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					British International School
        Puxi Campus

          Information Package

     Table Tennis
     November 5th – 7th, 2009
Introduction      Introduction
                       Please find the attached information about the ACAMIS Table Tennis
                                                               th    th
                         Tournament scheduled for November 5 – 7 , 2009.

   General        General Information
 Information      Venue
    Venue         British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus
                  No. 111 Jinguang Road, Huacao Town,
                  Minhang District, Shanghai 201107
                  Tel Number: 86 0215226-3211 ext 1668 / ext 1832
                  Fax Number: 86 021 5226 3212

 Tournament       Tournament Dates
                      Friday 6 and Saturday 7 November, 200
                                th             th
                      Arrival on Thursday 5 November. Departure on Sunday 8 November.
                                            th                              th

Invitation List   Invitation List
  Age limits           This is an open event. Letters of invitation are being sent to all ACAMIS
                           member schools.
                       Preferably Grade 9 -12 (UK Year 10 – Year 13) students are invited to attend.
                           However if a very talented Year 9 / Grade 8 student should be able to attend
                           the tournament

 Tournament       Tournament Fee
    Fee               The tournament fee is set at RMB700 per participant. Please provide this
                        money a week prior to arriving in Shanghai. Please pay the accounts office.
                        The contact is

 Contact          Tournament Contact Information
Information       Director of Sport and Extra Curricular Activities
                  Noel Wallace
                  Phone: (86-21) 5226 3211 ext 1680 or 1832
                  Fax: (86-21) 5226 3212
                  Mobile: 13671927308

Pre               Pre Tournament
Tournament        Tournament Structure
                       Friday will be a teams event
                       Saturday will be an open girls and boys singles event and an open doubles

                  Team Information
                      Teams consist of three members; we’ll have boys and girls divisions—with
                         mixed teams eligible to play in the boy’s competition. Schools may bring up to
                         2 teams of 3 with them. Schools with 2 teams should rank them 1 and 2
                         according to ability, if in the same division.
                      Awards will be presented on the Saturday evening for teams event, singles
                         events and doubles events
Uniform        Team Uniforms
                   Schools should dress in the same colored playing tops

Photograph         Please forward a team photograph for inclusion in the program

Accommodatio   Accommodation
     n         The teams should be based in The New Garden Hotel. The cost for the hotel room is
               approximately 350RMB per night per room with 2 sharing. So for the 3 nights expect it
               to cost your students approximately 525RMB per person this includes breakfast.

                                           The hotel address is as follows
                                               The New Garden Hotel
                                               1900 Hong Qiao Road,
                                                 Shanghai 200336
                                          Tel No: +8621 6242 6688 / 8577
                                               Fax: +8621 6242 6010

               The New Garden Hotel is about a 30 minute drive from our school campuses. It is
               very close to some major shopping and fast food outlets in Gubei & Hong Qiao area.
               It is less than a 10 minute walk to the large Carrefour in Gubei with lots of food and
               shopping outlets.

               Team Lists
 Team Lists        A completed roster sheet should be sent to me on
                     by Monday, 19 October.

 During the    During the Tournament
               Coaches Meeting
  Coaches          A brief coaches meeting will be held on Thursday 5 November to clarify

  Meeting            rules, officiating structure and any site questions.

     Curfew        10pm curfew should be for each night of the tournament. However schools
                      can decide the curfew time on the Saturday evening

               Coaches Dinner
Coaches            Thursday evening we will hold an informal coaches dinner.

   Meals       Meals
               We are prepared to supply all lunch and dinner meals starting with Friday Lunch and
               ending with Dinner at the awards evening on Saturday evening. As you will all be
               staying in hotels you will receive breakfast at your hotel. The meals we will be
               providing are as follows;

                                      Breakfasts            Lunches               School Evening
                Hotel                 hotel                 school                Packed Meal with
                                                                                  sandwich/ drink/
                                                                                  chips/fruit/ muffin
                        There will be a coaches’ hospitality room available throughout the

Award            Award Ceremony and Banquet
Ceremony and         The tournament Awards banquet will be in the Secondary Canteen followed
Banquet                by an awards session in the small Secondary Theatre provided for both
                       players and coaches on Saturday evening.

Information      Site Information
Transportation        Transportation to and from Shanghai Hong Qiao / Pudong Airports will be
                         arranged by BISS Puxi and included in the program costs. Please advise us
                         of your travel plans by the Monday 26 October and we will make the
                         appropriate arrangements.

Emergencies      Emergency Service Details
                    We will have access to medical personnel at all times.

  Campus         Campus Security
                     Participants will be issued an identification badge that should be carried with
                      them at all times while on the BISS Secondary Campus. Participants may be
                      required to show this identification badge in order to gain entry to the campus.
                      Participants are not permitted to leave the BISS Secondary Campus without
                      communication with their own coach(es) and the tournament director.

Gym footwear     Gym Footwear
                     Participants need to bring a pair of non-marking shoes that they will only use
                       in the gym. A separate pair of shoes will be needed for outside the gym use
                       including coming to and from school.

  Showers            Showers are available on site. Please provide your own towels.

                 What you need to do!!
 Now What?          To ensure that we can get the tournament organized on time we need your
                        help getting the following to us by:

                 Wednesday 15th October
                    Confirm your school’s intention to take part via email to Noel Wallace at BISS
                 Monday 20 October
                     Travel plans, airline numbers, arrival and departure times
                     Team Roster
                     Photographs
                 On arrival at BISS Puxi Thursday 5 November
                     Medical Forms and Code of Conduct Forms
                     Program fee of RMB700 per participant should be paid to our school accounts
                         week before arriving at the tournament
Feedback        Feedback
                    Please feel free to provide any feedback during or after the program that
                      would enable improvements to take place at future events.

What to Bring   What to Bring List
                   Team uniform
                   Change of clothes, comfortable travel gear
                   Sleepwear and toiletries
                   Table Tennis paddle
                   Change of Gym footwear
                   Warm Jacket

                We look forward to your arrival and we at BISS Puxi are proud to be the hosting
                the 6 Annual ACAMIS Table Tennis Tournament.

                      We will have a printed program available for you on your arrival.
                      T-Shirts will be presented to each participant during the weekend.

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