, St. Peter’s now finds itself needing to
limit access to the collections—even by the very people who previously had free access, who used the collection to benefit
the church, the parish and the community and who themselves have donated valued materials to the collection.
Access to the Collection is Encouraged
We impose restrictions on access because preservation of the collection for the long term is the greater good. But access
to the collection not only can be had, but it is also encouraged. We just ask you to be aware of these policies if you wish to
use the collection:
·   Generally, materials do not circulate. If you want to look at something in the collection, you should plan to use it on
    site. If there is more than one copy of an item, permission may be sought to borrow a copy.
·   Make an appointment to use the archives, for two reasons: First, the collection is located in Claire Nevin-Field’s
    office, and we must all respect her space. Second, a member of the archives volunteers group or the Archives and
    Historic Collections Committee familiar with the collection must be present when someone is using the archives.
    That person can unlock the door, help you find what you are looking for and return it to its proper place when you
    are finished with it. Please try to schedule your appointment at least a week in advance, preferably longer. To make
    an appointment, call Kate Randall at 215-925-5968.
·    Copying is done at the discretion of the archives volunteer or the archives committee. Some documents are too
     fragile, too large or too valuable to photocopy. As in many collections, at St. Peter’s photocopying is usually restricted
     to 10 pages.
If everyone understands and complies with these policies, the collection will be well protected, grow in size, gain stature
and value and benefit not only current users but also future generations of St. Peter’s parishioners, scholars and
community members.
George Fago
Nearly every weekend throughout the year the Church is open to visitors and a guide is present from 11am to 5pm on
Saturdays and from 1 to 3pm on Sundays. The guides, who are parish members, greet visitors, answer questions about
the church and offer information about the history of the church and of the building itself. We have welcomed visitors
from around the country and from around the world. If you enjoy meeting and talking to people, this would be a
wonderful ministry for you to consider!
Optimally each volunteer guides for a two hours once a month. Currently we are stretched beyond optimal scheduling.
We will welcome with open and joyful arms volunteers who wish to join the program. No previous experience is
necessary, and we will provide the training and background materials to prepare you for this exciting and
rewarding ministry.
If you are interested in learning more about the program, please let Kate know or contact me directly at 215-923-4473 or
WELCOME                          Sara Bressi Nath for her          BAPTISMS AT                     NOVEMBER 2008 
                                 leadership of the Camp Get-       ST. PETER’S
We welcomed new                  Along ministry.
members at special                                                 It is St. Peter’s practice to
services on October 12:          Katie Fanelli for providing the   celebrate Holy Baptism on
                                 delicious lunch for the           those days that the Episcopal
Emily Byrne                      Stewardship visitor training      Church deems appropriate.
Nikki Hagedorn,                  session.                          The next such date is
                                                                                                   Kevin Chu
     with her children                                             January 11. If you are
                                 Denise Colliers for being the     interested, please speak with   Kevin Dill,
     Duncan & Annabelle          October Church School                                             Accounting Warden
Walt Leader                                                        Ledlie or Claire.
                                 shepherd.                                                         Barbara Elliott, Secretary

Tim Legnani & Kris Glover        All the Outreach ministries       BECOME A SPIRE                  Nancy Fago

