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									Time Period            Records to Retain                                                        Who Typically Maintains
Three Months           Daily Inspection sheets                                                  Vehicle maintenance file folder
                       Records proving compliance with rules if using 100 air-mile
                       exemption i.e.: the time the driver reports for duty each day, the total
                       number of hours the driver is on duty each day, the time the driver is
                       released from duty each day, the total time for the preceding seven
                       (7) days in accordance with 395.8 for drivers used for the first time
Six Months             or intermittently - 395.1                                                Motor Carrier
                       Records of duty status and all supporting documents (395.8)              Motor Carrier

One Year               Negative and cancelled controlled substance test result -382.401         Motor Carrier
                       Alcohol test results indicating a breath alcohol concentration of less
                       than 0.02 - 382.401                                                      Motor Carrier
                       Vehicle maintenance records (and for six months after the vehicle
                       leaves the motor carrier's control) - 396.3                              Motor Carrier
                       A copy of a completed roadside inspection form (the original must
                       have been completed and mailed in within 15 days following the
                       inspection) -396-9                                                       Motor Carrier
                                                                                                Retained by the motor carrier or
                                                                                                other entity who is responsible for
                                                                                                the inspection where the vehicle is
                                                                                                either housed or maintained -
One Year, Two Months   An original or a copy of the periodic inspection report                  396.21
                       Records related to the alcohol and controlled substance collection
                       process (except calibration of evidential breath testing devices) -
Two Years              382.401.                                                                 Motor Carrier

                       Driver qualification files -- response of each State agency to the
                       annual driver record inquiry (391.25), the note relating to the annual
                       review of the driver's driving record inquiry (391.25), the list or
                       certificate relating to violations of motor vehicle laws and ordinances
                       (391.27), the medical examiner's certificate of the driver's physical
                       qualification to drive a commercial motor vehicle or the photographic
                       copy of the certificate as required (391.43), the letter granting a
Three Years            waiver of a physical qisqualification (391.49) - 391.51                 Motor Carrier
                    Accident register (for accidents that occur after April 29, 2003, for
                    accidents prior to April 29,2003, the accident register must be
                    maintained for one year)--390.15                                          Motor Carrier

                    Drug and alcohol -- records of driver alcohol test results indicating
                    an alcohol concentration of 0.02 or greater, records of driver verified
                    positive controlled substance test results, documentation of refusals
                    to take required alcohol and/or controlled substance tests, driver
                    evaluation and referrals, calibration documentation, records related
                    to the administration of the alcohol and controlled substances
                    testing programs, and a coy of each annual calendar year summary
Five Years          required by 382-403 - 382-401                                           Motor Carrier

                    Evidence of a periodic inspector's qualification and kept for one year
Indefinite Period   after the individual stops performing the inspections- 396.19          Motor Carrier

                    Drug and alcohol--records related to the education and training of
                    breath alcohol technicians, screening test technicians, supervisors,
                    and the drivers shall be maintained by the employer while the
                    individual performs the functions which require the training and for
                    two years after ceasing to perform those functions - 382.401              Motor Carrier
                    Driver qualification files must be kept entire time driver works for
                    motor carrier and for three additional years after driver leaves the
                    employ of the motor carrier - 380.51                                      Motor Carrier
                    Entry level driver training certificate must be kept for entire time
                    driver works for motor carrier and for one additional year after driver
                    leaves the employ of the motor carrier - 380.511                          Motor Carrier
                    Driver investigation history files must be kept for entire time driver
                    works for motor carrier and for the three additional years after driver
                    leaves the employ of the motor carrier                                    Motor Carrier

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