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					              HESA Practicum - Women’s Leadership Program Assistant
The Women’s Center is seeking reliable, dedicated self-starters to work in a women centered
environment, which strives to promote awareness and understanding of issues that affect all women
and provides assistance to women in achieving their professional, educational and personal goals.
Must be able to work with people from diverse social, cultural, racial, economic and educational
backgrounds. Ideal candidates will have a commitment to actively creating a welcoming
environment for all women, including, but not limited to women who face additional challenges due
to their race, nationality, class, sexual identity, religion, age, and physical or mental ability.

The Women’s Center is committed to strengthening and enhancing the experiences and learning of
students, staff and faculty, as well as developing, supporting and empowering student leaders with a
focus on women’s issues. Students are encouraged to take and share leadership roles, recognize
hidden talents, think critically, challenge assumptions, develop their individual identities and goals,
initiate new activities and define their own experiences.

Summary of Position

The Program Assistant for Women’s Leadership is responsible for assisting with the research for
and content development of a Young Women’s Leadership Conference and an annual Women’s
Leadership Consortium event. The Program Assistant for Women’s Leadership will work closely
with the Associate Director on the implementation and ongoing coordination of these initiatives and

The practicum is designed to provide a HESA student with experience in the area of providing
programs and services to address issues of gender equity and women’s leadership on campus and in
the community. Our goal is to afford a means for students to turn theory into practice and to
acquire an understanding of the many functions and services that the Women’s Center provides to
the UConn community.


       Students will develop a better understanding of the role of women in local, national, and
        international history.
       Students will be able to articulate the herstory of the Women’s Center and discuss the
        Center’s role on campus, in the past and currently.
       Students will enhance their knowledge of current events, locally, nationally, and
        internationally, and be able to discuss the impact of these events on women
       Students will be able to identify their values, to receive and examine information about
        values that are different from their own, and to integrate this information into their value
        system. Ultimately, students will be able to express their point of view and actively
        demonstrate their commitment to a value system.
      Students will be able to identify strategies for affecting change within the University
       community, as well as in the broader global community.
      Students will be able to ask questions, analyze arguments, and make connections to enhance
       their critical thinking skills.
      Students will be able to discuss a variety of forms of oppression and their
       interconnectedness, so as to understand themselves and others in ways other than
       stereotyped groups and categories.
      Students will be able to discuss issues surrounding the dynamics of violence against women,
       eating disorders/body image/media literacy, and reproductive rights
      Students will develop a professional work ethic, which includes being dependable,
       conscientious, and responsible for independently completing a project/assignment, and the
       ability to work with different types of people. Ultimately, the students will leave the Center
       with the necessary skills to be successful in the workplace upon completion of their
      Students will be able to discuss the connections between the skills learned during their time
       at the Center and real-life situations they might encounter in future jobs.


       1. Work collaboratively with staff of the Women’s Center and the Programming and
          Political Action Committee (PPAC) of the Advisory Board and the Women’s Leadership
          Consortium in identifying topic areas for events, programs and workshops.
       2. Attend monthly meetings of the Women’s Center’s PPAC of the Advisory Board and
          provide monthly updates on program activities.
       3. Attending meetings of the Women’s Leadership Consortium and provide updates on
          program activities.
       4. Make initial contact with potential presenters to obtain program information.
       5. Plan and coordinate program logistics such as site reservations, equipment reservations,
          materials, catering, etc.
       6. Develop program publicity, as required.
       7. Write press releases for events, thank you notes, and necessary follow-up
          correspondences around programs.
       8. Represent the mission and values of Women’s Center.
       9. Attend regular supervision meetings with the Associate Director and provide
          administrative support as needed.
All students are responsible for:

    ♀ Answering phones, directing calls, and taking messages. Record every incoming call onto
      the telephone and referral log located next to the phones.
    ♀ Answering constituent’s requests for information about the Center and our services.
    ♀ Assisting visitors in our library, which may include issuing library cards.
    ♀ Posting Women's Center flyers.
    ♀ Running business errands around campus.
    ♀ Typing correspondence, labels, and forms on the typewriter or computer.
    ♀ Assist in keeping the Women's Center in an orderly fashion.
    ♀ Attending ALL staff meetings, which include an annual staff retreat and monthly staff
      meetings, and completing professional development activities.
    ♀ Attending 1 Women's Center programs per semester.
    ♀ Other tasks as assigned.

Women’s Center Mission
The mission of the Center is to advocate, educate, and provide support services for the achievement
of women's equity at the University and within the community at large.

Special attention is focused on women who face additional challenges due to their race, nationality,
class, sexual identity, religion, age, and physical or mental ability.

Guiding Principles

The Women's Center strives to:
   Support the empowerment of all women through action and example.
   Promote a feminist* perspective and celebrate differences within and amongst all.
   Provide a safe and welcoming space, maintaining open mindedness and showing respect for all
    in times of crisis as well as in day-to-day interactions.
   Educate the UConn community and the community at large about all forms of oppression by
    way of community organizing, interaction and education.
   Affect global change through local actions and programs.
*Feminism is the belief that all women have the right to control their bodies and destinies; the right to live a life free of
violence and abuse; the right to equal protection under the law, including equal access to education, employment, and


For more information, contact Kathy Fluckiger at kathy.fluckiger@uconn.edu or 486-4738.