                                                                   CONTRIBUTOR                     Basil Gilfillian
Bill & Emily Lukens              for the fair on October 5.
                                                                                                   Al Heavens
Stephan Matanovic &              Beth Fenton for leading the       Do you have an innate flair
                                                                                                   Bob Hornsby
     Amanda Hall,                discussion at the Parenting       for writing? Or maybe you
                                                                                                   Ejner Jensen
     with children Oscar &       Cafe on October 5.                have a knack for coming up
                                                                                                   Lathrop Nelson
     Julian                                                        with creative story ideas?
                                 Elisabeth Doolan, who is                                          Kathleen Stephenson,
Tom McCabe & Sarah Lux                                             The Spire editorial team        Rector’s Warden
                                 stepping down from the            needs contributing writers as   Claudia Stowers
Faith Midwood                    Outreach Committee, for her       well as feature story           Donna Wechsler
Lauren Oppenheim                 dedicated service to the          suggestions. If interested,
                                 Outreach ministries of            please contact Kate Randall
Gabrielle Pittman                St. Peter’s Church.                                               STAFF
Matt & Tammy Solitro                                               or Leonora Cravotta             The Rev Ledlie I. Laughlin,
                                 BIRTHDAYS IN                                                      Rector
Jeanne Walker                    NOVEMBER                          (         The Rev Claire Nevin-Field,
Grace Wohlsen                                                                                      Assistant Rector
                                 Best wishes to those                                              Peter Hopkins,
We welcome recent                celebrating birthdays in          The pastoral care freezer       Director of Music Ministry
visitors to St. Peter’s:                                                                           and Choirmaster
                                 November:                           has run low on food.
                                                                                                   Paula Pugh Romanaux,
Nick Boreth                       1 Charlotte Dienna                Please help us restock.        Artist-in-Residence
                                                                                                   and Principal Organist
Colin Connors                       Anna Rekulak                      Drop off your food           Kate Randall,
Beth Darrow                       2 Lorenzo Luna-Mahoney                                           Parish Administrator
                                                                     donations at 313 Pine.
Colleen Maxwell                                                                                    Bette Haitsch,
                                  6 Fiona McMahon                                                  Administrative Assistant
Colleen McKeown & Alex            8 Marc Johnson                           Thank you.              Ed Manwaring,
                                                                                                   Parish Accountant
James & Stefanie O’Mara          10 Gus Noll                                                       Wayne D. Simms, Sexton
Nancy Shore & Jim Abbott            Anne Harrower                                                  Gary Rodriguez,
Brian & Nancy Sullivan                                                                             Assistant Sexton
                                 12 Codi Royall
     with Thomas & Justin
Kelly & Mark Wade
                                 18 Matthew Angelides                   . . . the light we 
     with Jameson & Grayson      22 Shannon Lally                    sought is shining still 
                                 28 Scarlett deWyngaert
                                 29 Christian Sondergaard           Choral Evensong
Many, many thanks to:
                                 BIRTHS                                                            St. Peter’s Church
Tom McCobb, Margaret                                                 A service of music,           313 Pine Street
Munsch, Gail Trimble and         Welcome to our newest                     candles                 Philadelphia, PA
Steve Zettler for locking up     members:                                                          19106-4212
the church and churchyard                                                and prayers;
gates.                           Stefanie O’Mara                        remembering                215-925-5968
John Gummere for his             Vera Schultz                      loved ones gone before          E-Mail: laughlin,
design and production of the     John Lee                                                          nevin-field, hopkins,
Faith and Families newsletter.                                      Sunday, November 2,            romanaux or randall
                                  Those parishioners who wish               5 PM         
                                  John Lancaster’s address
                                  should contact Kate at 215-                                      Or visit us on the Web at
                                                                                                          NONPROFIT ORG 
                                                                                                          US POSTAGE PAID 
                                                                                                          PHILADELPHIA PA 
                                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 7063 

    313 PINE STREET 

9 AM Holy Eucharist
     Children’s Service
10 AM 50 Minutes,
          Speaking of
          Faith® or Church
11 AM Holy Eucharist
      with choir
      Storytelling in the
      Tower for
      children in grades
      4 and below
Prayer begins at 7:45 AM;
Bible study at 8:00 AM.

What’s Up at St. Peter’s
11­8­08 &  Churchyard Gardeners                                 11­16­08    St. Peter’s Parents of Infants and Toddlers
11­9­08    Saturday, 10 AM and Sunday, 1 pm                                 Sunday, 10 am
           This is the last chance gardeners can play in                    Preschool Room of St. Peter’s School
           the churchyard until next year.                                  In this season of Thanksgiving, join SPPIT as
                                                                            we celebrate the blessings of parenthood.
11­9­08         TNT (Twenties ’n Thirties) Open House!                      We will gather in the preschool room for a
                Sunday, 5–7 PM                                              seasonal craft. Children are encourage to
                Ledlie’s home (791 South 2nd Street, bet.                   bring a donation for the Thanksgiving
                Fitzwater & Catharine)                                      Food Drive.
                Come one; come all. Ledlie is hosting an open
                house. Bring a friend and something to drink.   TBA         Knitting Group
                Fine conversation and fun. Questions? Email                 Wednesday, 5–7 PM
                Ledlie:                         Check Web site or pew bulletins for new date.

11­10­08        Book Group
                Monday, 7 PM
                Janet Plosser’s home                            For additional information about church programs and
                Join us to discuss Palace Walk by Nagib         activities, look inside.
8               Mahfouz, available at Head House Books.

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